Android 12 is Here: Top New Features You Need to Know

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The most recent Android OS version Android 12 is here, and as expected, it has created quite a stir in the tech realm. The tech enthusiast got the first honest look of Android 12 in the first Developer Preview on 20th February 2021. Although the developer preview is available for only a handful of devices, because of their build, we now have a list of features that make the final cut in Android 12.

The new features of Android 12 mostly revolve around media, and there are some recent updates in the design language as well.

Below are the full details of the features included in the latest Android 12.

Best features of Android 12 Developer Preview

Better Notifications

The users will get a better, revamped look and feel of the notifications interface in Android 12. The notification system will be more efficient and better to use, along with more contemporary animations and transitions. Due to increased usability, the end-users would be able to interact and see the notifications better.
Improved image quality

Android 12 will support AVI Image Format (AVIF) to render better image quality than the JPEG format. With higher image quality, AVIF will have efficient compression to get distorted when the size is reduced.

Updates through Google Play

In Android 12, Google is adding Android Runtime (ART) to Project Mainline. Because of it, the users will now see the system updates in Google Play Store. In addition to it, the leading mobile OS platform company plans to add better module updates also via the Play Store in the coming future.

Heavy apps to work smoothly with Android 12

Google is now planning to block the foreground services that start from the background of the mobile apps. This step is taken to enhance the performance of the mobile apps, particularly the heavier apps. Heavy mobile apps for social media, gaming, etc., take much time to load and thus hinder the end-user’s overall user experience. With Android 12, Google is rectifying this problem big time.

Changes in the music player window

With the new Android 12, the user can change control of the mini music window quickly. The music player will now allow the operation only through individual apps. The users will now have the luxury to long-press the player notification, and they will directly reach the settings page. They can either turn on or off the applications with which they wish the music player to function without any hassle.

Enhanced security to prevent malware from tracking your device
To stop hackers from tracking your device, Google has added new controls that can be used for monitoring in Android 12. Apart from tracking, these new controls can be used as safer defaults for other application components. Moreover, more unique security features would be added in the forthcoming preview releases of Android 12.

Content insertion

With Android 12, the users will have more extensive control over rich media either through the clipboard or the keyboard. All rich media elements like images, videos, styled texts, audio files, etc., will be supported. This feature will significantly increase the speed of sharing files, media, and other content with other users or various mobile applications.

Transcoded video for unsupported applications

A new transcoding layer is all set to be added to Android 12. This extra layer introduced by Google in Android 12 will allow the apps that do not support HEVC video compression and transcode the vile in AVC. Moreover, it is expected that this process will take some time to get executed as the execution time also depends on the chipset’s power.

One Hand Mode

The one-handed mode in Android 12 will work wonders for smartphone users with more giant screens. The one-hand mode’s implementation shows that it will have more prominent space on the top of the screen, and the interactive elements will be refocused on the bottom of the display.

Improved settings page

The settings panel in Android 12 will have a changed look as compared to the previous Android versions. The search bar’s size will be smaller, and to add to that, there will be new toggles that will give the settings page a new and revamped look.

With the new design, the user will clearly understand whether the quick settings toggle is on or off.

Adding stars to music and gaming experience

The mobile applications in Android 12 will provide audio-coupled haptic feedback through the phone’s vibrator. This feature will eventually translate into providing a better gaming experience to the user. Explaining this fantastic feature for music and mobile lovers, Google said

“For example, a video calling app could use custom ringtones to identify the caller through haptic feedback, or you could simulate rough terrain in a racing game.”

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With Android 12, Google has mainly focused on providing features that will play a vital role in future development purposes. Android 12 is all about increasing the optimization of larger devices like foldable, TVs, tablets, etc. Moreover, better image optimization and enhancing the gaming experience will also make Android 12 a massive hit in the market.

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