Why Outsourcing App Development become a new norm in the IT landscape?

Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development is a good idea

The global mobile application market size was $187.58 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.4% from 2022 to 2030. A continuous surge is experienced in mobile app revenue globally. The catalyzed growth in mobile app usage and revenue is gearing up entrepreneurs to build a new app.

Do you have a million-dollar app idea? Great! Get started with app development. The key here is to have an efficient app development guide that can help you build the perfect app for your business needs.

If you haven’t hired an in-house app development team already you might consider outsourcing app development services to a proficient service provider. Post-Covid, a sharp rise in the IT outsourcing market is witnessed to build innovative applications that help businesses seize an edge in the market. Even as the markets are returning back to pre-pandemic levels, the business benefit of app development outsourcing has made it the most favored option to get the app developed cost-effectively. Thus, outsourcing your requirements to the best app development company is a more profitable decision…

The IT outsourcing market was valued at $526.6 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach $682.3 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 4.13%.

Still, not convinced with the figures bringing the growing importance of mobile app development outsourcing into the limelight? Go through the blog that covers the following topics that give you detailed insights into app development outsourcing from in and out.

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development?
  • How to better outsource mobile app development?
  • Final thoughts

Let’s dig deeper into each section to get the right app developed by the right development partner.

Benefits of outsourcing app development

Considering a mobile app development outsourcing option is a good idea that brings business benefits galore. Explore the advantages as a business client that you will reap with the outsourcing model.

Add value to the project

Outsourcing companies have a team that is the maestros of the niche industry with rich expertise and experience. This knowledge and skills enable them to research and analyze your app requirements to the last cog, and they make valuable suggestions to improve the app idea before its’ rolled out on the development floor.

Thereby they act as professional consultants that help you right from conceptualization to final development which makes the project incredible and allow you to meet organizational and sales goal.

Build the app dedicatedly

The in-house team has multiple things to work on, which distracts them and won’t allow them to focus on one project dedicatedly. On the other hand, the outsourcing team dedicatedly works on a single project with a laser focus on project progress, milestone achievement, timely deliverables, and quality assurance.

The well-settled team is well-managed with a properly defined workflow and necessary tools in place, which eliminates the need for managing every person one-to-one making team management quite efficient. A happy and collaborative team works efficiently on the project.

Holds accountability

Mobile app development is a risky endeavor where the risk of going off-track and getting something else developed, that’s quite different from what the client has defined exists. With mobile app development outsourcing, the project risks get mitigated to a large extent. The team is responsible for making changes in features and UI/UX design, or others, and providing the exact solution that the client expects when project requirements are clearly explained.

The development team is entirely accountable to project success as they are hired for the specific project and their reputation is directly linked with client satisfaction.

Provide round-the-clock support

The outsourcing option not only saves from the complexities of hiring, training, and related aspects but also ensures quality support as well. Outsourcing work to a different region with different time zone means you will get the work done even when you are sleeping. Handling the work intelligently improves development productivity.

In fact, some clients take the time zone difference to their advantage by conducting meetings during time overlaps and then making the team work on the project in the daytime. Once, they are done with work, the client checks the deliverables and provides feedback for the same.

Ensure transparency during the progress

Offshore app development by Outsourcing companies maintains high transparency in everything related to project development. Outsourcing keeps the client informed about the project planning, any changes made, and the features developed to reflect the changes in the project as it advances because it’s time-consuming and expensive to make changes at a later stage.
The companies keep project management systems in place that enables clients to get insights into the project in real-time without much ado. The sheer transparency into processes, tools and technologies leverage strengthen trust in the company.

Easy scaling

The in-house team working on the project requires work to do. When the project requirements get changed either increased or decreased, the working hours or number of team members need to scale up or down accordingly. It’s not an easy affair and poses challenges for the client to accomplish the development according to schedule.

With outsourcing mobile app development, things become easier. The companies can facilitate easy scaling of the team members as per the project requirements in a hassle-free way. When additional resources are required, the app development company allocates the best available developers to the client’s project and when not required, the developers are assigned other projects. This approach creates a win-win situation for both, the businesses and the app development service-providing company.

How to Outsource Mobile App Development?

Offshore development brings performance gains, financial gains, and others to businesses. However, it all counts on the right outsourcing partner selection, which is not a run-of-the-mill job. Here are a couple of tips that enable you to outsource mobile app development projects better.

Research and document your app development requirements

It is mandatory to do thorough research on your requirements, expectations, and vision. This is the first step before you begin your quest to search for a reliable app development partner to outsource app development project. This is a practice to help you get better insights of what exactly you need to build. In-depth research and analysis of your competition would help you list down your business requirements more precisely. Once the requirements are listed out clearly it becomes easy to efficiently communicate the same with the app development company you are looking to hire.

Search for the Right App Development Partner

You can search for a reliable app development company by directly searching on Google or post project tasks and requirements on the directory and listing portals to get quotes from some of the development companies that are worthy of finishing the job.

When you post the job ads, be clear with the project requirement that shortens your time to select the best company. For instance, clarifying your technology specialists’ and platform-specific requirements ensures that you get the answers from the most-relevant app development companies that have the required skill sets and experience.

As a part of the filtering out the process from the companies that have responded, here are some precise steps listed to help you trim down the list

  • Take a look at the portfolios which will help you learn about their expertise
  • Which industries have they served?
  • Which services or technologies do they cater the most?
  • What is their expertise?
  • What is the budget they have quoted?

Interview candidates

After you have filtered out the outsourcing app development company based on your budget and requirements and have rounded off on one that best suits you, it’s time to select the right candidates by screening them. It would help if you interviewed all the team members to check their technical and soft skills to ensure they are the right fit for the project. The screening clarifies if the team stands up to par or not as spoken by the company you outsource your app development project to.

Ask for a Product Manager

Managing a team remotely is all-important to complete the tasks on time and as expected. Having a product manager in the development team guarantees that there is a person on the board who s responsible for everything and ensures things get done.

Ask for product managers from the upfront irrespective of their cost as they help in keeping the team and client on the same page, and taking insights-driven action at speed. As you are finalizing things, deciding the best model from the engagement models is important. You can even ask your hired service provider to help you select the best one that best suit your requirements before signing the contract.

Finalize Costs and Sign the Contract

When it comes to signing the contract, staying transparent on the development cost breakdown is all-important. It is better to have a good understanding of the app development cost and its various aspects to be able to negotiate the cost better. You should ask for a detailed pricing structure to be able to learn and calculate the total costs that would be required to build the app.

Here’s a word of caution, there may be some hidden costs that a few companies won’t explain initially thinking that you would know about them. So, to avoid getting trapped in unnecessary costs that shoot up higher than the quoted price, it is better to discuss and clarify these things in detail. Follow the tips to avoid hidden development costs.

Outsourcing: The best choice for Startups and Businesses

Though some would still argue that both development models- outsourcing and in-house development have associated pros and cons, which makes them better for business-specific projects.

Outsourcing app development enables access to a global talent pool, rich expertise in diverse skills, round-the-clock support, scalability, and reduced development cost, which makes this development approach good for agile and comprehensive projects.

On the other hand, if security, on-site availability, language, and culture-barrier, are the most vital aspect for a business, then in-house development is the best bet to place. Today with the set of latest tools most of these aspects can be handled efficiently. So, with outsourcing being the best option that’s suitable for startups and businesses of varying sizes you can look forward to hiring the best team.

With Prismetric as your app development partner, you can outsource the app development project and hire remote developers that meets the project needs more efficiently.

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