Using Flutter for Startups to unleash to true Potential of your Startup Business

Flutter for Startups – Why does it make better business sense?

Accelerating Startup Growth with Flutter A Visual Journey

Talking of an era, the present one operates on digital platforms. Startups are nothing short of running their entire businesses on digital platforms. Apart from that, people have understood the significance of digitization of businesses in today’s time. For any business to survive today, an app is a prerequisite. So, if you are someone who wishes to take a chance and step into the digital world, you need to figure out the dimensions of building a startup.

On that note, you need to think about the platforms that you shall prefer to get your app built. Though there are multitudes of choices out there, Flutter takes up space more than any other platform for startup app development being the most used framework in the world as of 2021. Once you select the platform the next step thereafter is to hire remote developers to get your business app developed. Let us discuss in detail why Flutter is the best choice for your business.

What is Flutter?

Predominantly operating as a Software Development Kit (SDK), Flutter is a framework that works as a medium for developing mobile, desktop, and web apps. Popularly known as a ‘UI framework’, Flutter is the most preferred framework for cross-platform development. Flutter is used for its swift, highly functional, and appealing creations.

Developed and launched by Google in 2017, this platform has gained much love from developers and businesses. Being open source, this one is loaded with benefits for businesses.

What is Flutter used for?

Flutter is one of the leading cross-platform app development frameworks that use Dart as its programming language. Flutter is used for developing mobile, desktop, and website apps for businesses like yours. It’s a blessing for those who wish to be omnipresent for their customers.

Flutter can give you multiple apps from a single codebase. Not just this, but it is an amazing platform to get gaming apps developed. The hot reload feature is the main attraction and takes a lot of burden off the developers’ shoulders. It is one of the reasons why Flutter for startups is a great choice.

There is no need for a runtime module or even a browser to carry out an application. Flutter app development is a great way to shape native and cross-platform apps for all kinds of devices and platforms. In fact, Google itself is supported by Flutter for many things like optimizing the Google Assistant and Google home hub.

Impressive numbers of using Flutter for Startup

We have not been siding with Flutter for no reason at all. Developers and businesses go on and choose flitter for several reasons- its performance in the real time says it all. Take a look at the facts and figures that support our statements.

  • According to a StackOverflow survey of 2022, it was essentially noted that Flutter bypasses React Native with a good margin of 12.64% in terms of popularity.
  • Also, Flutter is also seen to have a preference of 68% of respondents.
  • GitHub mentions that Flutter has around 146k stars as a framework.
  • Giants like Google and Alibaba use Flutter extensively.

Cross-platform vs native application development

The amount of comfort mobile apps provide, humans have become dependent on these and there’s no going back. People are habitual in using mobile apps that work smoothly. This is not it, whenever your customers visit a web application or use a desktop application, they expect equivalent comfort on all platforms and devices. Thus, as a business venture, it is your responsibility you provide your customers with the ultimate experience and satisfaction giving them what they demand.

With Flutter app development, you would not have to think twice. As a startup, all you want is to spend judicially on necessary bits and you’re your money and time for all the other aspects of the business.

Let us look at how native and cross-platform app development differs in its fundamentals:

Flutter Fundamental Differences

Tech architecture

When we talk about the technical architecture of Flutter, it is entirely based on Skia. Skia is everything Flutter ever requires for optimum app development. Flutter is self-sufficient in terms of each and every component required for a native if cross-platform app development.


The IDE-guided setup of the Flutter framework is user-friendly for both Android and iOS. Flutter Doctor is a CLI tool that helps developers set up the development services environment.

API development

Native app development on Flutter is smooth as butter. Being so rich in libraries and widgets, Flutter has components that support native development in terms of navigation, state management, UI development, testing, and a lot more. You can build a robust and appealing Flutter startup app.

Tech support

With Flutter by your side, you do not need to think twice before initiating the platform app development. Flutter is a source of unique resources and features to choose from the libraries which make the entire Flutter mobile app development smooth and fun.


Flutter has a provision for the seamless deployment of mobile app startups on the designated app stores for both Android and iOS. The support system that Flutter provides to its developers and customers is beyond criticism. The entire community support and maintenance is a big success in the case of Flutter. Releasing the app is not a headache anymore. With Flutter, you get it done in a flash speed without any hindrances on your way.

Dev Ops support

Flutter leaves no stone unturned in safeguarding the maintenance and support process for its apps. It provides end-to-end support when it comes to the maintenance of an app built using it. The support system ranges from CI/CD support to providing CLI. Additionally, the platforms also extend aid in the documentation of the app thus developed.

Flutter app development: key features

App development is an extensive process and it takes days and months to get an app delivered that promises optimal performance, great user experience, smooth functioning, and most importantly one that proves to be efficient for its startup or business owner. Flutter is a pool of unique resources and features where one can find several distinctive widgets to include in their startup app development.

The development of mobile apps could cost you decently. The app must be designed and developed by hiring dedicated developers, followed by support and maintenance. Flutter mobile app development can be used by startups with limited funds because its SDKs offer a variety of cost-cutting options. With the benefit of creating mind-boggling app user interfaces and fluid animations, it can accelerate the development process and cut production costs.

Here are some of the distinctive features that Flutter extends for its users:

Key Features of Flutter

Hot reload

Flutter has the amazing, most popular hot reload feature. This one is a wonderful attribute that makes Flutter stand out from the rest. Developers can go around experimenting with it. They can create stupefying user interfaces using hot reload, get bugs removed in a matter of a few minutes, can make amendments in the development process, and so on.

The changes are almost immediately reflected in the code, which gives the entire development procedure a good speed. Making updates in the deployed apps has become a cakewalk because of this feature.


As a startup, you need to save money for safety and security purposes. Flutter is an open-source platform that is perfect for building a startup application like yours. For Flutter, being open-source doesn’t mean any compromise on the services or features.

In fact, Flutter is known for security by utilizing a wide variety of material designs, including Cupertino widgets, rich motion APIs, natural and smooth scrolling behavior, and others. Using these all, developers can turn a project’s complexity into a workable solution. Developers can also experiment with a plethora of design options.

Flutter widgets

Flutter is known for its huge libraries that contain multitudes of widgets to choose from. These widgets make the performance of the app. Your customers won’t feel a difference in using a cross-platform app or a native app. Flutter makes sure that the app behaves like a native app. Also, the options are vast to choose from – fonts, navigation, scrolling, icons, etc.

Single codebase

Building an app right from scratch for every operating system and different devices is a nuisance. Flutter takes away the pains of writing code foreach OS. All you need to do is use the same code base and develop an entire application for an entirely different operating system without a hassle.

Flutter uses Dart as its programming language instead of JavaScript, unlike React Native. Additionally, the apps built for different platforms are very close to the native apps.

Why using Flutter for startup app development is the best choice?

We have been talking a lot about Flutter and its features and powers that it instills in the developer while building an app. Though you can read more in detail in the Flutter app development guide, now, for once, we shall throw some light on why choose Flutter for startup apps.

Cross-platform development made easier

While the framework comes out to be seen as a blessing for developers working on it for it provides cross-platform development, that too, using a single codebase, there are several Flutter app development advantages for startups as well. It bridges the gap between native app performance and the comfort of cross-platform development.

In simple terms, when your customers use the app that you have built using Flutter, they won’t find any difficulties that are quite expected out of a cross-platform app. The performance of the app is not compromised at any stage.


What better than saving on additional expenses while you’re trying to build yourself something straight out of your dream? As a startup, we do understand what it takes to spend each penny in hopes of building a profitable business.

In this case, if you get to save some of it by not spending it on buying a subscription to the framework for app development, it is a huge favor.


Flutter is a developer’s best friend when it comes to providing amenities. The provision for single code base usage, amazing features like hot reload, easy deployment system, and smooth overall development procedure are a developer’s dream to look for in a platform for creating apps. With so many optimistic attributes, people prefer working on Flutter and thus, it is easy to find a company or developer that uses Flutter.

User experience: with Flutter, it is always easier to move ahead with your impulsive, creative thoughts. The huge libraries and widgets found in those libraries ensure that you get exactly what you wish to put in the app for a better outlook of the application. The user experience in Flutter is top-notch and allows the end-users to attain the best-in-hand experience of an app.

Smooth MVP development

For a startup, it is important that they know what they’re stepping into even before the end product is finished. Also, for times when they need to put forth their vision in front of somebody to get funding, it is easier to show off the MVP of the app.

Flutter’s extensive code library and support for real-time changes make it simple for developers to create apps. It is ideal for mobile app startup MVP development due to its intuitive syntaxes, which allow developers to experiment with its impressive toolkit and rich widget catalog.

Rapid development

The hot reload feature quickens the entire process by multiple folds because it takes care of all the hindrances that might show up in the development process. It instantly reflects the changes made in the code. So you can have your app in your hands and launch it in the market in much lesser time.

Cost reduction

Since the platform is open source, the language and the process is simpler and apps for different platforms can be built within the costs of one app, the overall cost of development is significantly reduced when you use Flutter. Hence, it is a better choice to use Flutter for your forthcoming projects as well.

Testing is apt

Testing is a crucial stage of app development. Flutter doesn’t want you to test each app differently for different platforms. You can simply test the unified code once and move ahead with the development and deployment of the app on multiple platforms and operating systems.

What are the applications that you can build using Flutter?

As mentioned repeatedly in the text above, Flutter can be used for developing a variety of applications. Let us briefly look at these:

  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • IoT applications

How much does Flutter app development cost?

Flutter is an ideal choice for all those startups who are ready to take a step ahead in the direction of digital presence. Talking in terms of the development process, performance of the end product, and cost incurred, Flutter is the best choice for any startup contemplating an app. As we have mentioned earlier too, Flutter has a lot of provisions that enable cost reduction in the overall process. The average cost to build Flutter-base solutions comes to around $30000 to 300000; nevertheless, you can refer to a detailed guide on Flutter app development costs.

Top Startups using Flutter for mobile app development

Successful Businesses Harnessing the Power of Flutter

This platform is quite popular in the present time, and the future of Flutter is bright. Here are a few famous companies that have made it big in their respective fields by using Flutter to build their apps:

  • Quinto Andar
  • Dream11
  • Reflectly
  • Wiredash
  • Nubank
  • Etsy
  • Invoice Ninja
  • Superlist
  • Crowdsource
  • Byte dance

Let your business fly with Flutter

It is much simpler for developers to create applications with high performance because they can work on specific objectives. Hence, when you hire Flutter app developers, you can use their optimum skills for your startups as you gain numerous advantages of the technology to build a customized solution.

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