The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Tech Stack for Your Website

Guidelines to help you choose the best Tech Stack for your website

Tips to Choose the Technology Stack for Web App Development

Technological expansions have increased by leaps and bounds over the past years. Thus, it has become inevitable for companies to have a clear and complete understanding of the trending web development technologies they are using. Be it mobile app development or web app development, making the right decision concerning with your technology stack will be the most crucial step.

When it comes to developing a state-of-the-art website, web stack technology is the essential ingredient that you need to take care of because it will help you build a product that is secure, stable and very flexible.

Knowing the technology stack will help you develop a website that is customer-centric, targets the audience effectively and executes all the plans with perfection. Picking up the right technology stack will help you to upscale your website development process and ensure that the product gives the best performance.

The process of web development can be overwhelming but with a web development guide and a team of talented web developers, the process becomes smoother. We at Prismetric hold a steady hand in the website development process. In this blog, we will discuss some tricks that will help you in finding the best website development stacks.

What is Technology Stack?

The technology stack is a set of framework, software, tools and programming languages that is used in the synchronized development of a software product. Apart from this, a technology stack for website development also includes a server infrastructure and a bundle of very specific components that are used to create a specific functions of the website application.

The technology stack has three main components namely:

1. Frontend or Client-side

Front-end is a place where all the user interactions happen. If you are using a web app, the user can only interact with a part of the app and see it. The aspects that are used most commonly in front-end development include the likes of CSS, JavaScript, HTML and others. Let us understand some of them in detail;

CSS: CSS is abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheets. In this style sheet document, it is basically described as to how a document is written in HTML and how it will be displayed on the user’s screen. CSS is used to style the outlook markup of the text and can reflect the HTML code by applying different formats, sizes, fonts, etc. easily. Moreover, CSS is the most basic language that is used in the front-end development

JavaScript: In order to create interactive effectives within the web browser, JavaScript programming language is used. With the help of JavaScript, the HTML web page can be personalized for each user and thus can become more interactive.

HTML: The Hypertext Markup Language is a standard system which is used for tagging the text files on the web pages. HTML is used to put the effects like color, graphic and hyperlink into the web pages and the markup is used to describe the structure of the webpages.

2. Backend or Server-side

The backend structure consists of the entire logic, business logic of your product work. The backend is a place that executes the CRUD operations. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Demand.

The process of backend development include operations like:

  • Web server setup
  • Setting up the database storage
  • Web development framework
  • The programming language

In addition to this, the most commonly used languages or scripts for backend are:

  • DartGO
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  •  PHP
  •  Java

3. Middleware

Middleware is the layer of technology stack that consists of web servers, content management and other similar tools that is used to support the web app development. The languages in middleware is written in Java or C#. The languages are used in data management and to communicate between front-end and back-end.

Benefits of using the right kind of technology stack

The right kind of stack can be beneficial for your business .

  • With the right tech stack, the base performance of your website will get enhanced.
  • It will be easy to maintain the code-base of the website by choosing the correct technology stack as the wrong one will lead to additional maintenance costs.
  • The web developers will be able to code faster and thus your business can retain the same developers for the future project
  • The developers will be able to manage the code-base with ease and thus there will be no additional maintenance cost or technical debts.
  • The correct stack is documented in an orderly fashion, and it will become easy for the developers to fix the bugs and sort any of the performance-related issues.
  • Choosing the right technology stack will help you in sustaining your website for a longer period of time.
  • You’ll have a pool of experienced developers to choose from while working with the right technology stack.
  • You can manage the frequent update cycles with the right technology stack that run with the latest code-base.

How NOT to Choose a Web Technology Development Stack

To develop a successful website, it is necessary to know the right things that you need to do, but it is even more important to know the things to refrain from. There are some common mistakes that businesses make while choosing their technology stack for the website, which could prove fatal for the business in the long run.

It is okay, if you are not tech-savvy and do not understand some of the aspects listed here, you can be rest assured that we as an efficient web development company take a note of these things before deciding the way forward for your development project. We have listed some of the common practices that you need to avoid in order to stay on the right track while selecting the web technology stack.

Personal Preferences

While selecting a technology stack, we keep personal preferences at bay and select the stack on the basis of merit and usability. Relying on personal preferences may backfire as it only works for people with a solid technology background.

As for instance, if you have experience in website application development or you have led a team of web developers, your choice related to the technology stack may be correct. But if you don’t have an in-depth and thorough knowledge, go by the merits

Past Projects

Businesses need to understand that every website is unique in its own way and is developed to serve a definite purpose. Thus, we do not select your technology stack on the basis of past projects, no matter how successful they have been. The reason being that technology stack used in the past project may have become stale by now as the new-age technology is expanding at the rate of knots.
Inappropriate tech stack may lead to steep business blunders and will be hazardous for your company reputation.

Competitor Experience

Learning from other’s mistake might be a virtue of a wise man, but this strategy is of no use when it comes to the process of selecting a technology stack for a website. Every project is unique and thus the technology stack for your website is selected according to the project requirement. and not on the basis of your competitors or the mistakes they have made.

Online Research

We suggest that you do not just blindly follow everything that you see on the internet when it is about choosing the right technology stack. Today, the internet is full of information, but it is a task in itself to churn out the right kind of information for your business.

We rely more on the practical experiences and the knowledge of our expert consultants who are adept at suggesting the best among the technology stack in-vogue.

6 Tips Choose the Best Technology stack for Web Development

Now, it is time to look at the right tips that will boost your process of finding the appropriate technology stack for your website.

Defining the stage of your business

Whether you are planning to develop an ecommerce website or any other type of a business website, the correct technology stack will play an essential role in defining your business at every stage.

For example, if you are starting your business, the primary concern will be to launch an MVP as quickly as possible. The industry of your business will also play a vital role in making a decision keeping in mind the various aspects that are considered as basic for that particular industry may be different for other industries.

Size of the Project

The need for the technology stack may vary according to the size of the business. Whether, it is a small, medium or large-sized project, the critical factor that decides the type of the stack to be selected is the complexity of the project. If the project requires more features and functionalities, it would require a larger technology stack.

We define the requirement of the project, for example, real-time functionality, chatbot, or live chat to understand the requirement of the technology stack.

Qualifications of the Team

Before we decide on the technology stack for the development of your website, we analyse and understand the skill sets and qualifications of the team. This helps us define and make the required changes in the team based on what kind of technologies will be required for the project so that we can build the best solution. We make sure to include the latest among the top-rated technology stacks so that our website development team can work more efficiently keeping in mind the robustness of the system in the future.

This is where opting for a leading web app development company like ours, which is competent enough to work with all the latest technology stacks without any hiccups, make a difference.

Resource Planning

We have skilled and talented bunch of web developers who can easily develop a profound website that can take your business to greater heights. We also take comfortability of our developers and tech consultant into consideration before rounding off the technology stack for your project.

We always look to use a programming language that is open source and universal as the developers can work more efficiently on it. We always look to pick a technology stack that has a dynamic support community. Another advantage of using the commonly used programming languages is that if there is an increased need we can find more efficient developers in large numbers who are familiar with that language.

Maintenance cost and development

For any technology stack the maintenance costs must also be thoroughly thought about. The companies need to understand that the website development process is not over with the launch of MVP. MVP is built to catch the nerve of the audience and know what they are looking for. Thus, after developing and releasing the MVP, its development and upgradation costs must also be taken into account. To work with the high-end tech stack, you need a team of skilled developers. The cost of the professional developers will vary depending on the types of technologies they work with.


Before choosing any website development stack, security is also thought about in detail. If the technology is not scalable, it will be of no use for your business in the long run.. Thus it would help if you chose the tech stack based on scalability as well.

The website must be developed, keeping all the scenarios of security in mind. It is essential to run the security tests on both the client-side as well as the server-side to eliminate all the standard security threats.

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Rounding up
Choice of the technology stack can be the make or break point for your business. If you have a certain kind of tech stack that is fully functional and which is following your product, website development will become a more smooth process. The selection of the technology stack should be done based on your requirements and your business, its goals.

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