Top Trending Mobile App Ideas for Startups: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Trending Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2024 & Beyond

Trending Mobile App Ideas for Startup Innovators

After a slight dip in 2022, the app consumer spending per user bounced back to its peak reaching US $5 in the second quarter of 2023. A report by Statista also claims that in 2026, users are likely to download 143 billion mobile apps from Google Play Store which is up by nearly 30% from 111 billion app downloads recorded in 2021. The same report reveals that the Apple App Store will witness an increase of around 15% for the same period accounting for 38 billion app downloads.

The Grand View Research quotes that the global mobile app market size was valued at just under US $230 billion in 2023, and is likely to catch the pace of a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% from 2024 to 2030.

All these staggering figures are because of the advancement and betterment of mobile technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Metaverse, IoT, and AR/VR. With more and more innovation, the mobile app market will only grow with no seeing backward. As a result, entrepreneurs are now turning their latest business ideas into profitable apps for better customer reach, easier business management, and effective marketing.

In this comprehensive guide, we will drive you through excellent ideations of modern-age businesses through mobile technologies for quicker ROI and mightier revenues. You can learn about these trends and build a mobile app to stay competitive in the market.

Looking for Best-in-class Mobile App Development Experts

Best app ideas for start-ups to grow boundlessly in 2024

Are you looking for trending mobile app ideas to commence your dream project? The list of curated app ideas helps you become a unicorn in the niche industry. Let’s dive in!

Grocery delivery app

Grocery delivery app

The reports on grocery delivery apps are promising. The grocery market worldwide is likely to touch the magical figure of US $786.8 billion by the end of this year (2024), and it is to shoot at a CAGR of 12.74% from 2024 to 2028 accounting for a whopping market volume of US $1271 billion by 2028, according to Statista. While other segments are responsible for these staggering figures, retail delivery shows up as the most promising and largest sector with a projected market volume of nearly US $266,000 million.

You can build a grocery delivery app solution that caters to the enormous demands of buys urban dwellers of the present day. Getting ideas about features and functionalities from reputed grocery apps such as Instacart, Blinkit, Walmart, InstaShop, and Shipt will help you make your product superior to your peers. Finally, venturing into the grocery business requires you to thoroughly learn about the grocery delivery app development cost and plan your roadmap accordingly.

EV charging location finding app

EV Charging location Finding App

The rising adoption of electric vehicles is a part of sustainable energy sources that are increasing year after another. The increased usage of electric vehicles is followed by the need for EV charging stations. However, searching EV stations makes things difficult. That’s where EV charging stations come to the rescue.

The EV charging station finding app development help EV charging station owners gain an edge in the competitive market and acquire a major market share. The benefits- sales, and revenue of EV charging stations are expected to increase at a CAGR of 30.94% from 2023 to 2031. It makes perfect sense to skyrocket the revenue with EV charging station finding app development. If interested, follow the guide to know how to build the best EV charging location finding app.

Travel planner app

Travel planner app

The stats for the travel and tourism industry will see an upsurge with an estimated US $2.3 trillion in 2024. The economic stabilization worldwide will contribute to the tourism industry and more and more people will find their leisure getaways to popular tourist destinations across the globe, according to IBIS World. Statista quotes that the industry is projected to grow annually at a rate of 3.47% showing a market value marked US $1063 billion by 2028.

Travelers all around the world seek a comprehensive solution where they can have a 360-degree solution to their tour needs such as hotel and flight booking, sightseeing booking, information about restaurants, travel insurance, and the like. Trending mobile app ideas for this industry open up immense opportunities for you to build travel applications and include customized features of holistic tourism which allows users to plan tours, book flights, hotels, and cabs, and get back to their hometowns.

Voice translation app

Language becomes and local dialects become the biggest barrier when traveling to an international place. When travelers fail to understand what foreign people are speaking, then communicating and transacting with them becomes difficult. In such cases, the voice translation app is your travel savior app.

The app comprehends multiple languages with AI speech recognition capability and helps users understand in their language what another person is speaking. Also, the app itself learns new phrases of the language as much as it’s used for translation, which saves users from fraud as well. The global speech-to-speech translation market is expected to grow to $576 million by 2026.

AI-based weather forecast app

The market size for weather forecasting systems is expected to reach the value of $3.3 billion by 2024.

meteorological-weather-forecasting-systems-market6 (1)

Forecasting weather is tricky, but it’s also important. In many regions, people plan their activities based on weather forecasts. Whether it’s farmers who want to plan sowing, fishermen who want to know about seafaring conditions, or people who want to plan their travel, the audience for weather forecasts is huge. An Artificial intelligence(AI) based weather forecasting app can help the users by providing accurate forecasts of climate in the area. DeepMind is a company that has successfully implemented AI in weather forecasting. DeepMind predicted with a phenomenal 89% accuracy where and when it was going to rain in the UK. With new advancements in AI technology, the accuracy level of an AI-based weather forecasting app would continue to improve. Hire AI developers to get built AI weather app that open up new opportunities for mobile app business.

Video editing app

People take videos everywhere they go and love to share them on social channels. Everyone is not a professional videographer who can capture the best video. That’s where the video editing app development idea stands out that helps people to make their videos stand out in the crowd with necessary features, filters, and tools.

Video editing app helps users to stay ahead of the videography trends and enhance their videos through the toolkit provided by the app. Additionally, the apps facilitate direct uploads to social channels that further save time in moving back and forth. The video editing app market is expected to grow to $1969.3 million by 2028 as the conversion of raw footage into professional video has become a new trend.

Dating app

Dating app

Dating app is another brilliant mobile app idea that is trending these days. The reason behind this is its success because about 70% of individuals who dated someone on such apps opined that it led to an exclusive and romantic relationship, according to Forbes Magazine. Dating applications help users have new friends and build a bond with strangers which, in turn, improve their social and personal lives.

Thus, more and more people are choosing dating apps as their rejuvenating tools making it an ultimate trending mobile app idea to grow into a successful business. You can think of a dating application development for Android and iOS to tap millions of users worldwide and satiate their needs to build healthy and romantic relationships.

E-learning app

E-learning app

According to, the global eLearning market is likely to reach US $36.98 billion by 2026. The report further says that the compound annual growth rate of the eLearning marketing between 2018 and 2026 is anticipated to reach 9.1% with the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) market touching the mark of US $21.14 billion by 2025. The LMS/SaaS models will offer a more standardized education system and will likely contribute nearly 30% of the total market share.

With globalization, education systems are getting an international touch as American and British curriculums have been adopted and practiced worldwide. Likewise, remote learning and correspondence courses are embraced by students and learners all over the globe making it the best business opportunity. Beyond geographical barriers, eLearning apps empowering the education industry for the past couple of years setting new milestones. Following the trend, you can customize an eLearning app as per local demands and educational boards to make your product widely adoptable.

Healthcare app

The importance of healthcare applications is renewed after the pandemic as people have become more conscious about their health. Additionally, mobile facilities have changed user expectations from healthcare organizations. Say mobile appointment booking, telemedicine solutions, pharmacy delivery, mobile lab test reports, and mobile recommendations have become the minimum requirements.

Healthcare has become more patient-centric with  healthcare mobile app development and is expected to exhibit a compounded annual growth of 20.5% during 2023-2028.

Music streaming app

The exploding trends of music streaming applications cannot go unnoticed today. You will be stunned to know that 89% of music industry revenue is made from music streaming and there is more than US $17 billion a year revenue reported by Forbes.

The same page states that people spend an average of 20 hours a week on streaming music, such applications as a business will only grow and never see back. You can think of popular music apps like Spotify which dominates more than 30% of the total market share in music streaming today. Therefore, like more and more large-size companies are thinking of music streaming apps as a golden business opportunity.

Fuel delivery app

Fuel delivery app

This on-demand app idea will aid the user to get fuel without going to a gas station. The user can select the nearest fuel station through the app and order his or her required quantity which will be delivered to the user’s location. Fuel delivery app involves creating a user-friendly interface, integrating location-based services and implementing secure payment options. With the increasing demand for on-demand services, fuel delivery app development could be a lucrative venture for businesses looking to capitalize on this trend.

Pet sitting app

The four-legged companions have been an integral part of the humankind. The pet adoption ratio has grown manifold in the past recent years and that is where the new mobile app trending idea comes from. According to Arizton Advisory and Intelligence, the global pet care market was valued at just under US $300 billion in 2022 and it is now anticipated to reach a whopping US $400 billion by 2028 showcasing at a CAGR of 5.22%.

The pet care market is comprised of pet accessories, pet food, pet insurance, pet services, veterinary and medication for pets, and the like. It is worth noting you can have all such pet care and services as the features in a pet care app from which users or pet parents can avail everything about their four-legged companions.

Parking space finder app

Parking space finder app

When traveling to a new place or moving to a local crowded place, finding a parking space is quite difficult. Here parking space finder app development provides a great relief to the users. The parking space finder app partners with parking area owners to facilitate parking spaces for rent by hours or days. Also, the app can facilitate users to find free and paid parking space in the specific area and book if possible.

The commission deducted from every transaction that occurred through the app for finding and booking parking space brings good revenue to the start-ups. In fact, the parking space finder app market growth that’s expected to reach $234.2 million by 2028 confirms that the decision for parking space finder app development is good. Knowing about parking spot finder app development cost helps in making informed decisions and setting realistic goals for your project. Get your hands on the lucrative opportunity with parking space finder app development.

Audio Book apps

Many people around the world due to time shortages do not have access to read their favorite books. At times it is not feasible to carry a book around wherever you go, the audiobook apps can be the perfect alternative which the user can listen to on the go. The user can purchase the books on a monthly or yearly subscription as per their choice. You can also add various podcasts by famous personalities.

Social networking app

Social networking apps just don’t mean Instagram and Facebook-like app development. Nowadays, social channels are built for specific community or group of people that helps them connect and grow together.

For instance, building social networking apps for people interested in gardening, bird watchers, and movie watchers help start-ups to connect people sharing the same interests and soon, the app starts gaining traction in the market just the way popular social media platforms evolved. Start-ups can join the gold rush with a unique social media app idea that’s expected to grow between 2023 and 2027 at a CAGR of 5%.

Food delivery app idea

Food delivery app idea

Over the past few years, the food delivery market has experienced enormous growth with its expansion from online deliveries to mobile takeaways and restaurant table booking. The platform-to-consumer services like- Uber Eats, Grubhub, Just Eat, and others have revolutionized the food ordering and delivery process. The industry gained a face lift during the pandemic and its flywheel effect is still experienced.

The user convenience in food ordering and delivery has projected that food delivery market size grow to $320 billion by 2029 and so are returns. Get build a food delivery app solution to stand ahead of the competition and increase profit share as the industry is operating on razor thin margin. Plus, the increased networking of riders, route optimization technologies, inexpensive deliveries, and other factors supports the decision to consider food delivery app idea for the new venture.

Virtual shopping app

Virtual Reality today offers endless opportunities to both business owners as well as mobile app developers. Hence, today, virtual shopping app is one of the most trending mobile app ideas worldwide. Such apps not only attract customers due to their uniqueness but also add fun to provide unparalleled user experience along with increase in generating leads and sales. The Global Virtual Shopping Assistant Market was estimated at the value of US $624.7 million in 2023 continuing its popularity and growth of CAGR 32.9% from 2023 to 2030 reaching US $4575.9 million.

The latest trending mobile app business idea includes utilizing the wow-factors of Virtual Reality that offers 3D models and immersive experience in visiting virtual stores, picking up virtual items, and trying them on yourself. Virtual shopping apps can range from industry to industry such as VR apps in real estate, VR in eCommerce, VR in retail stores, and many more. You can think of AI-powered conversational agents, virtual assistants, and other virtual stores and products to venture into the new-age market backed by metaverse in the coming years.

Grammar app

Nutmeg Education quotes that there are 30 million people who use Grammarly and the revenue generated by this tool reached US $8.8 million. SEMRUSH reports 66.6 million traffic last year and, lastly, the company rose US $400 million. The reason behind this immense popularity of Grammarly is its core service – grammar check along with spelling, plagiarism, and AI content check.

With the Internet growing at unprecedented speed, more and more content has been added every hour, every minute across the world. Zillions of words are put on billions of articles, websites, catalogs, research papers, blogs, mobile apps, and other forms of content making it a golden opportunity as a trending mobile app idea for your business. You can build a customized tool to check content of all kinds and make easy money through the content and marketing industry.

Motivational app

With more peer pressure and performance expectations, individuals in personal and professional lives have been highly affected with anxiety, depression, and anxiousness. According to Market Research, the US motivational speaking industry was worth US $1.9 billion a couple of years back, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% reaching US $2.30 billion by 2025.

According to GitNux, nearly 75% of employees who get motivation are more productive. From a small company to SMEs and even large enterprises such as multinational companies have started allocating special budgets to their employee enhancement and grooming programs which includes bringing popular motivational speakers regularly and conducting their sessions. This makes motivational applications as one of the unique trending mobile app ideas in 2024 and beyond. You can think a customized motivational app development that includes popular motivational speakers, their speeches in the form of audio-visual materials.

Snow removal app

Subfreezing atmospheres across most of the United States are not new phenomenon to the world. Arctic storms and storms from other places are quite evident in the Northern American regions. Millions of people get affected with terrible chilling weathers measuring below zero. Snow removal applications are now getting common and steadily gaining popularity not only in North America but also in other parts of the world such as Europe, Russia, and Canada.

You can think of snow removal app as a trending mobile app idea to think of a safe and sturdy business because now digital solutions are sought by people living in countries where heavy snowfall is common and regular. Apps for snow shoveling and snow blowing are on the rage these days. You can build snow removal app and customized it according to the region or nation you serve. You can make your product simple and most convenient way to hire a snow shoveler or help people find snow shoveling jobs in nearby areas.

Cryptocurrency wallet apps

With digital world, everything is moving towards applications including shopping, delivering, and paying securely. Cryptocurrencies have been in the market for quite some time and their popularity is not fading away. In fact, more and more billionaries are investing in digital currency such as Bitcoins and such investments are again encouraging others to look forward to having cryptocurrency as trading entity.

Cryptocurrency or digital currency is getting traction worldwide and the companies accepting it as valid trading currency are increasing. The revenue in the cryptocurrencies market is likely to reach US $51.5 billion in 2024; the growth rate CAGR 2024-2028 of 8.62% will result in capturing market with volume of US $7.1 billion by 2028, according to Statista.

Health insurance app

The global mHealth apps market size, in 2022, was valued at US $43.5 billion and it is anticipated to pace up at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6 between 2023 and 2030. All thanks to health awareness worldwide as not just individuals but also local governments are supporting public health.

Additionally, increased internet and smartphone penetration has encouraged entrepreneurs to opt for health insurance app business to meet enormous demands of meeting medical and healthcare expenses. Leveraging contemporary technologies, one can build software solution to fasten up claims and automate the entire insurance process. Insurance app development benefits also include comparing insurance prices, filing claims online, and pay premiums safely etc.

Food donation app

The importance of food donation is highly realized during Covid-19. After looking at the cause, individuals, restaurants, and other organizations are geared up for saving the food that’s get wasted. The communities are built wherein personnel when gets alert for extra food, they come and distribute the food to the needy people.

The global food waste management market was valued at $69.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% from 2023 to 2030. Start-ups can build the app for a good cause by partnering with food banks and non-profit organizations.

Charity donation app

Charitable organizations and the funds they raise are continuously growing, that’s expected to register a growth of 9.3% by 2028. The collection of charity gets an upper hand when it’s enabled with a mobile app. Plus, the awareness around the charity and how it’s helping people with the app make more people contribute to the good cause. Eliminating the need for carrying huge cash or checkbooks, and facilitating recurring donations boost the charity funds at scale.

Gift delivery app

Sending a gift for birthdays and anniversaries to special days and other events has become normal. In fact, people like to get gifts from their family members and friends. Sometimes, distance becomes a challenge to send the gift at the right time and the right place. People rely on online shopping, but it doesn’t give the feel of sending gifts in person. That’s where gift delivery apps are the biggest savior. The app facilitates users to get the gift purchased from the local shop and delivered to the recipient in person regardless of location and time.

Medicine Delivery App

Medicine Delivery App

An integrated medicine delivery app that will provide the facility of choosing medicines from allopathy to Ayurveda all at one platform will help your business garner more attention on the app stores. With the medicine delivery app partnering with the local stores will ensure faster delivery in a day.

Meditation and mindfulness app

In the busy lifestyle, people have so many things to do and when they feel juggling among different tasks, they often feel stressed that impacts their work. Their meditation and mindfulness apps help users to do mental exercises that make them healthy mentally. Users are allowed to choose the duration of exercise and can track their progress. Also, the app provides a lot of tips to help users incorporate mindfulness into everything they do.

Real estate app

Real estate app

Real estate owners and agents face difficulty in finding customers and so is the customers who are looking for properties. The real estate app helps users to upload property listings, add photos/videos, and schedule appointments with customers. Thereby the app becomes a single point of communication to improve property search, handle requests and connections. There are 5 trends to expect in the real estate market that is projected to increase the real estate app market size to $5.95 billion by 2028. Simplify the real estate business and connect with target audience at scale with real estate app development where the guide provides details into features, tech stack, development cost, and more.

Virtual party planning app

Presently, people often want to get their parties planned in a lavish style with all the pomp and show. The planning and hosting require a lot of effort and time investment. People can get rid of all these with virtual party planning apps. Start-ups can consider the trending virtual party planning app idea that helps users plan and virtually host parties for birthdays, holiday gatherings, and baby showers in a few taps. The app enables users to set themes, access party resources, and invite guests.

New language learning app

New language learning app

Language learning apps with basic ideas about new languages can be an instant hit among your audience as people these days are continually looking to upscale their skills, and a new language would be an excellent addition to their armor. The app can be designed by having some necessary letters or words information at the beginning, which gradually increases to teach full-fledged conversation to the user. As an entrepreneur, you should always look to develop a language learning app that entices the users and engages them to learn and be resourceful in knowing about the language achieves better success.

Laundry app development

Laundry app development

Laundry service apps are becoming more popular in today’s busy and fast-paced urban life. Laundry apps offer convenience to users as they save time and provide quality service delivered to customers’ doorsteps. Most of citizens today need to wash and dry their clothes without hassle.

Laundry service is a good trending mobile app idea and golden business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to tap into a growing market with high demand and low competition. According to Verified Market Research, the online laundry industry will see a growth at a CGR of 35.56% between 2022 and 2030 reaching US $27.63 billion. You can be part of this growing opportunity; plan for a customized laundry app development to make your business exclusive and profit making. You can add scalability and unique features like scheduled pickup and drop and compare prices.

AR and VR in Travels

The travel industry is standing at the cusp of a revolution wherein AR and VR technology leverage creating wonders for the people. AR technology helps users know what the ‘place to visit’ look like in the real-world by superimposing the virtual world over the real world. VR technology leverage help people completely understand the place from 360 degree. Follow this travel app development guide to know how to build a travel app and the differences that advanced technologies integration creates.

Home-cooked food delivery app

Home-cooked food is becoming popular these days as people are opting for healthier food options. Having a home-cooked food and delivery app will help in expanding your user base as due to globalization, many people are staying away from Home, and they are bound to miss Home-cooked food. The dashboard of the Home cooked feature can have options such as multi-language, and various online payment methods. The home-cooked food feature will attract more downloads for your mobile app and will also increase your business among other networks.

Alcohol delivery app

Alcohol delivery app

The liquor industry is the fastest-growing industry worldwide, which goes southwards during the pandemic. Now, as the world is presuming to pre-pandemic levels, the mobile sales of alcohol are also increasing, which is expected to reach $42 billion by 2025. Adding innovative features and using monetization features can help businesses attract more customers and maximize revenue to the fullest. You can develop an alcohol delivery app using this trending app idea for the best results.

Virtual fitness app

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the fitness industry. Personal training with virtual gym instructors is the new trend and the closure of big gym chains like the Gold’s Gym is proof of the changing times. For safety, people prefer to work out from their homes in presence of a fitness instructor virtually, instead of going to crowded gyms physically. Caliber, a startup focused on providing individual fitness training has garnered $2.2 million in funding. The upsurge of investor interest in startups like Caliber validates the market potential of a virtual fitness app. If you want to try hands on the lucrative opportunity that fitness app market offers, fitness app development guide help you react out the goals.

Fantasy Sports app 

Developing a fantasy sports app can prove to be a great way of luring the user for an extended period. The facts also confirm the same thing that reveals the fantasy sports app market size expected to reach to $25.44 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 13.9%. The users can make their virtual team for the sports they love, and this feature will provide them with a more personalized app experience. This can interest the sports enthusiasts to spend long hours in the app and also an option to play some games or know the live scores would make it more interesting for the users. Understanding the cost to build a fantasy app is crucial to building a sustainable and profitable platform that captures the imagination of sports fans.

Pregnancy help apps

Mostly, start-ups can grow boundlessly when they launch the business based on unique, trending app idea. Pregnancy help app development is one such idea that will help women to gain extensive knowledge and advice from qualified doctors, consultants, and other women. In addition to this, the soon-to-be-mothers can connect to the exclusive section that will help them shop for their pregnancy and post-pregnancy time. This can be a platform for sharing their experiences or asking for suggestions. The growth in the pregnancy tracking app market size to $217 million is a clear indication that the pregnancy app idea works for start-ups.

Beauty salon app idea

Beauty salon app idea

The global salon services market size is projected to grow from $230.64 billion in 2023 to $383.88 billion by 2030. Following the technological progress, beauty salons have make-over their salon with beauty salon app development to meet the evolving needs of the users from online salon appointments to service bookings.

The growing salon awareness, increasing reach to a wide audience, and intensifying revenue from salon apps have made salons to get build a salon application. Also, it benefits salons for increasing loyalty and starts merchandising their products easily. You can avail of the advantages with salon app development solutions and inch your salon services closer to the customers.

Preventive healthcare app

Everyone now understands the importance of preventive health care. This renewed interest in health can prove to be a fertile breeding ground for a preventive healthcare app. The predictive healthcare startup Biofourmis has garnered more than $140 million in venture capital financing from the likes of Softbank, Openspace Ventures, and Sequoia capital. The increased interest in health is not going unnoticed amongst investors and a preventive health app can prove to be a healthy investment.

On-demand doctor app idea

It is not a feasible option of visiting a doctor every time you want to consult. This holds true, especially with the situation of the global pandemic around. Thus, virtual consultation can become an excellent alternative. Doctors can give prescriptions according to the ailment of the patient but if the doctor senses anything unusual then the patient must be advised by the doctor online to visit a specialist hospital at the earliest. Take a first move with appointment booking app development and gain insights on doctor appointment app development costs that help in creating a user-friendly platform that connects patients with healthcare professionals seamlessly.

logistics app idea

logistics app idea

cutting-edge technology progress has brought a remarkable shift in the logistics industry. IoT technology devices facilitate real-tracking, improve efficiency, and reduced logistics costs. Plus, the operational agility, and transparency in the supply chain that logistics companies were trying to achieve is now possible with logistics app development. Know the benefits of building logistics app followed by features to include, technology stack, logistics app development process, and development cost extensively.

The logistics app facilitates users to book logistics and businesses can track vehicle location, manage orders, and handle customer communication as well. Also, drivers can find out the shortest route that allows vehicle to reach the destination within reduced time and fuel consumption. The projected growth of the logistics market size to $232560 million by 2029 ensures that logistics app development is a good idea for start-ups.

Live video streaming app ideas

Live video streaming is a boon for businesses to engage with audiences in an appealing way. Businesses are increasingly combining marketing content with videos and publishing them on various platforms to gain major traction from users. Start-ups can also create live video streaming apps like- YouTube wherein businesses can publish their videos. If live video streaming business interests you, the comprehensive guide to make netflix-like video streaming app solution would help you know things in detail.

Enabling access to premium content increases the revenue as video streaming industry makes up 82% of internet traffic. Start-ups can also charge a membership fee for accessing premium content to grow profits. Adapting the shift with video streaming app development is the right decision because the live video streaming market is projected to grow to $534 billion by 2030.

Car wash app idea

The car owners find it difficult to find the best car wash service providers in the nearby area. Once, they found the best service provider, standing in long queues to get the car washed is tiresome. That’s where car wash booking app development is a life savior. The app facilitates users to schedule appointments for car wash services after selecting the type of car wash service- dry wash, chemical-free wash, and others, and specifying the location and time. It delights the users by enabling car wash anytime, anywhere. Jump on the car wash app development bandwagon as the global car wash service market size is expected to hit around $43.81 billion by 2032. The car wash app development cost is one of the most essential factors to consider when planning to enter this lucrative market. It helps in making informed decisions and ensuring a successful and cost-effective car wash app development journey. Get started with a car wash app development solution for the best results.

Wedding planner app

Wedding has been one of the most essential milestones in anyone’s life. It is a unique experience and no couple wants to compromise on celebration, occasion, and extravaganza to add in this event. An all-in-one wedding planner app today makes it one of the top trending mobile app ideas for businesses in local and international markets.

While the couple and their families want to engage themselves in more important tasks, they want a hassle-free wedding planner platform where they can simply outsource the entire wedding occasions such as wedding stage preparations, bridal and groom’s make ups and accessories. The Brainy Insights reports an estimated growth at a CAGR of 13.74% between 2023 and 2032 wedding service market worldwide. Hence, it is a great business idea today.

There are ample advantages of having a mobile app for any wedding planner business, and wedding planner app as a business could do wonders for you as you will have minimum investment and maximum impact being just a potential platform provider where wedding planners meet to-be couples.

Virtual makeup app

With a wide array of make-up options available at their disposal, modern users are more confused than ever regarding their makeup needs. Mixing and matching various combinations is now easier with virtual makeup apps. Using state-of-the-art AI technology these virtual makeup apps let the user try on various makeup options in a fast and hassle-free manner. Perfect, a Taiwanese startup working on try-on technologies has garnered $50 million through funding. A virtual makeover app can get you a great business in this digital era.

Astrology app

Astrology app

Interest in astrology is rising especially after the pandemic in the US. The popularity of Co-Star can be gauged from the fact that around 1 out of 4 women aged 18-25 have installed the app. With 20 million downloads, Co-Star happens to be one of the most popular apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The market size for an astrology app is $2.2 billion right now; the rising interest in astrology provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to develop an astrology app. The cost to develop an astrology app is one of the most crucial factors to understand for successfully launching your own astrology app. It allows you to plan your budget effectively and ensures that you invest in the right resources for app development.

Expense Tracking App

Gone are the days when people prefer to keep a diary in their pocket to note down their expenses and check at the end of the day what part of expenses need to reduce or was unnecessary. The whole process is now replaced by expense tracking apps that have automated expense tracking, enabled spending reports generation, and provided insights into spending.

The improved usability of expense tracking apps has made these apps popular. Start-ups can also innovate the trending app idea with unique features and grow by leaps and bounds. If interested, get insights into the cost of expense tracking app development.

Milk Delivery App Idea

Milk Delivery App Idea

Milk delivery service is also one of the services under the endless list of supplies that users expect to be delivered to their doorstep. It’s very popular among millennials who willingly subscribe to get fresh milk. As the dairy product market is expected to grow by 20.74% between 2023 and 2027, building the milk delivery app is the right move by the start-ups. Having knowledge about milk delivery app development costs and factors affecting it is crucial for start-ups to plan their budget effectively and ensure a successful launch of their milk delivery app.

The milk delivery app has a set of features from registration to payment that allows users to order the milk just the way they order other dairy products. Start-ups can use any business model- on-demand milk delivery, subscription-based milk delivery, and hybrid milk delivery to venture into a new milk delivery business.

Which trending app idea would you choose?

The mobile app world is filled with uncertainties and with the constant innovation in the tech world, it is required to find a tech partner who can offer cutting-edge app development for your startups or business to help you use the full power of new mobile technology. The year 2023 will be no different in this aspect. Thus, to cash in on the opportunities and scale ahead of the competition, you need to deploy the trending app ideas into action and be more specific and customer-centric in your mobile app development process.

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