Build Contactless QR Code Menus for Restaurants

This website helps restaurant owner create a customized menu making it easier for the customer to access the menu by scanning the QR code.

Client Requirements

  • Restaurant owner should be able to register and sign into a website
  • Restaurant owner should be able to subscribe the plan
  • Restaurant user should be able to create and customize menu
  • Restaurant user should be able to generate the QR code
  • Restaurant owner should be able to get the menu analytics
  • Customer should be able to scan the restaurant QR code, access the complete menu, and restaurant details

Application features and functionality

Restaurant owner website

  • Registration and log in
  • Purchase subscription plan
  • Online Payment
  • Create and Add menu with category of item
  • Theme customization for menu
  • Generate QR code
  • Report/Analytics of menu
  • General Modules
    • Privacy policy
    • Terms and Condition
    • Profile management
    • Invoice and Transaction history

User side website

  • Scan QR code through scanner
  • Able to access the menu and restaurant details
  • Able to choose restaurant menu language


We successfully developed and implemented the website for menu hosting website for restaurant owner. Also, a customer can scan QR and see menu listed by the restaurant.

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