Mobile App-Powered Transformation for Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry

How have Mobile Apps Transformed the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry?

App-Powered Evolution Transforming the Food Delivery and Restaurant Landscape

With most millennial population inclining toward fast food consumption, there is a marked increase in quick-service restaurant spending. The global food service market size was reported to be $2647 billion in 2023 and is likely to reach more than $5400 billion by 2030 with exhilarating growth of CAGR 10.79% for this period. The food industry has witnessed excellent growth and is now not limited to brick-and-mortar restaurants and café anymore. Fueling the growth, the advent of mobile technologies has created a revolutionary change in how food dishes are browsed, paid for, and ordered today.

The upsurge in mobile apps in food delivery services

The revenue in the online food delivery market is likely to touch US$ 1 trillion in 2023 with an annual growth of CAGR 12.7% (2023-7) projecting it further to enter into the US$2 trillion market by 2027.

With the ease of browsing a favorite dish from a favorite restaurant, not just restauranteurs, but also businesspersons with investment in potential businesses have also made a beeline to a mobile app development company that excels in building food delivery apps.

Mobile apps transforming the food delivery business

Mobile Apps transforming the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry

It is no hyperbole to say that mobile applications have revolutionized the food delivery business. We all know that building a mobile app benefits food business in many ways, In this short guide, we shall glance through some of the top mobile app segments with an immensely positive impact on the food industry.

Table reservation for dine-in options

Table reservation

One of the mobile apps that are transforming the restaurant business is the table reservation app which features a dine-in option. A customized restaurant table reservation application can be developed keeping the total number of tables into account and the restaurant timings.

While this could be an all-separate table booking app for restaurants, it could also be merely a feature in the food delivery app. Here are the features of table reservation for dine-in option apps

  • View or browse restaurants
  • Search for the restaurant timings
  • Book the table or reserve a table at a restaurant in advance
  • Select dishes or items from the digital menu
  • Order food in advance so that it will be served on the table

On-demand food ordering

Most restaurants and café today are equipped with a customized on-demand food delivery app solution to ease their internal and external operations. These mobile food ordering apps help restaurants reach a wider customer base and provide them with several services related to their food choices. Here are a few actions food lovers can perform on these apps:

  • Browse favorite dishes
  • Browse favorite restaurants
  • Find images, descriptions, and prices of dishes
  • Order food online
  • Provide any cooking instructions
  • Pay for the food online securely
  • Track their food parcel
  • Rate and review the delivery partner and restaurant

On-demand food ordering mobile apps can include several other features depending on the needs of the business. Above-listed facilities are a few of the basic ones for your pursuit.

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Online reviews and feedback

Mobile apps for restaurant ordering could also be standalone apps for reviews and feedback of food joints. In this application, food lovers or patrons can provide their reviews and feedback online. The feedback could be on a dedicated page of a particular restaurant or could be on a third-party platform. Below are the features of the online review and rating app:

  • Search for a particular restaurant
  • Provide feedback from experience
  • Provide suggestions based on experience
  • Simply provide a rating without writing any other text
  • Read others’ reviews and ratings
  • Ask questions about the restaurants
  • Read replies of other reviewers or restaurant owners

Discounts and offers on food dishes

Mobile app development for restaurants can be customized to have the option to offer various discounts and coupons on special occasions. In other words, restauranteurs do prefer investing in apps specially crafted for discounts on food dishes. Such apps are exclusively built with stunning visual graphics to showcase several coupon codes or discounts on festive seasons and other special occasions. The features include:

  • Generate coupon codes for discounts
  • Various offers on food dishes
  • Automatic discount calculator based on flat discounts and discounts in percent
  • Produce or withdraw discounts at any time
  • Loyalty programs for regular online food delivery app visitors

Food parcel tracking

More like a feature of the online food ordering system, food tracking mobile apps allow food lovers to track their food packets by showing them the local map. Patrons can get information on every stage of food order, preparation, and delivery at their doorsteps.

The food delivery app development costs can be zeroed down when compared to the ROI the solution can generate once it is successful in the market. Further, the additional features are the added advantages that are useful for the food businesses and their customers. Features of such extensive food ordering and delivery apps include –

  • Status of the order placed
  • Status of food preparation
  • Real-time tracking of a delivery partner who is carrying food
  • Online chat with the restaurant
  • Online chat with delivery partner
  • Calling facility to the delivery partner or restaurant
  • Option to suggest directions through voice notes or written notes

Cloud kitchen app

Quite opposite to brick-and-mortar restaurants and food joints, cloud kitchens are restaurants with no dining facilities. In other words, cloud kitchens operate separately and they deliver food only for online orders. This means that the only source of getting customers or patrons for cloud kitchens is through a customized on-demand food delivery app solution.

Small restaurant owners who cannot or do not want to afford premises and hire staff such as servers, go for cloud kitchens to save operational costs; nevertheless, they will have to bear the costs to build their own food delivery network or partner with a food delivery business. The facilities of the cloud kitchen app include –

  • Online listing of restaurant
  • Multiple restaurants listing options
  • Digital menu creation (design and texts)
  • Online food orders
  • Tracking of users who order food
  • Food delivery partner tracking
  • Online chat/call options with the delivery person and/or patron
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Inventory management (customization)
  • Offers and discounts

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Online payment

Mobile app for restaurant ordering can be customized for just online payment per se. In other words, a mobile app can be developed dedicated to online payment from various options. Though, like food tracking, online payment is more like an integral part or feature of any mobile food ordering app rather than a separate tool to build. Some of the facilities an online payment for restaurant ordering can have –

  • Secure payment through eWallet
  • Online payment through net banking
  • Third-party payment options
  • Cash on delivery option (depends on the restaurants)
  • Payment through loyalty points or bonuses (exchange)

Digital menu cards

Digital menu cards

It is possible to create a restaurant app that focuses primarily on digital menu cards wherein restauranteurs can design and build a menu for their restaurant and can upload them on the app. More like a feature, digital menu cards can be customized as per restaurants’ dishes and prices.

Building contactless digital menus for restaurants have gained importance after the pandemic. Some apps also allow integrating restaurant themes into the menu card online so that it looks professional. Features of digital menu cards apps for restaurants include –

  • Design a digital menu
  • Upload, edit, or delete the digital menu from the restaurant listing
  • Upload high-resolution photos of food dishes
  • Build content such as descriptions of dishes listed in the digital menu
  • Upload and update dish prices
  • Edit or remove items from the menu card
  • Mark dishes available or not available

Super food delivery app

Super food delivery app

The new-age super applications are omnipotent tools that offer a wide range of services and/or products to customers. Simply put, super food delivery app development would include all the features and facilities that one can think of for food delivery.

For instance, Swiggy and Uber food delivery applications now include various other services such as an on-demand grocery ordering feature wherein the company utilizes its resources of delivery partners not just to deliver food parcels but also grocery items. In short, the super food delivery application would have all the features and facilities from all the apps listed above in addition to the grocery ordering feature. You can read the guide on cost to build a grocery delivery app to have an idea and learn about the investment required.

Here are some of the features a food delivery super app contains:

  • Browse dishes and restaurants from nearby and far areas
  • Opt for a food delivery option or dine-in
  • Avail discounts and apply coupon codes
  • Track food – orders, preparation, delivery partner
  • Chat or call restaurants and delivery partners
  • Order grocery items from nearby stores and tracking

All super apps for food delivery also provide app owners complete control over the business listings. The administrators can edit, remove, or add profiles of users as well as restaurants. Customized food delivery apps can have any feature or facility as per business objectives and goals.

Join the billion-dollar food delivery industry now

Mobile technology has transformed the restaurants space and there is a lot that food businesses can cater to their customers. If you are an entrepreneur or restauranteur, the time is now. You can jump on the bandwagon of the billion-dollar industry of restaurants and food delivery by building an app.

As a renowned IT Development Service Provider, you can trust us with all your application development requirements. Get the best food delivery app development company as your tech partner, discuss the project with them, and kickstart your dream business.

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