Top Mobile App Development Trends that you Ought to Follow in 2022


Since the advent of mobile technology, mobile apps are turning out to be the major source for companies to connect with their targeted customers and expand their business. The mobile apps are essential in the modern era because it is almost impossible to imagine a company without mobile apps. There are mobile apps developed for anything and everything in the modern age. An average person spends two hours of user day on the phone, and the main reason behind this is mobile apps. Be it chatting, ordering food, going to a movie, calling a doctor, booking an air ticket, you name it, and you will have a mobile app for it.

The increase in demand for mobile apps is the reason behind the steep rise in the number of mobile app development service providers over the past decade. As there is a problem of plenty for the businesses, it becomes difficult to choose the right mobile app development company. The organizations need to know their targeted audience and the type of product they are catering to them.

After sorting this, there is an acute need to be aware of the trends as the modern tech market is changing at the rate of knots. As we wait for the turn of the new decade in 2022, here are the elite mobile app development trends that will help you to shape your business in a better manner.

Here we go!

Emphasis on 5 G technology

5G technology mobile networks are 100 times faster than the already existing 4 G networks and have a full bandwidth for the signals to flow. In addition to speed, the technology will also play a significant role in improving Augmented Reality, data security, and the level of 3D gaming. As signal strength will not be an issue with the emergence of the 5G network, a higher number of organizations will be able to do various kinds of work using this technology.

Mobile wallets

The global mobile wallet market size is expected to reach $46 billion by 2028. The covid-19 pandemic was one of the major reasons why people started using mobile wallets, and it would be safe to say that the habit has stuck. In 2020 alone there were more than 779 billion transactions and the number is expected to rise in the coming years. In the coming year of 2022, new trends like voice-activated payments, NFC(near field communication) and biometric authentication will drive the growth northwards for mobile app wallets. This will present an excellent opportunity for mobile wallet app developers . Although with growing competition, the mobile wallet developers will need to deploy effective strategies to ensure a better user retention rate, the future of a digital payment app looks great.

On-demand apps

Uber is the torchbearer of the on-demand apps and the success of Uber has given rise to a sprawling on-demand app development industry. Around 42% of the adult population has used an on-demand app at least once and by the end of 2025, the on-demand app industry will generate $335 billion in revenue. Apps like Drizly, Soothe , Rover and Postmates are examples of successful on-demand apps. One of the most popular business models in the on-demand space is the on-demand delivery model. On-demand grocery delivery, on-demand food delivery, on-demand parcel delivery and on-demand medicine delivery are examples of such a business.

There are many benefits of on-demand delivery apps for business owners like

  • Better reach
  • Convenience
  • Attract investors
  • Get repeat business easily

The burgeoning startup ecosystem has produced many on-demand apps till now and the trend is expected to remain strong in 2022 also.

OTT apps

Netflix has awoken the world towards the possibilities of OTT(over the top) apps. The OTT market size is expected to reach $88 billion by 2024. The ease of watching their favorite content from their homes, a relatively ad-free experience and the wide variety of content available are the factors that have contributed towards the phenomenal growth of OTT platforms. Many people think that the cost to develop an OTT app is more, this is far from the truth and at Prismetric we build an OTT app at a cost-effective price. Going forward, the following trends will shape the future of OTT platforms

  • Localized content
  • Live streaming
  • AR/VR content
  • Personalized content

Given the popularity of OTT content, we believe that video streaming app development will continue to be a strong trend in 2022.


The benefits and possibilities of cloud technology in mobile app development are immense. The benefits include reduced web hosting costs, better loading capacity, better security and streamlined business operations to name a few. With the help of cloud technologies like AWS cloud solution and Dropbox it is now possible for the mobile app developers to build powerful apps that require minimal storage space. The cloud computing market is expected to reach $947 billion by 2026. Trends like hybrid cloud solutions, and quantum computing are going to dominate 2022.

Apps for foldable devices

If you think that it will take time for foldable smartphones to become a rage in the smartphone arena, think again. According to reports, 55 million foldable devices will be shipped across the world by 2025. Tech heavyweights like Samsung, Xiaomi and Motorola have thrown their weight behind the foldable smartphone technology and we are going to witness a foldable smartphone revolution in the coming year.

Mobile app developers have an immense opportunity as the demand for apps for foldable devices is going to rise exponentially in the coming year.

Personalized Experiences

No matter what industry you are associated with, customer satisfaction is still of paramount importance. In 2022, the primary aim of the organization is to remain focused on enhancing the overall experience of the customer. Emphasis is on personalized mobile experiences. This method will not only provide the freedom of choice and expression to the customer, but it will also increase their faith in your company.

The customers can choose the mode of contact, and the company can show related items using AI, design the content according to their likeness. This practice will also have a positive impact on the sale numbers as the customers will always get the information which he/she likes and thus will be more prone to buy the stuff.

Voice Searches

By 2020, 50% of the searches on the mobile app will be through voice search. Thus, you will require a top mobile app development company with astute SEO services. The content inside the mobile app must have keywords according to how your targeted audience speaks. You cannot include difficult words in the content of the mobile app as spoken, and the written language are starkly different everywhere.

In addition to this, due to the relevance of voice searches, the app development service providers should also look to go hyperlocals as that kind of data will bring in more customers. Market leaders such as Google, Amazon, and Apple have already showed great interest in developing voice-based products with Siri, Alexa, and Google Home.

AI will be even bigger

Artificial Intelligence will emerge even stronger in the year 2022, with more and more companies looking to adopt the technology. The global AI market will reach $190 billion by the year 2025. The integration of AI with the process of mobile app development will create smarter mobile apps that could be used for various purposes, such as maintain extensive data, analyzing customer behavior.

The increase in the stature of Artificial Intelligence has also increased the level of creativity of the mobile app developers as they have more freedom to think freely and show their brilliance. For example, Google has introduced Duplex, which is an AI program that has a feature of making calls by itself on your instruction. It can help the local businesses to fix many of their appointments. Duplex is a testimony to the prominence of AI over the years.

Instant apps

Instant apps make life easier for both the developers and the users. Keeping this in mind, Google launched Instant apps in the year 2016. Instant apps are nothing but the native mobile apps that do their functions like websites and in return, can attract the users or the customers with their functionalities.

The instant mobile apps are smaller in size and possess all the features of a website. It provides excellent user experience to the customers, and no device memory is used while storing these apps on the mobile phone. Another strong point of instant apps is that the users can get access to these apps without downloading them and thus can act as a trial for many mobile apps.


The beacon technology is another exciting trend that is expected to dominate the mobile app development arena in the coming year. Beacons are small transmitters that can transmit information to smartphones via Bluetooth. The idea behind installing a beacon in a place is that whenever a customer enters the place, the beacons can send real-time and personalized information to the smartphones of the customers. The information may include various coupons and vouchers tailor-made for the customer. The beacon technology was popularized by Apple by the name of iBeacons. Apple started using the technology in its 254 U.S. stores in Dec 2013 and since then other retailers like McDonald’s have used beacon technology to provide special offers to their customers.

Beacons can be installed in shopping malls, hospitals, airports and a wide variety of other locations. The market size of the beacon technology is expected to reach till $45.2 billion by 2026, presenting a huge opportunity for iBeacon app development. The app developers need to keep in mind the beacon technology whenever they design mobile apps so that they can develop compatible and handy applications.

Internet of Things

There is no doubt in the fact that the Internet of Things has many diverse uses, and thus it will be a significant trend in the year 2022. According to a study done by Gartner, around 20 billion devices will be connected through IoT, which will generate a business revenue of $300 billion.

The increase in demand for smart homes and increased usage of connected devices in offices are the main reasons behind the steep rise in the market of IoT devices. Moreover, IoT devices are secure, and with the amalgamation of big data, there is no problem in storing all the vital information in a much-synchronized manner. Also, the maintenance of predictive analysis will get a boost up as organizations will have ample data to choose from.


As it has always done, the trends of mobile app development are all set to take center stage and help your business grow. The organizations need to keep a check in order to keep pace with the trends as they will be pivotal in defining your performance in the year 2022. The companies that work to accumulate the changes will thrive in the market, rest will perish.

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