On-Demand Laundry App Development Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

Maximizing your Business Profit with a Laundry App Development

Maximizing Your Business Profit with Laundry App

With the societal adoption of luxury lifestyles and changing customers’ preferences in a fast-paced life, on-demand services are getting a facelift. The laundry service is one such area that people find time-consuming and full of hassles. The rise in the working-class population encouraged the growth of on-demand laundry services due to convenient and eco-friendly services. It indicates that laundry app solutions have become a need of the hour.

According to research, the Online On-Demand Laundry Service Market size is projected to reach $27.63 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 35.56% from 2022 to 2030.

The figures indicate the enormous growth in the laundry service market, but they still, need convincing facts that showcase partnering with a mobile app development company for laundry app development makes sense, then reading the next section justifies your time and money investment.

Why Build an App for your Laundry Business?

Why Build App for your Laundry Business

On-demand laundry apps are emerging as a powerful solution that perfectly fits the modern lifestyle. It makes building an on-demand laundry app by hiring a reliable mobile app development company to be more beneficial for laundry business owners. Let’s have a look at the benefits of getting a laundry booking app built for your business

Keep up with customers’ behavior

The on-demand model has made people get into the habit of getting household chores done in a few taps. Plus, the ability to track the order status anytime, anywhere is an add-on. Getting built an on-demand laundry app helps you step in with the shift experienced in the customer behavior for getting laundry cleaned and ironed.

Zero ownership involved

Get build an on-demand laundry platform that allows you to earn money without owning or renting space and setting up infrastructure for a laundry business. The platform connects customers and launderers wherein you will get a commission on every transaction with no ownership model.

Grow laundry business

When you already have a laundry shop and want to scale your business to more locations or spread the word about your shop city-wide with a mobile venture, creating your own laundry application is a good choice as it helps you deliver the services fairly while focusing on core tasks.

If the mobile laundry business benefits appeal to you join the race of digitalization, the app development guide helps you move ahead strategically step by step. Before you start your laundry app development, you should decide how you take the laundry business ahead with a unique business model.

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What are the business models for a laundry app?

Laundry App Business Models

For tapping the potential of the laundry business, you should know- how can you get into the on-demand laundry space. There are various business models for startups that let them make inroads into mobile orbits. Here are the business models for the laundry app.

Aggregator model

If you are not into the laundry business but want to launch a startup with a platform created that connects different launderers and laundromats in the local area, the aggregator model is for you. It involves partnering with launderers who agree to list their laundry services in return for certain fees and commissions from every laundry service payment.

Dedicated model

Being a launderer or laundromat if you want to digitize or take your laundry services online, get build a dedicated app for your laundry business. Having your own personalized app that caters to all your business requirements can help you to step up the sales and ROI game. It will also help you to get in touch with new clients from your locality and nearby areas as well as retain your current customers.

Marketplace model

In the marketplace model, the platform is created to connect launderers and customers, but the owner is involved in laundry pickup and delivery services. As an owner, you are also liable for logistics services just the way Amazon does.

How does the laundry app work?

How Laundry App Works

Post-selection of business model, understanding how on-demand laundry app operate is important. Generally, the on-demand laundry mobile app development involves three stakeholders- the launderer, the delivery person, and the customer.

Laundry order placement: Users make an order for the laundry cleaning by specifying the number of clothes, types of wash required, and pickup and delivery time.

Dirty laundry pickup: After laundry pickup, the delivery person collects the laundry at the scheduled time and defined location, packs them in a bag, and delivers them to the laundry shops.

Laundry cleaning process: Launderers get the clothes washed, cleaned, and ironed as per the users’ requirements. For instance, using eco friendly cleansers for clothes with silk fabric.

Clean laundry delivery: When the laundry is cleaned, it’s delivered by the delivery personnel at the defined time and location such as home or office.

In-app payment: After collecting the clean laundry, the users make the payment through the app using the preferable payment option. Also, they can make the payment at the time of the laundry schedule.

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How to develop a laundry app for your business?

Once you have made a decision about your app development partner you can start with laundry app development. For any application, the steps of app development process will be the same with some slight changes. Developing a laundry app involves creating an application that allows customers to schedule, order, and pay for laundry services online. Laundry apps typically provide a range of features, such as geo location, order tracking, and in-app customer support, to make the laundry experience convenient and efficient for users. Building a laundry app requires careful planning, design, development, testing, and promotion to create an app that meets the needs of both customers and laundry service providers.

Step to Step Guide to Build a Laundry App

Define your laundry business goal

It’s important to clearly define what your laundry app is going to do and who it’s going to serve.

Market research & analysis for your laundry app

In depth market research will help to unveil many different facets of laundry business that you can efficiently put into your plan of things.

Identify important laundry app features

If you have researched well, you will by now have a list of the best laundry app features and further taking into consideration your target audience you can refine your app features list better.

Create laundry app flow

The app flow will provide a better idea into how the users can move from one aspect to other or take the help of different use cases to know how the user can accomplish certain tasks.

Partner with laundry app developers

Once you have all the requirements in place, it is time to find the best app development service providers to outsource your laundry business app development requirements. You can hire the app development company that can build the laundry app solution for you within the defined budget.

Overall, building a laundry app requires all of the steps to be followed with proper planning, which would result into a valuable and user-friendly app for your customers.

What features does the laundry app have?

Every laundry app must have the basic app features that help businesses make inroads into the market. To create a laundry app, 4 different interfaces- customer, laundry service provider, delivery boy, and admin are built with a distinct set of features that makes the app work as expected. They are-

Customer app

Customer App

Registration: Allow customers to register and log in using social channels, email IDs, and phone numbers.

Search nearby laundry: Browse and find the nearby laundry service provider. Select the most suitable one after looking at their profile, ratings, and reviews.

Laundry type selection: Select the type of laundry service required for the order such as cleaning, ironing, or others.

Cost calculation: After the specification of the number of clothes and type of laundry service required, the estimated cost of laundry service along with the breakdown of each cloth is shown.

Laundry order scheduling: Schedule the laundry pickup and delivery time with the preferred location so that the laundry is collected and delivered by the delivery boy at the right time and place.

Order tracking: Customer can stay updated with the laundry order process and its delivery status in real-time.

In-app chat: After order placement, the customer can connect and interact with the delivery boy directly to easily reach the location. Also, they can chat with the launderer regarding any specific information related to the order.

Payment: Customers can pay effortlessly the way they want through multiple payment options provided such as Cash on Delivery (COD) , credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, and payment gateways.

Push notifications: The notifications are sent related to laundry order status, laundry pickup/delivery schedule, offers, and others to stay informed about laundry whereabouts.

Reviews and ratings: Share the reviews and ratings regarding the laundry services received through the app.

Laundry service provider app

Laundry service provider app

Profile management: Create a laundry shop profile by providing details including- image, physical address, laundry services, ratings, and contact number.

Laundry price management: Fix the price for laundry services that can be dynamically changed so that users can easily access them.

View earning and commission: Access the total earnings made through different laundry orders in a month, week, or day.

Order management: View and manage the laundry orders booked by the customers to see if they are in progress, pending, or delivered.

Offers and discount management: Launch new offers, coupon codes, or discounts on laundry services to keep the customers’ ordering the laundry services.

Reviews and rating management: View and manage the reviews and ratings provided by the customers. Look into the matter when customers provided bad ratings to improve the services.

Delivery boy app

Delivery boy app

View pickup orders: The delivery boy can view the pickup orders that need to be collected.

View delivery orders: View the delivery order requests that need to deliver at the specified time.

View order history: Access the order history data to view the order pickup or delivery requests completed within the specified intervals.

In-app navigation: Easily find the location from where laundry pickup or delivery needs to be done with optimal route suggestions and directions.

View earnings: Access the total earnings made through laundry orders pickup and delivery in a day, week and month.

Payment collection: Collect the payment from the customers if they prefer to pay in cash.

Push notifications: Notifications regarding order pickup requests or delivery requests are sent as soon as they arrive.

Order management: Able to select or deny the order as per availability.

Admin panel

Admin panel

Laundry category management: Create and manage the category of laundry services provided through the app.

User management: Access and manage the customers, their data, and orders placed by them.

Launderers management: Control and manage the launderers registered and the services offered by them.

Commission management: Set and manage the commission charges for different laundry services, and laundry pickup and delivery services.

Push notifications management: Create and manage the various types of notifications sent to customers.

Marketing campaigns management: Create and manage the marketing campaigns at different times for different customer segments to increase laundry order booking and ROI.

Reporting and analytics: Various reports are generated that are analyzed to get insights into services offered to make them live up to the users’ expectations.

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What are the different way to make money via Laundry app?

The laundry business app provides various opportunities for the app owner to earn money. Following the different monetization strategies, the owner can increase the profits while managing associated costs. Furthermore, The top most followed revenue models for laundry app are as below –


The laundry app owner deducts the pre-defined percentage of the amount from every transaction that occurred through the platform for laundry orders.

Featured listing

Aggregator apps facilitate laundry service providers to get listed their services on the top section in return for a particular amount. The featured listing appears on the homepage which improves booking rates.


Allow other businesses to advertise laundry-related products or services that help customers in some way. Such advertisement doesn’t interfere with the customer experience and brings a good sum of money to the business.

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Leading players have made millions of dollars in profits with on-demand laundry app. Here’s the list of companies that are successfully providing laundry services at scale.



The laundry service provider helps customers to save hours on their least favorite chores by outsourcing the laundry at the click of the app. In addition to rinse repeat subscription, pay-as-you-go wash, and fold services are also offered, which are offered at the price per pound. Zero service fee, free next-delivery fee, no minimum order, and unlimited rollover are facilitated under the subscription option.

Tide cleaner

Tide Cleaner

Tide cleaner- the product from P&G company aimed to reinvigorate the mobile laundry service market realizing the changing customers’ needs and shifting priorities for eco-friendly laundry services. Taking a step ahead, the startup launched at more than 2000 locations across 22 states of the USA in 2020 allowing users to view the laundry processing in real-time. The environmental-friendly technology leverage is a go greener initiative that’s differentiating the company globally.



In 2014, cleanly was launched to help busy professionals with laundry and dry-cleaning services in a few taps. After 4 years, two leading cleaning service providers- Cleanly and NextCleaners get merged and ByNext company is born. The combined company has a certified license to provide eco-friendly dry-cleaning services across the United States of America. The continuous growth has made the company serve more than 15 million customers with over 150 billion orders by 40 delivery vehicles. Recently, the company is operating at 20 retail locations with 20 thousand active customers.



The laundry service provider promises to deliver laundry and dry-cleaning services within 24 hours- is operating across 10 countries globally. Recently, it acquired Laundrapp to expand its reach in the UK market. The investment in e-cargo bikes is a step towards reducing carbon footprint. Launched way back in 2014, the company is continuously evolving with new features and services to serve customers better.

Technology stack for on-demand laundry app development

Tech stack forms the basis of building mobile applications and laundry service app development is no different. It involves several technologies, tools, and techniques leveraged for the best results.

For native app development, such as Android and iOS, the OS-specific technologies, tools, and languages are used to build high-performance and secure applications.

For instance, to develop an app for Android device you can hire Android app developers or Kotlin programmers. On the other hand, if you want to develop an app to target iPhone users you need to hire iOS developers who have experience working with Swift and Objective C programming languages.

Cross-platform app development is a good alternative to native development to get the app developed for both platforms- Android and iOS in reduced time and cost. Hire React Native developers or Flutter developers who are experts at leveraging all the benefits of cross-platform development along with engaging UI/UX design services.

The on-demand laundry apps powered by cloud technology enable businesses to scale the app services and accommodate increasing requests seamlessly. Plus, secure communication ensures data integrity and confidentiality.

GPS tracking technology speeds up laundry operations as the delivery boy can pick up and deliver laundry with optimized routes and provided directions.

Reports and analytics tools such as Apache storm, Apache spark, and others help in getting insights about users, sales, services, and more, which unfolds strong and weak areas that need to improve.

There are more tools leveraged for implementing different functionalities without needing to build them from scratch. They are-

  • Database: – Postgress, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB
  • Navigation: – Google Maps, Waze
  • Payments: – Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, EWallets
  • Cloud environment: – Google, Azure, AWS
  • Push notifications: – Twilio

How much does laundry app development cost?

Cost to Develop a Mobile App for Laundry App

The average cost of building a laundry app ranges starts between $20,000-$100,000, but it’s variable. It depends on multiple factors affecting app development budget such as the number of platforms on which the app is to build, complexity, UI design comprehensiveness, developers’ location, and more.

Factors Basic app Medium-size app Large app
Custom app development $20,000-$40000 $40,000-$60,000 $60,000-$100,000
UI/UX design $5000-$10,000 $10,000-$15,000 $15,000-$25,000
QA testing $5000-$8,000 $8,000-$15,000 $15,000-$25,000
Project management $6000 + $10,000 + $14,000 +
Business analyst $4,000+ $7,000+ $10,000+

*Above amounts can be different according to requirements.

The location of developers and developers’ experience level cannot be ignored as the hourly rates of the developers majorly count on these two parameters that widely impact the development cost. The hourly rate of developers by country helps you know which location developers enable your app development within budget.

As you have seen development cost is influenced by many variables which makes it difficult for businesses to get an accurate estimate.

Ready to build an app for your laundry business?

The growing urbanization makes people involved in some professions, and ultimately, they don’t have time for small tasks such as laundry. It has created a huge room for laundry service providers to make the most out of the opportunity with on-demand laundry app development. If you are the one who’s interested in launching a laundry business with mobile laundry app, hire developers to get the work done at speed and scale.

With a detailed description of the market overview, business models, features, process, monetization model, and development cost, this laundry app development guide helps you engineer the mobile laundry business optimally. Still, if you have any confusion or require some assistance, reach out to our consultants. They are just a few clicks away, the way your customers are from your laundry business.

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