How to Hire Kotlin Developers: A Comprehensive Guide Prismetric

A Comprehensive Guide to Hire Kotlin App Developers

Hire Kotlin App Developers

Kotlin is one of the fastest-growing programming languages today. Ever since its launch, Kotlin has proven to be a major breakthrough in Android development. According to GitHub’s Octoverse survey, Kotlin ranks fourth amongst the fastest growing programming languages in the industry today. Ever since Google announced that it is going for a Kotlin-first approach, the Kotlin job postings have grown exponentially.

What is Kotlin Used For?

Kotlin is a popular cross-platform programming language that is used for the following applications.

Android app development

Most of the Android developers use Kotlin for android app development. Google has already said that it prefers Kotlin for android app development. Out of the top 1000 apps listed on the Google Play Store, around 70% are built using Kotlin.

Back-end web development

Due to the efficiency in code and security, Kotlin has emerged as the preferred coding language for back-end web development. According to a report, around 47% of websites use Kotlin for back-end web development.

Cross-platform programming

Kotlin multiplatform is an SDK that allows the Kotlin developers to build apps that can run on both iOS as well as Android. A problem with other cross-platform app development platforms is that they do not allow the developers to use the native capabilities of Android as well as iOS devices. With Kotlin no such problem exists as Kotlin developers can build near-native apps that can utilize the inherent abilities of iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of Kotlin

Benefits of Kotlin app development

Google has started promoting Kotlin as their preferred language for mobile app development because of the wide range of benefits that Kotlin provides to its customers. Hence whenever you want to hire android developers, it is essential to check whether they can build apps using Kotlin or not. We have outlined the most important benefits of Kotlin below.

Less coding required

Most of the developers working on Kotlin love the fact that Kotlin requires minimal coding to build an application. As it takes less amount of coding to build a Kotlin app, the time-to-market of the app is reduced significantly. The reduced time-to-market translates into significant cost benefits. Kotlin allows developers to write compact and concise code. Some studies indicate that in comparison to java, Kotlin reduces the number of lines of a code by a good 40%. Moreover, Kotlin also allows the developers to easily modify the code.

More secure

Whether it’s an Android app or an iOS app, app security is a feature that nobody can ignore. Kotlin is a secure framework that is devoid of device crashes and misconfigurations that creep into an application due to coding errors. Kotlin has enhanced immutability and null safety. Kotlin helps programmers build a more stable application.

Open-source language

Kotlin is an open-source programming language, so you don’t need to pay licensing fees to code in Kotlin. Moreover, being open-source, the platform attracts a lot of developers from across the globe. An open-source platform also helps in the growth of the platform, and it helps in building a vibrant community of developers who like to contribute to an open-source platform.

Google support

Kotlin has got robust support from Google. In 2019, Google announced that Kotlin is the preferred language to build android apps. Google said that it would offer new features and APIs to Kotlin first. The ability of Kotlin to allow the developers to achieve the same results with less code was the primary reason behind Google’s support for Kotlin.


Compatibility is one of the differentiating aspects of Kotlin that makes it a stand-out performer in the industry. Kotlin is a very compatible language that could be used for both client as well as server-side development. Apart from this, you can use Kotlin for both mobile and web-based apps.

How to Hire Kotlin Developers for Your Requirements?

To hire top kotlin developers, you will need to follow certain steps to build an app. By following these steps you will be able to hire the best kotlin developers out there. To help you in your endeavor of hiring kotlin developers we have outlined the steps to hire kotlin developers according to your requirements.

  • Identify the goal of the project
  • Check the kotlin app developer’s experience
  • Have a look at the work portfolio
  • Talk with previous clients of the kotlin developers
  • Fix the communication protocols with the kotlin developers
  • Finalize the development approach
  • Decide the budget of the kotlin app

Kotlin developer skills

Like every other programming language, an ideal Kotlin developer will have a balanced combination of hard as well as soft skills. Here are the skills that you need to look for while selecting the Kotlin developer for your project.

Kotlin developer hard skills

The following are the hard or technical skills that you should check for in your Kotlin developers.

  • Null safety
  • Knowledge of Java
  • Scripting language experience of Kotlin
  • Lambda functions
  • Procedural programming
  • Know-how about abstract classes and objects
  • Data storage on devices that have limited memory capacity
  • Website back-end scripting
  • Android app development
  • Functional programming knowledge
  • JVM(java virtual machine) knowledge
  • Excellent knowledge of java and Kotlin
  • Expertise in XML
  • Android studio and other android tool-set experience
  • SQL and Linux experience

Kotlin developer soft skills

Apart from the hard skills, hire Kotlin developers that also possess excellent soft skills. Good soft skills are essential to ensure that your Kotlin developers gel well with the team. The following are the desired set of soft skills in a Kotlin developer.

  • Attitude of research
  • Time-management
  • Adaptive nature
  • A deep understanding of the user perspective
  • Learner attitude
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Owning the errors

Questions to Ask Before You Hire Kotlin Developers

If you have a technical team member on board, then it is a good idea to ask a few technical questions before you select the developer. We have compiled a list of interview questions that will help you to hire Kotlin app developers.

  1. Why does Google prefer Kotlin over Java for Android development?
  2. Please explain the difference between val and var?
  3. How can you use coroutines in Kotlin?
  4. When to use Array and when to use List?
  5. How does Kotlin provide null safety?
  6. Can you identify some disadvantages of using Kotlin?
  7. How will you create a Singleton class in Kotlin?

Some Pro Tips to Hire Kotlin Developers

Here are a few pro tips that will help you in hiring Kotlin developers. Consider the following three key areas to determine whether the Kotlin developers you hire will be a nice fit for your organization or not.

Same Industry

Ideally, you would like to hire Kotlin developers that have relevant industry experience. Kotlin developers who have relevant industry experience will bring with them knowledge and experience in building successful solutions for your industry. By hiring Kotlin developers who are a great industry fit, you will multiply your chances of success.

Culture Fit

Apart from the technical skills, you also need to assess whether the Kotlin developers you hire are a good culture fit for your team. When you hire Kotlin developers that are a good culture fit, then you will have a team with improved teamwork. It will be easier for you to build a nice level of understanding if you and your Kotlin developers share similar values.

Where Can I Find a Kotlin Developer?

There are two ways to hire Kotlin developers when you want to outsource your Kotlin development work. The first method is to hire freelance Kotlin developers and handle the supervision of the project yourself. The second way is to hire a Kotlin app development company that handles everything right from design to development to the supervision of the project.


You can scout for the best freelance Kotlin developers on sites like Upwork, and Fiverr.

IT company directories

To hire the best Kotlin companies, you can search on sites like Clutch, and Goodfirms.

Cost to hire Kotlin Developers

Here is the hourly cost of hiring Kotlin developers in various countries.

Cost to hire Kotlin Developers

  • North America- $180 per hour
  • Australia – 120$ per hour
  • Western Europe – 100$ per hour
  • Eastern Europe – 45$ per hour
  • India – 30$ per hour

Hire Kotlin app developers in India to leverage the cost-benefit that these developers provide.

Kotlin App Development Services We Provide

Kotlin App Development Services

At Prismetric, we have established ourselves as a top Kotlin app development company in the industry today. Here are the Kotlin app development services that we provide.

Kotlin App Development and Design

The design of a Kotlin app plays an important role in deciding its success. Our efficient Kotlin app developers will design and develop state-of-the-art Kotlin apps for your business.

Kotlin Migration Service

Don’t fret if you want to migrate your app built on another platform to Kotlin. Our Kotlin experts will help you in migrating android apps from java to Kotlin.

Kotlin Testing Service

Testing a Kotlin app is important as it ensures that the app performs according to expectations. We provide extensive Kotlin testing services that will help you build high performing apps.

Kotlin Integration Service

Integrating Kotlin with other services is essential to enhance the capabilities of Kotlin. We provide Kotlin integration services to integrate Kotlin apps with back-ends, APIs and the cloud.

Kotlin App Support and Maintenance

To ensure success of a Kotlin app, you will need to consistently update the app and remove any bugs that your Kotlin app encounters. We provide a high-quality Kotlin app support and maintenance service.

Renowned Companies Using Kotlin

Kotlin has emerged as the technology of choice for many successful companies. Let us have a look at some of the famous companies that have used Kotlin.


Pinterest found out that by shifting to Kotlin, the company experienced a growth in the total number of users using the platform.


Coursera is one of the largest education companies, and it uses Kotlin to provide a great user experience.


Uber chose Kotlin due to the great code quality and the fast process of coding that Kotlin provides.


The world’s most popular online streaming platform has chosen Kotlin to provide a seamless experience to its customers.

Wrapping up

Kotlin is an excellent technology that helps you build a secure app using the least possible number of coding lines. The fact that Google has started a Kotlin-first development approach for Android apps has led to the explosive growth of Kotlin as a coding language. Kotlin app development has got a significant boost with the launch of Android 12 as Kotlin allows the developers to leverage the power of Android 12. We at Prismetric have a team of Kotlin developers that can help you realize your dream of building a great mobile or web app.

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