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How AI is Revolutionizing the Future of Mobile App Development?

The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of Mobile App Development

Being a buzzword in the market, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining fair attention from entrepreneurs and business experts. People are talking about AI and the ways it can transform the world in the coming years. From helping e-commerce sites like Amazon to building powerful Virtual Assistants like Alexa, Humanoid robots like Sophia, Self-driving cars from Google and Tesla, and Airline autopilot, the impact of AI in daily life is beyond what you might think.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has informed people about the potential of Artificial Intelligence and said that it will soon become just as smart as humans. Besides, as per the research of The McKinsey Global Institute, by 2030, 70 percent of businesses might adopt AI technology solutions in one way or another. These stats indicate, in the future, the role of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications will grow and expand its reach in every industry.

The influence of AI in mobile apps began several years ago after Apple integrated Siri into the iPhone 4S in 2011. Since that time, AI has come a long way, and it has the potential to drastically transform mobile apps shortly. Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Learning Process (NLP) came out of their infancy. Hire AI developers who along with and the best mobile app developers today are writing intelligent codes to give practical and intuitive experiences.

The progress of AI and ML is bringing a revolutionary shift in mobile application development, making our smartphones smarter than ever. As a business one can consider hiring a top mobile app development company to leverage the benefits of AI and ML. But before moving on to discuss the changes Artificial Intelligence is bringing to mobile apps in detail, we will, first of all, explore what Artificial Intelligence is and why it is so useful.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a system or machine to copy human intelligence and perform tasks in the way a human would. AI apps learn from experience and improve themselves based on the information which they collect. Apps that use AI “think” like a human to execute tasks such as situational or environmental analysis, reasoning, problem-solving, learning, creating perception, and understanding language. Many experts project that AI will be the future of mobile app development.

In today’s world, AI manifests in several forms in mobile apps. A few examples are:

  • Chatbots- AI-based systems talk with users to solve problems and suggest more efficient answers.
  • AI-based recommendations while typing text.
  • Smart email categorization and spam filters
  • Face recognition feature in apps
  • Voice search

How Do Enterprises Use AI?

Enterprises use AI to improve performance and productivity by automating tasks that were once handled by employees. The use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications is increasing as AI now is analyzing and interpreting a large number of data humans can ever imagine. AI systems learn like humans from their past actions. These two AI abilities return ample business benefits to enterprises.

By utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps, a business can provide value to almost every business function. With big brands like Google, Instagram, Starbucks, Adidas, Uber, and Amazon, already using Artificial Intelligence technology in their mobile applications; it is guaranteed that in the future, Artificial Intelligence will become a valuable business asset.

However, even businesses new to adapting AI trends and innovations are also reaping significant rewards. Here are some examples of AI applications that almost every business organization is using in their mobile apps:

  • Smart personal assistants, such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now
  • Chatbots as automated responders in online customer support
  • Product recommendations and purchase predictions
  • Dynamic price optimization
  • Pattern and image recognition
  • Language recognition – to digest unstructured data from customers and sales prospects
  • Customer segmentation

As the pace of development in AI increases, there will likely be much more to come soon. All it takes to start is a willingness and innovative approach to embrace new opportunities that Artificial Intelligence brings with it. The advantages of chatbot integration along with AI-enabled chatbots are immense.

If, as an entrepreneur, you need help developing an effective strategy and accessing the right tools to succeed in your AI transformation journey, you should look for an expert app development company that has a team of expert AI developers. Such a team of expert remote developers should include dedicated app developers, AI developers, ML engineers and Chatbot developers with in-depth industry knowledge.

The Ways to Incorporate AI in Mobile App Development

Whether it is augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, or IoT; Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of every emerging technology. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are exploring innovative ways to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps, whether in the form of chatbots or image searching, or face recognition algorithms.

Hire chatbot developers to build AI chatbots for your business that can help to personalize digital interactions. Here are different ways to incorporate AI and ML in app development.


The reasoning is a process to obtain facts from existing data. Incorporating reasoning in Artificial Intelligence is essential to make the app’s reason like a human brain so that it can function like humans. In AI-based systems, reasoning solves problems using the available data. This is how the Uber app optimizes routes, matches drivers and riders, and regulates carpooling. This feature of AI is what makes it beat humans in games like chess, poker, and GO.


It is one of the most popular and practical uses of Artificial Intelligence and machine language. By collecting and analyzing customer data based on previous purchases, AI-based mobile apps recommend different products or services to each user.

For example, Netflix uses AI to analyze the viewing history of users to give personalized suggestions. Each user experiences personalization across many dimensions: the suggested videos and their ranking, the way videos are organized into rows and pages, and even the advertisements displayed. In this way, Netflix reduces the user’s searching time and increases their watching time.

Recommending what users may require next has turned out to be the secret of success for many companies like Amazon Prime, and Nike.

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The Behavior

Learning how the user behaves in the app can help Artificial Intelligence maximize the revenue of the app. For example, the Uber app harnesses prior data and patterns to understand peak hours and escalate prices accordingly. Understanding the behavior pattern of users by AI also improves the security of apps. AI-based apps detect uncommon behavior to stop the transaction if they find it fishy.

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Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in App Development

A business can gain a wide range of benefits by incorporating AI in its mobile app. Right from personalization to predicting user behavior, all the benefits accorded by AI help in improving the ROI of the business. We have discussed in brief the benefits that a business stands to gain by using AI in its mobile app.


Personalization is one of many ways in which machine learning can help entrepreneurs leverage the power of AI & ML in mobile apps. The role of an expert chatbot developer can be defining where personalized engagement is the key for the business. Machine learning can help businesses increase user engagement and improve marketing strategy.

AI algorithms integrated into mobile applications can analyze various sources of information such as the likes, dislikes, and credit ratings given by users. By analyzing this data, the learning application development will know:

  • Who are users of mobile apps?
  • What products can the users afford?
  • Keywords customers use to search for products or services?

Let us take the example of Airbnb. The famous traveling app has an algorithm based on machine learning to give personalized results tailored to cater user’s specific interests. Based on the user’s previous tours, Airbnb optimizes the results on the factors like cost, location, number of persons, and number of days. In other words, if the customer of Airbnb is looking for a trip to a hill station, the new search results will likely show options that match the previous holiday trip budget of the customer.

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Advanced Searches

When a business integrates AI in mobile app development process, it makes the search results more spontaneous and contextual for its users. The AI algorithms learn from the different search queries previously used by users and rank the results based on those queries. Modern mobile applications gather user data like search histories to give precise results.

Natural Language Processing based voice search and image search are incorporated to improve the performance of mobile apps. For example, a fashion retail company ASOS is using the power of ‘Image Recognition Technology’ in mobile apps. Users can search the product by uploading a picture of the product in the application. The app will recommend similar items from the retailer’s inventory.

The advanced search feature is used in many types of mobile apps such as Ecommerce, music apps, video apps, news apps, and many more. Contact an offshore AI app development company to include the advanced search feature.

Predicting Users’ behavior

A personalized digital customer experience starts with an accurate prediction of user behavior. AI-based machine learning apps understand the user’s choices and behavior patterns. By examining the user data such as age, location, search history, and gender, the AI algorithm can predict the likes and dislikes of the users. The data improves the effectiveness of the mobile app.

Not only are brands like Amazon and Netflix using Artificial Intelligence for behavior prediction, but apps like AP news and ESPN are also adopting ML to build the user profile according to the predictions made by AI. By predicting user behavior, businesses can display more relevant advertisements to each profile.

Hire machine learning engineers to get the best set of codes that will help in the process of learning and predicting the users’ behavior more accurately.

How a mobile app development company begins implementation of AI?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning integrated mobile app development is happening at a breakneck pace. Entrepreneurs prefer to work with a leading mobile app development company to make their applications efficient, sound and intelligent using AI technology.

The team of experienced Mobile app developers and expert AI engineers are in the race to build unique apps that not only fulfill the requirements of business organizations but also top the list of best apps. But to develop full-fledged AI-based mobile apps, remote app developers need to consider some aspects of AI to make the app intelligent in its true meaning.

Here are the things that offshore app developers have to pay attention to while building AI-based mobile apps:

Know the Issues that the business Wants to Fix Using AI Technologies

We can use AI in various features in a mobile app. Different industries use Artificial Intelligence in their mobile apps. The industries use AI in different ways as per the requirements. So, in the beginning, it is vital to identify the part of your mobile app that would benefit most from AI.

  • Is it the personalization of services in the retail app?
  • Do you want to use AI to find ETA like in food delivery apps?
  • Do you want to bridge the gap between the demand and supply in taxi booking apps?

After understanding the requirements, it would be much more comfortable not just to implement the AI but also to use it up to the optimum level.

Know Your Data

Enterprise AI needs smart data. As a business, To get the most powerful business insights from AI, your data needs to be original, informative, up to date, relevant, and enriched. So in the first stage, identify where the data would come from. Artificial Intelligence apps rely on people to feed them the correct data. The next step is the refinement and verification of data to get insights. Finally, feed your AI module with high-quality and appropriate data.

Set Metrics That Would Help Gauge AI’s Effectiveness

As an entrepreneur, once you understand what you want to solve, you can set metrics for AI to measure and check the effectiveness. Skilled dedicated Developers should regularly measure the model performance across important segments and set up alerts when the performance degrades.

Hiring AI experts will ensure that all the cases are studied thoroughly with special attention to the failed cases. Here the hired AI professionals can make the required changes to make sure that even the common patterns missed by the AI algorithm are taken care of.

Employ Data Scientist

Many global companies employ full-scale data scientists to get most of the value from the raw data. Data scientists prepare, study, visualize and explore data through various methods to learn about various aspects that can affect the business. They perform the necessary statistical analyses to help your business excel in the Artificial Intelligence game. You can also collaborate with a reliable Artificial Intelligence app development company that has expert data engineers on their team.

What is the Solution to Common Challenges in AI Technology?

Artificial Intelligence is a boon for any enterprise that wants to gain greater efficiency, generate revenue opportunities, and boost customer loyalty. Artificial Intelligence is becoming a competitive advantage for small and big companies and having skilled remote AI developers to assist your business can prove to be the turning point. However, keep in mind that AI is an emerging technology that is still growing to reach maturity. As such, it is changing at a fast pace and may present some fundamental challenges.

Data Acquisition and Storage

One of the common challenges faced during integrating AI in mobile app development is that of data acquisition and storage. Artificial Intelligence systems depend on the data fed by users or obtained by sensors like a mobile camera. For the analysis purpose, a mountain of data is collected. Storing such a vast amount of data can increase the cost phenomenally. In this scenario, the cloud computing environment offers a potent alternative to cater to these computational requirements.

AI is an Emerging Technology

AI is still an emerging technology. To get the most out of it, enterprises need expert app developers to build and manage AI solutions at a massive scale. A Professional app development firm along with AI developers for hire will use the right tools, processes, and management strategies to ensure the success of your mobile apps with AI. They can scale the solutions as per the requirements and in the stipulated time using the latest AI trends.

Having the Right Resources

Though enterprises could be the exception, most SMBs companies grapple a lot when it comes to building the right infrastructure, resources, or ecosystem that can maximize AI capabilities. To solve these issues, small and mid-size businesses can take the support of proficient ML and AI engineers, well equipped with all the required resources.

Price Factor

Since AI implementation needs lots of resources and expert suggestions, it becomes a little complicated and expensive. But, it pays off in the long run by improving user experience and customer retention.

As a business, knowing when and where to incorporate AI in your mobile application, as well as working with veteran app developers and AI experts, will help businesses overcome the above challenges. A trusted mobile app development company can help businesses achieve a faster time to market, increase productivity, reduce the app development cost, and improve relationships with their customers.

Future of AI in Mobile App Development

Global brands and tech giants have already started to integrate Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps and websites. AI is going to be the next revolution in the technology world, probably even more significant than the ‘Internet’. Machine Learning and its inherent uses will undoubtedly keep making progress in our daily lives, primarily through mobile applications. So, brace yourself up to embrace AI in mobile app development or you will be left behind.

This brings us to what Elon Musk once aptly said, “We’re going to have the choice of either being left behind and being effectively useless or like a pet—you know, like a house cat or something—or eventually figuring out some way to be symbiotic and merge with AI.”

To build efficient mobile apps integrating AI technology that fulfill your business objectives hire developers at Prismetric. If you’d like further assistance or would like to discuss anything about Artificial Intelligence, we would love to hear from you.

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