Technologies adding a new meaning to the personalized digital Customer experience

Going an extra mile to enhance the customer experience has become an ultimate goal of every business to seize an edge in the market. Here, the dose of personalization is all-imperative to meet the wildest expectations of the businesses and customers.

Personalized Digital Customer Experience

With the growing volume of data, the possibilities of targeting the audience with tailored messages have increased, which in turn, improve the mobile app customer experience and engagement with the brand.

However, engineering the unique experiences with personalization is not a playfield of the child. The businesses need to plan strategically and invest in the digital technology understanding the pace of digital marketing transformation. The reason is just the way, the customer base of landline telephones is shrunk with the emergence of digital smartphones, using the generic marketing strategies to widen the audience base is beyond the grasp of businesses.

Thanks to the new budding technologies that are helping the marketers to unearth the hidden opportunities and make the most out of them. They have completely taken out the guesswork and helped the businesses to market the offerings the customer’s way and speak the audience language.

The various technologies enable the marketers at various phases to take the customer experience to a whole new level with data gathering, delving into the depth of the data, data segmentation, interaction personalization and analyzation of the changes implemented.

Let’s see how the marketers accelerate the customer care, get hyper-aligned with individualized experience and scale the business operations to move onto the next-big-things with a set of technologies:

Extract the essence out of the voluminous data

Before the big data technology comes at the forefront, every organization was suffering from the disorganized sea of information. It was extremely challenging to identify the customer behavioral cues, and the key factors to deliver the content that uplifts the customer experience.

With big data, it becomes easier to connect the dots in the siloed database, which is manually a hard nut to crack. The data analytics helps in figuring out the positive and negative reactions to the actions initiated.

The technology enables the marketers to conduct an in-depth research and find out which obstacles are hindering the campaign’s success so that the same mistakes will not be repeated and the conversion rate will get optimized.

It has become a very common phenomenon for the online retail stores that are using big data analytics in analyzing the customer micro-interactions with the store offerings in the real-time and based on the insights, delivering the personalized experience to the customers from a welcome message to the personalized recommendations in a split of a second.

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Delving into the depth of data and tracking into what’s working aids in realizing the weak points of the marketing campaign. It further helps in crafting the campaigns which take the customer experience a step ahead of the previous campaign launch.

It’s time to segment the customers

It doesn’t matter whether your audience is global or not as each business catering to the audience where every individual is different. No such one-size-fits-all marketing campaign exists which can deliver the relevant experience to the wide spectrum of the customer base. This is where customer segmentation leveraging big data and data analytics technology is essential.

The marketers can design the strategy and execute the plan which serves the needs of different groups that are created based on the customer’s interest, demographics, buying patterns and other parameters. This segregation helps the businesses in providing the personalized content in context to the customers that bring customers for the long run.

Mainly, that’s the reason the application interface is designed and developed keeping the end users in the context. This approach inches the app closer to the enriched personalized customer experience.

What all the marketers require is to seamlessly manage the campaigns launched on different channels for distinct customer groups to garner the quick results.

VR and AR-the next big step to personalize the brand experience

No doubt, reaching the right customers at the right time with the right offerings augment the digital customer experience. But, it’s not the case always because now hundreds of brands are approaching the customers the same way. It’s high time to redefine the customer experience with brand personalization.

The mixed reality with AR and VR has brought a huge transformation in the marketing by completely immersing the customers into a whole new world while standing in the real world environment. In the several use cases, both technologies have allowed the brands to innovate, experiment and gained immense success in the marketing campaigns with improved brand awareness, customer engagement and increased sales.

The Coca-Cola VR campaign on the Christmas eve with VR trucks moving on the roads of the 50 cities of Poland and Coca-Cola’s attempt to spread its magic with AR campaign has helped the brand in enriching the digital customer experience with brand personalization.

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The drop in the price of VR headsets, the release of AR SDKs by the Google and Apple, and warm-cuddling the technology by the customers are the prime drivers that are accelerating the technology adoption.

AI chatbots to personalize digital interactions

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that have already offered the glimpse of how it allows the brands to nurture and strengthen the relationship with the customers digitally. The AI chatbots have become the next digital assistant to the customers that stay with them throughout the journey and with conversational interactions giving them a comfort of talking to a human assistant.

The addition of a human element in the chatbots has have helped in the personalized marketing automation. However, the use of chatbots for the customer support, social interactions and E-commerce makes the customers feel valued with no sense of automation. This way the marketing efforts remain genuinely helpful and authentic and assist every customer while browsing in a unique way. As the AI is maturing, the replacement of human interactions using bots makes conversational interaction more natural.

In addition to assisting the customers as they navigate through the application, the AI also offers personalized recommendations to the customers in the real-time with machine learning algorithms. By evaluating how the customers browse, interact and navigate through the application, the technology reinventing the customer experience with content personalization.

The advanced marketing not just draws the attention of new customers while also bringing loyalty to the existing customers.

A quick question- Will these technologies work for your business?

The marketers with lean budget and resources can afford for the inexpensive big data and cloud computing technology to properly organize the data, gain insights out of the data and act upon the data. But, when it comes to opting for augmented reality, virtual reality or artificial intelligence for marketing campaigns, it appears unrealistic.

Hence, before forging ahead, you need to assess a few things which include- why do you want to adopt any of these technologies, what’s the gap in the performance which can be improved embracing technology, and which technology help you achieve the best results.

Note: Don’t get obsessed with any technology adoption just to keep up with any technology, while keep seeking other options that will create value for your business.


It’s an age of customer experience where the technologies are bridging the gap between the brands and the customers with a high degree of personalization. Be it established enterprises or startups, they are racing the personalization race to get ahead of the pack.

Marketers have begun benefiting from this shift by modernizing the marketing strategy with a right mix of technologies. Consequently, the improved digital customer experience is supplemented with amplified brand engagement, awareness, and conversion rate.

Are you ready to cook the brilliant customer experience recipe? If so, leverage the right technology ingredients to personalize the digital customer journey breaking the shackles of the traditional approach.

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