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A Blueprint for Successful Mobile App Redesign

Mobile App Redesigning – Get a New Avatar for your App

Mobile app redesign could be the final resort for enterprises in many cases; sometimes, app redesign is thought of just as a general approach to add freshness to the business. In other cases, this could be the best way to face stubborn challenges such as poor growth, decreasing sales, lesser engagement of customers or users, and so on. Mobile app design services can, in almost all cases, help you overcome the hassle and get you a new avatar for your mobile app.

So, what is mobile app redesign? Simply put, it is designing your mobile software one more time with a better approach and strategy. A present-day company, for its services and products, inevitably has a mobile application to reach wider users. While developing the app, market trends and user demands are kept in mind; over the period, these factors change and so do the taste of users.

When should you consider app redesign?

So, what is the reason for the app redesign? The latest trend in UI/UX? Some constant negative feedback? A new look to your product or service? Or it’s just because you are getting bored?

Here knowing the needs and benefits of mobile app redesign can be more helpful. Well, let us check some primary reasons why you need to redesign your business app.


Low conversation

Little conversation from apps raises questions about the app’s credibility and, therefore, most enterprises consider redesigning the mobile app. Here are a few factors you may think to improve user engagement and improve the conversation ratio.

  • Improving UI/UX
  • Adding CTA through user engagement and user-purpose research
  • Adding extra features
  • Adding eye-catching colors and shades
  • Poor use retention

No onboarding or poor retention means users visit the application but then don’t stay for longer. A primary reason for poor retention could be the outdated aesthetics of the app. This simply means that there are very thin chances for the user to get engaged and avail of any service or order products. Improving user experience is one of the best benefits you can achieve through mobile app redesign.

Bad reviews

There is no deadlier nightmare than getting bad reviews about a product, service, or even application. The application, if receiving, constant negative feedback gets a terrible impact on your business. Especially unsatisfactory reviews due to bad user experience of an application should draw your attention to change the app and redesign it. The best UX design strategy shall help your app revive the tough market competition.

Irrelevant approach

Today, when the market and consumer demands have become volatile, it is important for any business owner to keep up with the latest app development trends. If the app becomes obsolete, users find it dull to use. Irrelevancy is one of the biggest concerns of most of the applications on the app stores because the market is changing its trend rapidly. Hence, it is important to perform an app redesign process with the help of UI/UX professionals.

Company rebranding

Another cogent reason for mobile app redesigning includes the rebranding of a company. If you are thinking of a complete company transformation, it is first your website and apps that need redesign. A complete mobile app revamp would help you include a newer approach and the company’s goal in your software. When you rebuilt your app, you can also include the best features in your mobile app that were missed in the previous version. Mobile app redesign for a company reformation helps in these ways –

  • App redesign showcases a newer brand strategy
  • App redesigning includes reformed and improved company logo
  • The functions and features can be altered or modified in the mobile app redesign process
  • A complete makeover is possible with newer shades, fonts, and UI/UX redesign

Change in demands or product/services

A major change in market or consumer demand or products/services also requires redesigning of mobile app for good reasons. An old mobile application might have been developed with special spaces for texts and images of your products and services. A significant change in any of these components would require improvement in design and content.

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Why You Should Redesign Your App?

From an obsolete app to a stunning new-age visual treat – your app can do wonders after being redesigned; the whole avatar can be changed through mobile app development by professionals. Here are the business benefits of an app revamp –

User-centric UI: you can certainly improve user experience through ergonomic and psychological approaches in the UI/UX. The app can now focus more on users’ feedback and provide them with what exactly they expect. This way, user engagement is improved and so is retention.

Personal experience: based on feedback and other market research, you can improve the personal experience of users through mobile app redesign. The colors and components that once appealed to users may now no longer stay attractive. Improved personal experience would connect to more audiences and hence would increase the overall user base.

Improved app performance: one of the sure-shot results of mobile app redesigning is the improved performance of mobile software applications. It is because the entire new avatar of the app would have refined components, fresh designs, and user-experience-focused content. A neat and spacious design on the app would surely improve the app’s performance with the help of KPI which means chances of product and service sales increase manifold.

Search engine ranking: search giants such as Google and Bing love fresh designs and content. The mobile app redesign process includes changing all sets of icons, texts, and much more on the mobile application. This all results in a purely fresh experience not only for users but also bots. Ultimately, search engine algorithms could reconsider the ranking of your application or website and there are fair chances that your ranks are improved on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

What are the steps to redesign your mobile app?

So, a million-dollar question is how to redesign a mobile app? Going a step further in it, for better clarity, the same questions might change to, how to redesign an app using rudiments that end in a flawless process? Here we present industry-standard steps to make your app redesign successful.

Steps to Redesign a Mobile App

Product research

The first answer to how to redesign an app is the product research you must conduct considering the latest market trends from users’ perspective. You may take the help of UI/UX research papers, articles, and whitepapers to study special cases. Alternatively, research and statistics magazines and websites may also help you learn the products and software applications that are popular these days. Interviewing with stakeholders and concerned audiences may also add two cents to your app redesign project.

UX audit

A UX audit is destined to check the bottlenecks in the UI and carry out the precautions you would take while redesigning. The stumbling blocks described by users about the interface element flaws have their own importance to focus on. The sole purpose of the UX audit is to check on the factors that have contributed to the sharp decline in app performance. After the UX (User Experience) audit, you will be able to achieve these goals –

  • Improved conversation
  • Extra edge over competitors
  • Improved loyalty

The usability checklist shall include several actions such as login, registration, typography, architecture, interaction, user control/freedom, help, documentation, etc.

UX redesign

The next step after the UX audit is the UX redesign because now you have a pile of important information and cogent reasons to change the mobile app design. In this stage, the UX designers need to go through simple standard steps -idea sketches, prototype development, user input gathering, and finally making a design from the feedback received. Some experts also opine that interviewing with stakeholders. Questions such as what motivates them to spend more time on similar applications; what feature is their favorite feature; what challenges they face while navigating the app solution, and so on.

UX testing

UX testing identifies flaws and inconveniences that users face while using the app. Now, the testing is performed independently in lieu of users’ feedback. Here are a few tips to help you carry out UX testing –

  • Ask questions, this time with detailed answers
  • The issues faced should relate to the real-life scenario: say, for instance, complex menu items are like finding a needle in the haystack
  • Refer to all flows in structures, app architecture, and decide the flow of actions

UI redesign

Once the UX redesign and testing are performed, now is the time to start the UI redesign. Here, all the interface elements and mobile app components on other pages should follow the same theme i.e., look and feel. All the items on the software tool would speak the same story and message as the brand logo and colors do. UI (User Interface) redesign can also think of using a couple of fonts that go together, say, Archivo Black and Roboto.

UI testing

In this crucial stage, all the elements are checked and confirmed for their placement. The font size, icon size and shape, and pattern across the UI are tested before finalizing it. All the components are tested along with their desired functionalities. Users’ reaction to mobile app redesign is also observed. If they get confused, the rethinking of a change is not ignored.

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Product development

When the updated design is completely ready, the mobile app development phase starts. When you hire mobile app developers, you may ask them to use the design and make it completely work with functions. Most mobile app development companies have dedicated remote developers for hire who work on both the front end (client side) and back end (server side) to make the product ready for the final delivery.

Test and deployment of the redesigned app

After front-end and back-end development, UI testing is performed to finalize the product. It simply means that in this stage, the testing is done on the overall product. In simple words, check how a finished mobile app looks and works. The mobile app redesign should not lose the business logic and the company’s vision and mission. This is the penultimate stage before the mobile app is put on the market or re-launched on a specified platform. Once everything is thorough, the product is deployed and is now available to use officially.

Redesign analysis

Mobile app redesign is a crucial process and keeping an eye on its performance is of paramount importance. During the app maintenance phase, it is important to watch the changes the redesigned app has brought in. You need to wait for some time so that the newly updated product gets settled and starts receiving feedback, one more time.

What are the possible challenges in application redesign?

Easy as it reads, but redesigning a mobile app is a daunting task. Here are a few challenges you may face.

A complete makeover: while redesigning mobile apps, you may face a dilemma to change a few components, and then you may think to change more and more. Restrict yourself from rebuilding everything at once except in some rare cases such as rebranding.

Hiring underperformers: when you hire mobile app designers, check their qualifications and experience in redesigning an application. Falling into wrong hands would end the story in a disastrous way.

Lack of strategy: Redesigning your mobile app with no research and study whatsoever would bring undesired consequences and it would have all fair chances to fail your product. Hence, you need to perform this action strategically.

How much does app redesign cost?

The mobile app redesign process could be a simple or the most complex one, depending on your requirements. As already stated earlier, depending on the purpose of the mobile app redesign, the cost may vary. The app redesign process may need the full development team which could include designers, developers, analysts, testers, and managers that could affect the cost to redesign your mobile app.

The mobile app redesign budget also depends on the location of outsourcing (India, for example, is cheaper), hourly rates, and the complexity level of redesigning. Nevertheless, it may cost you approximately USD 15-40/hr for a mobile app UI/UX designer for hire.

Similarly, how long app redesigning takes also depend on the complexity of the project. It may vary from a few days to months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile App Redesign

What is mobile app redesign?

Mobile App redesign means reconstructing an old app with a new avatar wherein components, shades/colors, fonts, and even features are changed depending on the business requirements.

When is the time to redesign the app?

There are several factors that indicate time to redesign your mobile app such as poor retention, company rebranding, poor user feedback, poor or low conversion rate, less traffic, outdated product & design, complicated UI, technology and trend update, app migration, targeting new audience, new feature update, and factors the like.

How long does it take to redesign the app?

It totally depends on the redesigning criteria of yours. If you are just looking for minor changes that could be done in few days but if you are looking for total makeover of app design with technology and features as well than it could take considerable amount of time. But as long as the new design can help you earn more revenue than it is worth it. Right?

Whom should I hire to redesign my app?

Mobile app redesign process is same is developing an app. Therefore you will need designers, developers, business analyst, project manager, product manager, and QA & testers. You can say that the app designers will be the core of the team here but you cannot redesign your app successfully without other team members.

What are popular tools that can be used in app redesigning?

Sketch, Adobe XD, and Marvel are some of the tools used by designers.

How do you redesign a mobile app?

Here are steps that can help to redesign an application successfully.

  • Product Research
  • UX Audit
  • UX Redesign
  • UI Testing
  • UI Redesign
  • UX Testing
  • Product Development
  • Testing and Deployment of Redesign
  • Feedback and Analysis

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