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On-Demand Home Services App: Features & Cost

On Demand Home Service App Features and Cost

We are all familiar with the fascinating and innovative ways in which the internet has changed how we work and how we get things done. One such innovative market is the on-demand home service applications. It is spending $57.6 billion and attracting over 22.4 million consumers annually.

The on-demand home service market is large and is getting enormous. According to a survey by NTRS, economic activities around online on-demand home service app solutions are attracting significant users where independent sellers are offering various services and goods.

Existing businesses are bound to embrace the on-demand application market and transform their service and delivery system to meet user demand. Moreover, hiring developers can help in building your dream project and bringing your vision to life.

Key Aspects to Consider for an On-Demand Home Services App

The on-demand home service app solutions are rapidly expanding in the digital market. Knowledge of heterogeneous consumer demand towards app characteristics and strategies in mobile app markets can help improve your on-demand home services app development.

Here are a few strategies to help you gain traction and develop the best service provider app:

  • Start with market research
  • Define competitors
  • Analyze your target audience
  • Pick features for MVP (Most Valuable Product)
  • Collect abundant analytics
  • Receive feedback from users
  • Scale the application based on feedback

Features of an On-Demand App for Home Services

The rapid growth and size of the on-demand applications clearly indicate that consumers are attracted by user experience, added convenience, and other features it provides. Consider your app as real estate property in the real world. It is crucial to follow a detailed mobile app development guide for in-depth analysis, research of must-have features, effective mobile app design, testing, and app development cost. The more you invest in adding efficient features, the more poised it will be for growth.

Here are the home service app features divided into three parts:

1. Home Service Customer Booking App Features

Essential Features Customer Booking App

Customers can choose from multiple features and services listed on the platform. In simple words, the customer is the most important asset of the application. Moreover, the customer rates an app for on demand home services on the basis of the features the app has to offer.

Here are the customer booking app features of on-demand home services app development that makes the life of a user much easier:

Browse professionals

Users can browse the profiles of professionals according to their geological location and ease. They can not only register using their mobile on-demand app but can also browse their options of services provided by professionals.


The booking feature offers users to fill out a form and register themselves for their required services through email or mobile number. After the signup process, users can instantly book the services sorting their needs at their preferable time and day.


Notification is one of the most crucial features in an on demand household service application. It reminds users about new services, offers, discounts and deals along with successful or failed payments. It even occasionally reminds users if they have left something in the cart.

Payment options

An on demand application should offer various payment methods and gateways. In this digital era, online payments save a lot of time and reduce transaction costs. Though multiple payments should be added for the feasibility of the users.

Order history

The feature of order history allows users to review all their previous orders and review all the order information anytime, anywhere. This helps the user to reorder a product or service without any hassle.

Rating and review

The rating and review feature is helpful to the new customers thinking of using certain services. The existing users can rate and review the services on the basis of their experience with the respective service providers.

2. Home Service Admin Panel App Features

Essential Features Admin Panel App

An admin panel of an on-demand home services app development simply consists of a powerful dashboard to monitor and manage important numbers. It has all the essential features to grow an on-demand app development business. It allows you to group services and providers by managing feed, tracking payments and allowing user access.

Here are the features included in the admin panel of an on-demand home service app:

Interactive dashboard

The admin can easily navigate and customize the dashboard according to the application. It allows admins to track, analyze and display metrics of all sorts. Interactive dashboards engage end-users with a wide range of technical acumen.

Service list management

Admin can manage the list of earnings aligned with its services. It helps business admin to keep control over the service listings and service providers. Admins can easily integrate the number of service providers, their pricing, taxes and much more.

Promotion management

Admins can plan promotional activity in an easy-to-use interface through this feature. It helps to persuade the user to use their services or purchase their goods through promotion. It simply helps in making the user aware of the product or service you are offering.


Advanced analytics feature helps you get a birds-eye view of customers’ on-demand service partner’s activities. It accounts for a number of bookings, number of requests, most earned commissions, most visited locations and a lot more.

Payment management

One of the initial things you will need to discuss with your mobile app development team is payment management. Everything should be clear, from the payment structure to the additional bonus. It helps to resolve all payment-related queries.

Feedback Management

Feedback management empowers admins to deploy and manage surveys ensuring dissemination of analysis and authority centrally. It helps them reveal their level of satisfaction and to understand where there is room for improvement.

3. Service Provider App Features

Essential Features Service Provider App

The features included in the app for service providers allow them to manage their profiles, add, edit or delete the services provided by them. It also helps them to check the payment status of the service provided and do more from their on-demand application. The companies can list their services and communicate through an app for service providers.

Here are the service provider app features included in on-demand household services app:

Quick Registration

The quick registration feature enables service providers to automate the process of registration and streamline the process of payment collection. It helps with membership management, online registration, self-check-in, ticketing and much more.

Real-time chat

Real-time chat is one of the latest features that communicate directly to users who visit the application and give them the required assistance. It allows users to communicate their queries and solve their issues in real-time even from a great distance.

Service Assistance

A service assistance system serves the service provider to achieve the shared goal of impeccable customer experience and customer support ROI. It can result in quick query resolution by getting assistance from subject matter experts within the team.

Accept/Reject the request

The accept and reject feature in a home service professionals app is of great importance. This functionality enables the service provider to approve or reject requests sent by customers. The decision to take the job or reject it is taken by a registered business according to the schedule or staff availability .

Payment details

The mobile payment feature offers secure and reliable payment solutions and ensures the transaction happens feasibly. It should promote ease of use and seamless transactions along with privacy and security to the users.

Route optimization

Route optimization helps in determining the most cost-efficient route. It includes relevant factors such as the number and location of all required stops on the routes as well as time windows for deliveries.

Customer feedback

With the customer feedback feature,  users can rate the services availed and provide feedback so that service providers can better prioritize their actions. While the service provider will know if the customers are getting value out of their services.

Cost for On-Demand Home Services App Development

According to a market report, on-demand services app solutions and websites are forecasted to reach a whopping $335 billion by 2025. The reason why on-demand home service apps are top-rated among users is that they bring flexibility and save a lot of time.

If you are considering developing an on demand app for your business, know that the app development costs are hugely impacted with respect to the app development features selected to be integrated. With a team of professional app developers, you will gain access to their expertise and build an online marketplace such as TaskRabbit.

The main blocks of functionality and complexity that an on-demand application contains affect the cost to develop an on-demand services application significantly. Moreover, the geolocation of where the application is developed plays a vital role too.

Here are the hourly rates depending on the region you are choosing to develop an on demand home service app:

  • USA: Approx $80-150 per hour
  • Western Europe: Approx $50-120 per hour
  • India: Approx $20-80 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: Approx $30-100 per hour
  • Australia: Approx $70-140 per hour

One of the key elements of the successful development of an on-demand application is to hire a reliable mobile app development company. Choose a team that has an established workflow and past experience in working with on-demand solutions. With an on-demand home service platform, users can uncover a package full of diversified features accumulated together to deliver a powerhouse of an application.

Closing thoughts on On-Demand Home Services App Development

Millennials no longer prefer to spend their weekends cleaning their home or cars on weekends. They are hiring cleaners, snow removal, outsourcing laundry and are depending more and more on on-demanding services. On-demand applications not only offer unlimited business opportunities but also allow a remarkable online presence. With the increased popularity, it is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

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