Significance of Bots in Brand Awareness and Customer Retention

Chatbots have become the talk of the town of tech world ever since Facebook introduced them into the FB Messenger last year. Ever since then, there has been a loud and growing voice among the groups of market strategists that advocate the usage of Chatbots in enhancing brand awareness and customer retention. And, there are impressive facts and figures behind the rising support of Chatbots. For instance, its inclusion will give the users an impulsive and quick answer to their problems.

Customer Retention

A Chatbot is primarily a computer program which becomes a medium for the users to have a conversation with the company professionals over Internet. The bots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) are capable enough of having meaningful conversations with the humans and can make a path breaking difference for many companies.

Apart from making the process of customer interaction really intuitive and fun, integration of Chatbots will also have a positive impact on the Brand of the company, thus the brand awareness will increase with leaps and bounces.  The stats show that, companies that have included AI powered Chatbots in their scheme of things saw a 46% rise in their customer retention ratio speaks volumes about the technology.

Therefore, without wasting much time, let us head straight to the main work and see the factors that make Chatbots amazingly easy for Brand awareness and Customer Retention.

Energizing Customer Retention Strategies

Let’s face it, the inclusion of Chatbots has made the customer engagement process more enthralling and intuitive. For the new age businesses that form a dynamic platform, understanding the customer queries is very necessary. Thus a Chatbot focuses on building conversations and providing highly relevant and real time solutions to the customers giving them a better experience.

Apart from the amazing real time solution to the customer queries, Chatbots are also instrumental in providing multi channel customer experience enhancement strategy. It can integrate all the data related to customers and also assists the top management professionals in implementing customer centric strategies.

Minimum Investment, maximum result

The best part of having a Chatbot is that it is amazingly cost efficient to implement. So, for the platforms where there is more emphasis on customer interaction, it can be the most optimum resource. With proper APIs and infrastructure, the bots require minimum maintenance as they are automated. Also, there is no requirement of intensive labor work to run the Chabot system.

With the usage of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots are very intelligent and can drive sales depending on the user preferences and purchases. By knowing their buying habits, it sends those products to the customers that have a very high chance of converting into sales.  Especially for a mobile commerce site, the Chatbots can be used to link the product directly from the site to the phone of the customers for their convenience. Thus, it keeps the customer updated with all the latest happenings that will have a positive impact on the sales.

Giving an Optimum Real-Time Engagement

Apart from having a web presence, it is essential for the companies to have a decorated mobile presence as well in the modern day business world. The prominent reason behind it is that the mobile apps have the widest reach; much more than web and is more relevant in the present times. Including Chatbots with the mobile apps will give your customer a virtual assistant every time they come up with any query.

By including this method, there will be an assertive flow of word related to your brand which will eventually help in escalating the process of brand awareness. Also, for including a Chatbot, you need no tweak or do any kind of changes. It will be ready to implement and available for your customers immediately.

Developing a Trustworthy Voice

It is vital to capture the essence of your Chatbots voice because it will be instrumental in indulging a sense of faith and respect in your customer’s heart. The process of customer retention will reach new heights as the users will love your personality and the Chatbot will act as your product’s brand ambassador. Regardless of the channel that you use to interact with your customers, the communication process will play a pivotal role in engaging the customers.


In the ever improving and innovating tech world, it is necessary for the companies too to evolve with the same pace so as to sustain themselves in the competition. Including Chatbots in the scheme of things will enable the organization to connect aptly with the customers and thus have a high rate of customer retention. Being cheap and easy to accommodate in the user interface is also an added advantage of Chatbots.

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