Music Streaming App Development Cost: What You Need to Know

Cost to Develop a Music Streaming App

Cost to develop a Music Streaming App

Isn’t it amazing how a soft melody can uplift any moment almost instantly? The world is full of art and music is one deep-seated bit of it. We have music fanatics who always humming, listening, or playing around with music in their daily lives. It is not surprising that media and entertainment app development is the rage these days.

These days people have grown to discover their tastes, and their fondness for different genres. Who do you think should be credited? With simplified categorization and automatic playlist generation features along with free, hassle-free music availability, music streaming apps really did pretty good job. Even though we say music streaming apps providing free music are a great contributor, we definitely do not sideline the fact that music didn’t exist before these apps. Music has been there for centuries in some or the other form and will never cease to be.

What is a music app?

The definition of music apps has changed in the past few years. Gone are the days when people would have to search for some website that allows free music downloads and get back to the storage on their phones and listen to it.

Today, with hundreds of music streaming apps available, all they have to do is pick up their phones, open the app, search for the song, and play! Music apps are essentially mobile, desktop, or web applications that give the means to the user to stream, download or purchase music they like. Prevailing in a market as huge as 25.71 billion US Dollars as projected for the year 2023, the industry is all set to grow at a rate of 5.13% between 2023-2027.

Thus, music streaming app is considered to be one of the trending app ideas even today. Additionally, these apps and games share features with music-based games. The increment in the growth of the music industry is apparent from the number of subscribers of this music streaming apps-616,2 million. Song streaming apps like Spotify by Spotify AB, music discovery apps like Shazam, and DJ mixing apps like Mixer are the types of music apps that are downloaded the most frequently. In addition to this there are several apps that are famous for podcasts and are considered as a part of audio streaming apps.

Business benefits of music apps

Ask this question to someone who’s struggled all the good years of their life either trying to find that one spot in the house where the radio could play smoothly, uninterrupted, or struggling to find a newly released song that they are eager to listen on various websites, but didn’t get lucky and they would discreetly explain to you what it means to have an instant and free music streaming app.

Additionally, today an extended version of music streaming apps are in place called the audio streaming apps wherein depending on the type there are dedicated podcasting platforms and apps that solely focus on hosting and distributing podcasts.

Now, that people have gotten hold of music streaming apps for quite a long time, there’s no going back.

Here’s why music streaming apps are to stay:

  • Portable music: who would’ve thought about two decades ago that you’d be able to take your music and access it wherever and whenever you want? Back then you had to search, find and downloaded it before the song could finally soothe your ears. With music streaming apps at your service, there’s drake playing in the Amazon basin.
  • One-stop shop: whether it’s a devotional morning or a party that you need to set a chill/kill vibe to, you have it all on one application. Music streaming apps bring in music from all around the globe for you. Music is like art from different corners of the world flowing into your ears, all thanks to online and offline music streaming apps.
  • Compact: no need to worry about storing all those hundreds of songs that you like in your device’s internal storage. The storage is all fixed on these music apps.
  • Easy start for newbies: it’s especially helpful for those newbies in the industry trying to build themselves a name. They can use these platforms to release their music instead of running after producers and companies holding their drafts in their hands.
  • Artists get recognition and value: artists in various regions have always complained of not getting enough recognition and being underpaid by music production houses. These apps help artists generate revenue and give theme the value they deserve.
  • Live and recorded podcasts on the go: Some music streaming apps have incorporated podcast sections or dedicated podcast categories, allowing users to discover and listen to podcasts within the same app. They may offer a diverse range of podcast genres, including news, entertainment, storytelling, educational content, and more. However, not all music streaming apps include podcasts.

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Types of Audio & Music Streaming Apps

Types of Audio & Music Streaming Apps

There are several types of music streaming apps available, each with its own unique features and offerings. It’s important to note that some music streaming apps may combine features from multiple types, offering a comprehensive music experience to cater to different user preferences. As a result it is important to consider the type of music app since the budget required to build different types of apps varies drastically.

Here are some of the common types:

On-Demand Streaming Services

These platforms allow users to stream music on-demand, giving them access to vast libraries of songs and albums.

Examples of On-Demand Music Streaming Apps include Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Radio-Style Streaming Services

These apps offer curated music stations or radio-like experiences where users can select a genre or artist, and the app plays a continuous stream of related music.

Examples of Radio-Style Music Streaming Apps include Pandora and iHeartRadio.

User-Generated Content Platforms

These apps focus on user-generated content, where users can upload and share their own music or remixes.

Examples of apps for User-Generated Audio Content Platform include SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Social Music Apps

These platforms combine music streaming with social networking features and discover music based on their social connections.
Examples of Social Music Streaming Apps include Spotify (with its social features),, and Tidal (with its artist exclusives and behind-the-scenes content).

Live Streaming Platforms

These apps provide live streaming of concerts, music festivals, or performances, allowing users to listen to live events and talk shows remotely.

Examples of apps for Live Streaming Platforms include LiveXLive (formerly Slacker Radio), Twitch, and YouTube Live.

Offline Listening Apps

These apps allow users to download music for offline playback. Many on-demand streaming services offer this feature.

Examples of apps to listen to music offline include Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and Amazon Music

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How much does it cost to build a music app?

Creating a music app can get you a huge audience at this time. The number of users of music streaming apps has been on the rise since the introduction of online music streaming apps in the market. As a business, you shall be worrying about the cost to develop a music streaming mobile app. Don’t be intimated by the complexities of the features or the creation part.

When you hire remote developers, a typical music streaming app cost starts from $ 22000 as inferred by the features and other factors of the entire development process.

Most experienced app development service providers can easily assure you that the cost of developing an on-demand music-streaming mobile app won’t cost a fortune. For clarification of your doubts, you can further ask for a detailed quotation on the cost to build a music streaming app.

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Music Streaming app development Cost based on clone vs apps built from scratch

Most of the mobile app development companies offer their services to build a customized application based on their previous projects. For instance, a clone music app like Spotify is possible as the development company would take reference or past work as readymade code and make a few modifications to make it yours. It is known as clone application.

Spotify like music streaming clone apps are resorted to when the businesses are on a schedule and want a faster time to market. Here time is of the essence since a product launched perfectly on time garners a better reach and appeal. On the other hand, there are music companies and artists who want to build music app based on their tastes and business objectives.

Both music clone app and a custom music streaming app have different packages and costs. Thus, it is important to know this difference and discuss with your tech provider.

  • Spotify clone app development costs start from $ 15000
  • Cost to make a Custom music app from scratch starts at $ 20000

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How long does it take to build a music streaming app?

Music apps are quite loaded with features and these days, the most important thing for the users is that they get pre-built playlists and get good suggestions for their random music streaming. A professional mobile app development company can do it for you in as short as 330-350 hours. If wondering about a range based on the complications, it can be somewhere between 130 to 540 hours.

Emerging in the mid-2000s, apps like Spotify and Pandora took the entire music streaming industry by storm. While there are others in the field like iHeartRadio, the industry is witnessing several transformations and evolutions on the way. After years of hard work from the developers and businesses around the world, here we are with some amazing creations:

  • Spotify: Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps used around the globe with the users reckoning at a huge 406 million as of 2021. Launched in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, this app has been aiming for the stars since the very beginning. The app provides a variety of features apart from online music streaming purposes.
  • Pandora: this one has a huge user base based out of America. As much as 70% of the American people prefer this app over others for its great convenience and compatibility along with seamless personalization.
  • iHeartRadio: this one offers the fun of choosing your vibe, podcasts, and radio for free to its users. You can pick the most suited station from the app and add it to your library and jam to it whenever and wherever you like.

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Factors affecting the cost

App development is not limited to a bunch of developers working on an app and ultimately giving you the finished products in your hands. Though it may look like this because of the outsourcing your music app development requirements to a professional app development company takes all the pains away. But, there are a number of things based on which the music streaming app development cost is estimated. Though you can go through a general guide on app development cost estimation, here are some of the most crucial factors you can consider for music apps:

  • Device and platform: the device for which the music streaming app is being developed and the platform that’s being used to develop the app has a significant say in the development cost. Design is the most important aspect of a music app since it helps in easy interaction with the app and provide a wholesome experience
  • Location of the outsourced firm: the location from where you’re hiring your developers also matters a great deal in determining the cost of the music app.
  • UI/UX: Intuitive Design helps in easy interaction with the app and provide a wholesome experience. Thus, when we talk about UI and user experience, the more complex and effort put into the design, the costlier it gets.
  • Feature and functions: a simple rule, the more complex, the more expensive it gets.
  • API integration: integrating third-party apps into your music streaming app sometimes does become a necessity. In such a case, just know that the costs will go up as you get APIs added.
  • Tech stack: it all boils down to the technical talks. The tech stack used by the developers in the creation of the app will affect the final cost of the app a great deal.

Why do you need the help of expert music mobile app developers?

Music streaming apps are all over the place these days. Several businesses are already doing a great job in the field. So, if you are thinking of building an app like theirs, you need to keep in mind the competition that’s being bestowed upon you; therefore, you need to understand custom app development benefits as well before you make a decision.

Also, it has been quite a few years since online music streaming apps were introduced in the market, people know what they want and their demands keep on increasing with each passing day so app maintenance and upgrading your music app with the latest trends should be always ongoing.

As a business owner and a service provider, you will have to cater to these demands and see keep your customers happy. Integrating Artificial Intelligence is the new trend and newly cultivated demand of people using music streaming apps. Based on the newly cultivated demand of people using music streaming apps, experienced developers are sought to integrate Artificial Intelligence to the app. They need their music to be perfect in their own way. Thus, you need experts from a software development company who would comprehend the needs of the audience and help you build something that’s worth spending money on.

Closing thoughts on Music Streaming App Development Cost

That’s all about the music streaming apps and their cost of development. This guide on the cost to build an entertainment app is intended to answer your queries regarding the development changes and other fees as well. But ultimately, it is suggested that you consult with experts in music streaming app development and get an exact quote to begin your shining journey in the entertainment industry at the earliest.

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FAQs on music streaming app development cost

How much does it cost to make a music streaming app?

As stated in this useful guide on music app development cost, the application start from $22000 depending on several factors such as complexities, number of features, platforms, and the like.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Spotify?

Spotify-like music app development, according to industry experts, it is start from $15000. Nevertheless, it may go down or up depending on the modification or customization you want in the app for your business benefits.

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