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Top 21 Must-have Features To Keep in Boutique Store App

Boutique Store App Features

The accelerated digitalization movement after the latest pandemic has intensified online sales. It has made businesses seamlessly transition to online boutique store development. If you want to take this as a full-time opportunity, the step-by-step process discussed in the previous article for how to start an online boutique store helps you to seamlessly launch an online store.

However, an online store brings outstanding results when it performs to the notch, is intuitive, and delivers a unique experience to the customers. Taking a step ahead, complementing the store with a mobile app is all-important as most people browse the products using mobile. It indicates the brisk shift from eCommerce to mCommerce is essential to hold a tight grip on the 72% of eCommerce users expected to use mobile for shopping.

The Boutique Store mobile app can engage users when it’s packed with the right set of fashion app features. In this blog, we will discuss in detail the features of a clothing store that makes boutique apps excellent. Let’s dive in!

Top 21 Exclusive Features that you should include in the Clothing Store App

As people are more comfortable using mobile commerce for browsing and buying products, online businesses can make the most out of the opportunity with a range of features. Here’s the set of features of a clothing store app that are engineered separately for both- the customer and seller interface. We will take a tour of all of them distinctively.

Customer Interface on Boutique Store App

Onboarding: Make users’ initial journey with the app easier with short tutorials or necessary guidance that helps them navigate through the app easily.

Registration: Allow users to register or log in to the app using social credentials, phone numbers, or email IDs. Enable guest checkout with no mandatory registration that gives space for the users to get a feel of the store without providing necessary details.

In-app search: Easy navigation makes products grouped into categories for easy search, but the users can directly search for the product by typing its name in the search box. Automated suggestions are also enabled that appear as the user starts typing or speaking. The eCommerce UI design guide helps you optimize the site search feature.

Product personalization: The boutique store enables users to customize the product color and design through that uplifts the sales volume and delights users in the same vein.

Effortless checkout: With minimum fields on the checkout page including- physical address, shipping detail, payment information, and ETAs, the users can checkout easily.

Easy payment: With different payment modes- cash, credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, and other payment gateways available, the users can pay the way they want on Clothing Store App.

Order tracking: Allow users to track the product order at every step of the way. The link shared enables the user to know its real-time status.

Push notifications: Different types of push notifications are sent to the users to inform them about order delivery status, promotional offers, new arrivals, and more.

Reviews and rating: After shopping, the users leave their feedback by providing reviews and ratings for the product and services received from clothing apps.

Loyalty program: Enroll users in the loyalty program that provides special privileges for showing loyalty to the business such as loyalty points, free shipping, or extra discount.

Customer support: When users have any query regarding product purchase or after purchase, they can connect with the customer support team to get the required solution. In-app chat or live chat is a popular customer support service nowadays.

Easy returns: Enable users to return the item easily with a single hit to the return button. The users can return the item from their doorstep or return it to a nearby store.

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Seller Interface on Boutique Store App

Add product description: Inform your users about the product fairly by adding complete information that makes the product understandable. Adding multiple product photos with a close look helps users make the right decision.

Upload product video: A product video on the product page is a great tool to improve conversion. The videos enable users to get a look-and-feel of the product optimally and let them decide on the product purchase easily.

Add filters: Add filters such as price range, popularity, brand, product availability, and others that make users tailor the search for the products.

Promotion: In the competitive landscape, launch special offers, gift certificates, coupon codes, or reward programs that attract users and make them buy on impulse.

Cross-selling: The smart recommendations on the product page based on the users’ browsing behavior or purchase history allow sellers to cross-sell the products.

Social Marketing: With more than half of the world’s population using social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, it makes perfect sense to harness social power. Create a social media page and post deals/offers to increase user acquisition or retention.

Shipping integration: Partnering with courier and package delivery network such as FedEx, DHL, Bluedart, and others help you get orders delivered at the right time. Check the delivery options facilitated by the shipping partners to ensure that

Reports and analytics: Various reports generation and their analysis such as sales, return/refund, churning, and others give insights about the touchpoints or features that are interfering with user experience and conversion rate. Analytics is one of the major mobile commerce trends used at scale by all M-commerce businesses.

Feedback management: The reviews and ratings provided by the users are crucial for boutique stores that they can use to appeal to the users by displaying them below the product description. It acts as social proof to the users to know if it’s a good fit or not.

Product FAQs: Adding product FAQs is a good approach as the users get answers to their questions before they arise. The pre-sales questions save customer support time that they can invest in maximizing sales.

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Wrapping it up

You did all the homework to start a boutique and clothing store business. That’s great! Now, you need to partner with an eCommerce development company to get the best online clothing store app developed to take your business cross-border. Before you get your boutique store app development project to the development floor, it’s essential to be ready with a list of features.

Features form the basis of the store that creates USP and enable users to perform intended actions aptly. Recognizing the need, the must-have features of an online store for customer and seller interface are described that make the store function flawlessly. Consider these features for your clothing store apps in the initial phase and thereafter gradually enhance the app with advanced functionalities to turn it into one of the popular clothing apps. If you are confused or unsure about features addition, get connected with business consultants to clear up the air.

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