How to Hire iOS Developers – 2024 Step by Step Guide

How to Hire iOS App Developers: 2024 Complete Guide

How to Hire iOS Developers

Mobile apps are known to reap rich benefits for businesses across the globe irrespective of their type. But for business organizations to leverage the full benefits of the mobile apps, they have to hire competent developers related to the technology.

Since the dawn of smartphones, iOS and Android have been the flag bearers and the leading mobile OS platforms. In fact, iOS and Android have a combined market share of 99.6%, making them the most sought-after operating systems of the world. Moreover, despite the fact that there are 20.38% of Apple mobile devices, iOS users spend more time online premium features, paid apps and non-digital products. Thus, it is safe to conclude that iOS app development is a high revenue market.

iPhone app development is beneficial for your business in multiple ways including high ROI, reduced development time, intuitive interface, powerful speed, high performance and much more. Thus, using Swift for iOS app development is a viable option to build efficient iPhone apps. Now to gain more revenue, as a business owner, you will need a competent iOS mobile app. And for developing a competent iOS app, you need to hire iOS app developers.

Therefore, this blog will give you the ultimate and foolproof process to hire an iOS developer according to your business requirements. Besides this, we will also discuss the concerns of the business owners that refrain them from opting for iOS app development.

A comprehensive guide to hiring iOS developers

Are you looking to hire iOS programmers? Well, there are several ways to find them. As for instance, more than 1/3rd (35%) of the budding startups rely on referrals while other companies take the help of professional platforms. Below are some of the best choices business companies can consider while hiring iPad developers.

Online platforms

This is by far the cheapest option to hire iOS developers. There are different platforms available that gather information about outsourcing app development companies and freelancers. Using these platforms, business houses can find iOS developers for hire according to their project requirements.

Different platforms provide information about freelancers, full-time employees, etc. We have listed some of the best in the business:

For Freelancers:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • AngelList
  • 99designs

For Full Time employees:

  • Indeed
  • Linkedin
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor

For IT vendors:

  • GoodFirms
  • IT Firms
  • 99Firms

Asking for referrals

If as a client, you ask for referrals looking for iOS app developers, there are high chances that someone in your professional group might suggest the right choice. Although, this is a tedious process as it will require you to go through a detailed list of professional contacts.

Technology events

If referrals don’t work for your business, look to hire iOS developers at different technology events. There you will get a chance to meet a rich and diverse pool of talented developers and industry experts.

Moreover, even if you don’t end up getting the right developers at a tech event, you will definitely have valuable industry contacts that will come handy later.

List of leading annual tech events:

  • UberConf
  • THAT Conference
  • DroidCon
  • Code Mobile
  • Appdevcon

Skill set required to Hire an iOS App Developers

The modern-day iOS app development realm is evolving very fast. Thus, the business organization needs to understand the skills required for iOS developers before hiring them.

The skillset majorly comprises of in-depth knowledge about modern programming languages such as Swift and Objective C. There are many advantages of knowing Swift and Objective C; we have listed some of them below:


  • Programs written in Swift are highly readable
  • Swift has advanced operators thus, it reduces the coding effort
  • Thanks to the advanced features, Swift eliminates many common coding errors
  • You will get better App Store Optimization (ASO) with Swift since Apple prefers it

Objective C

  • Objective C has powerful extensions and is excellent for object-oriented programming
  • The language is the mainstay of Cocoa programming and Apple uses Cocoa pretty heavily
  • Objective C renders a greater advantage if you undertake a native iOS development project

Along with the knowledge about the programming language, there are other skills required for iOS developers as well. They are:

  • If you opt to hire iOS programmers, they must be familiar with Xcode
  • Experienced iOS developers should also know about APIs like UIKit, Cocoa Touch
  • The iOS developers should also have a strong hand in ‘Core Data Framework’
  • Hire iPhone app developer who has a complete understanding of ‘ Human Interface Guidelines’ of Apple

Factors to consider before hiring iOS developers

Hiring the wrong person for a project could be disastrous in the long run. Thus, to prevent this situation, here are the top factors that business houses should consider before hiring iOS developers.

Know the app you want to create

A business organization needs to know what kind of iOS app they want. If the company is not clear, it will not hire remote iOS app developers with profound technical capabilities.

Understand the portfolios

A detailed portfolio examination will give a proper understanding of the experience and the technical expertise of the iOS app development service provider. As a business organization with a more transparent picture, you will make better business decisions and hire iOS developers in the right way.

Importance of communication skills

After analyzing the technical prowess of the iOS development service provider, pay proper attention to their communication skills as well. Moreover, when you opt to outsource the iOS app development project, look for the country or region with the highest communication proficiency.

Keep a close watch on how the company communicates in the initial stages before finalizing your app development service provider.

Read reviews from previous clients

Ratings and reviews are the vital cogs that will help you understand the credibility of the iOS app development service provider. Go through the ratings and reviews section thoroughly and read the feedback given to the company by their previous clients.

Pay attention to the overall score given by the previous clients, the problems they have faced (if any), their review about the work of the developers, etc.

You can go through the guide to hire remote developers that has demystified the remote ios developers hiring process and lets you sail through the journey of hiring ios developers seamlessly.

6 Key Benefits of iOS App Development For Businesses

There is no doubt about the fact that there is overwhelming competition in the app development industry. Thus, the business houses must deliver successful and innovative mobile solutions to the users.

iOS mobile app development has emerged as a lucrative option as it is easier to deploy cutting-edge, dynamic technologies here. We will now look at the reasons why businesses should opt for iOS app development.


Hiring iOS app developers is profitable. This is because; iOS devices and applications are preferred by senior managers, head of departments, tech specialists, etc. These are the people who spend more on in-app purchases.

Thus, when you have clients who are inclined to pay more for in-app purchases, your app revenue will automatically increase.

Smooth and consistent user experience

If your aim is to develop an app for a larger customer base as a business owner. Ios app development should be your ‘go-to’ platform. The iOS environment in the devices provides good app speed and accurate arrangement making the apps more intuitive.

In addition, if you hire iPhone app developers with the right skills and experience, they will build an app that is highly competent with hardware depending product as well. Thus, compared to other mobile OS platforms, there are high chances of developing feature-rich applications with iOS app development and rendering a smooth and consistent user experience.

Loyal customer base

Apple has a well-established community of users who admire the quality and the performance of the device and iOS applications. It is also said that once smartphones user uses apps on iOS, they can never be satisfied with any other mobile OS. iOS apps offer flawless performance and fabulous user experience and these are the prime reasons why iOS apps have a large and loyal customer base.

Statista research had proven that iOS apps enjoyed an overall higher retention rate than apps on Android. Thereby loyal base helps you expand audience coverage.

Enjoy high financial returns

When we look at the comparison of the popularity of two major operating systems- iOS and Android across developed and developing nations. Apple OS’s 60% market share is spread in the USA, Japan, the UK, and Germany which have strong economies, which, in turn, bring high financial returns to the businesses preferring to get build iOS apps.

iOS Platform is secured

Apple products and applications are known for quality, security, and high performance. The security aspect has improved users’ trust in using iOS applications as they are safe from external vulnerabilities. This is why iOS users show reluctance while doing transactions with Apple and sharing their financial credentials.

Take your business into new markets

The businesses wanted to take their business offerings to the world to scale up sales and profits. Apple’s devices such as iPhone and iPad are quite popular in developed countries, which means getting build an iOS app enable the business to reach the population using these devices. Thereby iOS app development enables establishing a strong foothold in developed countries, which is a hard nut to crack.

iOS App Development- Client’s Concerns

Many misconceptions are going around in the tech market that confuses the business owners and makes them skeptical about the entire iOS app development process. We have listed some of the top concerns below. Let us have a look.

Size of the app

Some business owners believe that the regular size of iOS apps is too large that it will distort the overall user experience. Moreover, some of them also believe that smaller apps are not accepted at the App Store.

But in reality, there is no restriction in App Store as far as the minimum size of the app is concerned. Although, the maximum size limit of an app package is 4 GB.

Not having enough widgets

There is a widespread misinterpretation that iOS mobile and a web application do not allow to embed enough app widgets. On the contrary, with iOS 14, Apple has fully embraced the idea of having customizable widgets for building creative home screen themes, icons, wallpapers, etc. In addition, the user can now also include functionalities like Siri integration with widgets.

Limited user space

If the user is using iOS 11 or later, they can manage the space in their device by deleting the apps they no longer need. Thus, there should be no qualms for the business owners that the user experience of their app will suffer because of limited space.

No guarantee of app getting published

The app publishing principles of App Store is pretty straightforward; they focus on rendering safe experiences for the users and provide a great opportunity for the developers to be successful. Therefore, as an IT business owner, you just have to make sure that the iOS app developers abide all the rules that are mentioned in the guidelines. And for this to happen seamlessly, you need to find iOS developers who understand the art and science of iOS app development.


Things to Consider Before Building Your iOS App

Many times, businesses start searching for iOS developers as soon as they come up with a unique idea, which is not healthy for the app’s future. The business stakeholders should do the necessary homework that helps them know what to do before rolling the project on the development floor.

Outline project needs

Defining the iOS app development project needs allow businesses know which tech specialists with specific skill sets are required to get build the list of features and UI design. The project outline doesn’t let them fall into the trap of hiring developers that don’t have the required expertise and experience.

Understand business goals

Before you make up your mind to shape the app idea into a full-fledged solution, you must be clear with the business vision and mission of getting the app developed. The business goals demystify things and paint a clear picture of the business clients’ expectations from the company. In fact, the company’s technical consultants provide their valuable suggestions to enhance the app idea.

Find out the target audience

Defining who is going to use the application helps in building an application that syncs with target users’ needs and preferences. It increases the likelihood of getting an app built that’s most liked by the users over others. Performing user research with user surveys or MVP launch would help in identifying which things can make the app best or better than before.

Know your budget

Don’t forget the budget aspect as iOS app development is an expensive affair that brings high ROI in the end, but the initial investment cannot be overlooked. Also, in addition to the app development costs, you should plan for support and maintenance costs and marketing costs ahead of app development so that you can diversify the investment accordingly. It helps you hire a team within your budget.

Select the right team

This step can make or break the app’s success as it widely depends on the app development team- how they build the project. Choosing the right iOS app development team for your project is vital where you should look for technical expertise, experience, long-term commitment, hourly rates, and a lot more.

Roles and Responsibilities of iOS App Developers

Now as a leader of a business organization, you must be aware of the different responsibilities that iOS developers are expected to perform. Astute knowledge regarding this will help you find iOS developers in the right way and get the best out of them.

The work scope of iOS developers includes everything from writing a code to participating in the process of planning, wireframing screens, UI building, etc. Although, the skills required for iOS developers depend on their overall experience. Below are the three categories in which the iOS developers are broadly classified:

Junior iOS Developers

The entry-level iOS specialist falls in the category of junior iOS developers. The entry-level iOS developers are supposed to work with more experienced developers to enhance their skills and knowledge.

They begin with executing the less complicated tasks and are expected to become mid-level specialists in a year of less. The experience of junior iOS developers is less than two years.

Middle-level iOS Developers

The middle-level iOS developers have experience between 2-5 years and are hired for both simple and advanced tasks. So if the business organization is hiring iOS programmers will middle-level experience, they will not have to invest in their full-time mentorship.

The mid-level iOS app developers can work on a task independently and may even guide their junior staff on it.

Senior iOS Developers

The senior iOS developers have the experience of numerous successful iOS applications and their competencies can be diverse. Thus, as a business organization you should hire an iOS app developer with experience of 5 years or more if you are looking to develop a complex app.

The iOS developers belonging to this grade of experience hold a strong hand in managing the business process, leading product testing, participating in market research, conducting API integration, etc.

What Are the Hiring iOS Developer Options for Clients?

Ways to Hire iOS App developers

There are mainly three ways in which the business houses can hire iOS programmers. They are:

  • Hire freelance iOS developers
  • Have an in-house development team
  • Hire an outsourcing iOS app development company

After knowing the main classification of the hiring options, we will study the pros and cons of the options and when business houses should opt for them.

Hire Freelance iOS Developers

If you wish to hire remote iOS developers, the most important thing is to select them from a credible platform (Upwork, Fiverr, GitHub). The process of hiring freelance iOS developers includes the process where an in-house project manager directly interacts with remote iOS developers.

Thus, by this, the iOS developer becomes the part of the time but takes part in online meetings only at important junctures during the app development process.


  • As a business owner, you have the chance to hire the best iOS developer from a global talent pool
  • Freelance iOS developers charge less than an in-house team and they do not need a physical workplace
  • There are high chances to find an iOS developer with rare expertise and experience
  • The freelancers are paid hourly, thus you don’t have to pay them anything if there is no work
  • No legal documentation and other paperwork is required by the HR department while hiring the freelance developer.


  • While hiring remote iOS developers, there are high chances of them missing deadlines as there is no supervision
  • The security of your entire project is constantly under threat
  • No 100% guarantee about the credibility of the freelance developer. They might disappear one day and never come back
  • Culture, language barriers and time zone differences are some of the perils working with freelance developers
  • Freelancers have a bad reputation of switching projects mid-way if they are bored
  • As a business owner, you cannot expect 100% commitment from the remote iOS developers as they work on multiple projects

When to Hire a Freelance iOS Developer?

It is advised to hire freelance iOS developers when you need to get some specific tasks done as a business owner. The tasks could include bug fixing, adding extra features, etc. Business organizations should also understand that if you hire remote iOS developers to work on the project from scratch, the chances of getting quality work are abysmal.

Hire an in-house iOS development team

If you constantly need an iOS app developer or a team for your project, then hiring an in-house iOS development team is preferred. One of the greatest perks of having an in-house iOS app development team that the communication is on a very high level as everyone is on the same roof.


  • The hired iOS app developers in an in-house team have time to study the product and become experts in the field
  • The in-house iOS app development team is easy to manage and flexible
  • Both senior and junior developers can work better in tandem and the knowledge transfer process would be easier
  • The hired employees can work together 24/7


  • For an in-house team, salaries are obligatory even if there is no task assigned to them
  • You have to pay for office rent, taxes, hardware and software systems, etc.
  • You have to manage sick leaves, vacations and other perks of the employees in addition to their salaries
  • To assemble an in-house iOS development team is a task as the talent pool is far smaller as compared to freelancers

When to Opt For In-House iOS App Development Team?

If iOS app development is the core of your business, you must hire an in-house iOS app development team. As the new-age tech world is evolving rapidly, your iOS app would require constant upgrades, feature additions, etc. Moreover, an in-house team will ensure that the application is working seamlessly, is secure and the end-users are happy.

Some businesses take pride in keeping the majority of their functions internal. They want to extend the culture of their company through their product and this case, having an in-house app development team will fit in pretty well.

Hire Outsourcing iOS App Development Company Like Prismetric

If as a business owner, you are looking to develop an iOS app in the best, fast and most economical way, you should hire an outsourcing iOS app development company.

There are two significant ways to hire an outsourcing iOS app development company:

  • Outsourcing: In this cooperation model, business organizations can contact the iOS app development company and discuss their app development requirements. After analyzing your requirements, the iOS app developers will start the process of your app from scratch. Moreover, all the responsibilities of the app development process from design to release then lay on the company.
  • Dedicated Team: Here, the business organization, you can hire iOS app developers who will work specifically for your project only. The team of dedicated iOS developers can vary according to the project requirements. By hiring a dedicated team , you take charge of the management of an in-house app development team. The hired iOS developers can then work in an already existing flow of things (if any) or begin the app development work from scratch.


  • Hiring an outsourcing app development company is best if you urgently want to hire iPhone app developers with skills and expertise
  • You don’t have to worry about any organizational issues in the outsourced company as everything will be solved by the project manager
  • It is a cost-effective option as it has fewer expenses than hiring an in-house iOS developer
  • Outsourcing app development companies communicate with the clients all the time and keep them on the same page during the development process
  • Hire dedicated iOS app developers as they will finish the app development work in less time and you get end-to-end products
  • Hire leading iOS app development company as they have high professional standards and credible client feedback
  • The team in the outsourcing iOS app development company can be expanded or contracted as per project requirements


  • Business organizations might face issues because of a language barrier or cultural gap
  • There might be a communication delay if the outsourcing app development company is working in a different time zone

The advantages clears up the air why a dedicated team model is the best option when you need to hire remote developers. Also, associated disadvantages are turned to benefits when they are handled intelligently.

Looking to hire developers for your next project?

When Hiring Outsourcing App Development Company Becomes the Best Choice

When you are affirmed with the choice that dedicated team engagement model is right for your project, you should know the scenarios when hiring iOS app development company to outsource becomes an ultimate option are as follows:

Stringent deadlines

If the app development project has stricter deadlines, managing an in-house app development team or freelancers can become a nightmare. But with an experienced outsourcing app development company, the project is in safe hands.

Outsourcing companies with their experience clearly understand how to build a transparent pipeline to meet all the project development deadlines with ease. Moreover, as all the leading outsourcing app development service providers follow agile methodologies, they can manage even the most unforeseen problems. An agile methodology renders flexibility in the work process and saves a lot of time.

Limited budget

While hiring an outsourcing mobile app development company, the business doesn’t have to worry about paying office rent, high salaries, etc. Thus, this becomes an even better option when there is a limited budget to work with.

In addition to the salaries, you don’t have to pay for their extra perks such as vacations, sick leaves, etc.

Lack of talent availability

There might be a possibility where even the most talented in-house app development team will not meet the business firm’s app expectations. On the other hand, outsourcing lets the business organization hire a wide range of talented, skilled and experienced iOS app developers. With their knowledge, the developers in an outsourcing company can understand the app idea and develop a better app for the market.

In addition, outsourcing app development companies will provide a pool of specialists depending on the iOS project’s requirement. In an outsourcing company, iOS developers have their roles and responsibilities defined; thus there are high chances of getting a better outcome.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Outsourced iOS Developer?

Different cost of hiring iOS Developers across countries

To outsource your iOS app development project in the best way, you must be aware of all the popular regions as a business owner. Thus, for your benefit, we have crafted a list of all the popular countries of the world where you can hire the best iOS app developers.

Region Hourly rate
USA $150-$250 per hour
UK $100-$120 per hour
India $15-$25 per hour
Western Europe $70-$150 per hour
Eastern Europe $30-$50 per hour

United States of America (USA)

Since the dawn of mobile apps, US has been the epicenter of app development and technological advances. Thus, if you hire iOS app developers here, you will get great service but it will be costly as well.

The average cost of hiring iOS developer from USA will range from $150-$250/hour

Western Europe

The Western Europe region is known for its stupendous technical prowess and its platform for app development companies to expand. Thus, because of this, there is no dearth of experienced iOS developers in this region.

The average hourly rates here range from $70-$150.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is fast emerging as one of the hot favorite destinations for outsourcing iOS app development services. This is because, the average rates here very reasonable and the technical proficiency of the developers is second to none.

The average hourly rates to hire iPhone app developers in Eastern Europe are $30-$50.


India is one of the rapidly improving app development destinations in Asia. With a large IT sector, a business owner would find a plethora of options to outsource their iOS app development project.

The average hourly rates to hire iOS programmers in India are $15-$25.

If you want to know the Cost to hire developers in detail including all the factors that impact development cost such as developers’ location (already explained above), functionality, UI/UX design, and more, the guide would help you.


Opting for iOS app development will open a myriad of options for your business product to expand and scale new heights. But it is essential for business owners to be vigilant enough when hiring iOS developers. It is important to understand and analyze the app’s type, business goals, target audience needs, and budget so that businesses can find and hire the team that’s the best fit for their project needs.

Furthermore, define the qualifications, proficiency, and experience level required in sync with the app’s requirements, which requires you to visit relevant sites, check their portfolios, go through reviews from previous clients, and screen candidates through an interview.

If you find all of these things from searching to final hiring put you in trouble and take a lot of time, you can count on us for an iOS development team where you get the best options to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hire iOS Developer

What does an iOS Developer do?

With a deep understanding of iOS app development, deployment, maintenance, and update, iOS app developers provide all of these services seamlessly.

What skills are required for an iOS developer?

IOS app development involves Swift and Objective C programming language, Apple’s XCode IDE usage, and Human interface guidelines to consider. Therefore, iOS developers must be proficient in all of these things.

How do I Hire an iOS developer?

You can hire iOS developers from portals like- Upwork, Github, and others, consider partner recommendations, use the IT staff augmentation option, or outsource the project to the iOS development company that provides iOS developers who dedicatedly work on your project.

How much do remote iOS developers charge?

The price of iOS developers varies from location to location. For instance, a European developer charges $30-$150 per hour, while an Indian developer charges as low as $15 per hour.

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