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When Should You Hire Remote Dedicated Developers?

The IT industry is in a very high growth phase right now. The global information technology market is expected to grow to a figure of $11.8 trillion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 9%.

Learn when to Hire Dedicated Developers

The exceptional growth of the IT industry has given a boost to the web, app, and software development market. Startup enterprises understand that having an online presence is a necessity now, and many of them want to build a mobile app or a website for their business. If you are one of those business owners, then this write-up will aid you in your endeavor of building a website or an app for your business.

One of the common dilemmas that you will face is whether to go for in-house developers or hire dedicated developers for your project. We will answer this question in detail, and yes, you should spare a thought about hiring dedicated developers even if you have in-house developers.

When to hire dedicated developers?

Why you should hire dedicated developers?

One short answer would be when you want to get the benefits of a full-fledged development team without its hassles. There are many instances where dedicated developers would be the best choice. Let’s have a look at some of the major ones.

Lack of required talent

The dynamic nature of the tech industry throws up a very serious talent acquisition challenge for businesses. New technologies surface almost every single day in the IT sector and replace the older ones. With the wide range of development technologies available, a developer can become an expert only in a few technologies at a time.

Many times, the company’s in-house developers often lack the required skill set to complete a specific project. This is where the company should consider hiring dedicated developers.

By hiring dedicated developers who have a diverse and strong background in technology, the company can leverage the latest development technologies. Whenever a project demands the use of a technology that your in-house developers are not familiar with, you should go for skilled developers who are experts in that particular technology.

Projects with dynamic scope

In scenarios where the project scope is highly dynamic, hiring dedicated developers often proves to be the best choice. The dynamic nature of the project demands deviating from the original plan more often.

Even if you have skilled in-house developers, it is best to outsource such projects to dedicated developers with experience rather than bothering the core team. This is because the remote developers are more flexible and can handle projects with a dynamic scope more easily as compared to the in-house developers.

You should consider hiring dedicated developers when your internal team is overloaded with too many projects. You can assign the priority tasks to your internal developers and other tasks to the remote developers.

Don’t want the hassle of office space

Hiring in-house developers come with certain costs like renting the office space, paying for utilities like electricity, cooling, heating, cleaning, and security services. These costs can eat up a significant portion of your profits.

On the other hand, hiring a team of dedicated developers will save all these costs as a professional development team will already have an office set up with all the required infrastructure. Moreover, when you hire offshore developers from developing nations like India, you can get a better deal as the office rents are considerably lower than in Western nations.

Tight deadlines

Hiring dedicated developers can prove a better choice when you need to finish a project within tight deadlines. Projects often get delayed because the developers face a roadblock in the development process that eats up a lot of time. It is highly unlikely that your in-house developers will always have the required skills to finish a project.

A team of dedicated developers will have the relevant experts with the requisite skill set to contribute to the timely completion of the project.

Want to finish the project on a low budget

Hiring in-house developers is costly. Not only do you need to pay salaries, but also provide the benefits such as medical insurance and maternity leave. The cost of office infrastructure also comes with hiring in-house developers. Hence if you are on a tight budget, the best way to finish a project would be to hire dedicated developers.

The hiring cost of a team of dedicated developers is usually lower than in-house developers. The dedicated team model is also suitable for your needs if you want to avoid a costly hiring process to select appropriate in-house developers for your project.

When you are a fast-growing company

A high-growth business will need to hire developers immediately as and when the need arises and in such a case opting for the dedicated team model is the key to get things done faster and efficiently. Here In addition to that hiring a remote team of dedicated developers can also make managing the development team to be quite efficient.

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Different models to Hire Remote Dedicated Developers

Understanding the different hiring models for businesses

Now that we have discussed the various scenarios in which you can consider hiring the best dedicated developers let us now focus on the hiring process. There are 3 major hiring models to hire dedicated developers. We have discussed all of them in brief below.

Extended team model

In this model, the client company has complete control over the dedicated remote developers. The team of hired developers follows all the policies and processes of the client and, as the name suggests, acts as an extended team of the client. The experienced developers blend in seamlessly with the client’s team and collaborate effectively to achieve better results.

Generally, under the extended team model, the clients do not stop giving work to the dedicated developers once a project is finished. It’s a continuous collaboration between the core team and the dedicated extended team. The idea is to complement the skills of your in-house developers. The major responsibility of development still lies with the in-house developers.

The extended team model is best for companies with in-house developers staff who want to add developers with different skill sets to their organization. This is a great model for those businesses that want to add talent quickly without going through the hassle of employing the talent in-house.

Finding perfect in-house technical personnel might take weeks or even months. The model cuts down this time drastically, allowing you to hire the correct personnel immediately.

Managed team model

The basic difference between the Managed team model and the extended team model is that the managed team operates independently of the in-house team. A project manager manages the developers and communicates with the in-house project managers to ensure that the product is delivered on time and according to the client’s requirements.

Although the managed team has its own structure and management, the client retains complete control of the developer team.

This works best when the roles of the in-house as well as managed team members are clearly specified. It is necessary to clarify the roles because otherwise, there are chances of conflict between the in-house and managing team members. The managed team model is ideal when you have in-house developers, but they are overloaded.

The managed team model is ideal in scenarios where the client wants to stay informed about the progress of the project but does not want to get involved in the day-to-day activities.

Outsourced team model

The outsourced team model is the most popular and the least hands-on model to hire remote developers. You should consider outsourcing those projects that your developers can no longer handle or those not directly related to the core function of your business. The outsourced dedicated remote team will complete all the development work according to your demands within a set timeframe.

In the outsourced team model, the outsourcing service provider is entirely responsible for completing the development projects. Your project managers will be kept abreast about the developments, but the onus of delivering the project in time and according to the required specifications lies with the outsourcing team.

You should opt for the outsourced dedicated team model when you do not have the time to overlook the day-to-day proceedings of the project.

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Factors to consider when hiring dedicated developers

Things to consider when hiring dedicated developers

Before you employ dedicated developers, there are a few critical factors that you should consider in addition to building a remote work culture. By giving enough thought to these factors, you will ensure that you select the most appropriate developers according to your requirements and build a strong working relationship with them.

Work portfolio

Have a look at the work portfolio of your developers to gain a better understanding of their work. When you scan their work portfolio, it is important to see whether the company has completed a project similar to your project.

This is important because an experienced team that has successfully completed a project similar to yours will be at an advantage against a team that hasn’t. When you check the work portfolio, you can also ask for client references and connect with past clients to know about their experience.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and other required documents

When you hire remote dedicated developers, you will be sharing sensitive information related to your company with them. One of the common myths about hiring remote developers is that they are not good for security. Therefore, To ensure your peace of mind, you should insist on signing an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

An NDA is a legally binding agreement between you and the dedicated developers that details the confidential resources, information, and other details that should not be shared with any other third party without prior consent. By signing an NDA, you minimize the chance of a data leak.

Apart from the NDA, also ask for other documents like PRD (Product Requirement Document) and Functional Specification Document (FSD).

A PRD (Product Requirements Document) is a document used in the product development process to communicate the capabilities that must be included in a product. The PRD contains everything that needs to be included in a product to consider it complete.

The FSD gives a detailed outline of every item’s flow and functionality. Accurate documentation will prove to be an asset for your future developers as they will understand the product faster. FSD is something like a blueprint; it’s a guide for the dedicated developers to understand how something will function and what shall be the expected behavior of a system.

How To Create a Request for Proposal (with Live Example!)


When you decide to hire dedicated developers, ensure that the communication process is smooth. In remote team collaboration, time difference and language barrier are two major issues. Although English is a fairly common language and most dedicated developers will be familiar with English, it is a good idea to check the conversational skills of the remote developers before you hire them.

Along with the language, communication tools and practices are also important. To ensure smooth communication, you must familiarize the dedicated developers with the communication protocols you follow. To minimize misunderstandings and unnecessary delays, define which type of information should be delivered through which type of channel.


Before you hire remote developers, you will need to assess their technical skills. You should ask the person in charge regarding the range and complexity of the products developed by them, the results of their activities, and the experience they have gained from these projects.

If you have a technical team member on board, it would be nice to conduct short interviews with dedicated developers to assess their skills. When you conduct the interview, it is critical to assess both the hard as well as the soft skills of the dedicated developers.


NDA is not the only step you will need to take to protect your data when you decide to work with remote developers. Professional developers should be well aware of the data privacy laws like GDPR. Be sure to check the data security arrangements before you hire remote dedicated developers.

You should hire dedicated programmers with robust security arrangements that include device management, physical security, and network security.

Be sensible about pricing

Before you hire dedicated developers, you should always negotiate to get the best rates. The hourly price of hiring a dedicated developer depends upon the skill set of the developers, their experience level, and their location. With many businesses looking to hire remotely, the future of remote work is bright as the sun, without a doubt. There is a checklist you ought to follow before you start looking for remote dedicated developers. Hiring dedicated developers to work remotely is by far the most cost-effective solution today.

Select the most suitable team of dedicated developers

Hire dedicated developers from Prismetric

Hiring a dedicated developer proves to be beneficial in most cases. Your project can benefit from the skill set, experience, lower development and operational costs, fewer responsibilities and paperwork, better scalability, and less recruitment headache provided by the dedicated team model.

To ensure that you get all the benefits of dedicated developers, you need to select a team of developers with the desired skillset and experience.

At Prismetric, we have over a decade of experience developing state-of-the-art solutions for our clients spread across diverse industry verticals. When you choose Prismetric for your development needs, you choose peace of mind.

We have dedicated developers who possess the necessary hard and soft skills required to finish a project satisfactorily. Let’s grow a horn in the horse for your business and make it a unicorn.

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