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Unleashing the Potential of Python – Applications and Use Cases for Businesses

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Talking of programming languages and one of the initial names that hit your memory is Python. Being fourth on the list among the top 5 used programming languages in 2022, it indeed is a notable language for all those techies out there. So, whether it is software development, web development, or mobile app development, there is increasing demand to get the best python developers for hire on board.

In a digital world that is entirely driven by bits of code, Python applications has come up as an interesting and lucrative aid eyeing a 48.07% preference among developers. A lot of coders incline towards Python because of its attractive features including built-in data structures, robust frameworks, powerful typing, vigorous libraries, and much more.

For any coder working on Python language, its dynamic features fuel up the entire development process. What If we told you that the globally used search engine Google and your everyday video streaming platform YouTube were both written using Python? With these giants being in the light, the eminence of Python’s application is clear. However, for the real world to be endowed with the power of Python programming, we have brought you a list of applications of Python.

What is Python?

Created in 1989 and originally released in 1981, by Guido Van Rossum, Python is a dynamic, high-level language that witnesses its application around the globe. As easy and fun as it is, the language got its name inspired by a British comedy show. It is a beginner-friendly language that does not compromise on features and dynamic semantics.

Python is often known for its Rapid Application Development features. It is widely used for mathematics applications, game development, language development, and education programs and it even finds its applications in the field of system scripting. Python is an interpreted, high-level, and object-oriented yet open-source, simplistic language to work on. This is why it is highly preferred by multitudes of digital scholars.

What makes Python applications so amazing?

These days, though multitudes of programming languages have been introduced to the tech world, people are keen to hire Python developers. This language gives out huge opportunity prospects for its users to date. There has to be something extraordinary for something to swing along for so long.

Here are amazing Python web apps benefits that make the product interactive to the core –

Python Web Apps Benefits

  • Simplicity: the language, as mentioned, is beginner-friendly in the sense that it’s easy to learn as well as implement into any application.
  • Open-source: what’s better than a freebie development package? You can easily install it from the official website and use it for your extensive development.
  • High-end: you need not take the pains of looking back at the system architecture of the language. You are better off without it and easily perform memory-management tasks.
  • Interpreted language: since it is an interpreted language, you do not need to compile the code to run it. This makes it easier to make changes and debug even while writing the code.
  • Object-oriented and functional: what’s better than a language which allows reusing a code? It can easily model the data that you have in the real world.
  • Portability: the portability or cross-platform functionality of Python applications is commendable such that a code that runs in windows can be taken to Linux which can further be ported to iOS.
  • Extensive libraries: Applications of Python language come with an extensive range of libraries with it for web development, image manipulation, databases, threading, etc.

Why use Python applications for business?

Whenever someone thinks of learning a programming language, Python is mostly recommended to them for the reason that it is by far the most useful language with a simple learning curve. It is a highly supportive, robust language that can get help businesses build web networks, makes a living out of game development, induces ML and AI in their online business profiles, and a lot more.

Applications of Python project ideas for business are innumerable. Social media jumbos like Instagram and Facebook, along with your favourite chill partner, Netflix uses Python for several functions of their own. Python has emerged as one of the most preferred languages for conducting business analytics. Data science, data analytics, machine learning, and finance monitoring are some of the significant uses of Python for its users.

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Top 10 real-world applications of Python

In a digital world, programming has gained such popularity that even grade 6 kids are getting into the nitty-gritty of codes and programming. So, it’s evident from such advancement that Python and other programming languages have robust applications in the real world.

Talking about today’s ‘real world’, we all are now accustomed to a lifestyle that cannot be survived without the web and the internet. With such an inclination towards technology, we need solutions and inventions that can further prosper the cause.

Here are the real-life Python projects –

Python web application development

A programming language is one that provides robust web development in this competitive market. There are many programming languages for developing web apps, but as a renowned company providing custom web development services, we too support the claim that Python is one of the most preferable ones. It has supportive website development features including libraries that help the developers to get what they want. Using Python is to date considered a go-to for web development because of the frameworks that it uses for web application development.

Frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and Flask are packed with libraries that allow the protocols like HTTPS, SSL, and FTP to be integrated without any hassle. The time spent in web application development using Python is curtailed to a great extent due to its convenience in development and enhanced speed. Furthermore, Python libraries and features are renowned for their extensive security, flexibility, and scalability.

Python web application projects become effortless because of the first-class visualizations, convenience, and top-notch security that the platform provides to its users.

Python game development

A glance at real-world Python projects can be taken through the eyes of online and offline digital games. Video games, both online and offline are extensively popular since time immemorial. With advancements in technology and devices that allow the user to play games effortlessly, the revenue of the video games world is skyrocketing and well, projected to cross US $365.60 bn in 2023.

The growth of the gaming industry definitely has to do with such scalable and flexible languages as Python. Using Python gives an edge over other languages in game development for it has libraries like PySoy and PyGames that are comprehensively used for game development. Gaming reputes like Battlefield 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, Vega Strike has all been developed using Python.

Scientific and numeric apps

When it comes to Python programming, we cannot thank the technology enough for its substantial libraries that aid in building real-world solutions. Astonishingly, Python has a separate library base for scientific and mathematics app development.

Massive libraries like SciPy, Numeric Python, Pandas, and IPython are all known to aid in the seamless development of scientific and numeric apps. These libraries and packages provide interactive calculations, rich media, tab completion, and shell syntax for effortless and quick Python application development in the field of science and mathematics.

Popular apps like FreeCAD which is a 3D modeling software and Abaqus, an element method software, were both built using Python. Developing a software application in peculiar fields has become painless, thanks to Python’s libraries.

Data Science

Data visualization is a new hot topic of the generation. Data science is everywhere you set foot these days. Python does exactly what a good programming language should be doing, it takes care of the demanding needs of its users.

The in-built mathematics libraries allow Python to be on the superior side for data science-related customs. Data scientists substantially use Python language for various purposes. Huge strings, arrays, and sets of data can be handled with the help of Python with no struggle for the user. Libraries including Panda, Matplotib, NumPy, Seaborn and Tensorflow are all the best friends of data scientists out there.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is being seen everywhere in the current times. The generic populace is going crazy over the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Hence, most enterprises today opt to hire machine learning engineers or look for AI developers for hire to customize their products and make them unparalleled in user experience.

But what if we told you that effective application of Python has a say in the growth of the AI and ML industry? The global market of AI in 2021 was subjected to be $327.5 bn. Though AI and ML projects are fundamentally different from other conventional software systems, Python doesn’t take a step back in any field.

AI and ML projects significantly require language that is stable, secure, flexible, and can handle computations used in building the project. Whenever asked about any such effective implementation, Python applications is the answer. Tasks like data processing, image recognition, and advanced computing, are all a piece of cake for Python applications.

The simplicity, consistency, and robustness that the language brings along with its huge collection of libraries like SciPy, Panda, NumPy, NTLK, Caffee, and Accord.NET, make the AI and ML development procedure painless and ultimately build astounding business-level Python applications.

Desktop GUI

Desktop applications are fundamentals and should not be done wrong in any case. Getting the basic desktop applications development right is a first for a programming language. Python, since it has a syntax very similar to the English language, makes it an excellent choice for generous desktop GUI developments.

Furthermore, it can easily work on different operating systems which leads to a consistent and flawless development procedure. PyGUI, PyGtk, Tkinter, WxPython are some of the frameworks that make desktop application development a breeze for developers. The easy and comprehensible syntax of the language makes it the preferred choice of desktop GUI developers. Also, the supportive and powerful libraries are a step ahead in such real-time development projects.

Software development

Talking about development abilities, Python doesn’t lag behind in any of them. Software development is another field that Python aces in. Again, the packages Python provides are bliss for all the software developers out there. The strength, support, flexibility, and scalability that the language brings along are what software developers crave for. Python is often used as a support language to build control, test, and manage the software development process.

Python language is preferred for its platform independence, code reusability, high compatibility, and readability. Moreover, Python has a notable corner for ML and AI which makes it a developer’s choice for any kind of software development.

Enterprise apps

Businesses these days are not limited to word of mouth and offline existence. Enterprises that wish to make it big in their field take the very first step of making an online presence. Making an online presence has been beneficial for several businesses. People are on their phones all the time these days. In such times, if your business does not have easy accessibility through the web or an app, it is almost like it doesn’t exist. Python takes care of the needs of budding entrepreneurs and businesses as well.

The readability, extensibility, scalability of the language and, not to forget the huge libraries make the enterprise app development process a child’s play for developers. Platforms in Python that can specifically help in business app development are Tryton and Odoo.

Education/training programs

Another huge market these days that have seen a drastic shift from an offline to an online presence is education and training. Students and professionals have moved their attention to online learning platforms rather than the old, conventional offline, teacher-to-student regimes. The e-learning market is projected to grow as huge as US$400 billion by 2026. There is an increasing need for e-learning app development due to the rising competition in the education industry.

The ease of reading the English-like syntax makes it a preference over others while developing education and training programs and applications. It makes the learning curve easier by providing a novice with a standard library and a variety of resources for understanding the language. Python is the preferred language for beginners for the development of the education program at both basic and advanced levels because of this.

Operating system

Surprising though, Python has been a contributor to several operating systems being used around the globe. Ubuntu’s Ubiquity installer is based on Linux and Anaconda installer and Fedora of Red Hat enterprises are both coded in Python.

Graphic designing

From social media to giants in businesses, graphic designing, and image processing has been high in demand these days. Python finds its applications even in this prominent field. Software like Inkspace, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, and Scribus has been developed using Python.

Boost your business efficiency with Python

Python is a popular and concise programming language with a lot of power. It has been at the center of many amazing technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning. In addition, it is utilized to facilitate popular subjects like graphic design and data analysis. Due to its extensive features and scalability, Python has been and will continue to be the most popular choice not just for developers but also for startup owners. So, what are you thinking for? Hire developers to build highly scalable and user-centric applications.

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FAQs on real world applications of Python

Is Python good for business applications?

Indeed, in fact, to many software developers, Python has been a preferred language for building customized business solutions. Due to its simple yet effective coding and usability, Python makes an optimum choice for any business app development.

Can Python be used for web applications?

Python is a pioneering technology that can make astounding web apps that cater to business goals and company objectives. In fact, Python web apps are intuitive and entice their users through their easy-functioning and user-friendly features.

What famous applications use Python?

Python has been extensively used to build amazing apps. A few to name include Dropbox, Reddit, Instacart, Bitly, Quora, and so on.

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