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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Mobile App

What should you know before going for Mobile App Redesigning

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”

~ Heraclitus

The same thing fits well with the context of mobile app design. Every design has a shelf life and which may lose its appeal after some time. It implies the app needs freshening up with a mobile app redesign. But, how do you come to know that your app needs to be redesigned? Here is the answer.

Importance of Mobile App Redesigning

At some point, an app starts losing its appeal. This gets reflected in the dwindling number of downloads and negative comments regarding the usability of the app. This illustrates that something isn’t working. On a closer look, you will find that your app needs a design overhaul now.

App redesigning unlocks amazing opportunities in the form of improved user experience, increased downloads, and a boost in revenue.

The leading mobile apps like- Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube keep on redesigning and updating their apps consistently.

In this blog, we shall discuss the need to redesign a mobile app and the benefit derived from it.

Before diving in-depth about mobile app redesigning, let’s take a step back and have a look at the short story of Instagram’s massive success with app redesigning:

When Instagram redesigned its iOS app with logo and major UI changes, the US rank improved by two positions within 24 hours of its redesigned version launch. Well, the new update brought up more negative reviews, but after a month the users have expressed positive feelings, and ratings climb up to 3.5 stars. Also, the high volume media coverage has boosted up the number of downloads.

Let’s have a look at the needs and benefits of a mobile app re-design project.

Needs and Benefits of Mobile App Redesign

Before you ponder over the question of how to redesign an app, it is important to consider whether your app really needs redesigning or not?

Mobile app redesigning is a costly and time-consuming process and hence you need to do enough research before you go for a mobile app redesign. The decision of redesigning your mobile app will depend on the specific needs of your app. We have discussed below some of the cases when you need to redesign your app and the advantages that mobile app re-designing can provide you.

Need:- Meet the latest trend in technology

The smartphone industry is a consistently evolving industry, whether it’s in terms of hardware or software. To stay relevant, your app needs to evolve with the newer app development trends in the industry.

The foldable smartphone, for instance, is an evolving trend that is expected to gain traction in the future. You will need to redesign your app so that it is compatible with foldable smartphones. Analyze your app and see whether it looks obsolete or non-functional in the changing technological environment.

Benefit:- Map out the technology advancements

The user’s expectations evolve with time and technology revolutions. It has influenced the mobile app UI design to progress as new trends jump in. The innovation in the app’s layout, graphics, and designs have become imperative to make the app stand out and survive for a long. That’s where mobile app Redesigning helps.

For instance, with the first iPhone release, Skeuomorphism made inroads into UI design and was considered as the biggest technology transition that has invoked a sense of familiarity and reality in icons with 3D illusions.

In 2013, the rage of Skeuomorphism was over with the advent of flat design. The shine, depth, drop shadows and gradients used were no more a part of UI design. Again, a new design wave started floating in 2014, when Google launched material design that’s the combination of both Skeuomorphism and flat design to offer a unified experience across all the devices and platforms.

With redesigning, the mobile apps can be best mapped with technology changes in the designs, and old-fashioned designs can be converted into the latest ones.

Need:- User demand

What’s the right time to redesign your app? When your users demand it. One of the top reasons that force a redesign of the app is the negative feedback of the users. You can find the negative feedback of the users in the review section of your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. When reviewing the feedback of the users, look for the following aspects:

  • A dip in app ratings (3 or less)
  • A large number of negative reviews
  • Angry comments from users

Analyze your app based on these aspects. If you find that most of the issues in your app are related to design, then it’s high time you start redesigning your app.

Benefit:- Gives users what they want

As app owner, the most frictionless way to taste success would be to listen to the users and cater to their demands. Whenever you redesign your mobile app, always ask the question, how will the users interact with my app?

Redesign the app according to the user’s journey. Make the customer journey smooth and always solve the primary purpose of the user first before anything else. Ecommerce apps can show personalized recommendations to the users. Personalized recommendations will help boost the interaction and motivate the users to use the app frequently.

Layout is one of the most important aspects of design to consider whenever you think about how to redesign a mobile app. The layout of the app should be designed in a way that the users feel familiar and are able to move within the app with ease.

Need:- Improve conversion rates drop due to lack of speed

One of the major reasons why businesses think about approaching app redesign is that they want to boost the conversion rate of the app. The users in the technology world like things to happen off the bat. Nothing is more frustrating for the users than the mobile app taking more time to open or load.

Many times, the app developers in their zeal to implement the best designs, graphics, and layouts increase the size of the content. This adversely impacts the app’s loading speed and creates a bad impression on the users.

Benefit:- Improved conversion rate

With application redesigning, the size of the images and graphics can be reduced or unnecessary designs can be removed so that the content gets loaded, right away and there will be no lags or delay in the content display.

A lot of navigation, complex forms, and broken links have a negative impact on the performance of the app. Your business is bound to lose customers if the app lags in performance. Redesign the app to solve the speed and performance issues with your app.

You can increase the conversion rate by:

  • Redesigning the UX of the app
  • Add additional features to ensure easy usage
  • Integrate an appealing layout to grab use attention

If the conversion rate of your app is not according to your expectations, then your app is one of those apps that need redesign. Improved performance leads to a better conversion rate, as the app users can quickly perform the action they want to on the app. Improved performance will boost the conversion rate of your app.

Need:- Want to target new audience

One of the biggest reasons to go for mobile application redesign is the change in the target audience. Sometimes, due to changes in certain circumstances, you might need to target a different segment of an audience instead of your original target audience.

Benefit:- Target new audience easily

When you want to target a new audience, app redesigning can prove to be a good idea. Different things appeal to different audience segments. For instance, you might need to redesign the app if your app was designed to target the millennials first, but now you want to target Gen Z.

App redesigning can help when you want to target another customer segment in addition to the one you are already targeting. App redesigning can help you engage the existing users and allure the new ones.

Through a thorough revamp of the mobile app design, you can give a complete makeover to the app and give a boost to its usability through visually pleasing designs and enriched functionalities.

When YouTube redesigned critical components of its mobile app like its logo, theme, and UI, it created a positive buzz for the company. To save time and motivate users to view the full video, without skipping, YouTube even included a playback speed control feature. The playback speed control feature of the redesigned YouTube helped the users view the videos at an increased speed without skipping any part of the video.

UX Design Strategy For App’s Success

Why go with professionals for your app redesign project?

The mobile apps need to be modified over a period of time to offer a consistent user experience. The mobile app redesigning allows businesses to accommodate new goals, app extension to new platforms, resolve UX issues, evolve interaction design, modernize the app look and feel, and enhance the user experience.

Outsourcing your mobile app redesign to a professional mobile app development company is a good idea. A professional app design and development agency will be able to properly guide you on the mobile app redesign journey and ensure your project is completed satisfactorily.

We, at prismetric, have more than a decade of experience in the field of mobile app design and development and we have helped countless clients redesign their mobile apps. Avail the mobile app design service of Prismetric and ensure that your mobile app is redesigned according to the latest mobile app development trends.

By choosing Prismetric, you will ensure that your mobile app is redesigned in a way that the app is always aligned with the needs of your users.

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