Why is Laravel for web development project beneficial for businesses?

Laravel for Web Development: How it Benefits Businesses

Laravel for web development

According to research, using Laravel for web development stands out as the top backend framework in 2023 with 71,903 repository stars from its users.

Laravel, the topmost PHP framework, has made web application development a smooth sailing journey. It powers 135,439 websites globally, which is nearly 0.09% of all websites.

It has become the favorite framework of developers too as it has provided several tools in their arsenal. With continuous upgrades, the framework has become more stable and mature, which, in turn, supercharged the PHP web developers to build the best solutions for various industry verticals.

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into what is Laravel, why Laravel remains so important to date, and how it has become the developers’ first choice.

Brief introduction to Laravel framework

Laravel framework, developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, stands high on the popularity ladder due to its clean, expressive and elegant syntax, spaghetti-less coding, integrated testing support, easy-to-learn tutorials, high-level of abstraction and convenient shortcuts.

Availing web app development services from experts found a better meaning and provides better value to the business as well. The Laravel framework’s conquering of the entire PHP development market is attributed to its inclusion of caching, authentication, routing, sessions, an expressive migration system, the best inversion of control container, simple ACI, automatic paging, and a practical application structure. These features have prevented PHP development from dying an early death.

This is really overwhelming to hear about for a newbie. Let’s discuss in detail the importance and the effectiveness of Laravel that businesses, entrepreneurs, developers and other important stake holders in web development project have fallen in love with Laravel.

Why Laravel is important for businesses’ web development project?

The interesting features of Laravel provide unique advantages to business web projects. The right selection of Laravel developers can better leverage these features to build enterprise-grade applications that are second to none.

Contains object-oriented libraries

The object-oriented libraries enhance the web development process as they are readily available to use and implement. Laravel has many object-oriented libraries that are less often found in any of the PHP frameworks.

The Laravel framework can be touted as the storehouse of the advanced pre-installed libraries such as Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, authentication, encryption, password reset and pretty more that gives an edge to the development.

Improved security

Not with PHP, but website security is the greatest concern that exists in every programming language. The web developers are a bit relaxed when the application is built using a Laravel framework because all the necessary security measures are already built-in within the framework that ensures the web app is safeguarded against security threats.

The Bcrypt hashing algorithm for the password combination encryption, prepared SQL statement to prevent unknown security breaches or attacks, protected routes, authentication drivers, hashed and salted password mechanism, and secured configuration guarantees that digging a hole in the PHP application security is impossible.

Offers impeccable performance

You have definitely heard million times that speed is a killer and a critical aspect of user experience where a couple of seconds delay can alter the game. Using Laravel framework for web development saves you here with caching feature. It supports numerous cache backends like- Memcached and Redis whose integration improve the website performance. The backend cache support is built-in, which eliminate the need for coding for manual integration.

Best-in-class authorization and authentication system

It’s essential for every website to authorize the users who are claiming as the website users through the authentication process. To prevent the unauthorized access with the robust authentication system, using Laravel for web development offers different authorization and authentication techniques. These are easy to use, and implement on the website that ensures proper control access to the resources to the verified users. Plus, as everything is already configured, authentication becomes easier and swifter.

Inbuilt configuration of error and exception handling

Very often, the users commit mistakes and if an error occurs, they begin to find fault in the web app because they are unaware of the mistakes they made unknowingly. Here, prompting the error message for every error illustrating what needs to be corrected is a must have. For this, the Laravel web developers have to write the code manually to better let the web app deal with and handle the errors and exceptions.

Laravel for web development comes pre-configured with error and exception handling, eliminating the need for developers to write code to pop-up messages explaining mistakes to users. Additionally, the Laravel framework integrates the monolog logging library, which provides support for various log handlers.

Easy to test

The testing is important during web application development to ensure that the application performs without any bug, crashes or errors and in accordance with the web app requirements. Laravel has made it easier and faster with automation testing alongside PHP Unit inclusion and .XML file set up. The Laravel framework also incorporates convenient helper methodologies, keeping user behavior testing in mind. These methodologies enable developers to mimic and test micro-interactions easily.

Handle high traffic

Predicting, when the website will have high traffic and large requests will be made to the server, is difficult. However, the web servers should be ready to handle such situations, else the consequences are worse. For this purpose, developers perform load balancing using the message queue system. This system automatically schedules and delays requests when there is a high volume of simultaneous requests. Using Laravel for web development helps the website handle the high volume of traffic with a unified API which crosses the multiple queue backends.

Eloquent ORM

Developers use object-relational mapping to interact with database tables. Laravel has an inbuilt ORM called Eloquent ORM, which makes it incredibly easy to interact with the database through ActiveRecord implementation. In eloquent ORM, every table has a corresponding Model created in MVC architecture.

Eloquent that performs CRUD functions makes the process of defining relationships and obtaining related models simple and intuitive alongside it support and set up three types of relationships, namely one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many.

All the features attract the businesses and developers towards Laravel especially those that are looking for PHP development. Instead, Laravel framework has given a reason to the businesses to sail PHP website journey smoothly, while making the life of developers easier.

Laravel for web development: The developers’ perspective

When clarifying the importance of Laravel for web development, knowing about the various features of Laravel isn’t enough, you need to have a version from the experts web developers as well. The most important reason why Laravel platform is the ‘apple of the eye’ of the developers are:


Handling the project environment, performing the repetitive tasks and creating a code skeleton manually eats up a lot of time and efforts of the developers. Here, Laravel’s command line tool-artisan comes to the rescue. Using the single command line, the web developers can interact with Laravel framework and perform the tedious task of project environment handling.

Additionally, the Laravel developers can create commands, build migrations, write code along with database architecture, and then test them all using Artisan.

Separation of business logic code and presentation code

The modular nature and support of the MVC architecture are the icing on the cake with Laravel framework for web app development, which provides the vivid clarity between logic and presentation layer during the development. The layer of separation enables the designers to implement changes in the web page layout without needing to go to the developers, which makes it cost-effective and time-inexpensive process. The proper separation at the early stages of web application development bucks up the website development speed.

Task schedule is plain-sailing

To handle repetitive tasks efficiently, developers need a mechanism for task scheduling. The expert web developers can schedule each task by generating a Cron job and adding Cron entries to the server using SSH.

Developers often face a significant challenge when generating Cron jobs for task scheduling. However, Laravel’s command scheduler tool simplifies this process by allowing developers to define the command schedule within the framework in an expressive manner. With this tool, only one Cron entry is required to schedule all tasks, eliminating the headache for developers.

External packages

Many external packages are integrated into Laravel, making it easy to incorporate high-end rich functionalities into web applications. Developers can install these packages through Composer.

Defining web app routes is no more a task

The error-free URL routing is imperative for the application to not embarrass the users when they click on a link and redirected to the wrong page. Defining and configuring the URL routing consumes a lot of time. That’s where Laravel excel, where all the routes are already defined in the loaded app/Http/routes.php file in an automated fashion and developers only need to define the routes.

Laravel for Web Development : The entrepreneurs’ perspective

Having looked at the various aspects that makes Laravel a perfect framework for web development and knowing the developers’ perspective, let’s understand the business owner’s perspective. Laravel for web development offers a range of advantages for entrepreneurs looking to build web applications. Here are 13 reasons why Laravel is important for businesses and startups:


Laravel is an open-source framework, which means that it is free to use and can save businesses a lot of money on development costs.


Laravel’s built-in features and tools make it easier and faster for developers to build web applications, save businesses time and help them get their products to market faster.

Rapid development

Laravel’s features, such as authentication and routing, allow developers to build web applications quickly. This means businesses can launch products and services more rapidly.

Community support

Laravel has a large and active community of developers who create and maintain packages and provide support to other developers. This makes it easier for businesses to find web developers and get help with their projects.


The scalability of Laravel makes it an excellent choice for businesses that want to build web applications that can grow and evolve over time. This means that businesses can start small and then expand as needed without having to completely rebuild their applications.

Easy integration

Integrating Laravel with other tools and services is easy, which enables businesses to add new features and functionalities to their web applications effortlessly.

Robust security

Laravel comes with built-in security features like CSRF protection, encrypted password storage, and protection against SQL injection. Nonetheless, this makes it easier for businesses to build secure applications.

Increased productivity

Laravel’s built-in tools and features allow developers to be more productive, as a result Laravel can enable businesses to get more done in less time.

Better performance

Laravel’s optimized code and caching mechanisms can improve the performance of web applications, which further leads to a better user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

Easy maintenance

Laravel’s organized code structure and built-in tools make it easier for developers to maintain web applications and reduce the overall cost of development.


Laravel offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating web applications. As a result, the businesses can build applications that meet their unique needs and requirements.


Laravel’s features, such as easy authentication and user management, can help businesses build user-friendly web applications that are easy to use and navigate.


Laravel’s modern features and tools allow businesses to build innovative web applications that can help them stay ahead of the competition and attract new customers.

Wrapping Up: Our final thoughts on Laravel for Web Development

The open-source Laravel framework is a modern-age platform that packs all the necessary tools, resources, and libraries for faster and effective custom PHP web app development. The plethora of alluring features has enabled the new entrant to manage to become a top web development solution worldwide.

The creation of the huge community in a short tenure and the support from the colossal Laravel development community is impressive. Going ahead, PHP web development companies and PHP coders give more preference to Laravel to build diverse range of web applications. Take a quick glance at the website categories where Laravel is leveraged.

Opting to use Laravel for web development makes it an attractive choice to build high-quality web applications that meet their unique needs and requirements for startups and businesses. This has also added to the positive growth of Laravel usability and popularity worldwide.

Are you looking for a reliable framework to build a future-proof website? If so, look no further, Laravel Development Services is your best piece of pie where you can place a safe bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Laravel over other PHP frameworks?

The object-relational mapping that enables data objects to interact with database objects through expressive syntax- is the differentiating factor that makes Laravel ace over other PHP frameworks.

How Laravel is better than other frameworks?

The MVC architecture, eloquent ORM, template engine, and elegant syntax make it a better alternative to other frameworks.

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