How to Hire Web Developers: A Complete Guide Prismetric

How to Hire Web Developers: A Complete Guide

Hire Web Developers

The internet economy has grown phenomenally over the years. In the U.S. alone, the contribution of the internet economy is around $2.45 trillion in a $21.8 trillion GDP. A major chunk of the internet economy is driven by websites and web apps. If you are a business owner, then either you already have a web presence or are trying to build one.

To build a web presence, you will have to build a website, a web app, or both. You might have to hire web developers to build a website or a web application. As a professional web development company, we understand how difficult it is to hire quality web developers. Through this blog, we will answer the question of how to hire a web developer.

Benefits of Hiring Web Developers

Benefits of hiring web developers

While you might think about hiring an in-house web development team, there are many benefits of professional web developers for hire.

More efficient

Building a web solution is a complex and time-consuming process, and web developers need to have the technical knowledge needed to respond to the challenges that arise in web development. If you hire in-house developers, you will need to study in-depth all the pitfalls that your project can face.

When you hire web app developers you can transfer the website building responsibility to a team of qualified specialists who have the experience of building websites and web applications. This way, you can save time and focus on your core business.

You will find that it is economical for you to hire web developers. This is because experienced web application developers will have the necessary expertise to build a complex web solution in a cost-effective way.

Better web design

The web developers will have the necessary experience of building web solutions for clients from diverse sectors. They will understand the dynamics of web development in a better manner. The website developers will also have a better understanding of what the users like in terms of the design of the website.

The design of the web product is the first thing that your users will notice. It will help to have experienced web app developers on your side who know how to build a website that attracts users.

Stay updated

Web developers will be updated with the modern tools and technologies related to web development. Understand that professional web developers need to stay updated with the latest technological advancements in web development to stay competitive.

The web developers will aid you in building a modern product that can fulfill all your business needs. For instance, if you want to build an adaptive web design, then professional web developers will help you build one easily.

Benefit from the built-in SEO algorithms

The number one reason why startups need a website is that they need to have a better presence on the internet. To ensure a better presence of your web product, you will need to have a robust SEO (search engine optimization) strategy in place. Without an effective SEO strategy, you will have a hard time getting visitors to your website. The professional web developers will have the knowledge required to build SEO friendly websites.

Good maintenance support

Whenever you choose web app developers for hire, ensure that they provide good maintenance support. Your web product is not finished once it is built. If something goes wrong post-development, then you will require the support of your web developers.

Bugs will pop up when the product is released in the real world, and your web product will require constant updates to stay relevant in the market. A team of web development specialists will ensure that your web product is bug-free and always updated in time.

How to Hire Web Developers

Now that we are clear about the benefits of hiring professional web developers, we will delve further into the process of hiring one for your web project.

Clearly define your web project

It will be hard for the web developers to build your web project if they are not clear about the scope of the project.

First, you need to have clarity on the complexity of the web project.

A simple web project will entail building a simple website or upgrading an existing website. You could consider adding functionalities like subscription buttons, contact forms, and CTA to the existing website.

A medium-level web project will cover building dynamic websites, online marketplaces, and other products that might require third-party integrations.

Large-scale web development projects might include websites that require complex integrations with cloud stores to save all the necessary data.

You need to give the specifics of your web development project to the developers. For example, if you want to redesign your website, then you will need to elaborate on whether you want to redesign just a few elements like the logo or the header image or you want a complete design overhaul.

If you want to add certain functions, then you will need to specify the same to the web developers. For instance, do you want to add a buy button just beneath the shopping cart icon, or do you want to make changes to the website’s management panel?

Giving the specific of your web project will provide the following benefits.

  • Eliminate wrong web developers
  • Receive accurate estimates
  • Save time
  • Better end product

Identify the type of web developers

Identify the type of web developers

We can bifurcate the web developers in 3 major groups. Front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. Let’s have a closer look at each category.

Front-end developers

Front-end is that part of the web application that your users will see. The front-end developers will look after the look and feel of your web app.

Back-end developers

The back-end is the part of the web application that works behind the scenes. The back-end developers are more concerned with technicalities like the speed and performance of the website or web application.

Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is a generalist who can handle both front-end as well as back-end development. The full-stack developers can build a complete web application from scratch. They can handle the design, coding as well as implementation part.

Check Out the Expertise of Your Web Developers

Before you hire web developers, you will need to find out the expertise and experience of the web app developers. Here are the factors that you need to assess before your hire web app developers

Check soft skills

Communication is a vital soft skill that will ensure that you and your development team are always on the same page regarding the project’s requirements. Effective communication and sharing expectations will result in fewer misunderstandings along with clearer project requirements. Good communication skills are a prerequisite, especially for remote web developers.

The web developers should be team players as teamwork is essential to ensure success for a large and complex project. A successful web project involves close coordination between designers, developers, team leaders, QA analysts, project managers, business analysts, and other team members.

Proactivity is another soft skill that you will like to see in web developers. This is because it’s always great to hire web programmers that can provide constructive feedback, share thoughts and suggest improvements during the project development process.

Approachability is another decent soft skill to have for a web developer. This is because if other team members cannot approach a developer and ask about an issue, then there are chances that the issue might have a major negative impact on the project.

The best way to analyze the soft skills of web developers is to take a video interview of the developer. You can also ask the web developers to make a video about themselves that explains how they would deal with a complex task.

Check hard skills

You need to assess the technical skills or hard skills of the web developers before you hire them. This is because if you choose incompetent developers, then it will adversely impact the success of your project. The web developers who do not have the requisite technical skills won’t be able to build the project according to your expectations, or worse, won’t be able to finish the project at all.

You can hire a technical consultant to take interviews with the web developers on your behalf in case you do not have a technical team member on board. You could also assess the open-source projects on GitHub posted by your prospective team of web developers. These GitHub projects will give you an idea about the technical capabilities of your web developers.

Check out our website development guide, as it will help you frame a few technical questions to ask your web developer before hiring them. Before you hire web application developers, ensure that your web application developers have the know-how of the top web development technologies.

Analyze client recommendations

Asking the previous clients of the company for feedback is the most effective way of knowing about the kind of work that the company delivers. Ask the web developers to provide you with a list of the projects that they have completed and also ask them for a few references of old clients. When you ask for references, ensure to ask for those references that have built products similar to the one that you want to build.

This way, you will be able to gauge accurately whether the web developers that you want to hire will be able to finish your work satisfactorily or not. When you assess the feedback of clients, assess whether negative feedback dominates in a particular area.

For instance, do most of the clients complain that a particular team member is rude, or the communication process of the web developers is difficult? Hire website developers only after a thorough consultation with their previous clients to avoid future clashes.

Where to hire a web developer

Now that you have an idea about the step-by-step process of hiring web developers, you might want to know where to hire these web developers. There are predominantly three ways to hire web app developers. Where you need to look to hire web developers will depend on the kind of developers that you hire. We have provided you with the resources from where you can hire web developers.

Freelance developers

Freelance web developers are those developers that are not associated with any company. They work independently and can finish simple tasks effectively and economically. The issue, however, arises when you need to build a complex web application.

Freelancers are not the correct hiring option here, as an ongoing collaboration between freelancers can prove to be a tedious task. A major flaw of hiring freelancers is that your freelancers can quit the project at any time without notice.

You should look at the following platforms if you want to hire freelancers for your project.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

In-house teams

If you have a project that requires years of work and you want to maintain tight control over your company, then building an in-house team is the way forward. Before you hire an in-house team of web developers, understand that this happens to be the most costly option of building a web application.

To build an in-house team, you will need to bear the costs of acquiring an office, employing people, giving your employees the mandated benefits and maintenance costs of the office. Apart from hiring web developers, you will also need to invest time and effort in training the new recruits. If you want to hire an in-house team of web developers, then utilize the following resources.

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Local job portals

Outsource web development to a company like Prismetric

You can outsource your web development project to a professional web development company. The company can either be located in your home country or in another country. For instance, if you are based in the United States, then you can outsource your web development project to India, Mexico, or Poland.

Outsourcing your web development project often proves to be the best choice as a professional team of web developers have the required skills and experience to finish a web project satisfactorily.

You can search for outsourcing web development companies on these portals.

  • Clutch

Select an engagement model

You can select the most appropriate engagement model depending upon the scope and complexity of your web development project. The following are the most common types of engagement models available currently in the market.

Project-based model

If you want to finish a small web development project, then the project-based model is the best for you. In the project-based model, the scope of work is predefined with established timeframes. In the project-based model, the team of web application developers handles the responsibility of the entire project.

Dedicated team model

In the dedicated team model, the web development company will provide you with a dedicated team of web developers that will work exclusively on your project. It’s like having your own web development team without the hassle of hiring one. The dedicated team model is best if you want to complete complex tasks like integrating cloud storage, building a complex UI and UX design, and AI chatbot development.

When you hire dedicated web developers, you could either control the project yourself or pass on the responsibility to the dedicated team of web developers. To reduce costs, you could also hire remote web developers from developing countries.

Extended team

If you already have a team of in-house developers but want to add more people to your staff temporarily, then the extended team model works best for you. Businesses go for an extended team model only when they lack people with sufficient technical expertise in a particular arena, or their developers are overburdened. You will require an in-house project manager or a CTO(Chief Technology Officer) for the extended team model as the onus of the project lies on your shoulders.

Payment model

For dedicated team and extended team models, you will need to pay the team of web developers salary like you pay your in-house developers. However, for a project-based working model, you can choose between the following pricing models.

Fixed price payment model

In this model, the scope of work is fixed, and so is the price. There is little room for changes in the scope of work as it will change the price of the project. The fixed price model is best for small projects in which it is easier to define a clear scope of the project.

Time and material

In the time and material pricing model, the billing is done on an hourly basis according to the time and material invested in the project. The time and material model is used for medium-sized and big projects where it is not easy to estimate the scope as well as the time that it will take to finish the project.

IT Engagement Models: Everything you need to know

Cost of Hiring Web Developers

The web application development cost depends on the complexity of your web application and the location of your web app developers. For instance, if you want to build a complex app with a lot of third-party integrations, then you will need to shell out more money to do so as compared to building simple web applications with minimal third-party integrations.

The following are the hourly rates of hire dedicated web developers across various regions.

  • Eastern Europe- $30-80
  • Western Europe-$60-120
  • North America-$50-130
  • India-$20-80

Hire Web Developers and Build Your Future

We know that hiring a team of expert web app developers is no easy task. Follow our guide, and you will answer your query about how to hire a web developer. At Prismetric, we have built a team of expert web application developers that can accomplish tasks of any complexity. We have proven expertise in delivering web development projects across industry domains and within tight deadlines. Contact us to start your web development project.

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