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How To Reduce ReactJS Web App Maintenance Cost?

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If you know how much you are supposed to spend on building a ReactJS web application, then it’s easy to find out exactly how much you are going to spend on ReactJS app maintenance.

On an average, app maintenance costs 15-20% of the total React JS app development.

Let’s say for example if you spend a hundred thousand bucks ($100,000) on building an application, you might end up spending $15,000 to $20,00 a year on the maintenance cost.

Well, considerably it’s a big amount for new-age startups and entrepreneurs. There are other effective ways to save on the app maintenance cost using ReactJS. One of the best ways to reduce the cost of ReactJS app maintenance is to opt for proficient and experienced ReactJS developers for hire. Our prayer is heard as it’s possible, albeit your effort to reduce the ReactJS website maintenance cost must be in the right direction.

What is the React JS Framework?

React (also known as Reactjs, or React.Js) is a popular and open-source front-end library based on JavaScript used to develop native-like components. The framework was initially introduced in 2015 by Facebook and in such a short period, it has emerged as a popular JavaScript library in the app development arena. The framework possesses plenty of attractive and efficacious features to facilitate its users.

The next level of simplicity is one of the prominent facets of ReactJS and one of the top reasons that ReactJS for front-end development is perfect. Moreover, the framework is agile, scalable, and convenient to use and this is what enables ReactJS to be the first preference of developers for building well-functional applications.

Glimpses of React Market Share

You might know that with 40.14% of the total market share Reactjs is the most used framework in the app development industry.

  • As per SimilarTech, ReactJS is used by 1,290,463 live websites currently.
  • The framework also manages a total of 714,511 various domains.
  • 2.9% of all the websites globally are based on the ReactJS framework.

Factors leading to High ReactJS App Maintenance Cost

Affecting ReactJS web App Maintenance Cost

Before we dig deeper into the solutions to reduce ReactJS wep app maintenance costs, let’s take a look at the common factors that might cause the increase in the expense of its maintenance.

Unclear Documentation

Unclear documentation can be a massive cause of the increase in app maintenance costs. A developer having no clear idea about the structure of the product might find it tough to maintain the same leading to increased maintenance costs.

Wrong Outsourcing Partner

Selecting wrong outsourcing partners or those outsourcing partners with little to no experience in ReactJS app development can affect your budget to a massive extent for its maintenance.

App Complexity

App complexity is another factor that can affect the Reactjs web app maintenance cost. Complicating the application by adding useless features and functions can be a huge cause of higher maintenance costs.

Third-Party Add Ons

Integrating multiple Third-Party Add Ons unnecessarily, or without which the app can perform well has no meaning and will play a vital role in increasing the web app maintenance cost.

Wrong Development Approach

The wrong programming approach can also increase the cost of your ReactJS web app maintenance. If you don’t have a crystal-clear approach, or you don’t know whether you’re going for an object-oriented, functioning, imperative, or logical programming approach for building the application, you have to pay a higher cost for each update.

Obsolete Technology Versions

Using outdated technology can also affect the ReactJS app maintenance cost. It can lead to bugs and errors in an app that are hard to detect and fix and causes a high maintenance cost.

Effective Tips to Reduce ReactJS web App Maintenance Cost

Tips to Reduce ReactJS App Maintenance Cost

As we’ve discussed ReactJS, its market share, and the factors that cause an increase in the cost of web maintenance and update, it’s time to know and understand the ways that can reduce the maintenance cost of your website.

Here are some of the ways that can help you curtail the maintenance cost of the ReactJS app. These ways are helpful for both, those who are planning to construct an app and also for those who have already got their app developed and looking for the best cost-efficient ways for web maintenance. Let’s read between the lines!

Create Clear Documentation

Creating clear documentation has a larger role to play when it comes to reducing the Reactjs web maintenance cost. When documentation isn’t created clearly, the developers might get confused. When getting confused, developers usually go back and forth to examine different variables, for instance, project progress, code quality, and the ability to detect and get the historical code.

Clear documentation helps you minimize the maintenance cost of the Reactjs web app. It simplifies the process of project planning and provides a next-level description of the project’s structure. For those who want to collaborate with long-term partners, the documentation is must-have. Furthermore, having clear documentation also makes it more convenient for you to hand the project off to the developer you prefer than the previous one.

Maintain Code Quality

When it comes to reducing Reactjs web maintenance costs, maintaining code quality is of utmost importance. The preliminary step is to understand the ReactJS code perfectly and then the focus should be on creating a well-versed and high-quality code. A well-written code has numerous advantages, for example it is rarely susceptible to errors, the execution of the code takes less time, and can conveniently be updated.

Deploying a new developer on a project can be difficult if you have a code that isn’t well-written. A poorly written code can be tough to comprehend for a new developer, hence, following the right and accurate coding standards is crucial for lessening the app maintenance cost

Make Sure the Impact of New Features

Before adding any new feature you must be cautious about the impact it can have on your application. You must gauge the influence of a new feature on the app and only add that when you’re clear about its impact. Any additional feature can influence the functionality, performance, and maintenance cost of an application.

There are plenty of circumstances when the additional feature and functionality caused a massive increase in ReactJS web app development cost. Hence, you must gauge all the influence of a feature and its expense for updating and maintenance. Each new feature requires an extra layer of code resulting in a needless increase in expenses.

Version Upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version of the library is one of the essential aspects of lessening the cost of ReactJS application maintenance. An upgraded library enables you to get the latest and new features and functionalities for Reactjs web app development. With the latest version, you can improve the performance and productivity of the application. By keeping the version updated you can save the cost of maintenance.

The latest version of the library provides you with the features and security patches that secure your application from any vulnerability that can cause any issue in the future and lead to high maintenance expenses.

Third-Party Integration

Utilizing third-party packages to reduce the cost of web app maintenance without losing the quality is a better way to go. For those having limited budgets, freelance developers can be the right choice to curtail the costs. There are two facets of third-party integration: the first one is outsourcing projects to the third party while the second is third-party add-ons.

You should assess the packages and updates that the third-party offers. Outsourcing a project to a ReactJS development firm with no knowledge of maintenance can lead to increased efforts, a huge amount of time, and higher costs.

Besides, the third-party add-ons also are the prominent parts of ReactJs development process and each add ons must receive updates properly and on time. If not updated properly, the app will lag and cause you the extra expense to be maintained.

Outsource Professionals With Experience

Outsourcing experienced professionals has a massive benefit to offer you. Whether you’re outsourcing a company or an individual, professionals don’t forget to verify their expertise and experience. Moreover, also verify their success rate and relationships with previous clients.

Outsourcing professionals with experience and expertise makes the development process convenient and reduces the expense of maintenance of a web application.

Maintenance Support

Taking a continuous maintenance package is way more advantageous rather than waiting for the errors and bugs to come and affect an application. If you do it, it’ll help you reduce the cost of maintaining your application and keep any possibility to affect your application at bay.

Add Code Testing Tools

Adding a code testing tool to conduct the code analysis throughout the app development process is essential. It helps you reduce the ReactJS web maintenance cost by lessening the number of errors and bugs that might be in the application. You can choose to go with automated code testing tools. No matter which code testing tool you choose, both tools will help you save time, effort, and resources spent on bug detection manually.

Wrapping Up:

Reducing the web app maintenance cost is crucial for every organization for its better growth. For that to be possible, you have to keep all the aspects that can affect your ReactJS application maintenance expense and use these suggested ways to curtail the cost. In a condition that you don’t follow these ways, the ReactJS web app development and maintenance can cost you a fortune.

Cutting down the cost of maintenance in this way won’t affect the functionality and performance of your application. Read, explore, and leverage the benefits of these suggested ways to reduce the cost of the ReactJS application.

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