Top 10 Famous Businesses and their Popular Apps Made with Flutter

Top Businesses Leading the way with Flutter App Development Success Stories

Top Business Apps made with Flutter

Let’s accept it: with technological advancement, there’s no way back from mobile to desktop. That’s why businesses are left with no option other than carving their path with mobile solutions from an expert mobile app development company. The businesses that are looking to make inroads into the market in a short time, native development is counterproductive while cross-platform frameworks stand out as the best choice.

Flutter is one of the cross-platform frameworks that’s very much popular in the mobile app development landscape. Flutter enables the building of natively compiled mobile, desktop, and web applications with a single codebase. So, if you are interested in achieving great functionality and efficiency for your next project, hire Flutter developers who can help you to build the app in the least time and cost.

Why businesses are using Flutter for app development?

Leveraging Flutter for app development leads to cost savings, faster development cycles, excellent performance, and a consistent user experience, thereby providing significant reasons why Flutter is suitable for startups. It offers several advantages to businesses when leveraged for app development.

  • Facilitate cross-platform development by writing code once and deploying it on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS.
  • Hot reload feature speeds up the development process, enabling faster iterations and quicker time to market.
  • A rich set of pre-designed widgets and a flexible UI ensures a consistent UI/UX creation across different platforms.
  • Compiled native ARM code eliminates the performance overhead associated with interpreting code.
  • Cost-effective maintenance as a single codebase for multiple platforms, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and updates can be implemented uniformly.
  • Growing developer community enables access to a vast pool of resources, tutorials, plugins, and support, making it easier to resolve issues quickly.
  • Flutter’s architecture and design patterns make it easier to build scalable and maintainable apps.
  • Enhanced UI customization with extensive customization options that allow the creation of unique and visually appealing interfaces.

Top 10 Popular Business Apps built using Flutter

The framework’s versatility, and ease of development have made it a preferred choice for building high-quality cross-platform applications. Knowing Flutter app development cost and the advantages businesses stand to gain with Flutter makes it more convincing. Here are a few examples of established businesses getting the best apps made with Flutter.

Google Ads

Flutter is used by Google to develop the Google Ads mobile application. Google Ads is a platform that enables advertisers to create and manage online advertising campaigns across various channels. Flutter seamlessly integrates with various Google services and APIs, which makes it easier to incorporate Google Ads-specific functionalities and ensures smooth interactions straight from mobile phones.

The famous app made with flutter allows business stakeholders to update bids in real-time, view live alerts, edit keywords, track campaign performance, and connect with Google experts for required assistance.


Reflectly is a personal journaling app that utilizes Flutter for its visually appealing high-performance application development. Combining the power of journaling, AI-driven insights, and mindfulness practices, Reflectly helps users develop self-awareness, improve their mental well-being, and cultivate a positive mindset.

Users can set their goals and track their progress with visual presentations and statistics followed by personalized content and recommendations that keep them motivated for self-improvement.


The mobile application for the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” was developed using Flutter to provide a range of features and interactive content related to the musical to their fans. It provides comprehensive information about the Hamilton musical, allows purchasing tickets for upcoming musical performances, enables access to premium or exclusive content, and facilitates merchandising as well.

The Flutter app utilizes AR technology to engineer interactive AR experiences that bring characters or scenes from the musical to life, allowing users to explore virtual content related to the show. Push notifications and alerts are sent to users to keep them stay updated and engaged with the Hamilton musical community.


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are largely used for trading but the unavailability of information and related services makes it difficult. Cryptograph app helps users track cryptocurrency prices, access market data, manage their portfolios, and stay informed about the latest developments in the crypto space.

The popular app made with Flutter provides the latest updates, accurate reports, and statistics about more than 1600 cryptocurrencies by aggregating news articles, blogs, and updates from reputable sources in the cryptocurrency industry. It helps users track market movements and take action quickly by setting up custom price alerts to receive notifications when the price of a specific cryptocurrency reaches a certain threshold.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a popular mobile payment and digital wallet application developed by Google with Flutter. It allows users to make secure payments, store payment methods, and easily manage their transactions. The users can pay digitally using various payment methods, and make contactless payments, payment for online shopping, and peer-to-peer payments.

Also, users can view, store, and manage gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards digitally. The currency conversion and localized payment methods enable international payments. Tokenization and biometric authentication enable keeping users’ payment information secure and private.

eBay Motors

The eBay app provides a comprehensive shopping experience, including access to eBay Motors listings and features. The application made with Flutter has an intuitive UI that allows users to both buy and sell vehicles and automotive parts by accessing detailed information and placing bids. Buyers can save the searches and receive notifications when there’s an update in the vehicle or its parts searches. AI and machine learning technology allow sellers to list the vehicle for sale by capturing a photo of the vehicle’s license plate and adding its details.

Also, there are communication tools that allow buyers and sellers to communicate with each other within the app. Buyers and sellers can send messages, ask questions, negotiate prices, and receive notifications about listing updates, bids, and offers.

New York Times

The New York Times (NYT) built a flutter app that allows users to access its news content, articles, features, and multimedia across multiple devices. It provides an immersive experience for readers who want to stay informed about the latest news and stories. Users can personalize their reading experience and customize news feeds, save articles for offline reading, and bookmark articles to read later. Also, recommendations are offered based on users’ reading habits and interests.

The best thing about the Flutter app is cross-platform accessibility- articles started reading by users on a mobile device and continue where they left off on a computer or tablet using the same account. Kenken puzzle app launched by New York Times leveraging Flutter technology that works across multiple devices.


Nubank enabled digital banking services with mobile app development. the app allows users to manage their accounts, credit cards, make instant payments, transfer money, and pay bills right through the mobile application. The support for the live chat within the app allows users to send their inquiries and issues and get the required support in a few seconds.

Utilizing Flutter in app development facilitates users getting personalized financial insights and recommendations from the app. This includes spending analysis, budgeting tools, and notifications that help users make informed financial decisions. The Flutter technology has helped the bank to launch apps on Android and iOS platforms quickly, and rollout updates as the services evolve.


The Realtor app is provided by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the United States. It helps users search for and explore real estate listings, connect with real estate agents, and access various tools and resources related to the home buying and selling process. The app has made searching and buying property in the USA damn simple.

With information about open houses, users can plan their visits and explore properties in person. Easy access to market trends, statistics, and insights related to local market conditions, pricing trends, and other relevant data allows users to make informed decisions. Traditional technology won’t allow the app to scale, so the business decided to switch to Flutter to easily enhance the app as the services evolve.


Stepping in with the tech-savvy generation, the MyBMW app is designed for BMW vehicle owners and enthusiasts. It provides various features and functionalities to enhance the ownership experience and access BMW-related services. Users can remotely manage their vehicle such as lock/unlock vehicle doors, start the engine, check battery status, and do other tasks.

The app facilitates accessing connected BMW services, locating vehicles remotely, gaining alternative route suggestions and real-time traffic data for trip planning, and diagnosing a vehicle’s health status and performance. Flutter leverage enabled providing the MyBMW app functionalities based on the BMW vehicle model, region, and software version.

Do you want to build a Flutter app to grow boundlessly?

Using Flutter for your next app development project surely guarantees you more confidence and success. Flutter-based apps have delivered unprecedented results to businesses irrespective of the industry they belong to.

The stories of 10 successful tech giants that have gained enormous success with Flutter app development are real-life examples of the same. It indicates that if you want to quickly create an MVP, launch the mobile app, or release the app for multiple platforms with consistent UI/UX experiences, flutter technology should be your top choice.

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