Taxi iOS & Android App Case Study


Finding a taxi is quite an effort for people. This formed the base for our client to engage us for development of a Taxi app that had the capacity of making life easy for people with regards to booking taxis. People usually find it difficult to locate a taxi, and even if they do find one, there are issues related to payments and such other stuff. Further, chances of drivers being not professional enough or having some bad track record are often a worry. This is why our client intended to get an app developed that could take care of all such issues. The complications and payment related issues needed to be handled via a mobile app, and that is exactly how this project took shape.

The Project Dynamics

The client approached Prismetric with the intent of developing an app for helping people connect with taxi drivers. They wished to synchronize and systematically align all licensed taxi drivers under this service.

The challenge for development of this app was in making users see where exactly the taxi is located currently. This would give them an idea about the real time path adopted by the particular driver and how and when the driver would reach their location. The client also wanted us to make the app payment friendly with a view that customers could make payments directly via the app.

The Prismetric team had to conduct thorough research to understand the taxi network and also how the location of these taxi drivers could be traced via the app. However, as usual, the team at Prismetric buckled up with full force and began on the research work. We had the primary intention of delivering exactly what our client had in mind, along with our feedback for the same.
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The Solution

Once our research related to finding the taxi network’s working and what were the exact problems faced by commuters was complete, our team got down to the real work of app development. Once we had the clear picture about the taxis and customer issues, our job was to develop a mobile bridge between the two and provide an enhanced networking environment which will make both their lives easy.

Our intention was not only centered around provision of whatever our client needed; we also wanted to make the app in such a way that it would attract customers to use the app. Professionalism combined with usable features and proper interactive navigation was our intent and that is exactly what we delivered.

The Outcome

Our dedicated effort, coupled with inputs from our client, enabled us to deliver a final product that was loved by users. The user friendly app has loads of features as follows:

  • User friendly interface that simplifies workflow
  • Finding a cab is convenient and easy
  • Request taxis with a single tap on your mobile
  • Hundreds of licensed and screened taxi drivers on roster
  • Cashless payment facility using Credit card
  • Receipt sent via email
  • Driver rating facility included

With an enterprising and user friendly app delivered, Team Prismetric had lots to cheer about.

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