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Client’s Guide to Development Cost

Be it a website, mobile app or software, developing any of these or all of these based on your requirement can help streamline your business processes and improve your productivity and ROI. But, it takes time and money for a professional IT company to build it for you. IT development cost is one of the major concerns to businesses of any size -from small to medium or large. It is because enterprises have a defined budget for purchase and marketing. While the cost of development of any digital tool remains largely ambiguous, it is understood that you still want to have an idea about it. Here we present to you what we call a client’s guide for development costs that shall get you a rough estimate.

    Development Cost – what is it and how does it matter?

    To survive in today’s cutthroat competition, a company’s digital presence is mandatory. So, if you have just a physical presence of your products and services, it is high time that you opt for reaching out to wider audiences or target clients. Undoubtedly, the first step you take is to check for website development cost since it is important to be present online and having a website is one of the best ways.

    Alternatively if you think that you need to present your business as a whole and want to reach out to people on a more personal level, or have an idea that can be better implemented through a mobile app then knowing about app development cost will be the term that you will be interested in.

    Needs of every business is different and so the resources required will also be different. If a website or a mobile app is more suitable for some businesses, developing custom software will be more suitable to some. Once you share your requirements it is important that you get the software development cost estimation from the best outsourcing companies across the globe especially the offshore ones.

    Once you are thorough with the search on the Internet, you will get to know that estimating development cost requires a lot of expertise and experience to be accurate. However, a common answer that you hear is ‘it depends…’, which is not untrue! It does depend on various factors and your software features’ demand.

    Because along with the budget estimation the company also needs to provide more transparency into how the pricing is considered. Additionally, mentioning the timeframe and other important details like how many manhours the project requires and what all is the other cost of development of your digital product.

    You should also take into account that software, if bought readymade, could have a different cost of creating an app. On the other hand, a custom app development cost could be all different and may cost you some extra bucks. Another aspect to mind is whether you are building the app in-house because the cost to outsourcing app development would be again different. In fact, the latter one shall be quite cost-efficient as compared to various pricing that will be involved for a digital product built in-house at your place, especially anywhere in the first world countries.

    If you are still unsure which one of the three, web, mobile app, or software development will be beneficial of your business, all you need to do is share your requirements and the dilemma with us and our expert consultants will guide you aptly.

    Turn your Business Idea into a Tangible Solution.

    Your resources to the cost of development

    Each buyer is concerned about the software development budget, website development price or the cost of creating an app that is customized to their business objectives. It is beyond any question that there can be a single figure or concrete number any offshore software development company can quote you.

    Various factors affect software development costs because you need different expertise to build different tools – a web development cost shall include hiring web designers and developers, whereas the cost of development of an app for iOS and Android platforms shall cover the charges of mobile app engineers and app designers. The outsourced team of professionals will have individuals with expertise in various fields but since developers will be the core of the whole process it is generally referred to as developers.

    It is true that when you think of adding a new feature or changing the scope of the website or mobile app under development, the entire software development cycle gets affected because each person involved in the process has to change their strategies to suit the alteration of the product that is undergoing.

    It is therefore very important that enterprises should have a clear idea about their product. Some web and mobile app development companies offer their services for business and technology consultancy where their veterans in the field help you draft your business automation through a customized digital product i.e., a software tool. The business objectives of your organization or company should be first checked by the software project managers who shall carry out the feasibility before you agree to it and finalize the deal.

    It is worth noting that the software development cost estimation, cost to build an app or website development price, in most cases, changes because the market and consumer demands change as time goes on in building a product. In such cases the cost of hiring developers also varies based on the hiring model and the expertise of the dedicated team of developers.

    Nevertheless, there are certain hiring models offered by an IT company where software development cost is fixed but then there are some clauses that you, as an alert entrepreneur, should check and clarify before the project kick starts. This hiring model is more resorted to when the business needs are fixed and do not change with time. If you think that your business needs could change with time, it is better to know which factors could change based on that you can consult with your IT partner to help you select the best hiring model to outsource their business development needs.

    Selection of a suitable hiring model is important since the cost estimation of the product is done accordingly. Additionally, to give you an idea about how the variation in the cost of development differs from industry-to-industry and business niche the product is to be built for, we have listed some of the top products in demand, where you can get to know the development cost and various aspects that are considered.

    Hire the Best Dedicated Development Team at affordable cost

    How much would it cost to develop a solution? An answer based on different type

    Additionally if you are wondering, how much would it cost to hire selected developers for only the required technology? Here’s a brief insight Cost to hire developers

    Our Custom Development Process

    Prismetric employs the best practiced development processes and development methodologies to build custom applications. Hire our dedicated team of developers to craft a cutting-edge business solution following every phase of the Development Life Cycle.

    Software Development Life Cycle

    Insight into the cost and guide for Entrepreneurs for some trending Apps

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    Easy Steps to Hire Dedicated Developers
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    At Prismetric, to hire Remote developers you just have to follow 7 easy steps. We employ a free flowing process that assists the client to understand everything regarding hiring Remote developers and make informed decisions.

    Steps to Hire Remote Developers

    Our Hiring Model for Dedicated Developers Team

    Prismetric brings you budget-friendly solutions. Hire expert web and mobile app programmers at affordable costs

    Hourly Based

    Hourly Based

    • No complexity – pay hourly, happily
    • Use hours as and when required
    • Enjoy flexibility -add hours any time
    • Monthly billing – no hidden costs



    • Fixed amount – clear budget figure
    • Clear period of project completion
    • Ideal for projects with fixed scope
    • No setup fees – monthly billing



    • Flexibility unlimited –best model
    • Entire team works on only your project
    • Build your team –have total control
    • Flexibility to add or remove resources

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