How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Pet Care App?

Decoding Pet Care App Development Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

Cost to Develop a Pet Care App

There are dozens of trending app business ideas that range from providing services to offering unique products to local and global markets. One fruitful idea is to meet enormous demands for pet care all around the world. It is a business worth the amount you spend on it because the cost to develop a petcare app shall be completely justified by the quick ROI and business profits you can earn from global market demand. How?

Do you know pets are animals kept by humans as a source of pleasure and companionship? Once pet animals were kept as a luxury, today it has become a common site across cities, towns, and even the countryside.

Due to this immense popularity, the global pet care apps market is likely to grow surprisingly at a CAGR of 10.5% from 2018 to 2030 according to Industry Growth Insight. The same source quotes several other impressive figures and statistics about pet care apps business –

  • The total pet care apps market for shorter duration (2017-2025) is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5%
  • The expected number of pets is likely to grow to 8 billion by 2025

Even further, Grand View Research quotes that according to the American Pet Products Association, more than 85 million homes own a pet, and the ownership of pet animals has increased from 56% to 68% in the last three decades.

Due to these promising figures, established companies and young entrepreneurs aiming for startups see the pet industry as a lucrative business. If you are among them, you must have a software solution to cater to all pet care demands. In this guide, we shall take you through the factors that help you know the petcare app development cost and how to go about it.

Why should you develop a pet care application?

Building a pet care application is beneficial and a win-win situation for both pet parents and pet care shop business owners. It is also an easy cash flow for an entrepreneur who develops an application. Primarily, there are five benefits of developing a pet care mobile application mentioned below –

  1.  Best business opportunity
  2. Convenience for all users
  3. Better communication
  4. Improved pet health and care
  5.  Accuracy

Best business opportunity

As already stated earlier, the number of pet parents is growing by leaps and bounds, and in the past few years, the new millennials are quite passionate about their furry companions. According to, The top 10 pet apps secured second place only to the supermarket and convenience store subgenres for the average time spent. Pet care apps give immense opportunities to business persons to have pet entertainment, pet care, first aid, pet accessories, and vet apps as great options.

Convenience for all users

Irrespective of users whether pet owners, pet care providers, stores with pet accessories, and pet food supplies, pet care applications will be convenient for pet shopping, health consultation, and other actions for all stakeholders. Not only shall pet care app development cost recover faster with ROI but also it proves to be one of the best on-demand business app ideas in years to come.

Better communication

With pet care application will help pet parents communicate with pet care providers and pet service providers without any hassle. In-built options for communication such as video calls, voice calls, and chat can be integrated during pet care app development. This way, app users don’t need to physically visit the shop or care center.

Improved pet care and health

Pet care app development can have integrated features that help pet owners and service providers with various facilities to improve furry friends’ care and health. Automated processes such as diet plans, suggestions/recommendations on pet health, reminders of all kinds, and online consultation or appointment booking will enhance the pet’s health as the parents would take care of them timely and precisely.


The pet care app development process can be customized to have certain analytical facilities using which all the users can have timely reminders and deep insight into various aspects of pet care and health (for example, schedules of vaccination or diet reminders). On the other hand, those in pet businesses can have analytics such as sales to plan the further roadmap for their ventures. All in all, by using petcare applications, accuracy in pet health and care can be enhanced.

How much does it cost to develop a pet care app?

Petcare app development cost must fit your budget so that you can plan the further roadmap to promote and maintain it. There are ample factors that affect the overall budget to build mobile applications for pet care and health. Since you have several types of apps and businesses for pet care, it is essential which one you want to go for. All such factors matter when you plan a budget for your product.

It is highly recommended that you perform local research for pet parents’ demands and market requirements. Also, whether you want to serve local or global also decide the complexity and features while considering petcare application development cost. Here is the common points to consider –

  1. Simple: if you are building an app for petcare with basic features and facilities (for instance, a general application that tells pet parents about their breeds), it would cost you nominal. The price range for such a simple pet care app may fall between US $20000 to35000.
  2. Medium: a bit superior to the simple and inferior to the complex type of pet care application development, medium-sized products would cost you a bit more than the simple ones. This may include several more features such as contacting vets or communicating with pet care shops and pet care providers. You can ask for the features you want according to your business needs. Such petcare app development costs will range between US $37000 to 60000.
  3. Complex: the complex type of pet care application development would include myriad features and facilities from breed information to online appointments and consultation. Also, you may integrate pet eCommerce shops and video calling facilities with vets and other pet trainers or care providers. This could be a full-fledged working pet care app that houses almost everything including pet care, health, tips, vet consultation, vaccine schedules, reminders, video calling, 24/7 chatbot assistant, and the like. The price for such a comprehensive app may range between US $70000 to 500000.

Factors that influence the cost of developing a pet care app

As mentioned earlier, several factors impact the overall application development costs. You, as a buyer, need to consider these all impactful components in order to determine whether you want your product ona budget or can stretch a bit to include more functionalities. Nevertheless, it is beyond question that the more you spend on pet care application development costs, the better the product becomes in providing what pet parents want and expect.

The complexity: The more complex the pet care app is, the more it will cost to develop. For example, if the pet care app development requires advanced features like artificial intelligence, geolocation, or payment integration, it asks for more time and resources to implement.

The scope of the features: The more tiers of features and functionalities (such as security) the app has, the more it will increase the overall pet care application development cost to develop. Say, for example, if the pet app houses different services for different types of pets, or allows pet parents to book online appointments, chat with veterinarians, or rate and review per supplier providers, it will shoot the development cost.

The platform and technology: The cost of a pet care app development also varies based on the platform (iOS, Android, or both) and the technology (native, hybrid, or web) used. As an example, building a native app for both iOS and Android costs you more than a cross-platform pet care app development or web app that runs on all platforms.

The development team size and location: Petcare app development costs heavily rely on the size and location of the development team. If you hire developers who are experienced in a large team size from the US, it will cost you way more compared to hiring developers from offshore development hubs like India.

The development time and duration: Complex apps take longer time to develop and that is why it will cost you more. A comprehensive pet care app requires extensive research, testing, or maintenance; undoubtedly, the overall cost will increase with the development time and duration it takes.

Other factors: There may be other factors that affect the cost of developing a pet care app or at least add more bucks to your budget such as opting for unique UI/UX, quality, security, or the extensive multi-channel marketing of the app. These factors should also be considered when estimating the development cost.

Must-have features in pet care application development

While your product is being developed, it is essential to convey all the app features you want in your app. This is performed by clarifying the project scope even before the development starts. You must stay unambiguous in interpreting the business objective of pet care app development with your tech partner.

Here are some of the must-have features you should mind while getting your app developed –

User registration and profile: Users of any kind namely pet parents, pet care providers, pet accessories shop owners, or vets should be able to register themselves on the portal. You can integrate easy facilitation through social media or third-party app registration.

Pet profile: A pet profile could be a unique approach that would encourage pet parents to boast about their furry friends. The pet profile may include pet photos, breed, habits, and other funny information to engage more users.

Service listing and booking: Ample services can be listed on pet care applications such as health and diet tips, grooming tips, vaccination schedules, pet walking schedules, reminders, and many other lists. Also, vet appointment booking could be a useful feature on the app.

Payment gateways: Various actions can be performed on pet care applications such as shopping for pet accessories or food. In fact, booking an online appointment and paying vet fees is also one of the must-have features of pet care apps. Having multiple payment options such as eWallet, bank transfer, and credit/debit card is preferred.

Chat and feedback: Opinion matters in any business or service industry. A must-have feature to mind while pet care app development is to have a scope for leaving behind feedback and reviews of pet care shops, vets, pet care trainers, and the like. This will help other users to know the services and product quality.

GPS-tracking and notifications: Various must-have features for pet care mobile applications may include GPS-enabled facilities and alerts. For instance, geo-fencing can help you know where your pet is. Also, locating vets near you or a pet shop near you is a good option to have on the app.

There are a number of ways you can modify or customize your pet care application development. Depending on which type you want your pet business to flourish depends on the type and kind of the product. Here are some of the popular types of pet apps available in the market. You may go for any one or combine more than one to have a unique product in the pet industry –

Pet training: a pet care application that focuses on various pet training according to breeds. The features may include contacting dog trainers, cat trainers, or other domestic animal trainers. The app can also have pet training tips.

Pet walking: domestic animals such as dogs, horses, and goats require regular walking. Pet walking apps can have schedules, pet walking tips, and reminders to retain the pet’s health.

Pet health tips: one of the most common pet care app types is a product based on health tips. In this app, various tips such as diet, training, symptoms and signs to identify, and information about breeds can be included.

Vet doctors: just like humans, pets do require medical care. An app focused on vet doctor services could be a good option. The features may include online vet doctor booking, secure payment, video/audio calling to pets, and e-prescription with doorstep pet medicine deliveries.

Networking apps: pet parents share the same passion called love towards domestic animals. Having a social media app for pet lovers could be another good idea as to have a dedicated product on it. Pet owners can share their views, and opinions, learn, or suggest pet-related information and data.

Pet track: GPS-based pet care application development could include pet tracking product for mobile devices. The technology is useful when coupled with wearable devices through which pet parents can locate their pets.

Pet accessories: Another common pet care app type is pet accessories or pet shops that include various items for domestic animals. From a lash to artificial bones or toys and accessories, everything can be included in pet accessory apps.

Ready to serve pet parents?

Now that you know how flourishing the pet care industry is, you must grab an opportunity by venturing into the online business. You also learned the factors that affect the overall pet care application development costs based on which you can decide upon the complexity, features, and size of the app. Here is the time to contact an experienced mobile app development company to discuss about pet care business app idea and kickstart the project by finalizing terms and conditions.

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