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Why does your Startup need a Website?

Top Reasons Why Website is Important for Startup

In an era dominated by mobile apps, many entrepreneurs think that a website is unnecessary. Businesses must understand that the first thing that people will do whenever they come across the name of a business is that they search for it on the internet, and not on app stores.

A startup business needs to put emphasis on building a reliable customer base by attracting more customers towards it. By not choosing to build a website, you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Lack of online presence or even a poorly designed website can prove to be the difference between enduring as a startup business and sinking without a trail.

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Importance of a website for Business

There are more than 5.16 billion Internet users across the globe. Forbes report that more than 1.13 billion websites exist on the Internet in 2023. Another report quotes that 71% of small businesses have websites, and 60% of eCommerce consumers opine that usability is a key factor for any online shop.

Today, no business can thrive and flourish without having a digital presence. Websites and mobile applications are two primary ways an enterprise can showcase its products and services online and reach potential customers all over the world through the Internet. It is extremely essential for a company to have a corporate website that will help them establish brand identity and awareness.

Websites for businesses can do wonders by acting as a central hub to establish your online presence. Customers can easily find the information they want online and you will be able to display your products and services along with customer services. With the latest technologies such as 24/7 virtual assistance, AI/ML enabled business insights, and other features, your business website can help you grow rapidly.

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Benefits of having a website for Startups

Inform, Showcase, and Educate

The common objective of using the internet is to get information. The information about your organization, values, and portfolio of work that you have done until now should be easily accessible to the customers. It will enable customers to make decisions quickly.

Through proper website development, you can build a website that will help you to inform the customers about your brand easily and quickly.

Access to the Online Market

In the year 2022, around 2.14 billion people are expected to make a purchase online. The number is approximately 25% of the total global population. With better smartphone and internet penetration, the number is expected to rise further.

To tap into this vast global pool of consumers, you need to get online by building a high-quality website. You can consider hiring Web Developers in case you need expert assistance.

E-commerce has brought about a retail revolution in the world. The idea of ordering their favorite items from the comfort of their homes has enticed consumers in a big way. Whether it’s expensive electronics or everyday grocery items, people are ordering items in vast quantities through the e-commerce route.

Unlike your physical business, which has limitations in terms of the number of hours that it can stay open, a website remains open 24×7, meaning that your customers can contact you at any time of the day. They gain information about your products, drop an email for customer service or any other query, even place orders at their convenient time.

Thus, the website will serve not only as a point of contact but also as a revenue stream for your startup business. Best ecommerce development service providers will build a user-friendly website that can help startups achieve their business goals.

As a startup, a website is essential if you have a product or a service that you can sell online. Without a website, your business won’t get the visibility it desires in the online world, and your competitors will capture the market. By availing services of an efficient web development company, you can build a website that provides your startup business the required visibility.

In the online world, geographical boundaries are diminishing day by day, and business owners can now sell their wares all over the world from their comfortable offices. It is the power of e-commerce; the entire global market is open for you to conquer. But even conquerors needed good weapons, and a meticulously developed website will prove to be the perfect weapon for your conquest.

Improved focus on Branding

There is intense competition in the digital era. To survive and thrive in this era, you will need to establish your business as a brand, failing to do so can impede chances of your startup’s success, as there are just too many people doing the same online.

Also, in the online world, customer has this choice of ordering from their favorite shop without worrying much about location. This convenience of online shopping is both an opportunity as well as a threat for a startup business.

Your website acts as the first touch-point of the customer with your brand.

On the one hand, they have access to a global market while, on the other hand, their competitors also have the same access. So what is the thing that will give your startup an edge over your competitors, what is that one thing that is essential for your business as it also happens to be your customer’s first contact point with your brand? It’s your business’ website.

As a startup, for you, it is all the more necessary to focus on Branding. How else do you plan to differentiate your offering from your competitors’?

Your website acts as a space where your target audience can connect with your startup. The value a website provides to your brand is insurmountable.

Think about it, you are a startup, nobody knows you, and when someone searches about you online, they do not get anything; what will search engines such as Google do? It will tell the user about your competitors, people who have a website and have the same product or service that you are offering. Are you ready to lose customers online by not having a website?; Google isn’t period.

When we are talking about Branding, what is worse than not having a website online? It has a shabby website.

Remember, your website is the first contact point of the consumer with your brand. It reflects who you are; hence, there is no harm in taking time to design and develop a thoughtful website because a shabby website can hurt your startup’s chances of establishing a great brand in the minds of your consumers.

By availing of high-quality web development services, you can provide a boost to your branding.

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Save Costs through Digital Marketing

When was the last time that any startup business just ballooned to popularity without putting much effort into promotion? Can’t recall? It is because such instances are few and far between.

Promotional activities are like oxygen for your startup. Without spreading the word about your exciting startup, how will you garner customers?

Traditional marketing tools such as T.V., Radio, Print, and Billboard Advertising are expensive and demand a huge budget. Digital Marketing can prove to be an effective solution for a startup as it is cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing tools.

Also, it is one of those rare forms of marketing which allows the brand to have two-way communication with its consumers. The customers can interact with the brand on its social media handles, let the brand know about their expectations and rate, and review its products.

Thus, providing instant feedback to a startup business. Through a proper marketing strategy, a startup can target customers based on demographics like gender, age, location, and interests. This attribute of digital marketing makes campaigns more effective for your startup organization.

Every major social media platform provides in-depth insights to digital marketers on how they can target their customers better. Using tools like Google Analytics, digital marketers can understand user behavior and craft their marketing campaigns accordingly.

How many times have you experienced that particular news was delivered on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts earlier than traditional news outlets like media channels and newspapers reported? This is the power of digital marketing; things go viral and reach more viewers in much less time than traditional marketing methods.

By going for professional website development services, a startup can leverage the benefits of marketing better and attract its targeted customers from all across the globe.

Generate Trust and Build a Reputation

Do you know the difference between a successful startup and an unsuccessful one? A successful startup always asks the right questions, while an unsuccessful one seeks the correct answers.

In the digital world, the right question to ask is, how would my users find me? All of us have that moment when we just stumble upon a particular brand either on some blog that we are reading or on one of those social media posts.

What did you do once you found that exciting brand? Didn’t you search for it on Google or other Search Engines? And what was your reaction when you found out that there was no website? You lost interest in the brand, isn’t it?

Nobody trusts a brand that does not have a website. Imagine the situation if you are a startup, your baby will die a premature death in the absence of presence on the internet. As a startup, you need to build a solid reputation online, starting with a website. And an offshore web development company such as Prismetric, can help you with developing an excellent website for your startup.

Deliver excellent Customer Service

A significant benefit that a website provides to a startup is that it allows the brand to provide customer support to its clients. You can solve your customers’ problems through Chatbots or by applying human resources in the form of Online Customer Care Executives. The new-age customers do not have the time of hanging around a phone line waiting for the customer care executive to attend to them.

For a startup, it is not cost-effective to hire several phone executives. Instead, they can easily hire customer care executives who can email or chat with a customer. Or better, they can install a Chatbot that can answer basic queries of the customer, where Human Assistance is not required.

Your website will act as a single platform where your customers can come and get the answers of their questions and get a personalized digital customer experience. Thus, by going for web development, you will take a giant leap towards improved customer satisfaction.

Your Competitors Will Have Websites

Let’s face it, the world is digital, and by not building a website, as a startup, you would be choosing to become the analog player in a digital world. Your competitors will have websites, and they will take advantage of the wave called digitalization, even if you wish to play the ostrich and sink in your neck-deep into physical stores!

Yes, we saved the best for the last, even if nothing else from the entire article stuck, this previous point definitely will. You will be providing a free-hand to your competitors if you choose not to have a website for your startup. They will take over the market, leaving you in the dust.

Even if your competitor’s website is clunky and has a poor design, they will always be a step ahead of you by having a website for their business, if you do not have one. So hire an efficient web development company and get the ball rolling!

Concluding Thoughts

Websites are a significant part of a startup business. Websites not only help you in attracting new customers, but they also help you in representing your startup organization in a very aesthetic manner. Your brand will get recognition with a website, and you will have the freedom to choose how to express your services and products if you have your website.

While geographical boundaries limit a physical store, a website is free from such limitations. Whenever you go for web development, try to integrate social media into your website. By integrating your social media accounts, you can improve the reach of your brand through your website.

A website can prove to be the growth engine for your startup if you follow best practices to develop one and have SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

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