Why Beta testing ensures a high probability of successful mobile apps?

Beta testing for Mobile Apps

Mobile app development becomes a tiresome process when you need to re-build the app again because of its previous shortcomings. The re-development process not only makes app development a monotonous job, but it demotivates a team and that can be fatal for any organization.

Here, quality testing of the mobile app can be a way out. In this situation, Beta testing for mobile apps comes in handy for the organization as it allows the developers to have a look at where they are going wrong.

Beta testing is inevitable if you want to develop a top mobile application. Because if your mobile app has bugs and it lags, you will not be able to retain your customers. Launching a Beta version among the developers and a selected group of users, lets you feel the mood of the market.

With the expansion of technology, the habits of the users have also changed. They now know what kind of options they have and thus are prone to switch if they don’t find your mobile app in order.

Apart from reducing the risk of product failure, Beta testing helps in increasing the quality of the product through customer validation.

Quality and reliability are some of the most important factors that are needed by the app to be successful in the long run and Beta testing can help you achieve that. Let us do some close analysis on that.

Why Beta testing is essential for your Mobile App?

Assessing the Usability

Although the usability factor can differ from person to person, Beta testing enables you to know what the general preference of the audience is. It helps your organization to strike a fine balance during the app development process so that when the mobile app is ready for the market, it will have all the necessary ingredients.

Beta testing also provides quality feedbacks that can be incorporated in the mobile app development so that the app, when it comes out, has minimum loopholes. Also, if you assess the usability patterns of your targeted audience, you can easily design the app according to their choice and thus make it an instant hit.

Getting new insights

Doing Beta testing will save your organization from making one of the common mistakes that companies do when they say ‘we know our audience’. Whether it is a mobile app or a website, it is important for the organization to get the product tested by individual users, who have a similar behavioral pattern as your target audience, to get unbiased feedback.

Beta testing will help you in understanding the user experience. It will give you a real insight into whether the mobile app or the website can work in the actual user environment without any hassle.

Performance testing

Everything looks hunky-dory when the mobile app is in the lab and under the process of development. But the situation and scenario in the real world can be way more different. The performance tests by the Beta version of the app tests the product on real-life magnitudes to analyze the performance in uncontrolled situations. The situations which the mobile app gets in the real world are impossible to create while the app development process is on.

Let understand it with an example: if you are building a multiplatform app, there might be a chance of your app not having the consistency across the platforms. For analyzing this, Beta testing is utmost necessary as the performance tests conducted in the lab becomes almost irrelevant.

Reality test

Mobile app development is a process whose real results are shown in the real world and not in the lab. Beta testing enables the mobile app to taste real waters and make the app developers realize that their app is not as flawless as they have been thinking.

The users will test your mobile app for different purposes, in different locations, etc. It will also give you a look at how compatible your mobile app is with the new age technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Killing the Bugs

Bugs, however small they might seem, can be a nuisance for the popularity of your mobile app if you don’t deal with them properly. Beta testing becomes the medium to find the bugs and fix them before the app is out in the public domain. Fixing the bugs also gives your mobile app developers liberty of not sending many updates and thus not bothering the users too much.

Saving Money

Beta testing makes the mobile app development process fairly affordable. Because if you release your app in the market and it doesn’t give you the optimum response, you will invest more time and money in rectifying it.

Your mobile app will be long gone before you realize because the users won’t buy your app if it is not proper. Beta testing just sets the right road map for your app and thus saves money that will just be spent on unnecessary things.

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Keeping what is right

You do want to give options to your users, but you do not want to confuse them by providing a lot. While the mobile app is in the development phase, in the lab you cannot access what feature you must keep and what you can churn out.

Rolling out a Beta version will enable the users to have hands-on experience of the app and make their decisions. The feedbacks will help you to find out the number of things that are required and the number of things that can be left out. Removing the things which are not required will make the mobile app less cluttered and increase the user experience and user engagement.


Beta testing will empower your mobile app developers. It will decrease your market cycle and allow the app developers to expand their creative horizons. Since Beta testing makes you aware of the real-world problems the app is going to face, you can develop a more competent mobile app that could withstand the ever-changing mobile app market.

Beta testing will also keep your targeted audience on their toes in expectance of something new when the full version rolls out. This will not only give your app a positive ‘word of mouth’ publicity but will also save your precious money on marketing as well.

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