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React JS vs Vue.JS: Compare The Best Frontend Framework To Use

React JS vs Vue JS

We are well aware of the cut-throat competition in the market. While today, many companies are willing to use newer Javascript frameworks to stand out in the market. However, the question arises which new framework is the best to build progressive web apps and will it create any hurdle?

The answer to this was given by software developers who are updated with the latest frameworks. According to developers research, the most popular JavaScript frameworks are VueJS and ReactJS.

Where GitHub has claimed Reactjs as the most popular frontend framework with 42% and Vue.js with 18%.

When we talk about these frameworks, React vs vue has always been battling against each other. Although it has surpassed the rating of other frontend frameworks.

Let us give you detailed information on how these frameworks have become popular individually and later we would elaborate the comparison between React & VueJS.

ReactJS Vs VueJS: An Ongoing Battle

Today the wrenching competition is between the two top ranked frontend development frameworks of the JavaScript ecosystem: React and Vue JS, that provides a few solutions to the cross-platform applications development.

It becomes strenuous to give the final verdict of who would win the React Vs Vue battle as both are highly efficient with venerable features that makes the developers life easy during web app development.

Both are easy to learn and highly scalable JS framework, in addition, both are extensively employed for UI and UX. They do have similarities in component based structure and are found in the presence of visual document object models.

Let us study each of them in detail.

What is React JS?

ReactJS is an open-source JS library to build feature-rich user-experience web app development. React developers gain flexibility to create tailored components to offer rapid development. Furthermore, it is an ability to render quick web page applications with seamless user experience. All in all, React JS is a great library to promote complex UI elements and light-weight business applications. You can hire ReactJS developers to complete any complex application or if you need an appealing UI/UX.

Would you like to know what number of respondents use ReactJS? Well, 40.14% software developers use ReactJS, a number that has overtaken JQuery.
Statistic: Most used web frameworks among developers worldwide, as of 2021 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Advantages of ReactJS Development

Advantages of React Development
Here are some of the pros of using React JavaScript framework:

Simple Framework

Compared to other frontend frameworks, ReactJS is considered as the simplest and well-defined template with component-based approach. It has a unique syntax- JSX that uses both HTML and JS.

Code Maintainability

Reusage of the React code components is allowed at various levels of the project. It is a piece of UI, used in various parts of the web app to build logic instances. For example, a button component that is displayed at different texts on different pages.


Initially the frameworks that formed before React weren’t SEO friendly. React successfully broke the conception by working on the server-side and virtual DOM as a regular web page.

Easy to Learn

The easiest programming language for developers who have just started coding. With basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, coding with ReactJS becomes simple and easy.

Easy Data Flow

Download is the only way the data flows with React. This prevents smaller data not to get affected with the larger data, and leaves hassle-free changes swiftly. It gets quickly updated and modified within no time.

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What is Vue JS?

Vue.js is a flexible JS framework that offers advanced web tools to build SPAs, frontend mobile and web apps. Vue is a versatile and progressive framework as it allows to change creation and codes without any core feature. Vue also offers custom-built app development with high decoupling.

VueJS is the top ranked frontend framework of today. If you are looking to build SPAs, all you need to do is hire VueJS developers for a robust application.

Advantages of VueJS Development

Advantages of Vue JS Development

Here are a few advantages of developing an app with Vue JS framework:

Easy to Understand

With a large-scale template Vue js developers are capable of completing the project faster irrespective of the application size. An uncomplicated structure but you can find the errors easily.

Detailed Documentation

This gives an upper hand over ReactJS as Vue is known for its comprehensive documentation. Even if you are new to development, all you need to get started with VueJS is basic knowledge of HTML and JS.

Small Size

Vuejs has a smaller file size about 18KB to 20KB. It allows the users to segregate the template to virtual DOM model and run time.

Two-way Communication

Vue gives the advantage of rapid development with two-way communication to speed-up HTML block handling. It also supports one-way to help the other components.

Easy Integration

As mentioned earlier, Vue js is used to develop SPAs. it comprises components to any complexity of the existing apps.


The ES6, JSX, bundling provides flexibility and scalability to the framework and developers working on different applications to switch on to VueJS.

Now that you are aware of React and Vue technically with their individual advantages, let us give you a simple understanding too before we head up with the differences between the two.

ReactJS and Vue JS- Where did it all start?

Appallingly today, we are all focused on using technology over humanity. There are multiple reasons and benefits of technology invention and it has always helped people serve better.

With time passing by, intellectual minds have created better frameworks than before to develop the best applications for users. Having said this, web app developers have been bragging about React and Vue being the top-most JavaScript frontend technologies over a few years.

React JS is backed by the tech giant- Facebook, providing stability and support since 2013. It became an open-source framework that allows its community to create third-party libraries to achieve their goals.

In contrast, VueJS was created by Evan You, a Google Employee as their Angular developer. He had a vision to create something that combined Angular, React, and Ember with high-end application architecture and coding performance. However, Vue is not supported by any tech giant, it relies on its own community.

Let us give you the reason behind its popularity.

Vue JS vs React Popularity

These frameworks have sustained its popularity in the market due to the following reasons:

Virtual DOM– React renders data through a virtual copy of the tree-structured file known as browser DOM.

Component-based Structure– Reuse of components have an added advantage for both frameworks.

Component Library to Develop Mobile Apps– A component library where React offers ReactNative and Vue offers VueNative however, VueNative is a wrapup of ReactNative APIs.

Next comes the most awaited section of our blog- ReactJS vs Vue JS.

React JS vs Vue JS- A Detailed Comparison

Let’s deep dive into the differences between React and Vue to summon.

Vue JS vs React Performance

With every new feature or extension added, the application becomes uncertain and unable to load faster. But, that’s not the case with Vue JS, with virtual DOM, a default tool that helps in optimizing the performance and improves the loading time. Vue manages third-party libraries by automatically handling the crucial dependencies that are required to add in the application in asynchronous manner.

Alternatively, React JS framework performs faster and is lightweight with user experience in a functional manner. The component-based structure helps build more SPAs, reusing code removes clutter and DOM manipulation. This speeds up the loading time and adds seamless performance. ReactJS reduces web app maintenance cost with this feature as the developers need not manage applications in terms of speed.

Vue JS vs React Scalability

Vue is often prepared for small applications and not scalable applications. Despite being capable of extending with flexible tools, Vue can offer scalability. By breaking it down to multiple repositories, Vue can segregate the application as per requirement. Since the application architecture is dynamic, it has achieved using web packs, to override the code maintainability.

React JS web app developers rely on the traditional ways to organize the project code to make it scalable as they are made of pure JavaScript technology. React is an excellent framework if you are looking for a scalable UI with virtual DOM concept.

React vs Vue User Experience

Through the high-quality UI and fast rendering web pages, Reach apps are likely to be loved by the users. With a clean and rich user interface, everything falls into place such as buttons, forms, text boxes, and other features that are well constructed to provide comfortable interaction.

With the help of community and Facebook the technology is often updated and focused on functionality. It makes React offer seamless integration and deliver bug-free performance.

Vue’s way of delivering high-end user experience, it has the best tech stack to offer. To provide an eye-catching web app UI, Vue ensures to provide more scope and room for UI design. The data binding nature of Vue allows Vue JS developers to set HTML attributes that can be altered any time without interrupting the existing code.

React vs Vue JS Security

React Js applications are prone to threats such as server-side attacks, SQL injections, etc. Developers who are well-versed with ReactJS for frontend development can only implement the best security practices like exploiting script-injection, defense from unsecured links, serializing JS modules, etc., to protect the web apps from such threats.

The creator of Vue JS, Evan You states that protecting vulnerabilities through automated protection is not possible. However, with the help of external libraries or cleaning HTML codes before implementing the said template in the database can prevent security issues and Vue can automatically inject HTML, URL, JS codes to keep it safe for the future.

This was all about the comparison between the two highly in-demand frontend frameworks of today. How do you conclude who is the winner?

Popular Businesses that use one of the Frontend technology

Top Global businesses that use React

  • Dropbox
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit

Companies that work with React

Top Global businesses that use VueJS

  • Behance
  • Dribbble
  • Adobe
  • Nintendo
  • Zoom
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Google Careers

Companies that work with Vue

React JS vs Vue JS: Which Framework is better?

Well, the debate comes to an end. But to tell you the fact, it would be back-breaking to find a suitable answer. Both have their strengths and weaknesses but are still strong contestants in the market.

If you want to build a large application, ReactJS would be the best option and if you are aiming for a simple web app with easy integration then VueJS is the one.

If you are still confused, hire highly skilled developers to get clarity. Wondering where to find them?

Reach out to Prismetric to hire the proficient team of frontend developers- Contact Now!

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