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How Much Does it Cost to Develop Calm Clone App?

Calm Clone App Development Cost

Summary: Calm has been one of the most popular apps on the app store known for its diverse features and usefulness. The app is not restricted to one segment or type of customer but attracts mobile users of all kinds. The success of the Calm application is a big business lesson to entrepreneurs who want to build a fortune through app business. Developing a full-fledged Calm app could be a costly affair; here we get you a comprehensive guide on a Calm-clone app development cost which is much lower to save you loads.

Calm is a mobile application that provides wellness tips and instructions such as guided meditation and sleep stories along with calming music and other features. The application aims to help users relax and improve their well-being, and the app is quite popular for its large library of content rendered through a user-friendly interface. The company has set a precedent of a lucrative business and, therefore, many businesspersons aim to build a meditation app like Calm.

Here are some of the impressive figures that tell us the story of a meditation or mental wellbeing app business:

The figures indicate that the Calm application has been loved and appreciated by millions of users worldwide. Do you see that building a Calm-like app is a great business opportunity?

Wonder how? Here it is:

Why is Calm-like meditation app development worth it today?

The healthcare and medical sector has been one of the most recession-proof ventures attracting many investors from all around the world. As a farsighted entrepreneur, you may have various healthcare app ideas but what you need to mind is the demand for mental health and wellness apps has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. This is because more and more people face an overload of work or performance and as a resultmental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, one in every eight people in the world lives with a mental disorder which poses a huge challenge for all. Apps like Calm aims to provide users with astounding features to cope with their mental health challenges. So, what makes Calm stand out from other meditation apps? And why is it worth investing in Calm-like app development today?

Calm-like meditation app development

Stress and mental health issues today

As mentioned earlier, stress and mental health issues are rising in today’s busy world. Mental health issues such as work pressure, family concerns, financial shortage, social isolation, traumatic incidents, and chronic illness have negatively impactedeveryone’s physical and emotionalwell-being, leading. Offering Calm-like mental health support apps will target billions of people worldwide.

The immense popularity of smart device monitoring

There is an immense popularity and accessibility of smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. People of all types and ages widely use smart devices, and Calm-like apps can assist them by using sensors and data from smart devices. You can build ameditation app like Calm to offer features such as reminders, health alerts, and social media integration to encourage and engage users to achieve mental wellness goals through routines.

Accurate guidance for mental health

Due to mental health awareness among people, a need for accurate and personalized guidance for their mental health has grown manifold. A Calm-likeapp development can integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze user’s behavior and other data to offer customized recommendations and feedback.

On-the-go personal trainer for mindfulness

Lastly, Calm-like app development is worth it today because it serves as an on-the-go personal mental wellness trainer for mindfulness. Such apps can fetch you immense business because users today desperately want to reduce stress to improvetheir mood and enhance focus to boost creativity. Calm-like apps come in handy by offering users a variety of features to practice mindfulness anytime and anywhere.

How much does it cost to build a Meditation App Like a Calm?

Each software solution making requires particular sets of tools and technologies; thus, mobile app development tech stacks used to build your customized app will also have a major impact on the overall budget you spend. It is essential to know that Calm application must have cost the owner an arm and a leg, the best option to bring down the development cost is to go for the Calm clone app with the same features as the original ones but costing you way less.

Primarily, the cost to develop any fitness app depends on how useful you want your product to be; how complex you want the app to be, and where you outsource the fitness or wellness app project. These all factors impact the overall wellness or meditation app development cost. To get you a rough idea, you can build a meditation app like Calm with a budget somewhere ranging between US $20000 to US $250,000.

It is worth noting that the ballpark figure is difficult to quote; you can always consult a mobile app development company to know about the exact cost as per the number of features, security tiers, the app’s size, and much more.

Still, here is the estimated idea about the costs:

Simple meditation app: A simple app for mental wellness could include basic features such as tips and techniques for meditation through a general user interface design with no ‘X-factor’ as such. Such a basic app would cost you around US $20000 to US $ 30000.

Medium mental wellness app: A bit more complex than the simple meditation application is a medium mental wellness software solution as a mobile app. This app can include a bit more advanced features such as audio-visual content and talking to meditation or mental wellness healthcare providers. A meditation app with medium size, more features, and security measures would cost you around US $33000 to US $50000.

Full-fledged Calm-like app: The cost to develop a meditation app like Calm would be higher because it includes a full-fledged software solution exceeding users’ expectations. Not only does the Calm clone app include advanced features such as video/audio calling and booking appointments but also mental wellness eCommerce stores and integration of various business models to get you faster ROI. To cost to build a meditation app like Calm would range between US $51000 to US $250,000+.

For better clarification, we have bifurcated the budget based on app development complexity.

  • Simple Calm app : $20000 to $30000
  • Medium complexity with more features: $33000 to $50000
  • Highly complex with advanced functionality: $51000 to $250,000+

Want to create your own innovative Calm clone app?

A Calm clone app development Vs. fresh meditation app development

There is a huge difference between the Calm clone app development cost and the cost to build the Calm app itself. While the latter would cost you a pretty penny, the former will save you loads to invest elsewhere to enhance or expand your business. Creating a fresh application requires several steps such as market and user segmentation, competitors’ analyses, and most importantly, ample human hours and efforts. The fresh Calm app development would also require more tech stacks which would add up to a big figure in the overall costs.

On the other hand, the cost to develop a meditation app like Calm as a clone will cut down almost all expenses by half. This is because the Calm-clone application would use a readymade project scope and the entire software development cycle including the coding tech stack. It would serve as a handy solution for all mental wellness concerns. While original apps need more planning and observed execution, a readymade meditation app clone application would cut down not only the costs but also the time to market.

At glance:

  •  The price to build the simple version of the Calm application starts from US $30000
  • The Calm-clone app development cost starts from US $15000-20000

The outsourcing destination and engagement
Whether you build the Calm app itself or the clone of it, the destination where you outsource your project has a great impact. That said, the cost to develop a meditation app like Calm would cost you much less when you outsource the project to hubs such as India compared to hiring or getting in-house resources to build the entire product.

  • The charges for the app development in the First World countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK would go high. The charges vary from US $80-200 an hour.
  • European mobile app developers will cost you around US $70 to 150 an hour to build a Calm-like app.
  • You can build a meditation app like Calm at much lower prices in outsourcing hubs such as India where developers charge US $20 to 60 an hour.

Features you must include in Calm-clone app development

If you want to create a Calm-like app, you need to include some essential features that will help your user feel relaxedand focused and gain sound sleep.

Here are some of the features of the Calm app you must consider:

  • Meditation: Offers guided and unguided meditation sessions for different levels, goals, and moods as meditation reduces stress, improvescognition, and enhances well-being.
  • Daily calm: Provides a new meditation regime every day covering a relevant topic like happiness and resilience; it inspires, motivates, and educates users.
  • Breathing tips: Teaches users how to breathe properly and practice breathing exercises to restore the nervous system andmaintain blood pressure along with increasing oxygen flow.
  • Sleep stories: Creates soothing stories narrated by celebrities or experts to help users fall asleep faster and calmer; also, sleep stories improve memory, creativity, and mood.
  • AI Trainer: UsesArtificial Intelligence to tailor the app experience for each user by studying their preferences, choices, and feedback. AI Trainer recommends the best content by tracking the progress and adjusting the difficulty level.
  •  Progress Tracker: Shows users how the time spent on the app and how many sessions they have completed. It’s all to improve their mental health through encouraging, rewarding, and reminding users to keep up the good work.
  • Music: Curates relaxing music tracks from various genres and artists. This is tailored to suit different moods and activities while enhancing the meditation, sleep, and relaxation experience.
  •  Calm Masterclass: Featurespremium audio courses from veterans on topics like happiness and mindfulness along with self-esteem, and productivity.
  • Calm Kids: Designs special content for kids of different ages to help them develop emotional intelligence and coping skills inducing positive habits.
  •  Calm Body: Offers video tutorials on general stretching, yoga, and movement exercises to release tension and improve posture while inducing more energy.

How long does it take to build a Calm-like app?

The smaller the project the lesser the time it takes to build. That said, a Calm-like meditation app with general features and limited functionalities would take a month or two. A step further, a medium-sized meditation app like Calm would ask you for more time because you need a bit bigger team size and more human hours to integrate more features and functions in your product.

Lastly, a full-fledged meditation application like Calm including all the facilities it provides to users will take even more time because such app building not only requires a large pool of mobile app developers but also consultants and researchers. It requires a high-complexity application with advanced features to retain users.

At glance:

  •  A simple Calm-like app development with general features will take around 1-2 months.
  • A med-sized meditation app like Calm will require at least 2-3 months to build.
  • A fully functional comprehensive Calm clone application will require 3+ months with a dedicated team of mobile app developers.

Ready to build a Calm-like app?

Venturing into mental wellness is the need of the hour especially when almost one in every eight people suffers from some kind of depression, anxiety, or mental disturbance. Helping the sufferers is not only a noble cause but also a white-label cash flow that assures you revenue. Prismetric has earned the title of a top healthcare app development company that helps you build quality solutions at affordable prices. Contact us now by simply filling out the form and our experts shall reach you earliest.

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