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Find Opportunities for Business in Automotive Industry With Software Development

Automotive software development

The automotive industry has seen revolutionary changes, especially in the past few years. According to Deloitte, it is a known fact today that electronics take up to 40% of the total vehicle’s cost, without software the industry would stand still. For instance, the shortage of semiconductors had put the entire automotive industry on hold for a while. Today’s smartcars gather an enormous amount of data -from traffic to vehicle whereabouts to the history of user behavior. In all this, the demand for automotive software development for cars has increased manifold.

Driverless cars are almost on the verge to become practical and the technology used in automotive software is getting more accurate in terms of safeguarded systems, risk analysis, and vehicle-specific customization. The use of highly sensitive sensors, accurate voice commands, enhanced media and entertainment players have become a norm in any smart car today. In simple words, today, car mobile app development is the backbone of the automobile manufacturing industry.

How is software for the Automotive industry different?

Automotive applications are a type of software system that offers a vehicle and a driver an extra edge over their normal capabilities. In other words, automotive software development is building an application for automobiles that make rides not only smoother but also safer. Even further, software technologies for automobiles would allow the vehicle to think and act superior so that the occupants inside have a safer and enhanced user experience.

Mobile technology is changing automobile industry for good. While built-in automotive software technology can have almost everything that a driver or a car owner would expect from their vehicle, third-party software for cars through APIs can do wonders and leave nothing impossible to integrate. For instance, traffic jam assistance, data storage, and car diagnosis (vehicle health) can be simply deployed through various methods during the automotive software development process.

What are the different types of Automotive software?

Types of Apps for Car

The creative automotive app ideas are providing good business opportunities for the automotive entrepreneurs. A software development company that works for automotive and automobiles also masters several other software specific to automobile performance and customization. Automotive software development can be modified or tailored according to the buyers’ choice and business type. Here we present some of the most common types of automotive applications.

OBD system

OBD or On-board Diagnostic software applications need an additional hardware tool known as the OBD adapter that is plugged into the OBD port. Automotive software application development specific to OBD help connect the device with the vehicle through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals. Car owners can keep their eyes on the vehicle to get real-time information and notifications.

For instance, the temperature of the engine and car performance. Depending on the requirements, outsourcing mobile app development will help to build OBD apps for vehicle to customize and add some mind-blowing features such as CO2 emission, horsepower information, fuel efficiency analysis, and data on the entire trip or journey.

Since the OBD apps get constant input from the special hardware too i.e., a cable, it becomes easy for artificial intelligence to trigger an alarm or notification for overspeeding of the vehicle, any unusual temperature of the engine or cabin, and even high or low voltage problems. Walking an extra mile, the OBD apps also help owners learn the driver’s behavior pattern through various parameters; nevertheless, there are popular car software applications dedicated to such tasks.

Navigation software

One of the most common automotive software applications is navigation through various technologies such as GPS. The navigation software in the automobile industry locates vehicles and fleets through altitude and provides information about traffic whereabouts, vehicle routes, moon phases, and traffic jams.

Contemporary automotive software development includes the use of live cameras, 2D, and 3D camera images, and also Augmented Reality applications to enhance the overall experience. Integration of applications such as Google Maps enhances the efficiency of car software as it can measure the vehicle’s speed, distance covered, the best possible routes (with or without; shortest or longest distances), and estimated time to reach the destination.

Dashcam applications

The dashcam applications come in handy when the footage of any route or journey is sought for various purposes. The dashcam software can record everything that happens on the routes and roads and hence can provide crucial evidence in case of mishappening such as road accidents.

There are automotive software development companies that use YouTube as a third-party app to deploy so that the recording of each route or journey can be uploaded as a record. Even further, certain special dashcam car apps get activated after noticing any shakes, sudden impacts, or changes on the roads or driving patterns. Depending on the hardware and requirements, the videos are recorded in low to high and very high resolutions. automotive mobile cloud computing systems have pushed the efficiency of such software further as data storage is now available in abundance.

Commercial automotive mobile apps

If not private or personal automotive apps, the other possibility is commercial mobile application development for various purposes such as;

Such professional automobile software development focuses more on commercial aspects and thinks of enterprises that deal with selling, renting, and buying of automotive vehicle. The software for automotive vehicle here would be on a larger scale and may require dedicated app developers in abandon quantity for their automotive software development.

Voice control or command apps

The latest applications for the automotive industry have voice commands and controllable features. Since automotive software are operated while the vehicle is running, most automobile software has features that are triggered through voice commands. Alexa, Siri, and Google voice commands can help owners and drivers to speak and get actions done in their vehicles. Here are a few popular actions that are performed through voice commands in automotive software applications.

Voice control or command apps

Routes: The voice command can ask the automotive software application to find the best route and the routes can be further filtered by factors such as the fastest route, the route with no toll, and the route with the least traffic. Routes can be also saved as ‘favorites’ for future reference.

Entertainment: Voice commands can play music or video as per the speaker’s choice. In certain luxury sedans and SUVs, multiple screens can be connected through a central automotive app that takes voice commands. The LED is placed on the dashboard with high-resolution screens and multimedia features. Automobile industry professionals constantly work on improving the user experience through unique and attractive dashboard LED panels.

Core functions: The core functions of the automotive vehicle can be commanded or navigated through registered or authenticated voices. For instance, putting on the air conditioning or locking/opening the doors in emergencies. Core functions can be further customized as per the project scope as some buyers may give priority to advanced driver assistance systems while others may focus on automotive software security.

Phone and calling: Hands-free talking become mandatory for those who drive a vehicle. For automotive software applications, the phone and call can be performed through voice commands. Some advanced automotive software tools come with video calling that uses the built-in or mounted camera on the dashboard. In all types of such software features, voice commands can trigger the phone call and also abort it with voice commands.

The rise of electric vehicles

An Electric Vehicle (EV) uses one or more than one electric motors for thrust and the motors are run by powerful batteries. According to Statista, alone in California, there will be nearly 4 million by 2030; the worldwide figure is much more.

Embedded software systems are crucial for electric vehicle functioning and operations. Regular automotive software updates through cables or over-the-air (OTA) enhance the tool’s efficiency, safety, functionalities, and security. Even further, the latest mobile computing for automotive software has pushed the technology further to reach the pinnacle. Whether battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or fuel-cell electric vehicles, smart vehicles are deployed with the most advanced customized automotive software tools.

In the coming years, connectivity, navigation, and maintenance through customized software for automotive vehicles could lead the industry.

Cost to Develop EV Charging Station Finding Apps

How to choose an automotive software development service provider?

Top software development company can help you build quality automobile software without putting much load on your budget. Nevertheless, you need to choose a company that specializes in automotive app development. In other words, automotive software development could work for the purpose but developing automotive software has a different approach as it is chiefly customized for personal use and not commercial. You may need to check the following factors while choosing the best automotive software development company –

  • Expertise: as stated earlier, an IT offshore company that masters in building automotive solutions should be consulted and dealt with as compared to those with experience in automobile software development.
  • Portfolio: you may check the portfolio and case studies of the company that has dealt with automotive mobile app development. The companies specific to building personalized automotive system are different from those with automotive software solutions i.e., readymade apps.
  • Cloud integration: since automobile software solutions require tons of data to be stored and shared, you must ask an automotive software solution provider company with automotive mobile cloud computing expertise.

Other than these factors, some general factors such as better after-sales services, costs, and technology stacks used by automotive software development company are fair to consider. When it comes to hiring, there are different models to select from based on which the overall costing of the project is calculated and understanding about dedicated team model before the project kickstarts is necessary. Further, it is best to hire dedicated developers who are experienced and perform as your own extended team based on which the cost to hire developers is estimated.

What to look after in an automotive software development company before hiring?

The best-in-class automotive software application development companies have experienced and dedicated developers to build customized automotive software solutions as per your personal or professional needs.

You must check with the top mobile app developers whether they have a specific portfolio showcasing automotive apps along with their expertise in integrating the latest or contemporary technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and AR/VR. Customized automotive application development with such integration would get you a highly advanced digital product as per your project scope. Here are the three factors you may keep as a priority to choose the best automotive app development company.

Customized automotive mobile app solutions

When you hire experienced automotive app developers or a company, it is understood that you know about the benefits of custom mobile app for your business. Nevertheless, it is also possible that a readymade automotive solution may work the way you want, but it is always advised to check the built-in features, such solutions come with.

Platforms for automotive app development

The best automotive app solutions can be built on both platforms, iOS and Android; however, it is always better to make it clear before you hire an automotive app development company which platform you want to build an automotive mobile app for. Many entrepreneurs and individuals prefer developing automobile apps on cross-platforms so as to reach a wide range of users. The automotive software engineers you deal with should have an intense understanding of UI/UX and responsiveness of automotive mobile apps on all sized devices. It is also important that the software providers check out standards-compliant automotive software depending on the region the vehicle is going to run.

Integration, migration, testing, and support

While most offshore software development companies treat you dearly while they sell services and products; however, it is of paramount importance that they should be keen enough to respond to you after sales. You should enquire about the processes of integration, migration, and automotive software quality metrics of the software as per your business needs and legal boundaries. But you may opt for a documented deal about the after-sales support, say, a maintenance contract for a certain period. Having an understanding of app maintenance and opting for it would be the right thing to do when developing automotive applications for you and your business requirements.

Final words

You can find the best automotive software development company to build quality smart car apps that can automatize most vehicle functions through voice and manual commands. But, before you set in for the search you must have a clear idea about the type of automotive software you need to build for your business and some of the must-have features along with other important business details and budget clarified.

If you are not sure how to start with the process to develop automotive software, send your project requirements and let us help you out with a step-by-step approach.

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