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What is ‘Actions on Google’?

Actions on Google (AoG) is a process that lets you proliferate the use of Google Assistant through Actions. Through Google Home, the search engine giant has entered as one of the major contenders in the voice assistant app development industry. Voice search and voice assistant services enabled apps are going to be the future and Google has certainly realized it big time. With Actions on Google, the user has to just give a quick command or an extended conversation to enable the voice assistant to perform the task in a synchronized manner.

Why Google Home Actions development is essential for your business?

There is no denying the fact that the demand of voice assistant app or voice-enabled services is on a rise. With a competent Google Home Actions development company, your organization can climb the charts of popularity among your customers and even make new end-users as well. With Google Assistant you can connect all your devices at one go and have an exceptional voice and visual experience. Since we design algorithms that are easy to understand, Google Home can perform every Action or the task given by the user without any fuss.

Our Actions on Google Development Services

We carefully develop Google Actions with an approach for optimal outcomes

Custom Google Actions

After a detailed study, we take a customer-centric approach so that the voice assistant serves as a boon for the end-users. Google Assistant is available across billions of devices, thus bifurcating the end-user and their requirement based on voice assistant services becomes important.

AoG for IoT

As Google Actions Developers we integrate voice-enabled services for IoT to render seamless functionality across devices. Developing compatible and smart voice Actions on Google for IoT connected devices helps the user to control everything more efficiently and apply it faster.

Quality test process

Testing of Voice Assistant services at Prismetric ensure that no product is given out without going through a thorough testing process. Through Google Actions simulator, we make sure that the tasks are performed efficiently so as to cater the best user experience.

Maintenance & Support

With the proliferation of the voice assistant supported apps, it is necessary to understand that the support post-development is as important as the primary app development. Thus, our AoG developers leave no stones unturned in providing support at each stage to the clients.

Hire Prismetric as your Google Actions developer

Redefining Actions on Google services to take businesses higher

On Time, always

As an experienced app development company, we understand the importance of meeting a deadline for a smooth app development process. With AoG development, we make sure that the client is timely updated on the project status, wherein the process is divided into an achievable time frame. We lay a strong foundation right at the beginning of the Google Actions development process so that there is enough time to culminate all the necessary things.

Value for Money

We firmly believe in giving the best value for money to our clients. With flexible models of work and a methodical approach, we deliver the best Google Actions development services that are highly durable and customer engaging. With a team of highly qualified voice supported app developers, the quality of voice-enabled apps developed is always above par that not only keeps you ahead of your competitors but also provides better ROI.

Providing consistency

Developing Actions on Google is all about consistency and we at Prismetric understand it like no other. Our skilled Google Actions developers provide compatible and customized voice-enabled app development that work effectively across devices. Our Actions on Google (AoG) developer’s team is well aware of all the nuances and their practical implementation and thus ensure to provide the most feasible solution for your business requirement.

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