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Get shaped productively through big data analytics develop with modernism and excellence

Empower Business Decision Making with Our Big Data Analytics Services

Prismetric makes the procedure of converting a large amount of different and multipart data into a user-ready business model and data store easy. This allows data analysts and business vendors to simply evaluate, imagine and get informative data across various resources. Our advanced big data analytics service providers collect data from several resources like web click streams, large data warehouses, and social media to prepare a 360-degree analysis of a business.

Our data analytics professionals are adept in using and integrating big data analytics technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Flumes, Cassandra, Map Reduce, and more. Our main goal is to convert your complex data sets into spontaneous & successful reports, dashboards and dreams with the assistance of our exclusive big data services so that business vendors can have views into their businesses. This will assist them in rapidly recognize the areas that need to enhance and where they are progressing. We focused on assisting our clients to accomplish highest information development level to get more business views. Data Analytics can assist you to analyze and calculate customer behavior to satisfy their business requirements and create long-term customer relationships.

Experience a magical shift in business through our distinctive Big Data Analytics Services

Let our profound intelligence in data analytics help you take the right turn

Cost-Effective Big Data Analytics

We believe in delivering cost-effective data analytics solution which includes BI tools, strategies, and analytics that helps in reducing cost with more efficient implementation

Improved Decision Making

We provide enterprises with organized data management using big data which enhances the successful and timely decision making capability for the authorized personnels

Experienced Professionals

We have experienced and skilled professionals who deliver end-to-end solution to ease client's challenges. Thus, we make sure customer satisfaction is achieved

Big Data Analytics Practice

The Prismetric’s Big Data Analytics practice assists insignificant or refinement your BI plans. It boosts the return on your Data analytics strategy and platform investments

What makes us a leading Big Data Analytics Company?

Our pragmatic analytical doctrines out of experience make us uniquely excellent

Self-Service Analytics

We assist our clients’ employees make quicker, better business decisions, authorizing them with self-service tools to discover data and share their analysed views in minutes

Operational Reporting

Tired of manually generating your daily operational reports? If so we can build auto-generated, real-time reports so your teams can better deal with their work and have a better idea about all tasks

Mobile & Embedded Bi

We believe in delivering the metrics and reports you require across various devices you use. We can also place your reports into a custom app or team website as required

Big Data Management

Now the biggest question: what is your Big Data strategy? Could new data resources as well as social, sensors, location and video assist enhance your business? We assist you with new and existing data sources and better business decisions

Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Offering custom dashboards and reports, we allow companies monitor their main performance markers easily. The dashboards assist to observe over the growth, spot the trends and recognize suspicious behavior to act in response instantly

Advanced Data Analytics

Utilizing difficult rule-based algorithms and machine learning, we bring to life predictive and regulatory analytics. As an effect, our customers are able to get assistance from forecasting by discovering a prospect or a threat well in advance.

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