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How React Development Helps Startup Businesses?

How React Development Help Startup Businesses

Summary: Building a web application is always an arduous task, especially if you are not aware of the tech stacks and platforms. So, if you want to build an app based on React.js, this article explains some of the most important factors that you should consider while building a business web application or hiring Reactjs developers to build your app. Let’s explore;

Did you know React.js is the most used web framework with a 40.14% market share?

Indeed, when it comes to building an attractive and interactive user interface for web applications, ReactJS is the best choice for developers. With community and solid corporate support, the library is one of the most used platforms for building web applications. With a wide range of libraries with multiple frameworks, it has become complex for businesses to select the right front-end development tech stacks.

But, that’s not the case here. When you decide to hire remote ReactJS developers or a ReactJS development company for your project, then we have explained every nitty-gritty of the library. After finishing this article, you would be able to understand why this front-end technology is beneficial for your web application. So, let’s begin with the basics first.

What is Reactjs?

React (aka Reactjs, or React.Js) is a popular open-source front-end library based on JavaScript. The programming language is used to build native-like components to provide an excellent user interface.

Introduced by Facebook in 2015, ReactJs has emerged as one of the top-rated front-end library in the application development world. The framework has plenty of useful features to provide its users with an excellent experience. With more than 189k stars and 39k forks on GitHub, ReactJs provides the next level of tools to build scalable and high performing web applications. Still, the performance of the ReactJS web application depends on the ReactJS developers you hire for the project.

In short, React.JS for startup is boon, offering agile, and easy-to-use features, making it unique to develop robust mobile apps efficiently with optimal accuracy.

React Development from Market Perspective

As we know, Facebook released the ReactJS web app development library in 2015 and it became the talk of the town soon after its launch. As of 2021, it holds a 40% market share, leaving all relevant web app development platforms behind.

Statistic: Most used web frameworks among developers worldwide, as of 2021 | Statista
Image source:  Statista

However, the data is based on the selected web app development frameworks. Globally, 2.9% of all websites are based on React JS platform. Here are some interesting facts.

use of reactjs for web app development

As per Similar Tech, there is 1,305,643 website based on ReactJS while 754,750 are with unique domains.

Angular is considered the top competitor of ReactJS, though the later is having edge over the former one. You can see the difference in the image given above from Statista and also the chart from Similar Tech. Still, for broder understanding, you can explore Angular vs ReactJS if you considering both technology stacks for your web applications.

Angular vs ReactJS Market Share
Source :

Top Web Application Based on React JS

React is useful for startups, though hundreds of Fortune 500 companies use this for their business applications. Most importantly, the world’s largest tech giant and smartphone company Apple is based on ReactJs. Let’s explore some of the top companies’ websites based on ReactJS.

List of Famous Apps Using React

How Using React Development Makes a Good Choice for Startups

In order for the decision-makers to understand the importance of React better we have bifurcated the benefits into 2 sections namely:

  • How ReactJS is beneficial for Web App Development?
  • Why React Development is beneficial for Startups?

How ReactJS is beneficial for Web App Development?

As per our take on ReactJs, the platform is effective, hence, considered one the of top-notch frameworks to build front-end applications. Facebook too uses this framework and this is what advocates its eligibility to be used for your next project. There are a plethora of advantages of using ReactJS that you should explore before hiring ReactJS developers.

Faster Development

By optimizing all the reusable codes with ease ReactJS enables developers to provide faster solutions by integrating various facets in the application development. When you use ReactJs you can keep your eyes on the project uninterruptedly. With the ability to measure the development project you can accelerate it for faster development. However, the framework helps React Developers build hybrid apps while curtailing the time consumption, you’ll see no reduction in the quality of the project.

Easy to Use and Learn

The easier to learn a framework is, the faster your development will be. People are more likely to overlook the framework that’s difficult to learn, as it delays the development process. Unlike other front-end apps development frameworks like Vue or Angular, the ReactJS is easy to learn. As a result, developers can save their precious time when creating apps. ReactJS is easy to learn a framework that speeds up the app development and helps you save your time and resources.

Better Application Stability

Stability matters the most, hence, startups seek an application development framework that remains stable and doesn’t go old-fashioned over time. Businesses prefer a framework that can be offered updated and trending solutions by upgrading itself as per the requirement. In this quest, ReactJS is the best solution. Managed by Facebook the ReactJS updates itself with each new version and will always remain updated. Furthermore, the framework is the first preference of startups only for its capability to create durable mobile and web apps.

Create Custom Components

Creating custom components is now easier with ReactJS. it comes with JSX (a well-known syntax extension that makes it convenient to create your component as per the requirements. The components function with HTML and get the subcomponents working with ease. Reactjs Developers tend to use JSX over other databases on this syntax extension to-

  • Write custom components
  • Build React Element from HTML mock-ups
  • And Build applications

Rigorous Testing

One of the biggest aspects of why developers prefer ReactJS over several other frameworks is its rigorous testing process. It enables developers to conduct the testing proces of the projects with convenience. Testing is easy with ReactJS by following some little and easier process. For application testing, there are frameworks like Babel and React-di that this platform supports. You can notice the cases, and outputs and set the testing system conveniently.

Faster Rendering

Building a complex and high-load app requires the developers to define the structure of an application in the beginning, as not doing so can immensely affect the application’s performance. ReactJS provides a solution for the issues that occurs with high-load and complex apps. In general, a high-load application affects the performance of the app to some extent. By using Virtual DOM the ReactJS assist its users by troubleshooting all the issues in no time. This factor provides the users with a robust user experience and app performance, business across the globe preffer utilizing ReactJS.

Hire the Best ReactJS Developers at affordable cost

Why React Development is beneficial for Startups?

ReactJS facilitates startups with a myriad of benefits and this is what makes it their first preference for developing qualitative applications. Some of the remarkable pluses of ReactJS are as follows:


Budget is one of the critical aspects that most of the businesses take into consideration and it matters the most especially for startups. To Hire Reactjs developers in India is now cost-effective. By hiring these developers businesses can save their time and expenses of app development.

Outstanding User Experience

After developing and deploying an app the first thing that comes in mind is user experience. React JS offers a robust user experience to the users. To build a native-like application the React.JS provides numerous native-like UI components. When it comes to user experience, React for startup is the best solutions.

Shorter Time to Market

From MVP to the delivery and deployment, the time that it takes to build an application matters the most for every startup. Most of the code (more than 90%) is reusable for both iOS and Android and this code reusability of ReactJS assists developers in developing apps faster. Developers can launch the first version of app in no time and later add additional functionality through app updation.

Cost to Build React.JS Web Applications

The cost to build ReactJS web applications depends on various factors, like the web app complexity, the features and functionalities required in the app and the hourly rate charged by the hired ReactJS developers or the web app development company.

For example, if you have partnered with a US-based software firm or developers, the charges will be anywhere between $80 to $250 per hour.

The app development cost will differ from one country and region to another. For instance, hiring react developers from South Asian countries like India will cost anywhere between $20/hr to $80/hr. However, you need to explore how to hire ReactJS developers to reap the benefits, in terms of cost.

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Final Thoughts

When building your business website, you need to be reasonably creative to deliver value-added content to your users. When we say value-added content, it does only means the content your put on your website. There are plenty of other things, such as your website’s UI/UX, navigation system, usability, and the type of technology you use to build your website. So, if you are new to the tech arena and want to build an effective website that not just functions well across devices, but also increases user engagement, and attracts them to use your product and services, then ReactJS web app development is the way to go. We at prismatic help you build a high-quality website that effectively serves your business purposes. Let’s connect today.

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