How to develop a Dating App like Tinder: Features, Cost, Business Model

How to build a Successful Dating App

Smartphones have touched every aspect of our lives, and even the aspect of love in our lives hasn’t remained untouched. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the perfect partner or wait for the Universe to answer your prayers. The world is dating online to find the best mate. Now, you can literally swipe your way to find your perfect date. It has never been easier to get more entrepreneurial by putting your ideas of a perfect date app to real functioning and monetizing app. All you need to do is to hire the best company for mobile app development. Let’s first look at some statistics that would assure you about how you can get your ROI covered.

The statistics we met are also stating the same tale.

  • The dating services are expected to have reached 413 million active users worldwide by the end of 2022, and expected to generate $3.7 billion in revenue globally through paid subscriptions.
  • The USA enjoys the highest penetration of the dating market rate of 15.7% with market size of $829 million, that’s generating the maximum revenue across the world.
  • Despite the recent pandemic has changed the calculus of socialization in the last two years, dating app downloads, market share, revenue, and profits are continuously surging.
  • Tinder which revolutionized the dating market continues its reign, but the competitors- Bumble, Hinge, and others are shrinking the market share gap, which signals the new entrants still have the margin to cross the threshold.

It indicates dating apps are seizing an extra edge in the market by ironing out all the issues with innovative algorithms. As the market is heating up, you can get your dating app idea shaped into a full-fledged solution to get a slice of the pie. Prismetrics mobile app development team has helped businesses to build get engineered a competitive dating app from scratch that brings grandeur success to them.

Here’s the overview of everything that guides you from dating app benefits, business models, and monetization strategies to step-by-step development and development costs. Let’s dive in.

Why are dating apps beneficial?

Relationships are an important part of the human experience. Finding the perfect soul mate is on top priority for many people. Technology has proven its worth in this important area of life. Many dating websites and apps have come up which are proving to be excellent companions for humans in the dating game. While websites are also in demand, mobile apps have taken the dating game to another level. They have truly put the power in the hands of the users.

We have mentioned a few advantages of dating apps below

We have mentioned a few advantages of dating apps below

  •  24 hour availability
  • Matching algorithm to assist with finding people having similar interests
  • Avoid unwanted connections
  • High variety in connections
  • Location based date finding

Do you have an app idea? Here’s a guide on what to do next

How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

Defining the precise estimation for the dating app development cost is implausible as every dating app is unique in itself in terms of features, design, tech stack, and app development company location. Typically, the dating app development cost ranges between $15,000-$25,000*.

The development cost of each app varies based on the list of features, functionalities, technologies and other aspects that are to be integrated. To understand the various aspects related to- how much does it cost to develop a dating app depends on we need to understand the factors that impacts the app development budget in detail.

Factors that influence the cost to build a Dating App

At this point, you want to know how much does it cost to develop a dating app. In this section, we highlight the factors that impact the dating app development cost for each version- Android and iOS platforms. The device fragmentation issue associated with Android and high-quality requirements with the iOS platform bring variation in the cost. Here’s the overview:

  • Functionalities
  • Design complexity
  • Tech stack usage
  • QA & Testing

How does geographic location affect the Cost of building a dating app?

The more complex the app you want to build, the more costly it is going to be. The app development cost depends a lot on the geographical region. To provide you a better idea about how the cost to build a dating app varies based on location let’s check the costing for some of the popular location for mobile app development in the world.

  • If your development team is based in U.S.A or Canada, the cost of making a dating app can range from $125-$220 per hour.
  • In Eastern Europe, the cost will range from $70-$150 per hour.
  • In India, the cost will range from $20-$60 per hour.

For instance, the MVP development for a dating app by a European development company charges $40,000-$70,000, but South Asian companies get the same done at nearly $15,000-$25,000.

How to create a Dating App like Tinder?

You must walk through the steps that dating app development goes through to know step to build a dating app and review what happens from start to end and after its release.

Market analysis

When you enter a new market, the first step is to identify the niche in the dating market that helps in standing out in the crowd. The competition research helps you know the gaps in features and design that set the app apart, are well-received by the target audience and strengthen the app’s position. Also, you won’t end up accidentally adding generic features that make no sense to the users and add value to the app.

App idea validation

The dating market is already saturated with hundreds of apps that are bringing millions of revenue to the table. It makes essential to research the market that still if there’s any void that your unique dating app idea can fill. You should check if your app idea is meeting the need of people- the desire to connect digitally according to tailor-made preferences at the fingertips or smart swipes.

Project management

The dating app development has many moving parts along with multiple stakeholders involved. The dating app development plan sketched needs approval by the client or key stakeholders before heading to development. Also, ensuring the project development is heading in the right direction as expected requires a project manager who is responsible for all these tasks.


Design is the lifeblood of dating apps because people use dating apps for convenience, they are getting in finding the right date from the comfort of the sofa. The intuitive interface enables intriguing app development that delivers a wow experience from onboarding and setting their preferences for dating with the partner. Craft the optimal design that soothes the eyes.


Start with dating app development after the list of features, design structure, flow, and tech stack are finalized. The specialists prefer going MVP development way using the chosen tech stack to test the functionalities in the market. If everything works out perfectly, businesses gradually enhance the app with more features that keep the users hooked to the app.

QA & Testing

The app is made available to the users only after quality assurance and rigorous testing as dating platforms are more susceptible to fraud and creeps. Following the app security checklists including- profile verification through social platforms, photo capture, and phone number is essential to keep security tight. It stops catfishing and disables the frauds from hacking users’ personal information. The performance testing ensures the app features perform as defined without any crashes, bugs, or resolution issues on all the screen sizes.


Finally, the most thriving step of the development is to launch the app where target users are eagerly waiting to find their mate. In addition to making preparation for submitting the app to the app store, the businesses can also plan for marketing strategies to create a huge buzz in the market and gain optimal downloads from the day of launch.

Maintenance and support

The app launch is a nerve-wracking process, but not the last one. From here, the actual work starts, that’s keeping the app live up to the users’ expectations forever with new additions, modifications, and deletions according to users’ feedback. Plan for future releases to keep the app appealing and go the extra mile.

Business Model of Dating Apps like Tinder

business model of dating apps like Tinder

There are many types of dating apps available in the market currently. Based on their business models, the apps can be bifurcated into the following categories.

Matching algorithm apps

Mobile apps that depend on a computer algorithm to find the match for a user can be included under these apps. The algorithm matches prospective dating partners based on their answers to a small set of

Geolocation based apps

Such apps focus on the geographical location of users. Two users having similar preferences are grouped together if they live within a specific distance from each other. Popular apps like Bumble and Tinder operate on this principle.

Common preferences based apps

Apps like Hater match people based on the common things that they hate. Sizzl is another app that does a similar kind of a thing by matching people based on their love for bacon. While tastebuds is an app that matches people based on the type of music they love. The idea behind these types of apps is that if two people share same interests, then they will like each other.

Niche apps

There are apps that works for people with certain preferences or needs that are more into niche. For instance, apps like league admit only white collared professionals into their app. Apps like salt and Muzmatch match people based on their religious preferences. These apps allow only specific type of individuals to sign up with them.

Let us now look at dating apps from a different perspective to give you a better insight about the different types of this app that can be found on the app stores.

Different types of Dating Apps

Dating apps come in different forms with a distinct set of features, experience, target audience, and design that makes the users’ needs for dating served and let them gravitate towards the app. They are:

  • Dating app for marriage seekers
  • Dating app for women
  • Dating app for a simple date
  • Dating app for LGBTQ
  • Dating app for gen X and gen Y
  • Dating app for people age of more than 50
  • Dating app for music lovers

Most Required Features of Dating App

Basic features

Basic features for a dating app

Login/signup: Your dating app should allow users to do Facebook or Google sign up to skip the lengthy signup process

Like/ dislike a profile: The dating app should allow the users to like or dislike a profile based on their personal preferences. This will help the mobile app in catering profiles similar to the one liked by the user.

Matching profiles: Your dating app should have a profile matching feature, where users having good compatibility and similar interests are connected together.

Geolocation: The app should have a feature of identifying the location of the users, and catering to them the profiles which are near to their location.

In-app chat: The users should be able to connect with each other through a basic in-app messenger.

Payment gateway: The users should be able to pay easily for your subscription plan and for in-app purchases. For this, you should integrate various payment gateways like Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and net banking while making a dating app.

Search bar: A search bar with options to filter profiles according to age, locality and other parameters should be provided so that users can easily find their match.

Push notifications: Adding this functionality while developing a dating app will ensure that users remain engaged with your app. In case they haven’t logged in for some time you can send enticing profiles for them to check out. Push notifications will boost app engagement in another way, suppose a user sends a message to a profile he/she is interested in, if the corresponding user is not logged in to the app then he/she won’t be able to respond immediately. If push notifications are enabled then this problem can be sorted out as both the users will get notifications even if the other is offline/ logged out.

Managing user profiles: The users should be able to upload their images, let others know about their interests, the kind of person they are looking for, add an interesting quote about themselves and manage their profiles in other ways.

Admin panel: In dating apps it is common to find stalkers and people who are just a drag on other users. The admin panel should have a feature to remove such profiles and also the abusive messages posted by them. Along with this, to nip the problem in the bud the admin should have the right to approve or disapprove the user. The admin should be able to manage subscription packages taken by users.

Advanced features

Advanced features for a dating app

Apart from the basic features listed above certain advanced features can be included in the app to make your dating app more desirable.

Authorization and User Profile: Fake profiles are the most undesirable aspect of dating apps; people post fake photos and fake names to attract more users. To eliminate this, your app could conduct a preliminary background check to ensure the authenticity of the profile. This will improve the credibility of your app and lure a genuine user to your app.

Provide more relevant filters: Wouldn’t you like to meet someone who likes the same kind of movies as you do? Common interests are what attract us to our partners in real life, so why should it be different in the online world? Your mobile app could differentiate from others by offering more personalized and detailed filters like favorite food, sports team, rock band, and many such micro filters, which would ensure that people having maximum compatibility with each other meet earlier in your app than they would have in other apps.

Anonymous communication: Some people are shy and are intimidated by the idea of online dating; they can be brought on-board by allowing an option of anonymous communication. Once there is sufficient trust level between the users, they can opt to share their details. This feature is an answer to how to create a dating app that enables anonymous communication.

Professional help in improving profile: In the online world a lot depends on how presentable your profile is, your app could provide a service which helps the users in building a good profile which will get them more requests.

Multilingual support: This feature can be included in your app to make it more user-friendly. People love to meet people who speak their language; this is a feature which can differentiate your app from the competition.

Encourage users to use the app daily: Tinder uses features like tinder moments, where the photos shared by a user were available for 24 hours to all the contacts of that user. This feature was an instant hit with the users and it boosted the engagement levels. Your dating app should also include such features, ranking profiles on the basis of engagement with the app is a good idea as it will encourage people to engage more with the app and thus boos the overall reach of the app.

Client’s guide to app development

How do dating apps make money?

Advertisements: You can monetize your app by putting relevant non-intrusive ads in your app.

Remember that the ads should not spoil the UX of your app. Paid plans for users: You can offer paid plans which contain certain additional features like getting your profile on top for certain duration of time, or allow the premium user to get more number of relevant profiles. The market leader Tinder has mastered this mode of revenue generation by providing paid plans like Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Tinder has more than 4 million paying subscribers.

In-app purchases: You can monetize your app by providing certain in-app purchases. One example can be to allow the user to view up to 20 profiles per day without any charge, beyond that they can purchase the unlimited profile viewing package. Another example would be to purchase a pack where the users can view the details of up to say 100 people per month for free

Third-party tie-ups: Your app can add an option where the users would be able to talk with various third-party service providers like relationship coaches, makeup artists, professional photographers, and others. Do not make the mistake of sharing user data with these third-party service providers, this would freak out the users and they will swear never to return. Just provide an option to the users to contact these service providers if they are interested.

Technology stack required to build the Dating app

The following technology stack would be required for building a basic dating app but depending on the complexity of the features and the technology there may be some additions as well;

Payment Gateways: The developers can integrate various payment gateways like Paypal, visa, master card, wire transfer and internet banking using Braintree and stripe.

UI/UX: You will require platforms like CSS, Google Sketch, Photoshop, and HTML5 to build that beautiful UI/UX of your app.

Data Storage: Storing data on the cloud would be the ideal way to go ahead with data storage, as it is economical. Cloud storing can be activated using services of Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services (AWS).

Languages & Platforms: Programming languages and platforms like Ruby on Rails, Php, Flutter, Javascript, Swift, Python, Node.js, & MongoDB are a few listed to provide you a better insight about the types of programming languages and platforms that would go into the developing a dating app.

User profile verification: You can use social media tools like Facebook SDK to verify the authenticity of the account.

Data Analytics: you could leverage the power of data analytics by using GCP (cloud data analytics by Google) or Microsoft Analytics. Using data analytics would give you insight into what the users need.

Push notifications: Twillo, Firebase, and Apple push notification service can be used to integrate push notifications in your app.

Geolocation: For Android Google location services can be used while for iPhone you can integrate geolocation features using Apple’s Mapkit and corelocation services.

Social media signup: you will need to integrate Facebook SDK to include a Facebook sign up and sign in option.

The team required to Develop a Dating app

For developing a basic app you will require

1-UI and UX designer
1-Quality Assurance Engineer
3 – 4 developers

To develop an advanced app you will need a team of

2-3 Team Managers
3 UI/UX designer
2-Quality Analysts
7-8 developers
1-Project Manager

How can a good app development partner help?

Want to know how to make an app like tinder? It’s a big thing.App development is a complex process. Taking the help of an efficient app development partner will boost your chances of success exponentially. You should choose to hire developers from a mobile app development company that has years of experience and a good number of people at its disposal so that your app development project does not face any hiccups.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dating App Development

How do you build a dating app?

The business analyst and technical team sit together to understand the client requirements for dating apps, then the team conducts the research and analyzes the features set that bring benefits to the dating app. The team presents the blueprint of the app including- basic features, design, app flow, tech stack, and monetization strategies before jumping on the development bandwagon.

How much time does it take to develop a dating app?

The dating app development timeline depends on the number of features and design complexity involved. Typically, the dating app development takes 300-350 hours with a basic set of functionalities.

How do you help us with the dating app launch?

The team first helps you to select the right business model to target the right set of audience that guarantees success. Also, after development, the maestros ensure the app is bug-free and high-performance when it’s submitted to the app store.

How to make money with dating apps?

There are three popular monetization strategies- Advertisements, In-app purchases, third-party tie-ups.

How much does dating app development cost?

The dating app development cost for individual platforms- Android and iOS going native way is around starting from $15,000-$25,000. However, functionalities, developers’ location, design, and tech stack make the cost go southwards or northwards.

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