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Pricing Methodologies

Offering IT Solutions at the most competitive pricing

How we ensure a cost-effecient pricing for all your needs?

Prismetric is pretty aware that the pricing of packages has a key impact on your decision of the option of the IT solution provider. It has been our steady endeavor to provide our clients the best services at the most reasonable charges. There are some parameters which decide the pricing of our packages. For the profit of our clients, we have kept our costing apparent, and we make sure that they are not overcharged, keeping an equality with the market times. We aim to take care that our rates do not become a limit in choosing us as your service provider.

We consider that every project is exceptional and should be dealt with a fresh methodology. We have described each structure with one sincere faith that a pricing model is what that describes the partnership between a client and the solution provider. We ensure that your project takes off well and the landing is smooth. Generally, we begin projects with 4-5 Developers and then obviously expand the team on a requirement. In other terms, start small and scale up. It works well for early association and making long-term & partner connections.

Pricing has a key impact on your decision to select the IT solution provider

Our Pricing Strategies

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

In this kind of pricing model, there is no possibility of any uncertainty. Fixed price is perfect for projects which are very definite and specific. The range of the job is completely well-known. We can undertake all the matters of the project with greater simplicity as we know what we have to work on with. Since the requirements are fixed, the time required for the achievement of the project is also known. Based on the fixed strictures the pricing will also be fixed.. The customers have a huge agreement of flexibility as they are aware beforehand of how much they have to give for the project.

Monthly Pricing

Monthly Pricing

The factors chosen on the pricing are the time loyal to the task to be finished along with the quantum of work that has been done will fix the final cost for the package. The method is practiced with a high degree of simplicity. During the classes of the work, our experts examine the assignment and decide the genuine scope of work and the project time that is being required for the achievement of the work. It might get decreased or increased. The method is a transparent one and totally open which assists to look after trust between the clients and us.

Resource Pricing

Resource Pricing

With the resource pricing model, you can manage our team as your own development department or as lean-to it. Depending on that we figure your team out of our development personnel or can offer the team with an understanding project manager. With this model, you can hire single/group of our expert developers who work just for your project dedicatedly. Each team members are chosen as per your requirements and thus we deliver the best cost-efficient solution for the project. The best thing about this package is you can have direct access to the developer through email or phone and Skype. Budget is predictable, but scope and workload are not fixed.

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