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How To Build an Alcohol Delivery App like Drizly?

how to develop an alcohol delivery app

The on-demand alcohol delivery applications are driving a big market worldwide. Standing in a queue and waiting for the turn to grab a few bottles and cans of much-loved alcohol brands has become the scene from yesteryears. Today, the use of technology has been revolutioning every business, and liquor delivery is not an exception. Hire a mobile app development company to help your on-demand alcohol delivery business by building an automated system using mobile phones and get the alcohol delivered at your users’ doorstep.

Today, everything is available on a cell phone, and online ordering has become a new norm to shop for everything or anything from anywhere. So, if you wonder how to start a liquor delivery business through the best drink delivery app, you are at the right place. This how-to-build alcohol delivery app guide shall take you through every crucial step toward having the best app in the market.

Why invest in alcohol delivery apps?

Just like any successful food and drink delivery app, a liquor delivery application is also quite promising to startup enthusiasts. According to AlliedMarketResearch, the overall alcohol beverage market, in 2017, reported a whopping USD 1439 million; furthermore, the same is expected to touch more than USD 1600 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 2.0% from 2018 to 2025. Even potential is the Indian market where the IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) segment is likely to reach the worth of INR 3000 billion by 2026, expanding at an unstoppable CAGR of 5.2%.

alcohol beverage boom online during

So, to join the bandwagon, you can think of an alcohol delivery startup where users get liquor delivered at their doorsteps through on-demand liquor delivery apps like Drizly.

Benefits of Alcohol Delivery Apps

Starting an alcohol delivery service business is beneficial to all its users. It adds icing to the cake as the business of liquor is already lucrative and the e-commerce alcohol sector is booming especially after the pandemic struck the world. This business is a perfect blend of on-demand delivery apps and a liquor business. Here are the benefits to all –


Consumers or liquor lovers find alcohol bottles and cans dropshipping extremely convenient as they do not need to run post to pillar. Here are the benefits to alcohol consumers –

  • Allows consumers to order their pet brands
  • Doorstep delivery; no need to step out from the home
  • Several brands to choose from in case they want to try something different
  • Various discounts and coupons save a good chunk of bucks
  • No waiting list; no need to manage time
  • Online payment – secure and easy

Businessperson (the liquor shop owner)

The person who owns a liquor shop is also delighted with the highly profitable business because using a drink delivery app, the consumers, without visiting the shop, can pay and get liquor delivered with no hassle.

  • Build a larger consumer base beyond geographical boundaries
  • Maximize revenues through a wide range of business visibility on apps
  • Easy to showcase several brands in one application
  • Efficient stock management with local liquor inventory app integration
  • Cashless transactions and hence fewer chances of fraud

App owner

In case the application is owned by a business person who is not a liquor shop owner, there are many benefits to them, too.

  • Easy and steady income without managing inventory and physical shop
  • Liquor delivery app business model can include registration from several liquor shops and hence steady income
  • Chances of developing a good network and income with other vendors and companies associated with the liquor business
  • Edit and manage profiles of consumers and liquor shop owners through a single online alcohol delivery service app

On-demand Alcohol Delivery App Features

Alcohol home delivery service through mobile applications can have several app features depending on the business needs and the business owner’s willingness to build a comprehensive alcohol delivery app like Klink. Here are a few common features from the perspective of each user’s panels –

Consumer panel

Consumers are those who order liquor through mobile apps to seek alcohol or beer delivery services.

Login: registration and login through various social media accounts and other ways.

Listing: visible listing of several brands available in nearby and far liquor shops.

Filters: several filters can be featured on consumers’ panels through which they can search for a particular brand, price, and the like.

Track: tracking orders and estimated delivery times can help consumers know when are they getting their parcels.

Payment and history: different payment gateways can help consumers pay online without any hassle; furthermore, history and tracking their expenses monthly or weekly could also be possible.

Feedback: depending on their experience, consumers can rate and review liquor brands, liquor shops, and every liquor delivery boy.

Store app and dashboard panel

The store application and dashboard panel can give better control over several accounts and features to the users or admins.

Login: alcohol store can register as a stakeholder on the online liquor delivery app.

Manage liquor categories: several categories can be allotted to the products they sell – beer, whiskey, rum, breezers, wine, etc.

Manage drinks and snacks: to allure consumers, some liquor vendors also offer snacks either complimentary or with a price. Management of such drinks and snacks is possible.

Manage price: depending on the price drop or hike, the prices of liquor can be managed through this panel.

Analytics: alcohol home delivery service is a fruitful business and therefore, analytics can help businesspersons track their sales; hence, through analytics, they can build better strategies.

Admin panel

The master admin panel can have overall control over all profiles and products. Here are a few features –

Manage profiles: during alcohol delivery app development, the admin panel can be designed and developed to control and manage all other profiles easily. The master admin can add, edit, remove, or even delete profiles.

Manage payments: the master admin can manage several payment methods. Managing and monitoring payment gateways is useful to manage the revenue system.

Order management: the master admin panel should be able to manage all the orders placed, assigned, and in transit.

Settings: apart from all mentioned earlier, all other settings should be under the admin’s control and it is made possible through the admin panel.

Analytics: through the master admin panel, all the analytics should be visible to the administrator to build foolproof business strategies for future

Delivery agent panel

The delivery agent is one of the core stakeholders of any liquor delivery application. Here are a few features of this panel –

Manage orders: the delivery partner can accept or reject the orders as per their convenience or availability.

Mark active/inactive: they should be able to mark themselves active or available for deliveries or unavailable so that the orders can be put on or off.

Order history: through this feature, the delivery partners can manage and view order history and hence can total them.

Consumer location: various GPS-enabled services for liquor delivery at doorsteps can learn the consumer’s location.

In-app chat: on-demand liquor delivery apps offer an in-app chat function so that delivery partners can chat with consumers and can follow any extra instructions.

Top Five on-demand Alcohol Delivery Apps

There are ample liquor online delivery applications available on the market. Nevertheless, here are the top five and their business strategies –


Drizly is a marketplace where liquor consumers are connected to liquor stores near them. Through Drizly, they can get on-demand alcohol delivery services. The entire process is done through a simple swipe on the consumer’s app.


Klink is a cost-sharing bottle service app that enables consumers to get the best and most exclusive VIP experience without paying the VIP prices for alcohol. The unique on-demand alcohol delivery app model allows friends and even strangers to split the cost of the liquor bottle at premier clubs.


Minibar is like having the entire liquor shop on your mobile app. Claimed as the largest collection of beer, liquor, ice, mixers, wine, and other alcoholic drinks, minibar sets the best example of an online liquor delivery venture that went super successful.


Boxed is a renowned wholesale alcohol delivery application that is loved by millions of people, especially for special occasions and parties. This unique application provides the finest collection of alcoholic drinks along with groceries, cups, snacks, and non-alcohol beverages that one can order in just a few taps.


Though limited to the regions of San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, the popular alcohol delivery service offers everything in minutes. Alcohol lovers simply like this application because there are no delivery fees or order minimums. Beer, wine, spirits, mixes, snacks, ice, and other party supplies can be ordered through this wonderful application.

How to Monetize your Liquor Delivery App?

There are always many ways to design a perfect business model for startups. Here too, several ways are available to make your alcohol delivery app profitable. Here are some common liquor delivery app business models.

Advertisements: It is one of the commonest business models for any business including a drink delivery app. The app owner can charge companies and liquor shops for advertisements in the form of banners, flash, texts, and the like.

Charges: If you wonder how to start an online liquor delivery business and earn from charges, you have plenty of ways – the charges for delivery could be the major source of income.

Featured: For alcohol delivery business services, a featured listing could be another source or business model. You can offer a featured listing that would show a particular liquor shop or brand on the top of the search or listing with different charges and subscriptions.

Cost of Developing an on-demand Alcohol Delivery App

Online alcohol delivery service apps can cost you a minimum if you are building the app with minimal functionalities and features.

As you add to make your product bigger, more secure, and hefty in offering features and facilities, the cost of the alcohol delivery app would increase significantly. That said, the cost of an on-demand liquor delivery app like Drizly may start from 10000$ and end up at USD 100000. Moreover, factors such as the size of the application and the place of outsourcing (For example, you can hire developers from India, and it would be way more affordable compared to Australia or Europe) also play a major role in on-demand liquor delivery app costs.

Stepwise method to Outsource an Alcohol Delivery App

build an alcohol delivery app in simple steps

Following are a few steps that can help you develop an idea for liquor doorstep delivery app development. You may, alternatively, take the help of a professional business and technology consultant for the same.


The research conducted should focus on the region and demand of alcohol consumers. You should also study peer alcohol delivery applications available in the market. You can take the help of studies and research from journals and articles from reputed publishing houses based on demography.

To tap the right product, you need to study the demand and supply in a particular region where your liquor delivery app would be available and functional.

Design & Development

The mobile app development steps include both design and core development. You may spare extra budget on the intuitive UI/UX of the alcohol delivery app because these days most entrepreneurs focus on user interface for better user experience.

From wireframing where you simply jot down all the requirements and a rough draft of the app is made to creating a prototype (how the app will look on the device), the core development would include using licensed tools and platforms and native or cross-platform coding to build a customized product.

The development depends on the complexity and size of the application. A liquor app development company can help you with different hiring models through which you can hire developers to build quality products customized to your business objectives.


The deployment phase is the most crucial period of the software development cycle because poor deployment would end up ruining the product and failing the project. After a thorough quality check, the product is launched on a particular platform. The story does not end here as you need to assure that the app is up and running for which you need to have an app maintenance contract with your solution providers. Periodic updating and improving the product as per consumer demands and market trends is the key to keeping any product alive and competitive in the market.

Looking to develop an Alcohol Delivery App Like drizly?

Start your Alcohol Delivery Service business now

Following the steps mentioned in this guide on how to build an alcohol delivery app, you can have a foolproof roadmap that takes you to get a fully functional and competitive digital product that would lead the market. You can contact Prismetric, a renowned mobile app development company to build a customized liquor delivery app.

Frequently Asked Questions about start Alcohol Delivery Service

Can I include a beer delivery app in my liquor delivery app?

Beer, whiskey, wine, and other alcoholic drinks all fall under liquor and therefore you can certainly opt for adding a beer delivery app feature to your product.

Would my alcohol delivery service app comply with local rules and regulations?

In most cases, apps for the alcohol business are complied with or adhere to local rules set by governments. Nevertheless, it is always better to take legal help before building a product.

How Prismetric can help me develop the best product for the alcohol delivery business?

Having spent years in the app development industry, we master customizing apps according to the businesses. We have pioneered on-demand app development and hence can help you get the best of online liquor delivery venture.

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