How to develop a Beauty Salon Mobile App? A Complete Guide

How to develop a Beauty Salon Mobile App? A Complete Guide

Beauty Salon Mobile App Development – All you want to know

Are you a proud owner of a salon? Do you provide impeccable salon services of all kinds? Are you satisfied with your salon business? Whether your answers to all these questions are certain or glo0my, you definitely need a salon mobile app.


Well, there are myriad cogent reasons for the same. We shall check on the need to automatize your salon booking processes, and most importantly, salon mobile app development cost.

What is a salon app?

Today’s digital era has inspired hundreds of thousands of young entrepreneurs to venture into different businesses. Many enthusiastic businesspersons check trending mobile app ideas and the salon app is one of them. On the other hand, these days, when everything is going online, having a brick-and-mortar salon is not just enough. Apart from more revenue generation, it has become quite a trend to have your online presence. People, especially after the pandemic struck the world, have changed their shopping habits where they order goods online; even further, most services today are offered online.

All who visit a salon have experienced waiting for their turn at least once in their lifetime. Though annoying, even the most esteemed clients of yours have faced this trouble. Well, the digital presence of the salon not only takes off all the hassles faced by your loyal clients but also offers you an innovative way to manage your salon like never before. A salon management application is nothing but automatizing the entire internal and external salon business operation processes in a way that it is easier to streamline and grow the salon business.

What is the need for a salon app to grow the salon business?

salon app needs

There has been a great demand for various app businesses. Some entrepreneurs simply build a software platform and enroll their customers on the basis of subscriptions, others build solutions and sell them to the targeted customers. Even further, market-conscious people buy software solutions for their businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Consecutively, there are many on-demand business models one can work upon; likewise, a salon application can be of great value to your business.

A user-friendly application for a salon is the key to the best growth of your business in today’s digitally-driven world where most customers or clients prefer online services. Here are a few cogent reasons why you need the best appointment booking application or salon management software tool. These needs shall also explain why salon app development cost is justified because it helps you increase the business. Carefully read these factors because they decide how much you need to pay to build the solution. These are specific factors for the salon because in general, app development cost has an all different angles.

Simplifying booking

The biggest concern of a salon client is to book the appointment without any hassle. Salon professionals can have a customized salon application development that helps their regular and new clients an option to book appointments. This way, they can avoid the clash of any bookings and reduce the chances of human errors of overlapping dates or times.

Digital boost

Online salon applications can help salon owners present their business with pride. Today, when everything is going digital, salon professionals too can showcase their digital presence and stay ahead among their peers.

Retention and attraction

Handy salon applications can retain old customers and also attract new ones because for them it is easier to approach salon experts, book appointments, and perform various actions on the digital salon application.

Visibility and popularity

On-demand beauty salon app development service providers opine that the salon app market has grown manifold because the salon owners have benefited through at least one salon app business model; that said, their visibility has increased in the market which, in turn, has earned them a good name.

What types of salon apps in 2023 and beyond are popular?

Before you know the cost of salon mobile app development, you should take into account the types of salon apps in 2023 and beyond. Business experts opine that any ultimate guide to salon app development would tell you that it is possible to salon app development that includes everything a salon can offer, there are special types of salon apps available on the market in 2023, and looking at the features of any on-demand beauty parlor app today, they are likely to be more popular in 2023 and beyond as well.

General salon app

As the name suggests, the general salon application offers services that any normal salon does. It includes hair, nail, face, legs, and hands treatment of all kinds including aesthetics and remedies.

Boutique salon app

Salon application development can also include boutique salon features and sections wherein not just nail, hair, and skin care services are offered but also beauty products and women’s accessories such as handbags, jewelry, clothes, and many more.

Haircut salon app

Opposite to one-in-all salon application, certain businesses are small and the salon owners don’t have much to offer except a traditional haircut. In such a case, the haircut salon app serves the purpose where on-demand salon app development costs will be minimal.

Manicure and pedicure salon app

Some salon professionals prefer offering specialized services such as manicures and pedicures. They have detailed services in those areas. They can ask salon mobile app developers to specifically work and carry out the best features on manicures and pedicures.

Beauty and spa salon app

With increased demands for relaxation and rejuvenation therapies, beauty and salon spas are on the rage these days. Salon mobile app development can be focused on offering beauty and spa services of all kinds. The application can be further customized according to the spa industry standards.

Hair, nail, and skin salon app

Specialized salon mobile app development can also carry out a special exercise and research on building an awesome app to showcase salon professional services on hair, nail, and skin. There are many innovative ideas to offer aesthetic services to beauty-conscious people.

Top features of salon application with different user panels

A salon app development takes various features and facilities into account while building a customized digital solution for salon owners. The budget for salon mobile app development also depends on the number of features and panels you want in it. The beauty salon app development is carefully carried out keeping its stakeholders and users in mind. Hence, the application has a few user panels and the features change according to them.

salon application pannel

Customer panel features

The user panel is one of the most important panels that salon app developers primarily focus on. In fact, any beauty parlor app development project would keep the user panel features in priority as this panel becomes the face of the digital product on which, the entire salon app’s success depends. On. An interactive salon app user panel is engaging and intuitive. The features include –

  • User registration: easy registration or sign up
  • Selecting services: choosing the desired salon and services
  • Profiles: users can view and learn the beautician’s or salon professional’s profiles
  • Bookings: users can request and book appointments at particular salons
  • Payment: paying securely through a salon app builds trust among clients
  • Review: depending on the quality of services, users can rate the salon and experts
  • Subscription: in some salon app business models, a subscription is added for better revenues
  • Chat: a quick chat can be integrated as a user panel feature in salon app development

Owner panel features

The service provider or salon professionals are an integral part of salon application. Like users, salon app owners should also be satisfied with the features and facilities they get. Hence, during the salon mobile app development process, the owner’s panel features are exclusively built according to their needs.

  • Register: the owner can register their salons on the app. It could be more than one salon
  • Digital catalog: the best salon app feature includes managing a digital catalog to showcase various services
  • User requests: viewing and managing a user’s request for booking the appointment or reserving the time slot
  • Professional profiles: adding and managing salon professionals or salon experts’ profiles is a useful feature
  • Service history: viewing and managing service history helps salon owners to build foolproof strategies

Admin panel features

Professional salon app builders opine that every mobile app should have an admin panel that provides the administrator complete control over the application. Salon mobile app solutions feature an admin panel where the administrator can view and manage everything like a master.

  • User/stylist/salon management: all parties’ profiles and their actions are managed and controlled through the admin panel
  • Approval: the approval and disapproval of any registration by a salon professional, user, or even owner would be under admin control
  • Payment management: for the aggregator application, the app owner takes some commissions; all such transactions and even users’ payments would be under the admin’s control
  • Monetization: the admin panel feature includes various options for salon app monetization. Banners, subscriptions, push notifications, and promotional materials shall be the admin’s call.

The business model of the salon app

Though there could be other reasons, the primary reason for getting an application is to expand the business; hence, there is a guide to app monetization strategies. Nevertheless, the salon app can also mint money for you but at some extra cost in the development. In other words, the cost of development also depends on the business model you want to integrate into it. The monetization of salon applications depends on the business models you adapt. There are several options available for on-demand salon beauty service applications to make good money and grow the salon business.

This is how your salon mobile app can earn you

business model of the salon app

Featured listing: the salon industry thrives on its visibility and word-of-mouth publicity. Offering a featured listing to salons and associated partners can get you good revenue.

Commission: salon booking app can have various features and business models including commission. You can charge a commission to beauticians and salon owners on every transaction through your application.

Packages: You can ask developers to include the feature of offering various packages during the mobile app development process. This way, users can buy monthly packages through the salon app and earn reward points.

Commercials and ads: one of the premium revenue-generating salon business models is to run a commercial or advertisement on the salon app. You can charge salon professionals or salon owners for each ad or click on the ads.

Subscriptions: many salon mobile app business models include subscription which is chargeable (paid). Such subscriptions can offer varieties of discounted salon services such as hair, skincare, nail, face, body sculpting, and the like.

How to develop a Salon App for your business?

Salon app development can help you streamline your business operations, connect with customers, and offer them an enhanced booking and appointment experience. In addition to that you can build one-of-a-kind platform to provide suggestions and tips on beauty and hair styling and the latest beauty products in the market and even how to use them for best results. Here are the steps you can follow to develop a salon app for your business:

Step to Step Guide to Build a Salon app

Define your Salon App Development goals

Before starting the development process, it’s important to define the purpose of your app and the goals you want to achieve. You can decide whether you want to create an app for booking appointments, managing your salon business, or providing a personalized experience to your customers.

Research and analysis for Salon App Development

Conduct market research to understand the needs of your customers, what they are looking for in a salon app, and what features are important to them. You can also research your competitors to see what they are offering and how you can differentiate yourself.

Identify important Salon App features

Based on the research, you should identify the essential features to include in your app. This can include appointment booking, real-time availability, in-app payments, customer profiles, loyalty rewards, and more.

Create an Salon app flow

Design the app flow and user experience. This includes defining how users can navigate through the app, how they can book appointments, and how they can access other features.

Partner with App Developers

Hire an experienced app development company to outsource your salon business app development requirements and get your salon app business idea to reality. You can hire the app development team with expertise in creating salon app solutions. Further, you can ensure that you have a salon app built within the defined budget and for the platform of your choice (e.g., iOS or Android).

Special features in salon mobile app development

The cost of mobile app development for salon professionals increases if they want special features to be included in their app. It is called a customized salon mobile app development wherein the features are added with extra coding, and therefore, extra money.

Many salon professionals and beauticians demand enterprise app quality for their salon apps. In the salon industry, the special features make a big difference in increasing the client base and visibility of the business. Here are some of the astounding features that come under special categories –

One app, running everywhere: salon hybrid mobile app development can have a digital product that can run on both platforms Android and iOS that support artificial intelligence. The salon professionals can opt for hybrid or cross-platform salon mobile app development to give ubiquitous user experience to clients.

Artificial Intelligence: AI can help salon mobile apps have live styling to make the app interactive and engaging. Live-facing features for hairstyles and other makeups can help customers ‘feel’ the service right from the app.

Availability alert: To some customers, a particular beautician, makeup artist, or hair stylist is the only choice for services. If these choices are not available, the special feature in salon mobile app development can save the request of the customers and shoot them a notification when their favorite specialists are back.

Machine Learning: The latest developments in machine learning have helped the technology learn the user behavior and browsing habit quite quickly. As a result, the special features of machine learning would extra cost to a salon mobile app development which is actually worth it because the app shall then suggest to customers their favorite services and hence ultimately increasing the revenue of the salon.

Boutique eCommerce: A full-fledged eCommerce i.e., an online shopping salon app is worth the cost of its mobile application development. Most customers trust their salon professionals and beauticians and, therefore, the beauty products and women’s accessories can be displayed and sold through the salon eCommerce application.

Technology stack for salon app development

Advanced features of the salon mobile app may cost you some extra bucks but it is useful. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the cost to develop an application also depends on the software tools and platforms used. It is called the salon app technology stack. Here is the general list of the stack that can increase or decrease depending on the needs during the salon mobile app development cycle.

  • APNS for push notification
  • Twilio for SMS or phone verification
  • Data management: Datastax
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Cloud: AWS, Google
  • Framework: Flutter, React Native, Ionic
  • Real-time analytics: Hadoop, Big Data
  • Universal operating system: Macintosh, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

How much does salon app development cost?

The development cost is calculated based on the industry, technology, processes, resources, and other intrinsics required to develop an application. The cost to make a beauty salon mobile application customized to your business objectives varies from country to country as well. That said, the third-world countries i.e., outsourcing salon mobile app development to India shall cost you way lesser as compared to the first-world countries such as the US. You can contact an offshore mobile app development company and negotiate further.

In the other case, if you simply hire a salon mobile app developer and not a team, the mobile app development cost differs as the former will be very less. But then, it consumes a lot of time. Hence, it is advisable to go for a renowned salon mobile app development company. The total cost for salon mobile app development comes to around USD 25000.

As already mentioned, several times earlier in this article, the cost to develop a salon booking mobile application depends on several aspects.

  • App features -general and advanced
  • Selection of platforms – iOS, Android, hybrid, or cross-platform app development
  • Frontend and backend development types and quality
  • UI/UX development -research and tools
  • Database and connectivity

You may find a rough estimation in a complete mobile app development guide. More the customization of the mobile app, the higher the cost you pay. To have an accurate mobile app development cost for salon businesses, it is recommended that you talk to the best salon mobile app development company for the best deal.

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