On-Demand Car Wash App Development: Cost and Key Features

On-Demand Car Wash App Development: Cost and Key Features

On Demand Car Wash App Development Cost and Rich FeaturesOver the past few years, online media consumption has shown tremendous growth. Among the digital devices, mobile devices have taken over as the preferred medium for almost any service.

You can consume any service with just a few taps on your mobile screen and eliminate the need of waiting or standing in long queues. The same goes for on demand car wash services, people can avoid long waiting lines as the service is easily available through an on-demand car washing application.

Owning a car is easy but maintaining one is a troublesome task. From taking care of it from time to time to getting it washed regularly, it requires a lot of work. Looking at it from the customer’s point of view, comfort is all they are really looking for and getting a car washed through an app built by a top mobile app development company makes it even more feasible.

Market Size and Statistics that speak of the rising demand of car wash apps

The global on demand car wash market size was valued at USD 27.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8% from 2022 to 2028. One of the major factors driving the car wash market is growing consumer interest in car maintenance.

With the numbers of smartphone users increasing rapidly, there are a lot of trending mobile app ideas for startups in the market currently. The demand for car washing services has been fueled by the need for convenience and a wider range of budget-friendly and luxury options.

According to the International Carwash Association(ICA), the number of car owners washing their cars at home has reduced as consumers are focused on car maintenance and their convenience.

Time constraints and busy schedules have also led to car owners using car cleaning and car detailing applications accelerating the on demand car wash industry and giving their vehicles to professional car washing service providers.

The primary purpose of the online car wash booking system is to reduce manual vehicle preparation time and improve car wash technology resulting in cleaner and drier vehicles in less time.

Which are the Top Players in an On-demand Car Wash App Market?

Different car wash businesses that have started small are now counted as the leading car wash players worldwide. All of them provide car wash services to the users anytime, anywhere, but what keeps the car wash business apps apart is intuitive marketing strategies to increase user acquisition, drive loyalty, and improve conversion.

They have experimented with innovative features to take the on-demand car wash service to the next level, which, in turn, pushed them to the top position globally. Such on demand car wash booking apps in the market attract car owners and generate extensive revenue.

Here are the leading car wash apps in the market.

  • Washos
  • Wype
  • Spiffy
  • Qweex
  • Washify
  • DinoWash

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Other than the above-given apps there are many other types of software ideas for the Automotive industry that can be implemented to generate high ROI on your automotive business.

Types of Car Wash Mobile Apps

It has been evaluated that around 60% of the people in the US use car wash apps frequently, so if you are thinking of getting an app developed for car wash and detailing services, this is your cue. The on-demand car wash app development solutions and services come down to two types of car wash apps:

Dedicated Apps

Dedicated car services applications are the best option for service center owners that are thinking of getting their service personalized via an on-demand app. Building an app helps in increasing the user engagement ratio and augments the overall ROI.

The best part about dedicated car wash apps is that it updates your customers with the latest trends in the car service market and helps to create brand loyalty.

Aggregator Apps

An aggregator application delivers a well-versed online infrastructure to customers and detailers where they can enlist and advertise their services while customers can choose the one that suits them the best.

It is a standalone business model and the only capital invested by the app owner is the app development cost. The dealers are available on the platform itself and the demand for car wash mobile app solutions ascends as the number of users increases.

Let’s take your Car Wash Business Online

Advantages of On Demand Car Wash App

Benefits Of On-Demand Car Wash App Development

Today, the on demand car wash mobile detailing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and almost every other car owner requires this service. As they say, car owners do believe in the saying,

Take care of your car, and the car will take care of you on the road.

If you run a car washing business, no one understands the value and affection car owners share with their cars better than you, so investing in a car wash mobile app will boost your business in every possible way. Let’s walk you through the advantages of an on demand car wash mobile application:


Scheduling is one of the primary features of an on-demand app that allows customers to quickly book an appointment.

Online Payment Method

Custom car cleaning app includes all payment modes such as cards, wallets, net banking, QR code scanning, etc.

Instant Access

High quality application for car wash and detailing services offers online as well as offline access to your customers offering a smooth flow of experience without any technical trouble.

Bespoke Content

The best app for car washing services delivers bespoken content data based on the needs and budget of the users along with the availability and geographical location of the car wash.

Quicker Response

Connecting the car wash dealers to the users looking up for services on the app quickly creates a quick response rate.

Key Features of On Demand Car Wash App

Features Of Car Wash App

An ideal app for car wash has three main panels and a bunch of must-have user-friendly app features. Here’s a rundown of all three panels and its features that should be included in your on-demand car wash app solutions to decode the requirements of your customers better than your rivals.

User Panel

Customer is the most important asset of your business, here are the basic features of the customer panel for your car wash application:

Sign up/ Login

Customers can register on the app and log in with credentials, much like in the user panel.

Car Wash Package

According to their budget, users can choose from enlisted packages in the online car wash booking app.

Find Near-By Car Detailers

Customers can search car wash detailers around their location and select their most convenient choice.

Multiple Car Option

Users can select more than one car at a time if they wish to service multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Chat and video call

Customers can get in touch with the car detailers and washers in case of any query about the car wash services by chatting or in-built video calling feature.

Payment Module

Customers can make payments through modes of online payment such as credit/debit card, net banking, or online wallets.

Reviews & Ratings

Customers can contribute their reviews with ratings on the service they received, helping new users to make a better judgment call.

Book a detailer

Users can get in touch with the nearest car wash service provider from the list of available detailers in his/her area.

Car Washer / Detailer Panel

As the detailer or the car washing service provider needs to monitor the user and the stats of car washers, here are the primary features included in the car detailer panel:

Service location

This feature allows car wash owners to know the location of the customer and provide service at the respective location.

Accept/Reject requests

The car washing and detailing service provider has the power to deny or accept requests determined by the nature of its workers, mechanics, and goods.

Service status

Car washing and cleaning service providers can gain customer trust by providing them with the status of their ongoing service as car wash may go through various steps.

Push notifications

Push notification enables car washing companies to get notified when someone requests a service or about recent transactions.

Admin Panel

This is the part where the admin can keep an eye on all the activities going around the car washing app business. The primary features of the admin panel are:

Manage User Registration

This app feature reflects on the platform’s ability to track and monitor the number of car washers and users involved. It also provides information on frequent users and car washers, as well as helps them to contact with the support staff if required.

Manage Service Time Zones

Admin can connect the users to the nearby car washing agencies and help them get in touch according to their geolocation and working hours.

Manage Payments

Admin can review and transfer payments made by the users through online gateways and net banking.

Manage Ratings and Reviews

The responsibility of maintaining ratings and reviews provided by the user falls under the admin panel.

Heat-map view

One can view the most used areas and maximum used services of the application under this special feature accessible only to the admin.

Loyalty programs

Under loyalty programs, users can take part in various events online and car wash dealers can promote respectively availing benefits from either side.

Do you want your own Car Wash Booking App?

Advance Features

To make your online car washing app development stand out in the crowd, you can even add some advanced features such as:


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows a car washing company to streamline information about their clients and services easily.


Content Management System (CMS) helps the content team to make changes in the software content along with adding or removing ads.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking gives a sense of security by letting you track where your car is when you opt for car pick up and drop with a car washing service.


Eliminating the language barrier, you can switch between different languages anytime with this feature supporting multiple languages.

Uses the native feature

On demand app for car washing services uses native features such as barcode and QR code for payments as well as smooth navigation that works feasibly on multiple platforms.

Monetization Model for Car Wash App

There are plenty of revenue models and monetization strategies available to make money through your on demand car wash app, let’s take a look at the most conventional ones:


Promoting and sponsoring different car wash service providers and monetizing this application adds an impressive amount of weight to the revenue box.


Car washing app owners can advertise third-party businesses in their apps to raise their revenue significantly.

Product Merchandising

Merchandising a product relevant to the car wash is a great way to make a profit and market the brand. You can add an option to purchase a product and generate income through online selling.

Required Team Structure & Technology Stack to develop Car Wash App

One should employ the right kind of professionals and a suitable tech stack in order to thrive among the competition and assure smooth workflow in the car wash app development process. As a car wash business owner, you should hire dedicated developers with extensive experience to build a robust car wash and detailing application that fulfills all your digital requirements. Here is the primary team structure you will require for on-demand car cleaning app development:

  • Project manager
  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • Android and iOS developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA engineers
  • Business analysts

Here is the basic technology stack required to develop an on-demand car washing app:

  • Database: Datastax, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google
  • Navigation: Google map
  • Push notifications: Push.io, Twilio
  • Mail: MailChimp
  • Phone verification: Nexmo, Twilio
  • Real-time analytics: IBM, Apache Flink, Cisco, Spark
  • OS: Ubuntu, Debian
  • Payment: Paypal, Stripe, Braintree

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Car Wash App?

Stating the accurate car wash app development cost is impossible because every car wash business is unique with different needs. Typically, when businesses choose to go ahead with MVP development to test the waters, its costs starts from $10,000-$15,000. When businesses opt to build a full-fledged solution with a complete set of features, simplified UI, third-party integration, and others, the on-demand car wash mobile app development cost goes up to $25,000-$60,000. The price range provided is based on the basic features and most important aspects required in a mobile app developed for car wash services.

Things included in the above-mentioned pricing for a full-fledge solution:

  • Scope of Work documentation
  • Wireframing & Designing
  • Development
  • Third-party integration (SMS Gateway, Email gateway, Payment gateway, etc.)
  • Testing
  • Deployment

The cost estimation for car wash application development is usually calculated based on various factors on which the app development cost depends on.

The most important factors that car wash app development cost depends on are:

  • The size of the app
  • Complications
  • Third-party integrations
  • The location of your car wash mobile app development partner

The car wash app development budget mentioned above is based on certain most important factors that contribute to the on demand car wash app development services the costs may differ widely if all the factors are the be considered. Thus, it is quite difficult to decipher the exact cost of on demand car wash mobile app development. For instance, the location of the app developers plays a crucial role in the cost to develop a mobile app and the charges to hire developers differ based on different geo-locations.

When you hire remote developers, the developers’ location and the involvement of experienced players in the team play a vital role in increasing or reducing the development cost due to variations in hourly rates.

  • European developer costs between $50 to $150 per hour
  • American developer hourly rate ranges between $60-$220
  • South Asian developer costs $20 to $50
  • Australian developer charges $50 to $150 per hour

Cost To Develop An On Demand Car Wash App

Let’s calculate the cost to build your car wash app.

Why Hire Prismetric to Build your Car Wash App?

When it comes to targeting a specific audience, businesses need to come up with customized mobile app solutions that can meet people’s demands. As people tend to depend on their mobile devices to accomplish their day-to-day tasks, a car wash app simply makes the lives of car owners better.

Hire an experienced Automotive app development company that helps you convert your online car wash service concept into reality by building a unique app fulfilling your targeted user needs.

Prismetric has a profound team of skilled app developers that are highly proficient in building an on demand car wash app.

Key Questions and Answers that are asked before Development of Car Wash App

How can I create a mobile application for my car wash business?

The mobile car wash business is started with low investment following a process. At first research the market and create a business plan for your car wash venture that includes a list of features and services that your car wash business will offer. Hire experts or outsource the project to a dedicated team to get build the right mobile car wash application.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an app for my Car Wash business?

Creating a car wash business is an expensive affair when you build it from scratch, but the profits in the long-term pay off to the car wash businesses. The cost to build Mobile app for car wash business ranges between $30,000-$45,000*. However, the range of features, number of platforms, design needs, and developers’ location bring differences in the cost. Consulting the development company can help you get exact cost estimation for the project.

What are the revenue or monetization model for car wash mobile app?

Car washing app development provides unique opportunities to earn profits when the apt monetization models are used such as
Sponsorship model- promote the services offered by different car wash businesses in return of fixed money.
Product merchandising- Enable an option for the users to buy car wash related products such as shampoo, exterior paint, cleaning gloves, and more.
Advertisement- Create a space for car wash businesses to put their ads and earn on every impression, clicks, and visits.

Why should I go for the custom car wash app development?

Having been able to reach the customers searching for car wash services with the help of mobile app have created limitless opportunities for car wash businesses. Amidst high competition, achieving desirable results is possible when your business can make a mark on the users to try your services. All of this is possible through custom car wash app that employs a unique set of features, custom UI, and branding.

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