How Much it Cost to Make an App like BookMyShow? Prismetric

How Much it Cost to Develop Ticket Booking App Like BookMyShow?

Cost to develop a Ticket Booking App like BookMyShow

Developing a ticket booking app can do wonders to your business. Yes, you guessed it right, if the mobile app development process is done in the right way, developing a ticket booking app like BookMyShow can prove to be investment which yields high results.

We need no rocket science to understand the fact that the modern-day consumers are merciless and have a plethora of options on their plate. So if the service provided by your app is not up to the mark, your targeted customers will not think twice before switching the app. It signals the need to search and hire a trusted mobile app development company that helps you bring the user-friendly, high-performant ticket booking app to the table.

BookMyShow is a ‘crowd favorite’ platform for booking tickets for movies and shows, and because of this, it has become India’s largest event ticket and movie ticket booking brand. The company was launched in 2007 and now has its presence in 4 countries and over 350 cities. One of the primary reasons behind its grand success is the features and the ease of using the app they provide to their users.
There is a familiar feeling among a majority of budding entrepreneurs thinking of making it big with their ticket booking app idea. It must be costly to build an app like BookMyShow. On the contrary, this belief is not valid.

Entrepreneurs should understand that BookMyShow is nothing but an extensive database and an e-commerce-like app. All you need is a vigorous and robust base and a persuasive design to make such apps work. These two pillars would be enough to easily hold tons of information and support all the required high-end features.

Before understanding the details behind the cost to develop a BookMyShow like app, we will see the list of features that will keep your consumers hooked for a long time on the app.

Why there is an increase in demand for different Ticket booking platforms?


The advent of mobile app technology has made everything from shopping to cooking to studying within the grasp of the modern-day users and the story with entertainment is no different. In entertainment, when it comes to ticket booking app development, we have seen a humongous rise and the ascendance is stated to continue in the future.

The ticket booking apps save the users the hassle of standing in long queues before their favorite event or movie. Other than this it gives them option to choose their own seats, customize their movie watching experience according to their likes and wishes.

In addition, the ticket booking apps give very niche and personalized services to the user which aides in making their overall movie watching experience clinical and good.

The interactive UI makes it easier for the user to understand features and thus they feel at home while using the ticket booking app.

Market leaders in the segment of Online Ticket Booking Apps

Some of the top players in the online movie or event ticket booking apps apart from BookMyShow are:

Ticket master: The American ticket distribution and sales company, Ticketmaster acts as an agent to selling only those tickets which the clients have made available to them. Most of the ticket sales in US venues are fulfilled by Ticket Master’s fulfillment center.

StubHub: This ticket booking app is owned by eBay. The platform is best for buying or selling tickets related to events like sports, live concerts, etc. It is a one-stop destination for all kinds of event tickets. renders immaculate offers to its users along with providing them the tickets in order to keep them hooked on the app for a longer period of time.

The business model used by a mobile app like BookMyShow

The Business model of App like BookMyShow

Thorough knowledge of the entire business model is essential before diving deep into the sea of development. It will not only help you in knowing the nuances of the business but will you give you a fair idea about what your target audience would be in the future. Here BookMyShow business model gives you insights into how entrepreneurs can better capitalize on the app development.

Compact advertising

Even though the online ticket booking genre is one of the popular genres currently, the total number of organic traffic will not necessarily guarantee booked tickets, thus, the business organization must have a concrete and compact advertising model, which must change according to the times and audience requirements.

Commission from customers

The online ticket booking app can also charge a commission from the customers for every transaction they do through the app. This method is more prevalent in the Indian market than the market abroad as movie theaters here have higher negotiating skills.

Revenue from event management

Apart from online selling of tickets for movies and other shows, the ticket booking app can also become a platform to provide event management services. It can be done by partnering with several large or medium scale online or offline events related to different genres apart from entertainment like sports, education, etc. The ticket booking app can sell the other events’ tickets on a fixed price basis.

How much would it cost to develop an app like BookMyShow?

The cost to develop a mobile application like BookMyShow entirely depends on the number and degree of features the organization is willing to include in the app. Also, if the business firm wishes to develop a native app, the cost will be lesser than developing a cross-platform application. The app development cost varies based on the features and the platforms it needs to be built for. So, if you are a business organization looking to develop this app for a single platform, its cost will be between $12000- $35000. Moreover, if your goal is to develop the app for both Android and iOS platforms, the cost may go up to $45000.

Key Factors that determine the Cost of Ticket Booking Mobile App

Factors Determining the Cost of Ticket Booking Apps

Leveraging years of experience and expertise in developing an online ticket booking app like BookMyShow, the team of experts illustrated the cost to make a booking app depends on various factors that are explained below.


It is very important to have a user-friendly interface to enhance the user experience. An attractive design without a user-friendly interface would be a bummer among the targeted audience. Thus, the business organization must make sure that are hired front-end developers are capable enough to provide the app the best-in-class design and interface.


The efficiency of the mobile app developers is perhaps the most vital aspect in deciding the future of the app. Hiring experienced developers would tough on the pockets of the entrepreneurs, but higher costs do not ensure the quality of work every time. Here, a proficient and trusted mobile app development company will be the best option to partner with, so that you can be more confident about the skill-set of the developers. This is because;

Mobile Wallet

Integrating a mobile wallet in the ticket booking app will help in enhancing the customer experience as it eliminates all kinds of online payment hassles. Therefore, cost of adding a mobile wallet in the ticket booking app will also play a crucial role in determining the overall cost of development.

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Features and Integrations

If, as a business organization, you wish to include high-end features, the cost to develop a ticket booking app like BookMyShow will automatically increase. Thus, if you are working on budget constraints, it is important to do thorough market research and include only the necessary features and integrations in the initial phase of the app.

The movie ticket booking app development must include these most-important features in your ticket booking app to increase the customer retention ratio and the goodwill of the app.

  •  Movie review and cast: A short overview of the story and the star-cast of the movie will help the end consumers understand what the film has in store for them and whether they should invest their time. Moreover, cinephiles like to know some interesting facts about the movie (no spoilers). Thus, providing that extra bit of additional knowledge could do wonders for your app
  • A Short trailer of the movie: Do not forget to add the link to the official trailer of the film as relevant videos play a vital role in increasing user engagement on a larger scale
  • Proper display of seats: The dashboard that shows the availability of seats should be clear with clear color bifurcation. It will help the user understand how many numbers of seats are empty so that they can choose their favorite ones
  • Bifurcation of theatres according to the city: The list should include all the best rated theaters in the city whether they are multiplex or single screen as it will help in better market penetration.
  • Review Rating and offer: Apart from an expert movie review, there would be options for the end-user to give their ratings about the movie. Moreover, special discount offers and customer loyalty programs are always a hit among audiences.

Top Features to include in an Ticket Booking Apps like BookMyShow Apart

From the above-mentioned features, here are ‘must-have’ app features that would make your ticket booking app like bookmyshowan instant hit among the targeted audience.

These features are bifurcated based on the different user types so as to make it easier to understand from the development perspective.

User Panel Features for an Online Ticket Booking App

different screen of BookMyShow App with basic features
The list of basic features ticket booking app in the user panel must ensure that it enhances the user experience and be easy on the eye of the end-user.

Registration: The users can register themselves by just entering their basic details like name, number and secure their details by entering a password

Login: The user can either manually login or use their email id or social media platform to complete the process

Location and language preferences: Before searching the theatres, the user would be required to set their location and set their language for better personalization

List of the shows: Here, the user just needs to enter a keyword of their favorite show or movie, and the app will do the rest to give them the best possible options according to their preferences

Real-time booking: After selecting the shows, this feature will enable the consumers to book the show at their convenience. The user can use either their email/id or mobile number or both in order to receive the soft copy of their booked ticket.

Payment: The multi-payment gateways will allow the user to purchase their tickets using their favorite or preferred mode like debit/credit cards, UPIs, etc.

Home Screen: After login, the home screen appears that displays the latest movies and offers after selecting the location.

Booking the Show: The users can book the show after selecting the movie, day, and time slot, and making payment.

Downloading tickets: The users can opt to download the online tickets if they wish.

Ratings: Users can rate and provide feedback for the booking services obtained through the app.

Admin Panel Features for a Ticket Booking App

The list of features in the admin panel must allow the admins to oversee all the processes going in the app in a hassle-free manner.

Dashboard: A dashboard is vital as it allows the Admin to search for anything related to the user’s activity on the app. Moreover, it will also help them to keep a vigilant eye on the total performance of the business, statistics of the organic traffic on the app, total income generated, etc.

Managing users, shows, content, etc.: As the name suggests, these different features will allow the Admin to manage and see the different aspects included in the app and ensure a smooth running of the app.

Managing events, booking, earning, etc: Through this feature, the Admin will be able to manage the events, booking, oversee the earnings, reports of total paid and unpaid amount, etc. and other important aspects that could prove vital for managing.

Push Notifications: The push notifications will allow the admin to send short, crisp, and personalized messages to the end-users about the new updates, offers, changes in show timings, etc.

Advanced Features for an Online Ticket Booking App like BookMyShow

 3 screen with a little advanced features for BookMyShow App

Along with the basic features, the business organization can also include some advanced features to make their app stand apart from their peers.

Smart Search: By using AI and Big Data, the smart search option will suggest the user about the upcoming shows and offers on the basis of their previous search history. Moreover, by including other algorithms and multiple options, the AI-powered search bar can make the decision-making process easier for the users.

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Google Map integration: Google map integration will allow the user to find the exact location of the movie theatre or other recreational places according to their choice.

Customer support: Good customer support is essential to maintain and enhance the brand and trust of the end-users. With the help of multi bot AI architecture and call support, you can resolve the queries of the customers in the least possible time.

Listing of your own event: In a case, you are an organizer, you can put the information about the event or show on the application. A formatted or custom-made template can help you showcase the available seats, space for writing a synopsis, and much more.

The team required to develop an app like BookMyShow

Team required to develop an Ticket Booking Apps

The number of frontend and backend developers, designers, database structure and management, project managers, etc., required to develop an online ticket booking app like BookMyShow will depend on the complexity levels of the app. For developing a basic app, ticket booking apps development company provides a team of experts including-

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • iOS developers
  • Android developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • web developers

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Summarizing the content

The mobile ticketing market share is expected to surge at a CAGR of 17% from 2020 to 2030. The enormous growth gearing up the entrepreneurs to stay ahead in the market with unique features created in a ticket booking app like Book My show. However, second-to-none online ticket booking app development is not a work of an average Joe as it’s not easy to handle voluminous images, videos, and user-generated data.

It requires in-depth research to hiring the best developers that brings grandeur success to the business. That’s where a reliable ticket booking app development company helps you get an app that has the much-needed oomph factor to attract and engage the target audience.

Prismetric has the right mix of talent that leverages the right set of technologies and tools based on years of experience for successful ticket booking app development. The team follows an agile methodology to build a movie ticket app that can play catch up with leading players with continuous upgrades.

If you are looking to develop a BookMyShow like app, get connected with our business consultant and technical consultant that help you know from market requirements and technical specifications to app development costs. Also, you can request quotes directly for your ticket booking app requirements. Let’s talk!

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