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Why Should you Choose Dedicated Team Model to Hire Developers?

Complete Guide to a Dedicated Team Model

When you come up with an idea, you start planning from development to its final launch. The team of maestros that are going to add life to your software, mobile, or web app idea needs to be carefully searched for. Before you begin with the hiring expert developer process, it’s essential to choose the right engagement model that highly impacts project development.

An engagement model is a way of collaborating with the developers and professionals who align with project requirements in terms of time, price, control, flexibility, and responsibility. There are various engagement models available, including remote hire, staff augmentation, hiring a dedicated team, hiring freelancers, fixed price, and time & material.

Presently, hiring a dedicated team to work remotely has become a trend, which has picked up the pace. The recent pandemic has forced developers to work from home, which has geared up the outsourcing trend. According to research, the global IT outsourcing market will be worth $397.6 billion by 2025.

A recent study has proven that businesses globally prefer to hire dedicated developers to meet evolving business demands innovatively under limited time and tight budgets. Let’s discuss in detail the definition, pros, and process of implementing a dedicated team model.

What is a dedicated team model?

In this collaboration model, the software development company and clients sign a mutual business partnership agreement for their long-term business projects. The software vendor allows businesses to choose a team of expert developers, designers, testers, marketers, and managers to accomplish business goals. Using a PMS (Project Management System), the company interacts directly with team members, monitors ongoing project progress, and makes recommendations.

The dedicated team works remotely but acts as your in-house team. Remote hiring is the future of remote work. However, you don’t need to manage the team or take care of resources, administrative support, extra privileges, or social benefits provided to the team as everything is handled by the software development outsourcing company.

In fact, businesses are considering outsourcing because it reduces development costs by 30%. The reason behind the reduced cost is that you need to pay developers for the hours they work based on the predefined hourly rate. Here, no other overhead expenses are involved, which makes hiring dedicated software developers a cost-effective option.

How Is The Dedicated Team Model Different From The Rest Of The Hiring Models?

Three types of engagement models are popular: Dedicated team, Fixed price, and Time & material models that businesses select based on the business objective and to ensure seamless professional collaboration. The dedicated team model has the best of the two engagement models that confuse the businesses, as they need to know about the process to hire remote developers.

Dedicated team vs. Fixed price model

Dedicated Team vs Fixed Price

The fixed price model, as its name implies, has a fixed project scope, deadlines, and budget. Thorough analysis and extensive calculations made at an earlier stage enable businesses to set everything in stone.

When it’s compared with the dedicated team model, the fixed price model won’t allow any changes to be made when the development is halfway with predetermined specifications. Besides, the fixed price involves risks of overpayment and precisely defining the timeline. The fixed price model is not good for long-term projects, but the dedicated model is a perfect choice as it provides the freedom to incorporate scope and timeline changes anytime.

Dedicated team vs Time and Material Model

Dedicated Team vs Time & Material

The time & material contract model is straightforward and makes businesses pay for the hours and efforts that developers pour into software development. The model provides the space for conducting research and making changes in the middle of development. But, in this engagement model, the team won’t work dedicatedly on the project, the developers are shuffled depending on the feature development requirements.

In a dedicated model, you hire dedicated resources that work on the project till the end, which is not the case with a time & material model. The unforeseen cost, unexpected delay in a deadline, and active involvement of business are essential, which doesn’t exist with the dedicated team structure because the dedicated team works to turn the project into reality with dedication.

In addition to this, one of the reasons that the dedicated hiring model is among the most sorted is because the model itself provides different models to hire dedicated developers. These additional hiring models are provided by only the top software development service providers like Prismetric.

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Team?

It’s cost-effective

Outsourcing the project to offshore developers is gaining traction because of the diminished development costs. The engagement model enables businesses to enjoy the advantage of reduced costs in two ways.

The businesses don’t need to pay salaries and maintain variance in rates to meet the developers’ expectations of different locations. Top-tier talent is abundant in developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others. The outsourcing option saves businesses from this when you hire developers from developing countries like India and pay for the hours they work at predetermined rates.

The associated cost of making the teamwork in the office, that’s infrastructure costs, buying equipment, licensing, administrative costs, and workspace setup costs is handled by the software development company, which helps the businesses save a hefty amount.

Hiring Developers – How much budget will you need to set aside?

Provide flexibility

When a remote team is hired from a tech partner, they provide access to a pool of talent, suggest a team structure, and allow businesses to select the team after checking their portfolio and screening. When the project requirements get scaled up/down, the businesses have the freedom to ramp up the team to meet the resources and developers’ requirements for keeping the project competitive.

Direct focus on business goals

The remote team is dedicatedly working on your business project, which means they wholeheartedly invest the time and effort in developing the project. They perform research and leverage the best tools to ensure the software performs as expected and exceeds the client’s expectations.

Transparency in everything

Everything is clearly defined in this client engagement model at the inception of collaboration when an agreement is signed by both parties. The agreement clearly defines the project scope, the tech stack that will be used according to project complexity and the hourly rates at which the business will pay for the hours that the team works.

When To Hire A Dedicated Team?

Learn when to Hire Dedicated Developers

Need an economically reasonable model for long-term continuous projects

The dedicated team model facilitates the team having all the specialists required for the project development, while they work on the project till it’s finished. The long-term projects have complexities and require some changes in the middle of development, which makes a dedicated team a perfect fit. The businesses can expand the team at the same hourly rates when the project scope increases.

Want Improved adaptability to accommodate extensibility

In a dedicated team member model, the team works on only your project, which allows them to solely focus on a project with no distraction. The improved focus enables remote developers to provide their insights related to technology, the market, trends, and customers to project development, which, in turn, increases its adaptability. The dynamic project that requires incorporating changes frequently can be accommodated by the team of remote members that work dedicatedly, which facilitates project extension at ease along with remote work culture.

Looking for rapid development with more control

For startups that want to take the software to the market in the least amount of time to grow their business, the dedicated development team model is the best alternative. The dedicated team model also facilitates the selection and management of zealous members of teams. With an easy outsourcing process, businesses of different sizes, be it startups, small or large businesses, can get the project built faster with improved control over their team.

There are no in-house experts for development and management

When the project idea is not well-researched and requires a discovery workshop, it makes perfect sense to go ahead with a remote team that can work dedicatedly because they have all the experts with years of experience in niche fields. When a project is handed over to remote developers team, it is ensured that they will take care of everything from project research and technology stack selection to development strategy planning and final launch. A dedicated team working remotely can better handle projects with unclear requirements.

When Hiring A Dedicated Team Is Not A Good Choice?

Now that, you know when to hire dedicated developers, and also have a better understanding of the project types and possibilities when a dedicated team model is good. But there are some types of projects and situations where dedicated model selection is not a prudent choice.

For short-term projects

Businesses that have small projects whose scope, time, and budget are set in stone don’t need a dedicated team model because it’s beneficial only when there are no deadlines and scope constraints.

Time-critical projects

The time-critical projects are small or like Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launches that get completed in a month or so and don’t require full-time developers, designers, or managers. It makes no sense to partner with a company that provides only dedicated team model, as screening the team takes time. Instead, a fixed price model would work.

What’s the Process of Hiring Dedicated Developers From Prismetric?

Prismetric is a top offshore software development company with the right mix of talent that has worked with hundreds of businesses by collaborating through a dedicated team engagement model. We have delivered 75% of projects to the clients successfully under the dedicated development team contract. We follow a unique process step by step that makes clients prefer a dedicated team model.

Estimate the scope

The business analyst sits with the client and discusses the project requirements, priorities, and timeline to identify how many people with different tech talents and specialties are required in the team structure. The discovery workshop is conducted to outline the project scope that fulfills the business objective.

Choose the team

The team members that are a good fit for the project development are presented to the client. Later, the client can check the portfolio and interview the team members individually.

Project discussion

After the team selection, the purpose of that project, project milestones, and priority features to build first are discussed to ensure zero conflicts throughout the project development.

Solution proposition

After research and discussion, the team, project outline, timeline, and budget are proposed to the client for their final approval.

Start the development

The selected team gets the task assigned and access to all the resources required for project completion.

How to Manage a Dedicated Team Working Remotely on Your Project?


The enormous impact of COVID-19 has made most companies start ahead with the outsourcing option. Hiring a dedicated team model gains momentum with its pros. However, the cons have restricted the use of the collaboration model in some projects. Well, other engagement models fit well in such cases.

At Prismetric, we provide all the different engagement models that businesses want to use to collaborate with the IT team. The step-by-step approach allows us to help businesses with vague requirements, or established businesses with long-term project requirements the way they want. The dedicated professionals ensure economic development at speed with improved control that accommodates changes seamlessly. Hire Now!

If you are unsure about which engagement model to choose, our business consultants can explain how a dedicated team model fits your project requirements. Get in touch with us Now!

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