Big Data Services

We at Prismetric assist you to define a Big Data strategy and choose proper technologies and vendors based on your budget and requirements. We also make sure to balance your existing BI investments/ data warehouse. Our consultants have a complete view of the many options available and assist you to assess open source options and commercial product, vendors.

Leverage the power of our Big Data Services to drive better Business decisions

We have the expertise in big data processes and tools to obtain actionable views from mountains of dissimilar data that enterprises gather each day. Our team has the required expertise for providing big data analytics solution by using sap services for big companies across the world and we provide complete services to leverage the power of your projects. We deliver big data analytics services to assist your reinforce your IT foundation, to enhance operational efficiency and lower risk with enterprise data solutions.

Tailor Big Data Analytic Services to your Business Challenges

Organizations across all industries are continually challenged by the explosion of data and the difficulties involved in processing, managing and efficiently developing actionable business insights. Learn how Prismetric‘s dedicated big data service line can assist your business, from the business case and proof of assessment to execution and ROI realization. The rise of mobile computing and social means big volumes of customer views are available and can be harnessed. Learn how innovation can be boosted to its limits to make sense of this data using new tools.


Big Data Services to Create Seamless Customer Experience

As a trusted big data services provider in India, Prismetric provides high-end and top-ranked services to assist businesses to increase their projects. Our teams of architects, engineers, and data scientists have effectively delivered scalable, secure and robust solutions to the clients across diverse industry verticals. The Prismetric team understands that information and actionable views can straight effect business. Analytics can assist you to analyze and calculate customer behavior to satisfy their business requirements and create long-term customer relationships. With a belief that endeavors will be based on Big Data for all kinds of decision making, Prismetric team has focused on the delivery and deployment of solutions to help enterprise with planned decision making. We utilize our deep industry experience and expertise in handling difficult analytics to bring together the collective knowledge of procedure, analytics, and data. We examine big data and offer you the genuine views of undiscovered potential. Our data scientists have an exclusive strategy to vitally examine each piece of information before taking a business decision.

Result Driven Big Data Solutions

As you consider your data and information requires, know and describe the right strategy for an optimized and included infrastructure strategy that helps the capture, consolidation, organization, safety, accepting, and giving of your business-aligned information. Our big data and analytics consultants will review your systems and identify the ability required to make your data and analytics project a success. Our range of technologies and partnerships will assist you to operationalize the data analytics and drive your business ahead. We assist organizations to acquire the right customer views leading to newer profits sources during cross sell and up sell driving productivity. From approach roadmap, tech valuation, and proof of concept to platform customization and execution, our professionals are always on hand to assist you to steer all stages on your big data drive.

End-to-End Big Data Services to focus on Core Business Area

Examining your business challenges well, we provide you the strategic management required to succeed, leveraging the power of data you build up, to your benefit.

Big Data Intelligence

Assist businesses to determine their big data strategy and improving the business performance uncovering the power of data

Big Data Development

Allows customers to enrich their current data security solution by creating an optimized security

Big Data Analytics

Accelerate the benefits of data analytics to provide viable solutions with approaches that suite your business

Maintenance and Support

Rely on us for end-to-end services that includes efficient maintenance and timely support to provide that much needed boost

Dedicated Big Data Services exclusively for your business

Elevate Data Management and analytics capabilities by productively adopting Big Data technologies

Powerful Strategy & Analytics

Helping to establish the use cases for Big Data services & added technique a good strategy for your business. This makes sure that their requirements are satisfied & are associated with big data and analytic solutions achieved with a team of smart and high skilled data analysts

Comprehensive Architecture

Our consultants own huge experience as big data service provider. We work directly with customers and offer them incorporated big data solutions, which covers unstructured & structured data and a range of other transactional data sources that suffice as the analytical models for many problems

Data Warehouse Augmentation

Helping our customers improve their warehouses with open source platforms of big data solutions like Apache Hadoop. By appropriately designing big data and analytics solution, which suite SLAs, our data architecture professionals assure enhanced performance.

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