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PHP vs Python Choosing The Best Language For Web Development

php vs python

Choosing the right programming language plays an essential part in describing the success of a website or a web application. Well, PHP and Python are at war here to become the best programming language for web development. Both languages are strong contenders in the battle. However, the web app developer needs to choose only one of them. It is a tough choice but let’s get started with a detailed understanding and comparison between PHP vs Python web development!

Building high-performing, secure, reliable, and robust websites, and web applications are vital. And therefore, it has become crucial to find the right programming language. The war between PHP and Python is valid because both languages are strong and their outputs are high-quality. Although experienced developers have their set of development tools, logic, and preferences, beginners, on the other hand, face issues while choosing a suitable programming language for their web development project.

For instance, if you have no project scope and you are not sure to distinguish between PHP and Python, we would suggest you to hire PHP developers right here. But, you want to take an informed decision, then you need to make a choice here. Well, it is crucial when we think of whether to hire PHP or Python experts. So, let’s dive into a detailed comparison and understanding of PHP vs. Python for web development.

Understanding PHP Vs Python

Let’s start with the basics of each language so that you have the gist of its function and capabilities in mind.

php vs python

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PHP is an open-source scripting language that is widely used for web development. What’s the best thing about this language? It is free to download and use!

Python! It is a high-level, multi-purpose programming language. It is used for numerous reasons like server-side web development, system scripting, software development, etc. The all-purpose programming language can do everything from creating web applications, and workflows, connecting to databases, handling big data, rapid prototyping, and much more.

What Is PHP: A Detailed View

Did you know according to W3Techs, PHP is used by 77.3% all websites as server side programming language?

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language, powering more than 4,474,157 websites with 3,509,341 unique domains worldwide as compared to its competitor Python with 123,173 websites.

Industry verticals where PHP is being used

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PHP is used mainly for three purposes;

  • Server-side scripting
  • Command line scripting
  • Writing desktop applications

Traditionally, PHP is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is one of the excellent programming languages for web development. Known as Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP is a scripting language and at the core of WordPress (the world’s biggest blogging system). Moreover, it is so powerful that it can run some of the large social networks! Being the first love of developers at the beginner level, PHP is termed to be a simple and attractive language.

Some of the major functions of PHP are:

  • Generate dynamic page content
  • Collect data from the form
  • Add, delete, and modify data in the databases
  • Encrypt the data
  • Send and receive cookies

What Is Python: A Detailed View

Both PHP and Python are general purpose programming languages, though Python is quite popular among adult and health related websites and the language hasn’t got lead over PHP in any categories.

It can easily work on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Raspberry, Pi, Mac, etc. Moreover, it has a syntax that allows developers to write the code in a few lines as compared to other languages. The programming language runs on an interpreter system, that is, it can be implemented instantly as soon as it’s written.

Key functions of Python are:

  • It can create web applications
  • Connect to databases
  • Create workflows
  • Perform complex maths
  • Read and modify files
  • Handle big data

Benefits Of Using PHP for Web Development

PHP is a popular web development programming language. Hence, it offers numerous advantages. Below is a list of all the benefits of using PHP as your first choice for web development. Have a look advantage of PHP for developing websites.

Plentiful reference material

Developers can find many reference materials, manuals, or tutorials that facilitate easy web development. These materials come in handy in tough situations. On top of that, beginners can use the material to polish their skills and knowledge.

Good flexibility

PHP is a cross-platform language that allows the software to combine effectively with other programming languages. In short, developers can use any operating system, Windows, Linux, or macOS for coding purposes. Such great flexibility enables faster and inexpensive development processes.

Improves loading speed

PHP can make your web pages load faster. Facts say that PHP is 3X faster than Python. Faster loading speed is important from the perspective of SEO because it helps to rank the page on a web browser like Google and keep the customers satisfied.

Is PHP a suitable programming language for your project? If you think it is, then, learn how to hire PHP developers here!

Benefits Of Using Python for Web Development

Building strong websites and quickly adapting to technology changes are the top benefits of choosing Python. However, there are other significant benefits of using Python for web development too.  Python applications are known for their flexibility, ease of use, a large community of developers, portability and extensive libraries, making it a great choice for businesses looking to boost their virtual efficiency. Here is why Python is used for Machine Learning, NLP and Neural Networks, and other general AI-based apps.

It is easy to learn

Python is easy to learn and user-friendly. In addition, it supports constructing robust, responsive websites.

Less coding

Python web development requires less coding. Undoubtedly, it is a reliable and efficient language that comes with numerous functions. Developers can do so much with Python without wasting time!

Multi-tasking is possible

Python supports multi-tasking for every size of organization or establishment (small, medium, or big). Developers can build amazing websites and web apps and simultaneously manage critical issues like data security.

Hire best Python Web Development team at affordable cost.

PHP Vs Python: The Detailed Comparison

We have looked at PHP and Python individually. So, let’s draw a comparison between the two programming languages before you approach the web app development company. To understand the differences efficiently, we have compiled a table format that explains how the two languages respond to a particular web development factor.

Parameters PHP Python
Community Support It has a large community of developers who are ready for immediate assistance Community support is excellent because countless Python developers are working on varied class projects
Flexibility PHP holds significance when it come to web development Python offers peerless ML libraries that help to create functional web frameworks, and not just websites and web apps
Ease of Use PHP is not an ordinary programming language. It is only used to design dynamic web pages with HTML. Python’s syntax is simpler. Hence coding is easier
Time to Market It also has frameworks and libraries that perform multiple functions! Has a great set of third-party libraries and modules that allows for quick project completion
Web Frameworks PHP provides powerful and well-designed frameworks making web development easy It also offers extraordinary frameworks that help in easy and short development time
Library Management PHP has around 42 libraries that enable developers to use the library instead of writing code. Python employs Pip for quick and easy development
Security PHP is secure, depending on the website it is used with Most businesses prefer Python for security purposes
Environment Management PHP environment management is when used with three vital components on your computer system Python can efficiently manage and handle different environments

PHP Or Python: The Choice for your project!

That’s where you to take your call. That means you need to go through your project requirement and select the technology based on comparison —PHP vs Python we have given. No technology or programming language is bad, all you need to understand is the requirement. PHP and Python both are good for specific projects and choose the one smartly. In case of difficulty, you can take help from an expert or connect our team who help you with all your requirements.

These are some important questions that can help you make a choice between PHP vs. Python for web development.

  • What is the environment of your web development project?
  • Which language will provide the best support for the ecosystem?
  • What do you prefer in the first place, PHP or Python?
  • What kind of deployment are you looking for?
  • Do you need to hire dedicated Python developers or PHP experts? Or do you already have the human resource for it?
  • What are your requirements and preferences for libraries, features, programming languages, or tools?
  • What are your time, budget, and resource constraints?

We hope that this blog enlightens you about the differences between PHP and Python web development. However, if you still want to explore more about the languages, then, pursue reading

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Closing Thoughts on Choosing The Best Language For Web Development

Summing up this blog, we can only say that PHP and Python hold different functions and facilities. The decision of choosing one programming language totally depends on your primary requirements. However, we suggest that if you have a prime focus on back-end development you should focus on Python. On the other hand, a developer who is looking for robust web development should stick to PHP.

We hope that this blog enlightens you about the differences between PHP and Python web development. However, if you still want to explore more about the languages, then, pursue reading Node.js vs PHP!

Frequently Asked Questions About PHP vs Python

Python vs. PHP: Which is faster?

If you are concerned about speed, PHP is your go-to solution. The core PHP saves time plus maintains speed.

Python vs. PHP: Which is more secure?

Python is much more secure than PHP. If you are developing complex apps, security is a major concern, and Python can help you to create and maintain secure apps as compared to PHP.

Can Python be used for web development?

The answer is YES! Python is one of the most common programming languages used for web development other than PHP.

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