26 Healthcare App Ideas That Help Healthcare Startups

26 Healthcare App Ideas That Help Healthcare Startups Grow Boundlessly

Healthcare App Ideas

According to Michigan Tech’s Health Informatics Magazine, nearly 30% of the world’s data is produced by the healthcare industry and it is likely to grow to 36% by 2025. The same page further reports that Arcadia’s report states that 60% of data produced by healthcare setups is used to make smarter business decisions.

Furthermore, Precedence Research, a giant research company, predicts the global healthcare informatics market to touch the figure of US $104.80 billion by 2032 with growth at a CAGR of 12.30% between 2023 and 2032.

Healthcare stats

The research agency further mentions the US healthcare informatics market size is anticipated to climb the mark of US $22.90 billion by 2032 with a pace of CAGR of 12.40% rate.

Healthcare stats 2

Another research giant Statista mentions that the global healthcare AI market is likely to be worth around US $188 billion by 2030 progressing at a compound annual growth rate of 37% between 2022 and 2030.

With enormous demands for healthcare informatics solutions, more and more corporate hospitals and individual healthcare providers are partnering with Tech Company for mobile app development services to their healthcare setup and business to enhance productivity, reduce human errors, and provide better patient care.

The need for healthcare informatics has been increasing for the past several years with local and international governments and authority bodies becoming more conscious about patient healthcare data. Most of mobile and web development companies pay extra attention to building software solutions for medical setups and practices. For instance, the expansion of EHR (electronic health record), data exchange standards such as HL7 and FHIR (fast health interoperability resources) as well as clinical health terminology sets like SNOMED CT are considered making software solutions that deal with confidential health data of patients.

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What are the healthcare app ideas that accelerate healthcare business growth?

Healthcare monitoring app

Repetitively, visiting the doctors to check glucose level, sugar level, blood pressure, pulse rate, diabetes, and others is not a wise decision in the digital age. Healthcare monitoring app development enables users to check their health status daily without much ado. The details are automatically transferred to doctors so that they can keep tabs on the patient’s health and change the prescription accordingly.

The medical diagnosis app integration with the EHR software improves treatment. The medical diagnosis app development cost pays off hospitals in terms of improved patient experience and boosted hospital awareness.

Nutritional value management app

Having a healthy diet is good, but tracking the nutritional value of the food intake is difficult for people. That’s where the nutritional value management app helps in finding the nutritional value of the food items. The app suggests food item options based on the nutritional value measurement of every user that keeps them healthy.

For instance, the app tracks the calorie count of food consumed, and based on the count, the food items are recommended that improve overall health.

Healthcare record-keeping app

On busy days, people don’t have enough time to manage their health records. When any important healthcare document or report is missing, it impacts their ongoing or future treatment because doctors consider the complete medical history before prescribing any medication. The personal medical history needs to be confidential as well.

Personal medical record keeping is the best solution to effectively manage and store healthcare records. The intuitive app allows the patients to upload their health records and share them with doctors after booking an appointment for the best treatment. It allows the doctor to best review the medical history in the meantime and prescribes the best medication during consultation.

Diet plan app

Nowadays, people have become more concerned about their health. Especially, the pandemic has fueled the urge to stay fit and healthy with a proper diet plan. Traditionally, it’s difficult to control taste buds and meet fitness goals with continuous efforts. The diet plan created by the mobile app builds a foundation for the fitness journey.

The diet plan app allows users to stay in shape by providing the best solutions to their weight loss according to their actual weight and the weight they need to burn. The plans from nutritionists created according to users’ diets enable users to live healthily.

A Comprehensive Guide to Develop a Diet and Nutrition Tracking App

Appointment booking app

In the mobile universe, who likes to stand in a queue or call the rep multiple times when everything is possible at the fingertips. The appointment booking facilitates patients to check the available slot during which the doctor is available for consultation. After checking the availability, the doctor appointments are booked in a few taps.

The 24/7 assistance and time management facility eliminates appointment mismanagement and minimizes administrative tasks. Plus, the seamless booking experience increases patient satisfaction. The healthcare start-ups interested in appointment booking apps can get connected with a development company to know the doctor appointment booking app development cost.

Pharmacy delivery app

Post-COVID, pharmacy delivery has become a trend. Otherwise, people physically visit the pharmacy store to buy medicines and make payments offline. With busy schedules, convenient ordering is now preferred.
The pharmacy delivery app allows users to upload the verified prescription, which is then used by pharmacists to check the inventory and get the medicines packed, and ship them to the users’ address. It allows users to pay either online or via cash on delivery.

Women’s wellbeing app

With distinct healthcare demands, women’s health needs special assistance, that’s where it becomes one of the best health app ideas for Femtech Startup. There is a range of innovative app ideas regarding women’s health. For instance, women busy at home can get a virtual clinic on mobile that helps them better manage health concerns and keep a record of them.

Women can track the menstrual cycle, take care of pregnancy, and get information regarding critical diseases. Different specialists like- dieticians, gynecologists, and therapists’ details help in getting connected with them and receiving required consultation.

On-demand doctor app

One question- When you have a medical emergency in the middle of the night with no healthcare facility in the nearby area. What do you do? Searching for a medical solution online or visiting the HCP in the morning are not feasible solutions at all. That’s where the on-demand doctor app is one of the best healthcare app ideas which help people in different situations.

The on-demand doctor app idea provides access to doctors 24/7 right through mobile without needing to stand in a queue for booking an appointment and consult doctors. The apps have a database of doctors in different locations with which patients can easily connect and get audio or video consultations.

AI-based trainer app

During a crisis, people want to stay healthy, but the lack of personal trainers that solely focuses on their health was experienced globally. The large membership fees make middle-class people show reluctance toward a healthy life. The dream comes true with an AI-based personal training app.

The app works like a gym trainer that personally creates a custom exercise plan for every individual based on their weight, height, and others. The wearable device tracks the exercises that users are doing and provides real-time feedback for improvement.

Mental health app

Presently, people are found more mentally ill rather than physical illness. The hectic lifestyle is increasing the stress, depression, and guilt, that’s making their life unhappy and dissatisfied. Creating a mental health app is one of the good health app ideas that keep people mentally fit with continuous tracking of their mental wellness and providing help when required.

The mental health apps are AI-based apps that are intelligent enough in tracking mood, anxiety levels, and sleep, and boost their mood by acting as their mindfulness coach. Music therapy, connecting to mental healthcare pros, and connecting with like-minded communities encourage the sufferers to live actively.

Home workout app

The home workout app development is a good move that can help you reap bundles if everything is executed rightly. After the pandemic, similar to remote working (Work from home), the people are preferring home workouts rather than visiting fitness trainers.

The home workout facilitates personal coaches that share custom exercise videos with the users and track their progress daily for making the right suggestions. Additionally, the health and fitness tips are shared for free to keep the users achieve their health goals effortlessly.

Hospital finder app

In metro cities, it’s difficult to search and identify the nearby hospital or specialists in a particular area. The hospital finder of medical facility finder app makes things easier. The users can find the best hospital at the desired location, check the doctor’s availability, and the diseases they treat using different technologies and make the right decision after reading feedback. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution to find hospitals anytime, anywhere.

EHR software

The doctors often experience errors in hand-written prescriptions or misplacement of patients’ records. The improper handling of patients’ medical reports results in the loss of patient-sensitive information, that’s not healthy for the hospital’s reputation and patient safety. The EHR apps improve medical data storage while ensuring data safety. It acts as a central repository where test results are easily added and streamlines the prescription process.

Exercise app

People like to stay healthy, but they need something that encourages them to exercise for a healthy lifestyle. That’s where the exercise app makes the users interested and stay engaged in performing exercises with an earning factor. It lets people know the benefits of doing exercises daily, provides an opportunity to earn attractive perks, and brings positive vibes to them.

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VR meditation app

Mental health is equally important as physical health in the healthcare space. It’s observed that VR technology works amazingly in overpowering one’s mind as it completely immerses people in a new world. The VR meditation app allows people to do meditation effortlessly, which has become difficult due to increased anxiety and stress levels.
The app enables users to select their mood and then the VR app auto-plays a soothing sound with a 360-degree view that enables people to do meditation effortlessly. The exceptional experience uplifts their mood.

Symptoms app

In some diseases such as brain tumors or spine tumors, the patients experience a variety of symptoms. The treatment needs to change or self-care activity initiatives need to be taken according to the symptoms identified. That’s where the symptoms management app helps in tracking symptoms, getting modified treatment according to symptoms, and finding self-care information as per the symptoms. The reports are also shared with doctors to better manage the health condition.

Sleep Tracking Applications

A sleep tracking application leverages advancements in sensor technology and delves beyond traditional monitoring of the duration of sleep. Sleep tracking apps can be customized to analyze various sleep stages and duration along with sleep quality. Such applications can evaluate and analyze sleep disturbances and sleep patterns enabling users to make informed choices to availbetter sleep and thus ultimately improving day long energy levels.

Emergency Assistance Applications

In incidents of exigency, specially engineered emergency assistance applications prove to be lifesavers. Such applications readily transmit an individual’s GPS location to predefined contacts (such as family doctors, members, or close aids) and automatically dial emergency services to the nearest healthcare setups such as hospitals or clinics. Such apps even store crucial medical information for first responders; ultimately, an emergency assistance app offersgreat peace of mind as it ensures access to instant medical assistance regardless of location.

Skin Health Tracking Applications

skin health tracking applications empower individuals as they transcend the realm of mere vanity metrics. Such apps make users their own dermatological experts because these software solutions are capable to perform meticulous analysis of moisture levels in the dermal layers plus also checking the UV exposure and potential ailment breakouts. Skin health tracking apps offer individual recommendations customized to unique skin types and colors. These software solutions can also readily assess a new product’s efficacy andreceive timely alerts such as excessive sun exposure. All in all, these apps facilitate informed decisions for healthier and more rejuvenatedskin.

Pet Health Tracking Applications

Pet health tracking applications are software tools that function as digital health diaries for the four-legged friends of humankind. The latest pet health track apps are just beyond adorable pictures and virtual treats as they are capable of recording pet symptoms, medications, and even visits to veterinary doctors. Pet owners can use these apps to set medication reminders based on their pet’s specific needs; additionally, they can also effortlessly schedule appointments right from the pet care application. Pet health tracking apps are innovative tools that not only ensure the well-being of furry companions but also offer pet owners soothing convenience and peace of mind. If you are thinking of venturing into this business, the development cost of pet care applications can incur between US $50000 to $500,000 or more depending on the complexity and features offered.

Medical Expense Tracking Applications

With inferior dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles, citizens in all cities around the world are more prone to contracting one or the other health ailment. As a result, visits to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other clinics have increased and so have the medical costs. Every year, US $3.2 trillion is spent on global healthcare. Medical expense tracking could be a good healthcare app idea that helps healthcare startups grow faster. The apps can streamline the daunting task of managing healthcare finances by bringing clarity and control to the budget equation. With medical expense tracking apps, one can effortlessly categorize spend, identify areas for potential healthcare cost savings, and even submit claims directly through their mobile phones. In addition, budgeting tools and reimbursement features in mobile apps can empower users to make informed financial decisions regarding healthcare.

Fitness Class Booking Applications

Another idea of healthcare apps that help healthcare startups grow is the fitness class booking app. Transforming the fitness landscape, these apps unlock a world of diverse workout experiences for fitness enthusiasts. Users with such an app on their mobile phones can effortlessly browse through an array of fitness studios and gym instructors. Also customized fitness class booking app can extend its features and offer an exploration of cutting-edge fitness trends. Additionally, one can also track health progress, connect with fellow fitness fanatics, and learn new routines to stay motivated and on track to achieving specific fitness goals. The fitness app development cost ranges between US $30000 to US $150000 or more.

Travel Health Advisor Applications

Travel health advisor apps could be a unique healthcare app idea for healthcare startups. These apps embark on international journeys and often dictatefruitful planning and preparation. Travel health advisor applications work as essential virtual travel companions to offer customized recommendations tailored to a specific destination. With these apps, users can receive timely immunization reminders and learn about nearby medical facilitiesor healthcare setups. Also, users can stay informed about potential health risks, and translation tools built within help them connect with local healthcare. Overall, travel health advisor apps could be a good healthcare app idea that ensures a safe and healthy journey so individuals can focus on creating lasting memories rather than worrying about their health. To venture into this app business, the development of comprehensive travel health advisor application costs may range between US $50,000 to US $100,000 depending on the features and data integration involved.

Meditation Applications

The rise of alternative healthcare and natural healing such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicines, Yoga, and meditation have been on the rise for the past several years. Meditation applications could be one such glorious healthcare app idea that helps healthcare startups grow faster today. Meditation applications offer a sanctuary for refining inner peace and well-being in today’s digitized world. These apps can offer personalized meditation programs crafted to address individual stress levels and sleep patterns. AI can help learn emotional states and offer guided meditations along with breathing exercises to carry out mindfulness. With such software solutions for meditation practices, an individual can track progress and connect with a supportive meditation community to explore the transformative shift. While a full-fledged meditation application may cost you a bit more, the cost to develop a Calm clone app would be much cost-effective. That way, you pay less while getting almost all the features of the popular app.

 Health reminder apps

The biggest roadblock to achieving health goals is missed pills at the defined time or the wrong number of medicines intake. The absence of continuous monitoring and tracking of medications makes it challenging for patients to maintain their medical routine. The health reminder app is a game-changing solution.

The reminder app allows patients to save the time at which they need to take medicines, and then they receive the reminders for the same. The chronic ailment patients get the required help with medicine tracking until they recover from the illness. The reminder app can remind the user to drink water after certain intervals to stay hydrated.

Medicine price comparison app

Undoubtedly, all the pharmacy stores sell drugs at different prices. It makes the customers browse multiple pharmacy stores to get the medicines at a reasonable rate. The medicine price comparison app facilitates the users to find the pharmacy store that sells the required medicine inexpensively. The instant price comparison allows the users to save some bucks.

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Summing it up
The revolutionary changes in the healthcare space are improving the quality of care with evolving patients’ expectations. It is also benefiting patients, doctors, and healthcare institutes in different ways. At the same time, digital innovation is creating a myriad of opportunities for the healthcare industry. 18 healthcare app ideas would help healthcare start-ups to fill the void and make bundles. The interested players can get connected with reliable healthcare app developers to shape their unique idea into a full-fledged solution.

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