Boost your Wedding Planning Business with Wedding Planner App

How Does an App Help Your Wedding Planning Business?

Wedding planning application – a useful business guide

‘Put those bells at the entrance,’ ‘Oh! Who put these blue flowers, it is supposed to be lavender?’ ‘Have the caterers reached yet?’– all the conversations coming from a house having a wedding in a week.

We’ve all been there, seen that. Weddings prove to be more stressful than they are exciting. There are multitudes of things that need to be done and millions of things that go wrong during the entire preparation. At such times, people wouldn’t mind a little help organizing the big day. And in these times, what better than digital support that can smoothly track all the prep? While there is a boom for event management app development, the umbrella term that covers wedding planning. And for this special niche having a wedding planner app will do more good.

Why build a wedding planner app?

Mobile apps are highly inclusive of all the industries one can imagine. Every now and then there’s a new startup and an app that helps that business grow. Then why should wedding planning remain the old-school, frenzied task?

According to CNBC, over 2 million people were found to tie the knot in the year 2022. The numbers do not stop here. According to Ampers and Travels, destination weddings spend around USD 16 billion annually. And we all are aware of what a headache organizing a destination wedding can be.

Gone are the days when the wedding planners used to carry those sheets, take notes, and sketch décor ideas everywhere they went. It is high time there is a mobile app the for wedding planning business. Even in the far future, we do not see weddings not taking place. No matter how small or big, marriage events are here to stay. There was a glimpse of the obstinate culture during the pandemic year when the wedding industry recorded a revenue of $55.1 billion which is an all-time low compared to the general revenue rate.

Indeed, today, event management is one of the most lucrative businesses that most entrepreneurs look forward to venturing into. So, you may start a wedding planning business, but you must have an app to boost it.

How? Here it is.

Business benefits of having a wedding planner app

Business is all about how you make it work. These days, every businessperson swears by digitizing their businesses to make them reach the maximum populace.

Gone are the days when businesses build their names based on word of mouth, this generation buys what it sees. And the visuals need to be pleasing to the eyes.

Here are the primary benefits of having a wedding planner app –

Business Benefits of Having an App

  • Stay competitive digitally: being competitive with all those businesses running beside your place is one thing. Today, any business’s strife is with all those businesses operating digitally maximizing their reach among customers. Do not step into the field without having a mindset of digital operations.
  • Manage everything through an app: wedding planning is a hassle and it continues to be so, regardless of the size of the wedding list. Having a mobile app for wedding planning businesses can save at least eight percent of your energy that goes into managing, organizing, and planning things for D-day.
  • Add, remove, and edit venues easily: the foremost thing to get done in the wedding preparations is deciding on a venue. Everything else comes secondary. Also, it is true that a wedding venue is a tricky decision to make, considering the number of factors influencing it from the couple’s choice to the guest’s convenience. This is where a wedding planning app can be your saviour. You can look for wedding venues in one place, select the one you think is suitable, edit it if you wish to, or even remove it if there’s an issue.

Want to streamline your wedding planner business processes
and take it to the next level?

How does a wedding planner app help your business grow?

Every wedding planner’s motive is to provide their client with a picture-perfect wedding. With social media governing our lives, the ‘picture-perfection’ is quite literally the scenario. While an app that helps wedding planners to take some load off their shoulders, it also makes the couple and their families feel more inclusive and responsible.

The six pillars on which your wedding planning business stands are –

Six Pillars of Wedding Planner Business App

Now, not depending on your human workforce, if you could do this all through a wedding planning management application, you are assured of the business’s success.

Here is how an app for wedding planning shall help you handle these six major tasks and thus prosper your business –

Display and highlight venues

Why let your customers dawdle from each banquet to resort in search of their dream wedding venue when you can get them the most relatable ones in a matter of a few clicks? The wedding venue is one of the most significant parts of wedding planning and probably the most time-consuming decision to be made.

These days there are a lot of players stepping into the field of wedding planning and building a business around wedding venues and services. Picking one is becoming difficult by the day. People get exhausted at the very step of wedding planning- finalizing the venue. Running from one place to another, visiting tens of places each day but coming back disappointed, not finding the right fit because of personal choices, or guest’s concerns, all of this hassle can be extremely annoying to a point that further planning is affected adversely.

To save yourself this nuisance, opt for a wedding planning app that can provide you with a one-stop destination for all your wedding planning needs right from the venue to caterers to planners. Your wedding planning business will flourish like never before if your clientele has everything served on the platter through a mobile app.

It’s high time you understand that mobile is the solution. Provide the customers with photos and videos of different venues based on the location chosen by them. Tie up with banquets and resorts so you can easily provide a venue for each event that the client is planning to organize. Make sure the app shows all the relevant information that may be required by the client. Make them choose a place and avoid the hassle of visiting each place personally. They can shortlist the venues and visit only the ones they chose.

Add calendar and schedule

In weddings, dates are crucial. Especially talking about Indian weddings, dates and times are of prime importance to the priests as they decide on specific time zones for any auspicious beginnings. Considering the significance of date and time, the reality is highly contradictory to it. There are days when things go wrong in terms of dates because it gets exceptionally difficult to keep a track of things happening during the planning of a wedding.

Having an app by your side where you can register all the important events in a calendar and make notes of the days and times which are to be designated for some event will literally prove to be a blessing for all those dads out there worrying for their children if the things will go right in the wedding or not. Now you would say a normal calendar would do just the same, but then why have a chatroom in an online game when WhatsApp does exactly the same thing, even better? It’s all about convenience.

Connect clients with vendors

You would be blessed by many if you could simply put in a feature in your app wherein the client is introduced to the vendors for different events in one place. A wedding is not just about a church where the vows are to be spoken, a temple where the sacred rounds of the couple are to be recorded or just about the rings that are being exchanged. A wedding is a multitude of things including all these.

Be it any religion, or any culture, a wedding usually comprises a few sequential events that are to be held before the actual, final act of marriage takes place. For every couple, these small events that lead to their big day are also equally significant. Thus, it is a wedding planner’s duty to provide the necessary services pertinent to each of the events taking place during the wedding.

Your app can be used as a third-party connection between the vendors and the client. Bring all the DJs, caterers, event planners, resort owners, décor planners, florists, and everything in between that you can think of under one roof and connect them with your client through your app in order to let them breathe for a while they plan for their married life.

Guest list management

Another gnawing segment of wedding planning is the management of the guest list. It is a literal pain to even get started with the guest list of the wedding. There are numerous factors that govern who does and does not make it to the wedding guest list.

A wedding planning mobile app cannot, however, take the pains away of deciding the wedding guests, but it can help you manage the things that are dependent on a wedding guest list like the size of the venue, the caterers, the budget, etc. It is important to know whom all the bride and groom are inviting and which all guests are getting a +1 or +2 on their wedding cards.

The adding and crossing out of names off the wedding guest list keeps going on until the last day of invitations being sent. Managing the list on a mobile app would come out to be a superb alternative for the clients and for the planners as well.

Real-time budget planning

Weddings can cost you a fortune if not planned the right way. The couple might go on inviting everyone they know, the clients might not talk about the caterer and the food menu and keep everything they ever heard of in the menu, and they might mess up with the wedding venue being exorbitant. All these things could get out of hand if one of the most crucial segments of wedding planning is missed out on budget planning.

Now budget planning could be considered the most difficult portion as it picks the couple from their delusional plans of having a great grand wedding and throws them into the real world where the budget is limited and they have to decide practically what needs to be done in what manner.

Based on the budget, the client can manage the pre-wedding events that they are planning, they can remove the vendors from the search queries, and adjust the range of other vendors that are there to stay.

API integration of related services

An app with the right kind of API integration can be a boon for both customers and business owners. There are several services that are required in wedding planning. Food, music, videography, photography, decoration, and a lot of other things that are important can be included in the app via app integration. You can take various vendors from around the place and help them integrate their services into the app that you are developing.

In the era of digitization, it will be unwise of any business owner to not have a provision for developing an app for their business. A simple mobile app development guide shall help you understand the importance of having a software application tool for your business. It is not a surprise that these days, a mobile app or a website can be associated with literally anything that goes around and sells. Wedding planning is one such business that needs to be put out there on the digital devices of the customers so they can have smooth planning of their wedding, curtail the hassle that follows around and enjoy their day fully.

Thinking about taking your wedding planner startup to the next level?

Overall, developing a wedding planning app and inculcating features like a calendar, guest list manager, budget indicator, vendors from different sources, event planners, and app and service integration can be a smart move for business owners. In the end, a wedding planner would want their clients to have a memorable and hassle-free wedding that they can enjoy.

So, don’t have a second thought. Contact us for getting app development services for a wedding planning business.

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