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Push Notifications- Types, Importance, Benefits, And More

Push Notifications - A detailed insight

Push notifications technology are the new ‘blue-eyed boys’ for people dealing with electronics marketing. Their propensity to engage the users and encourage them to keep using the app has led to their rapid rise in popularity. Let us know in detail about push notifications.

What are Push Notifications?

A message that pops up on the screen of the mobile user is known as a push notification. Push notifications have evolved from being just text messages to messages which contain rich media like gif’s and animated images and even videos.

Facebook is reminding you of your friend’s birthday, you get updates of your favorite offers! Those messages that you get are known as push notifications.

The significant benefit of Push notifications technology over other forms of communication like in-app messaging is that the user doesn’t need to be logged into the app to see the notification.

Why should you use push notifications?

The research had proven that the click rate from push notifications is 4-8 times higher than email despite its enabled with users’ permission. There are more reasons that make push notifications a powerful weapon for the marketing team.

The opt-in choice improves the chances of the push notifications being well-received and read by the users as the push notifications are sent only after the users’ consent. Single-click permission from users enables businesses to gain users’ information without needing to ask them, which helps in capturing a large number of quality leads. The personalized push notifications enhance users’ interest and increase retention rates as well.

What’s more? It saves a lot of time, unlike email or newsletter creation which eats up tons of time in creating content and presentation. Besides, push notifications also bring instant response by sending the right notifications at the right time to the right audience. The automated campaigns for push notifications with time-bound messages increase the chances of conversion.

Benefits of Push Notifications

Improve brand visibility

The users are always asked to allow or deny receiving push notifications before the app starts sending notifications. The opt-in choice improves the brand’s visibility among its existing audience as the users opted to subscribe for push notifications with a single touch will continuously see the messages from the brand in the notification area. The push notifications enable the brand to stay in the users’ view every time they look at the notifications.

Customizable communication

Nowadays, broadcasting a general message to all the users won’t help businesses to make the users take interest in the brand’s offerings. When user interaction through push notifications is tailored based on their likes, preferences, and interests, the possibilities of user responses increase. With artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in place, they track all the user activities throughout the app and then create custom notifications personalized to every user, which adds up a personal feel to the message and gears up the users to read and act.

For instance, the Starbucks app identifies the user’s behavior for drink patterns and preferences using ML technology and then generates personalized offers which are sent automatically to the users through push notifications.

Increase conversion rates

The content of push notifications is clear, concise, and contextual along with a dose of multimedia content that makes it appealing. Plus, the personalized content when reaches out to the targeted users at the right time, the chances of making the users purchase the product/service instantly is higher. Businesses increasingly segment the users based on geographies, buying preferences, and purchase history, and then set up automated campaigns that reach the users’ devices at the time they use the device the most, which ultimately increases the conversion rate by 3-4 folds.

Save time

Creating newsletters or emails is a daunting task that consumes a lot of time in content, offers, illustrations, and article creation. On the other hand, push notifications are short, concise, and targeted which diminishes the amount of time it requires to send push notifications. Thankfully, advanced technologies have made it simple, engaging, and result-driven.

Types of Push Notifications

Types of Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications

The users get notifications when they are browsing the internet. Users might be on a desktop, laptop or smartphone they will receive the notifications once they give their consent. Hire a web development company to help you enjoy the beauty of web push notifications to reach the user across a diverse set of devices. Website push notifications have a benefit, as opposed to email marketing, the push notifications do not find themselves stuck in the spam folder of the user’s email account. They are bound to reach the user.

Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications can be sent to the smartphones of the users. They are app-specific and can be sent when the user installs a particular app and opts in to receive the notifications. Hire a team for Mobile app development to help you build mobile push notifications that rich and interactive in nature, which results in better response rate as compared to text messages.

Desktop Push Notifications

Desktop push notifications appear on the desktops for the installed digital products to re-engage the users and make them revisit the product. Desktop push notifications cannot be developed without coding expertise, unlike web push notifications.

Push notifications on wearables

The users leveraging wearables such as a smartwatch, smart glasses, smart bands, and more have experienced getting a notification on the wearables. The wearables are connected to smartphones that display the notifications on the mobile app straight on the wearable screens. Also, the users can opt-in to receive notifications on mobile and wearable through notification settings.

A few tips to maximize results with push notifications

Push notifications can be used to improve user engagement. These notifications can be used to help you in keeping in touch with your users in a non-intrusive manner. They can be used to re-engage the users. It frequently happens that the user installs the app, uses it once or twice and then just forgets about it. These notifications remind the user about your app and hence avoid your mobile app from becoming obsolete.

Push notifications can be used as a useful tool to improve conversion rates. For example:- companies can use push notifications to nudge the customers who have abandoned their carts and hence lead to a better conversion ratio.

Push notifications can be used to craft personalized offers by helping you to target the correct set of users.

Using deep links in your push notifications, you can guide the user to a particular place in your app, boosting user engagement.

Push notifications are if used correctly can help in driving user engagement, as is evident from the below image.

App retention rate is a critical determinant of the success of any mobile application. It is evident from the above image Push notifications are around 3 times more effective in improving app retention even after 3 months. Push notifications bring expected results when they are implemented strategically. It requires businesses to follow some tips to make the most out of push notifications. They are-

Focus on quality while crafting the notification

Content is crucial in deciding the success and failure of your push notification strategy. Writing well off push notification content is much like writing good ad copy. Hook your users with a great title, follow it up with content that is relevant, personalized and engaging to the user. Using rich media like gif’s and emoji’s would increase the engagement level of push notifications.

Another thing to consider while writing the push messages would be the size of the push message. In the world that is driven by technology, people generally have less time, thus more significant is not always better. People are generally lazy with reading more extended information, and hence it is advisable to draft short, crisp messages instead of big wordy ones.

Make sure that your push notifications are well aligned with your other marketing channels like email and in-app advertising, and nobody likes repetitive marketing messages.

Use targeted Push Notifications

Send targeted notifications to your users; there is no point of sending all notifications to all users. This can come across as being obtrusive; remember users value push notifications only when they are personalized and beneficial to them.

Here you can use big data analytics to identify the preferences of your users. Using the first name of the user in the push notification will also help in making the message more personalized. Think of how Netflix targets its users, by displaying notifications related to only those movies which are similar to the one already searched/watched by the customer.

Use Geo-fencing to boost conversion

A great way to target users through geo-targeted push notifications. . A restaurant, for example, can send push notifications to the users when they are in close vicinity of the food joint. The restaurant can even remind them of how much fun they had last time and thus lure them into having a similar experience again.

Best time to use Push Notifications

Timing is critical in case of push notifications, and you need to time your push notifications well; otherwise, you will start annoying your users. Nobody likes a company which sends “great 50% off” offers at 4 am. You should use the targeting strategy discussed above and combine it with the correct timing to optimize sales.

For example, if your mobile app sells movie tickets, then it a good idea to start sending the push notifications to people who have either previously bought movie tickets or who have shown interest in doing so. Start by timing your notifications in such a manner that it reaches the user one week before a movie is being released, be sure to pair the type of movie with the user for example: – if the user is a fan of superhero movies sending notifications for Avengers would be a great idea.

Keep reminding the user with notifications regarding the scarcity of the tickets like, “Only a few seats left for the premiere in your favourite theatre” this will create urgency and will increase the chances of your user buying the tickets from you.

Keep a check on the usage

While you are excited about the power of push notifications, it is easy to get carried away and send way too many of them. Remember the golden goose; yeah something like that, you will be killing the golden goose by sending too many notifications, so beware. How many push messages to send? The specific number will depend on the type of your app, while an insurance company might not need to send notifications frequently, and e-commerce company would require to engage its users by sending at least 1-2 messages per day. Focus more on the quality of the message rather than the quantity.

Build trust with the user

Treat Push notifications as a privilege which is granted to you by your user. Do not misuse it by sending irrelevant and too many messages. As a measure to build trust, you can even let users customize the kind of alerts that they get, for example, a user who is more interested in shoes in your e-commerce site won’t get alerts regarding home appliances. Also, you can let the users specify the quiet hours, during which your users won’t get any notifications. If your brand is perceived as caring and one which sends useful notifications, then users will trust you more. This will ultimately help in building a positive brand image of your brand.

Push Notifications in Popular Industries

Push notifications are leveraged as the fastest and easiest medium for re-engagement, retention, and remarketing of the products/services. Various industries are embracing them as marketing automation channels to bring desired results. Different industry verticals that have gained a strong foothold with push notifications are-

  • Ecommerce
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Cosmetics
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Health and Fitness
  • Job portals

Ready to hire dedicated developers for Push Notifications?

How Prismteric can help you avail of the push notifications?

Push notifications have revolutionized the e-marketing genre and have led to a large number of e-marketers adopting the tool. However, push notifications implementation won’t bring brilliant results unless it’s embraced strategically with proper planning. That’s where necessary assistance and guidance of experts would help in

The expert web & mobile app developers helps by designing well personalized, relevant and timely push notifications leveraging advanced technologies that provides businesses a better chance of selling to people who are already interested in your brand.

Prismteric team has helped various businesses of different industry verticals such as eCommerce, healthcare, education, transport, and tourism with push notifications implementation, which has boosted user engagement, conversion, ROI, and brand awareness.

Upend your marketing efforts with right push notifications leverage, where prismetric team will help you.

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