Top10 Reasons to Choose Laravel For Ecommerce Development

10 Reasons to Choose Laravel For Ecommerce Development

Why Choose Laravel For eCommerce Development

Ecommerce sales exploded after the corona outbreak, that’s sales increased by 44%, and around 32 nations experienced double-digit growth in Ecommerce sales. It’s because Ecommerce store has made the lives of millions of people easy with improved accessibility to products/services from the comfort of the sofa. As the world is presumed to pre-pandemic levels, Ecommerce shopping has become a new trend that’s providing an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to make bundles.

Ecommerce sales is expected to account for about 22% of the total global retail sales in 2023, reaching $6.15 trillion. 65% of US people expected to shop online in 2023.

The figures are impressive, but trying hands-on lucrative opportunities requires high-performance, scalable Ecommerce development. With thousands of Ecommerce players, building a website leveraging the latest technologies and tools is the need of the hour. Consider the guide that will help you know how to build an Ecommerce store.

However, building a modernized Ecommerce store is not a run-of-the-mill job. The website has to handle millions of users, billions of transactions, and tons of store activities including- content management, security, UI design, and more. It’s quite tasking. To ensure a smooth development process, you can outsource Laravel development to experienced and reliable developers, ensuring exceptional results and taking your eCommerce venture to new heights.

Thanks to advanced frameworks like- Laravel which has made eCommerce store management- a plain-sailing journey. Laravel- the PHP framework provides everything under a single package that developers need to build an Ecommerce app. Though a young kid on the development block, Laravel’s capability has made leading online brands such as Sephora, Alison, and others use the same framework to power their stores. To get all the benefits of Laravel you need to look for experienced Laravel developers.

Still, wondering, why should you embrace Laravel for Ecommerce website development? Here are the reasons that illustrate how Laravel is beneficial for Ecommerce development. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 reasons how Laravel Ecommerce development stands out as the best

Accelerate E-commerce development within budget

Laravel is a self-sufficient framework that can be deployed to different servers extensively without third-party tools leverage. It results in reduced development costs. Laravel is packed with more than 35 libraries and packages, omnichannel support, and other development-related features that eliminate the need to build every functionality from scratch thereby website development speed gets improved. The high compatibility is an add-on

Plus, flexible development cycles comprise templating engine blade, MVC architecture, Artisan, documentation, library manager composer, and CRM enabling the Ecommerce store development that delivers unmatched experiences. An expert Ecommerce development company can help you launch Ecommerce store in the least time and cost leveraging Laravel framework.

Shield the Ecommerce store from cyberattacks

The Ecommerce store is handling millions of transactions occurring on the platform and users’ sensitive data that they share with the store. It’s a great liability of the stores to ensure the security of the financial and personal data of the users. Laravel for Ecommerce ensures the highest security standard with direct usage of PHP code through eloquent ORM and pre-installed libraries leverage. It eliminates the need to use SQL files that are found to be more vulnerable.

The additional wall of security around PHP code is created by password encryption through Bcrypt hashing algorithms that inhibit fraudsters from data stolen or code manipulation. The automated system combining usability, control, and risks helps in creating a superior architecture.

Scalability to ensure reliable expansion

Every startup business is launched with a big dream that’s expected to come true in the future with consistent growth in sales and ROI. The business expansion demands scaling up the website to accommodate the increasing number of users request, transactions, and more. Laravel excels at creating scalable Ecommerce website development with pre-installed libraries and pre-made packages that enable adding functionalities at the flick of a switch.

For instance, when the Ecommerce store wants to enable social login at a later stage, the developers do not need to get into coding and a complex social authentication process. Instead, Laravel Socialite integration makes social login features enabled. This way, various functionalities can be added according to website-specific needs.

Handle traffic spikes well

The website traffic will gradually increase as the website is scaled up according to the growing business popularity. It’s good news for the Ecommerce stores because intensifying traffic implies an increase in leads and conversion. The growing traffic is a signal of increasing load on the hosting server. When the traffic gets increased unexpectedly, the server cannot handle the growing requests and alas, the website gets crashes. It results in losing customers to the competition.

Ecommerce stores engineered using Laravel can better handle the growing traffic with a load balancer. It distributes the website traffic across two or more servers while securing connection thereby reducing the load on the server and optimizing UX. With SSL offload, traffic compression, traffic caching, and HTTP support, the load balancer optimizes website traffic despite spikes.

CMS is revenue-friendly

Ecommerce website indexing and accessibility get increased with SEO-friendly URL creation. That’s where Laravel excels in creating SEO-optimized URL that makes search engine display the relevant content to the right users. The SEO-friendly CMS with advanced tools makes the Ecommerce business successful with local and global market targeting.

Increased SERP means improved traffic to the store that ultimately enhances conversion and thus business ROI.

Data migration is a breeze

Data storage, deletion, and modification in the database is a common phenomenon with Ecommerce store as petabytes of data is stored. With Ecommerce development, data migration is a major primary task that takes a lot of time and involves risk at the same time. The data migration gets secure, faster, and easier when Laravel is leveraged for Ecommerce development.

Laravel schema builder makes data transfer tasks secure and safer. The other way is to run migrations using PHP Artisan migrate to migrate data without losing stored data.

Activities configuration and management

So many tasks are executed by the Ecommerce store that consumes a lot of time and effort. For instance, sending emails to the customer and then keeping a record of all of them. Laravel for Ecommerce alleviates the need to perform repetitive tasks with a task scheduling feature that helps in configuring and managing tasks fairly.

Just the way, Laravel’s task scheduling automatically sends emails to the customers as defined and then clears the database after successfully sending them. It makes the work accomplished efficiently.

Huge community support

Laravel is a PHP framework that has scored high popularity in the website development landscape and the trust of developers due to the range of tools. Therefore, Laravel has a huge community of developers who are continuously using and working on the framework for good improvements.

The community helps the developers to get assistance for Laravel Ecommerce development services if they need it. It enables companies to get a better solution.

Robust testing and maintenance

Flawless Ecommerce website development is all-important to engage the customers and deliver the best UX. It requires rigorous testing to ensure high performance, security, and reliability. Laravel provides PHPunit that helps developers perform unit testing and debugging to get the website tested in reduced time and cost.

Maintenance also becomes a breeze with MVC architecture (Keeping logic and presentation layers separate) as implementing changes is easier.

Control and manage multiple store activities simultaneously

To hold a tight grip on the local market, some Ecommerce stores prefer creating multiple stores for different locations. It gives local customers a look-and-feel of their regional Ecommerce store with local currency, language, and more.

Laravel facilitates dynamic dashboard creation for the eCommerce store that helps in personalizing product launches, prices, discounts, and feedback. Plus, cloud-based Ecommerce is accessible round-the-clock that enables store activities management plain-sailing.

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Get your Ecommerce website built using Laravel

You know popular Ecommerce stores are using Laravel to grow and prosper their online business. The range of benefits provided by Laravel Ecommerce development solution makes businesses give no second thought to the framework selection. An array of tools to optimize the Ecommerce store development for speed, security, and scalability makes it fantastic from the end-user’s perspective as well.

Finally, decided to move ahead with Laravel developers for Ecommerce development. That’s great! However, the benefits and reasons to rely on Laravel and the insights into tools to fuel up Ecommerce website performance are not enough to get build the Ecommerce store. You need the help of a reliable Laravel development company that has required experts and experience in Ecommerce development leveraging Laravel. Hire Laravel developers to shape your dream Ecommerce business into a reality. How can you do the same?

Get connected with our consultants to know how you meet your Ecommerce development goals in 2023 with Laravel. They help you know things in detail. Let’s talk before you start an online venture!




Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laravel good for eCommerce?

Yes, Laravel is good for Ecommerce development as leading players have benefited leveraging the framework in terms of high-performance, security, scalability, and more.



What are the advantages of using Laravel for eCommerce development?

Using Laravel for Ecommerce development helps businesses get Ecommerce store developed in reduced time and cost, boost SERP, ensure security, high scalability, and deliver best experience with good performance during high traffic.



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