Unlocking the Secrets of Building a Profitable Event Management App - Prismetric

Unlocking the Secrets of Building a Profitable Event Management App

Event Management App Development - An Expert’s Guide

All everyday actions and routines are performed on mobile apps today – from ordering and receiving groceries to planning for the entire day and calling business meetings to date someone on a lovely candlelight dinner.

While business communication and professional tasks are performed online, socializing with one another has largely shifted to mobile applications and web portals. Along the same line, event management apps have been quite popular lately.

Why do we socialize? The need for events and gatherings

As quoted by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life, “Socializing is more positive than being alone, that’s why meetings are so popular. People don’t like being alone. That would be, however, an important skill to learn.”

Earlier the events and gatherings were small and limited to a certain number but with the rise in population and people going digital, the boundaries have increased. This gave rise to event management businesses that are efficient in managing various types of events.

That said, whether you are an event organizer or a businessperson who loves venturing into a different sector, an event management app built by a company providing the best mobile app development services would be a great choice that you would never regret later. This guide to event planning business with the help of the latest technology shall drive you through all the necessary steps.

What is an event management application?

Event organization brings several challenges and complexities. An event management mobile app is a software tool that helps you do everything from a handheld device. Such technological help comes in handy in the event planning business of any kind.

Event management app primarily focuses on management with the help of specific features such as event booking, managing attendees, changing times and dates, putting ticket prices, offering promotional codes or discount coupons, guiding participants or patrons through maps, and the like.

According to Splash, 52% of CEOs say that event marketing renders a higher ROI as compared to other marketing channels. The post-pandemic phase has fuelled virtual events by several times – TOPO states that most of the companies (more than 60%) have already switched to digital conferences and events.

This says it all! If you are planning to have an event management company, building a customized event management app could be the foundation on which your empire may stand still even against the hardest winds.

What are the good ideas related to Event Management App?

There are several types of ideas for event management apps depending on the targeted users or attendees.

Corporate event apps

This includes events held or organized by corporate houses. This category can be again classified into;

  • Seminars and conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Retreat or incentive programs
  • Sports events
  • Appreciation and appraisal events
  • Milestone achievement events
  • Team building and activities
  • Product launch
  • Board and shareholder meetings

Private or Personal event apps

Personal events can be included in private event applications. They can be further customized for several features and types.

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays and baby showers
  • Themed parties
  • Anniversaries of all kinds
  • Family gatherings or events
  • VIP events
  • Funeral

Applications for Public events

Unlike personal or private event apps, public event apps are on a bit larger scale. It can be further divided into multiple types –

  • Conventions
  • Network events
  • Press conference
  • Community gathering or potluck
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Live performance
  • Award functions
  • Fundraising events
  • Real estate events

Social event app

To enhance the experience of social events such apps are built.

  • Festival
  • Yacht Party
  • Bar Crawl
  • Masquerade Party
  • Fashion Show
  • Cooking Completion

Charity event app

Charity events include organizing events for social causes or fund rising or maybe, it is on a non-profit basis.

  • Fun run/walk or marathon
  • Competition and encouragement
  • Auction
  • Art exhibition
  • Gala events
  • Concert

Bring your event business plan into reality.

How an Event Management App Can Help Your Business Succeed?

Benefits of Event Management App

The benefits of having an event management software app are numerous, and it literally depends on the choice of features and facilities you want to add. From a simple seat-booking event planning app to a full-fledged super event management app, the sky is the limit when it comes to developing a mobile app for various events.

Here are a few benefits –

Better engagement through visual appeal

Event management symbolizes glory and glamour. Most events include stars from films, television, music, and the entertainment industry. Hence, event management apps are made aesthetically appealing with vibrant colors and easy navigation. It results in more engagement of users and the percentage of conversion increases manifold.

Business network

Events include several people and other service providers such as stage and infrastructure, mic and sound systems, and food and beverages in some cases. Event management applications have fair chances to grow a professional network with several other firms and service industries. Even further, such business owners shall have direct contact with highly influential people such as sportspersons, actors, politicians, singers, and musicians.


As your event management business app’s popularity grows, the number of sponsors shall also increase. That said, you may have big sponsorships from reputed companies and corporate houses. This would be, of course, in addition to sponsors within the application as advertisers that is already helping you to earn well.

Feedback and reviews

Ignored by many businesses, reviews and feedback are the truest pathway to improving your products or services and building foolproof strategies to run your business. Regular study of feedback from users or patrons shall help you identify the grey areas of your application or event management business. Using such suggestions, you can amend your business strategies and try to overcome the flaws mentioned by users. This shall help you take your event management company to newer heights.

Assured revenue

To any business, the ultimate goal is to assure a smooth flow of revenues, and online event management application just offers it. There are various revenue-generating models of event management that you can apply to your application. Carefully followed monetization strategies would ensure a steady flow of income from multiple sources.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of an event management app for your company.

How to create an Event management app?

Event management app development process

The app development process for event management includes various steps to mind and execute them through a business-oriented plan that aligns with your company’s vision and mission. Here are the steps to follow –

Decide on the type of event management app

The very first step toward building an event management business app is to find your niche that has better prospects and less competition in the market. Various types of event planning niches exist and you can choose one or multiple from them.

Digitizing event planning could happen in many ways – website, software, or mobile applications. You may opt for getting one or more depending on the demand in the region to operate it. Depending on the type, the budget you spare for the development of your event management application shall vary. Once the niche is decided, the next step toward software development is intense market research because based on it the functional roadmap shall be prepared.

Decide on the platform and implementation

Along with research on market trends and user behavior, studying peers and their business strategies shall help you decide what exactly your mobile event management software should have and how would it excel in the competition. Deciding the platform (mobile or web or desktop or all) and implementation in a controlled or open network/environment shall be strategically planned and executed. You can decide on the platforms such as iOS or Android, or can alternatively go for cross-platform app development for event management.

Find the best event management app development company

To ensure a successful event management app, it’s recommended to outsource development to a reputable mobile app development company with specific industry experience and expertise. You can hire a team of developers for your entire product development requirement.

Before offering the entire project, you may have to conduct several meetings with their business and technology consultants to convey your goal and discuss how to build an event management application that fulfills your business objectives. There are two primary factors you need to keep in mind–

  • Budget: how much does it cost to develop an app for your event management business? It should be made clear; the best mobile app development companies may offer you good deals for developers to hire for your project.
  • Build your own team of developers: Certain hiring models enable buyers to build their own team of dedicated developers. They can choose or select the choicest resources from the offshore company.

Decide on the event management app features

What are the features that you are looking to have in your event management app? You may take the help of market researchers or simply ask the app development company you hire. The ultimate goal is to list features in the app that would make your product different than others. Offering uniqueness to users shall be a match-winning factor for the event management business. Here is the list of some features that you need to include –

Event information

It goes beyond any question that event information is the prerequisite of any event management app. It means that you should thoroughly explain the event, its venue, date, time, and the chief guests or performers. Accurate information should be conveyed to users or patrons and a mistake in it may bring terrible consequences. Hence, the team responsible for placing the event information features should be experienced and sincere.

Search and book

For users, the events are specific. Though the event management application shows users highlighted content at first, you should enable search and book seats on the top of the app’s UI. Going directly to a particular event should be easy and straight to make the app usable to all types of users. Minimal taps and typing shall help this feature stand out in the race.

Event sessions and schedules

Users are better informed about current events and scheduled events in the near future so that they can plan well in advance. For instance, the events on Christmas eve could be displayed and opened for booking a month or two earlier. This helps patrons have better choices or advanced bookings to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Chat and communicate

Another important feature of an event management app is to provide users with chat and communication with the event support team and/or other patrons and users. Any delay in queries related to events shall end up in dissatisfaction and users may lose their cool. While you can deploy a special task force, you can alternatively design a chatbot for an event management app for quick and accurate response.

GPS-enabled services

For event management mobile apps, GPS-enabled services can help patrons reach the venue without any hassle. Third-party API integration such as Google Maps and Calendar shall help you offer customers various facilities such as event reminders and guidance for the best route (along with estimated time to reach) to the destination. This will help them plan for the event better.

Real-time analytics

For owners of event management businesses, it is important to have analytics to create and implement fruitful strategies for the future. The data collected by a built-in analytical feature in the event management app shall provide an in-depth analysis of events’ performance. Utilizing various pieces of event information and user data, one can make out the popularity of a particular event or genre that works in a specific region and locality.

Reminders and notifications

As stated earlier, the third-party API integration or built-in features of reminders and notifications can help patrons set an alarm or trigger a message just a day or a few hours before the event. Additionally, notification of any change in the event shall also be quite a helpful feature to inform users and save their time and energy. For business owners, triggered notifications such as new registration shall help them manage the event better.

Social media sharing

Social media sharing is one of the most useful features of an application of event planning and management. Word-of-mouth is the best marketing and sharing on various social media platforms exactly does the same. Offering such facilities to users and patrons shall help the event planning app an extra edge and automatic publicity as the users share their experience with other connections on their social media accounts.

Must have User-Friendly Features to have in Mobile app

Design, develop, test, and deploy

Once the features are decided for the event management business application, this is the time to select highly intuitive and engaging UI/UX. Wireframes are built keeping business scope in mind and mobile app designers dedicatedly work on every component of the user interface of the event management app.

Top qualities of UI/UX Designers

After the designing phase comes the mobile app development phase. Here the functionalities are added to the design with the help of an event management app technology stack.

It is worth mentioning that despite other specific features mentioned earlier, the basic features that most event management applications would have are –

  • Geolocation
  • Ticket booking/sales
  • Event schedules
  • Networking features
  • Mobile or social media check-in
  • Push notifications

Other than these, you may come across several other advanced features on event management apps such as

  • Mobile Wallets
  • Live Streaming Options
  • City Guide
  • Live Polling
  • Gamification
  • And Other virtual presentations.

A full-fledged event management business app with complete design and development then undergoes rigorous testing for quality check and assurance. Before the final deployment, the beta version is released for testing purposes privately and all the opinions of stakeholders are considered and if needed, changes are made.

Finally, the event management business application is deployed on a pre-defined platform or environment.

Experience the future of event management with our custom app development.

How would your event management app make money?

Monetizing your Event Management App

If you wonder how your event management app will make money, there are several models that generate steady revenue. Maximize profits of your event management business app through these successful monetizing and revenue generation strategies.

In-app purchase

In-app purchase is one of the commonest monetization models for any mobile application. For event management, too, an in-app purchase option shall entice users to go for more facilities. Within the application, several perks and facilities are offered with some extra payment.

Ticket sales and Booking

Ticket selling is a major revenue-generating option for an event management app. Keeping various payment gateway options for e-ticket booking helps users to pay online as per their convenient channel. Apart from government taxes, event management business owners can also levy their service charges as a source of assured income.


Ads have been one of the primary ways to earn revenue from a mobile application. Mobile Advertisements in event management apps could be a sound option for easy cash flow.


The freemium model of business can offer online event booking services for free but with limited features to the organizers. For more features, they may need to shell out some extra bucks which are revenue for the app owner.

Surveys & Interactive Polling

This feature can help in revenue generation and brand building for event organizations as well as sponsors. Polls can be an interactive part of the event as it can be used for instant feedback from patrons who attended the event. Sponsors can use this feature and all their brand names in surveys, polls, and questions that they choose.

Sponsored Listings

This monetization strategy can provide additional exposure to the event organizers and exhibitors, and help them to stand out from others. It provides more visibility as it directly comes under the spotlight which attracts users. Hence, you can have more sponsors to earn more RoI.

Additionally, you can also have sponsor splash pages and highlighted content by charging the event planner some fees. Lastly, a few unique concepts of gamification and SocialWall are other ways to have multiple channels through which revenue can flow.

Ready to take your event company to the next level?

What’s next?

The guide to start event management business app development has driven through various steps to venture into this lucrative sector. The next step is to connect to a mobile app development company, discuss your requirements, and kickstart your project.

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